The male ghost was about to tell his sad tale of being tragically underpaid when Yan Mo stopped him.


“It’s not over yet.”



Qiong Ren nodded. The lust ghost had certainly gone up in smoke, but the stench was still there. It was evident that there was something else in Rong Zhen’s large villa.


The eyes he looked at Rong Zhen became very complicated for a moment.


Aikuxun was worthy of being a sinful website.



This website steadily produced a talent variety show as well as a number of competition-type programs every year, and no matter what the format of the program was, exposing the cast for something was a part of this website that could never be bypassed.



As long as they were a star, they couldn’t escape the scythe of Aikuxun.



After so many years of cutting leeks, Mr. Rong himself had now been treated like a leek by a ghost.


[TN: cutting leeks —- refers to the act of repeatedly deceiving and exploiting someone who is easily fooled]



It could be true that in life, the competition was who’s scythe was faster.



“And~ And~”



Rong Zhen wanted to cry without tears.



When it was too late, the temperature in the living room plummeted, and in the twenty-degree weather, frost actually formed on the glass.



A crimson figure suddenly appeared, he had long horns on his head, his mouth had fangs, and his mouth was so red on a big green face that it was scary.



This ghost shouted angrily, “Who killed my husband?”



Qiong Ren: “……” Husband? That piece of yellow wax? These ghosts had really strong tastes.


People usually couldn’t see ghosts, even that lust eating ghost, Rong Zhen and the others had to go through the camera lens to see them.



This ghost was different, he was ferocious and hostile, even if they didn’t have yin and yang eyes, everyone could clearly see what he looked like.


A group of people were scared shitless and hid behind Yan Mo.



Qiong Ren was choked by the smell of the red ghost, tears fell in big drops, this wasn’t a ghost, this was clearly an ammonia leak.



The neighbor’s concern was really reasonable, sometimes it wasn’t a matter of fighting strength, before one even made a move, they released a foul-smelling attack, you couldn’t even open your eyes, so how could this be a fight?



He was so choked that he couldn’t breathe, and tugged on Yan Mo, “Allow me for a while, please!”



Not caring if Yan Mo answered or not, he buried his head.



Yan Mo was originally pondering what means he should use to subdue the red ghost in order to make himself look powerful in a scientific way that wouldn’t make Qiong Ren suspect that he wasn’t actually human.



Then his thoughts were interrupted by the sudden extra person in his arms.



The small curly hair rested against his chin, and warm exhaled breath pounced on his heart. The warm scent floated up and he couldn’t help but gently rub Qiong Ren’s hair, it was just as soft and fragrant as he’d thought it would be.



Qiong Ren was smothered in his arms, his neighbor’s chest was his warmest harbor at the moment, and with his head buried up there, he was finally able to catch his breath again.


Rong Zhen and the others also smelled the same stench, but there was no way they could also learn from Qiong Ren to bury themselves in his chest, it felt like they would die. Li Kui remembered the episode he had seen in the movie and threw a cup of water on his body, then took off his shirt and covered his mouth and nose with his wet clothes.



The red ghost’s hair stood straight, and a gloomy wind gusted in the living room, he saw the crowd’s movements and felt insulted, he yelled, “All of you will die!”



The fabric on Yan Mo’s chest was wet, was Qiong Ren crying? That’s right, he was so afraid of ghosts, he didn’t bring that stuffed rabbit today.



Yan Mo’s hand holding Qiong Ren’s arm tightened for a moment, he raised his head and coldly looked towards the air, his eyes turned red in an instant, like a bottomless sea of blood.



The red ghost’s fierce expression suddenly froze.



His figure lunging from the air lurched, as if someone had pressed the pause button, and his hair and clothes stayed in a state of flying backwards.



His huge mouth was open, unable to move, unable to speak, and naturally unable to beg for mercy; the Red Ghost knew who this person was, but that name blew up into pieces without a sound before it could surface in its entirety in his mind.



Meng Qianshan only saw Yan Mo raise his head and that red ghost exploded.



What kind of spell could blow up a ghost with a single raise of the head? Even if Meng Qianshan was a Living Impermanent, he would at least have to fling his Soul Chain at the ghost and throw his Wailing Rod.



These two people were one more powerful than the other, and they were both so good looking, it seemed that the Xuan Sect in Dragon City was about to change.


Yan Mo carefully stroked the back of Qiong Ren’s head and whispered, “Don’t be afraid, he’s already gone.”


Qiong Ren’s chest under his cheeks trembled slightly as he spoke, and he carefully lifted his face up, realizing that there was indeed no more abnormal odor. The air was as fresh as if a thunderstorm had just fallen.



He let go of his neighbor and wiped the tears from his eyes, “Thanks.”



He really didn’t think that there were ghosts in the world that stank so much that people shed tears.


Feeling a coldness in his arms, Yan Mo felt slightly lost.


“This is not a ghost, this is a biochemical weapon!” Qiong Ren spat, then suddenly remembered the words from the red ghost’s mouth, “He said ‘who killed his husband’, his husband shouldn’t be ……”



Yan Mo nodded, “It’s the lust eating ghost.”



The crowd lost their words together. That disgusting pile of ghosts could actually find their other half ……


How could a single dog not be embarrassed?



“The one who just came to take revenge is a flesh-eating ghost. Flesh-eating ghosts like to eat animal carrion and have a foul odor, that’s why there are so many flies in this place.”




Li