C20 —- Sharing a Bed

Xiao Yu was still in a state of high fever after all, and as he chatted with Cang Hai, his eyelids began to fight.



He tried hard to open his eyes, but the sleepiness was hard to resist, then his body directly fell towards one side.


An arm wrapped around his waist at the right time.


“Good night.”


Cang Hai held Xiao Yu’s head in the palm of his hand, placed it firmly on the pillow, and was about to pull away.



Unexpectedly, Xiao Yu took advantage of this opportunity and wrapped his arms around him with both hands, an insatiable expression on his face, seemingly enjoying the coolness conveyed by the skin against the skin.



From the sound of breathing, it could be heard that the little mermaid didn’t wake up.



The trapped Cang Hai felt a headache, he was afraid that the movement of breaking free would be too loud and wake up Xiao Yu, and he didn’t even dare to use force to pull away Xiao Yu’s fingers.


The result, of course, was being wrapped tighter and tighter.



When Xiao Yu got a taste of the sweetness, he wasn’t satisfied with just the touch of his arm and began to seek more.



The sleeping man was ignorant and fearless, and even more so, he raised his tail and pressed it against Cang Hai’s body, refusing to let him leave.



“You.” Cang Hai helplessly gave up his intention to get away.



His original plan was to take advantage of Xiao Yu’s sleep to hunt for some tasty prey to give Xiao Yu a tonic, but now it seemed that the plan was in vain.


Cang Hai simply lay down beside Xiao Yu, the previously laid floor bed laid alone on one side, it was destined not to be used tonight.



Desolate Star was cold at night but lying around the fireplace made their hands and feet warm.



Cang Hai yawned and used the last of his waking consciousness to raise the protective shield, and then followed Xiao Yu as he sank into dreamland.




When Xiao Yu woke up, he saw himself wrapped around Cang Hai with his hands and tail like an octopus.



Cang Hai’s neat clothes were also messed up by him, and the neckline revealed a large area of full pectoral muscles, which inexplicably had a few red marks on it.



He glanced sheepishly at Cang Hai, who seemed oblivious, and carefully moved his tail, trying to destroy the crime scene, pretending that nothing had happened.



Unfortunately, he was caught in the act, “What are you doing moving around so early in the morning? You weren’t like this last night, and you kept pestering me not to leave. What, you woke up and flipped out?”


Wrong wrong wrong wrong!



A flush appeared on Xiao Yu’s face, if it was simply brothers sleeping together, it would be fine, but it turned out that he was harboring ulterior motives towards Cang Hai, so much so that every touch was both satisfying and precious to him.



He secretly glanced at Cang Hai again, Cang Hai’s expression couldn’t be seen as joyful or angry, but he felt that Cang Hai wouldn’t be angry because of this small matter, yet he was afraid that he would see through his small mind and in the end, he wouldn’t even give him the slightest chance to stay.



“Sorry!” Xiao Yu quickly moved his tail and arm away from Cang Hai and said pitifully, “I didn’t mean to do it, I was already delirious at that time, that’s why I offended you. If you’re angry, just beat me up, I definitely won’t fight back! As long as you don’t leave me behind.”



Cang Hai froze at his words, he didn’t mean to blame the little mermaid at all, did Xiao Yu misunderstand something?


He recalled what he had said in his mind and made sure that he had intended to just flirt, “Xiao Yu, you’re being overly concerned, I didn’t feel offended. On the contrary, it’s me who should be thanking you, the bed is very comfortable, I rested well last night. Also, I won’t leave you behind, we are companions aren’t we?”


If it wasn’t for Xiao Yu, his itinerary last night would have been to go hunting and then come back to sleep under a blanket.


A thin blanket wasn’t as attractive as a soft bed.


Xiao Yu strained his ears to listen carefully, it was good that Cang Hai didn’t blame him, but the embarrassment that ensued simply made him want to burrow into the ground.



What the hell was he thinking! Cang Hai probably hadn’t even noticed how ambiguous their posture was, yet he became defensive.


What to do now, what should he say to change the topic?


Cang Hai didn’t hear Xiao Yu’s reply, but he could guess the appearance of the little mermaid scratching his cheek at this moment.



The corner of his mouth slightly hooked up an upward arc, “You must be hungry, I’ll go make you something to eat.” In his heart, he was thinking that Xiao Yu like that must be quite cute.



“Hungry hungry!” Xiao Yu nodded in a hurry.


All he wanted to do right now was to hurry up and drive Cang Hai away and then be alone for a while.



Once Cang Hai left, Xiao Yu’s entire body deflated and he fell into a deep depression.


He must have been confused by the high fever and his mind was muddled for him to have pushed himself into such an embarrassing situation!



What do you mean don’t leave me behind, how could he say this, this ……



Xiao Yu clutched his head and rolled on the bed, gritting his teeth and swallowing down the feeling of being shameless.


He laid on his back on the bed in a lifeless manner.



He couldn’t roll anymore.



At the same time, he saw fine drops of water falling from the sky and falling onto the shield, making a slight knocking sound.



“It’s raining?” Xiao Yu hurriedly got up and shouted towards Cang Hai, who was not far away, “Cang Hai, it’s raining!”



Cang Hai’s response came quickly, “Don’t worry and don’t turn off the shield! The rainwater from the Desolate Star may contain ingredients that are harmful to the body, so it’s best not to touch it.”



Xiao Yu trusted Cang Hai’s judgment, “Then hurry in and take shelter from the rain!”



“Wait for me to set up the tent.” Cang Hai flipped out an ink-colored tent from his spatial ring, and after a moment of fumbling, he pressed the switch on the roof, and the tent swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye, quickly enveloping them.



Was this a high-quality tent of the future world? Xiao Yu looked at it with a new curiosity, the tent with a plain and ordinary appearance had a hidden mystery inside.



He could see the outside from inside, but when Cang Hai set up the tent just now, he was unable to see the inside from the outside.



Cang Hai fiddled with the remote control to debug the light inside, “Tell me if you think the light is suitable, we have to wait until the rain stops, it won’t work without a comfortable environment.”



Xiao Yu knew that Cang Hai was thinking of him, and a smile flashed in his eyes, and even his previous embarrassment faded away quite a bit.


“Almost there.” Xiao Yu let Cang Hai maintain the brightness at this level, which would not be blinding, but would also allow him to see everything inside the tent.



Like the early morning sunlight, it was warm and soft.


After Cang Hai adjusted the brightness, he went to the bedside to open the shield and sat beside Xiao Yu, “Can you see the outside?”


Xiao Yu nodded, “I can see clearly, the rain is starting to get heavier,” he suddenly had a change in his eyes, “Cang Hai, this rain isn’t right, after the rain falls to the ground, the ground is emitting green smoke, could this be acid rain?”



His heart jumped as he looked towards the water on the ground, if it was really acid rain, could their tent be saved?



“Don’t worry.” Cang Hai held Xiao Yu’s slightly trembling hand, “The material of this tent is able to cope with all kinds of extreme weather, as for whether it is acid rain or not, further observation is needed.”



Acid rain usually appeared in heavily polluted places, and although the environment of the Desolate Star was harsh, it was a bit of a stretch to say that it was polluted.



There weren’t even any traces of human activity here, and there was no way to talk about pollution. Unless it was pollution from cosmic rays, which was also irrelevant to acid rain.



He was more worried about this being a hot water rain than acid rain.



The so-called hot water rain was rain formed when clouds encountered super-high temperatures and vaporized into extremely hot water vapor, which condensed into water droplets and fell during the ascent.



This kind of rain usually appeared in small planets, where the cloud height wasn’t high enough, the water droplets couldn’t cool down in the air in time, so the temperature was still as high as seventy degrees or more when it fell to the ground.



The Desolate Star happened to meet all the conditions for the formation of hot water rain.



Once it was confirmed that this was a hot water rain, it meant that the barren star had deviated from its original orbit and was closer to the heat source, that was, the meteorite belt.



And regardless of whether the Desolate Star was closer to the heat source or farther away, it would be a devastating disaster for the creatures on the planet.



He didn’t tell Xiao Yu this, if they didn’t have much time left, he didn’t want the little mermaid to spend it in fear and uncertainty.



At the very least, he would do everything he could to accompany Xiao Yu on his final journey in peace.





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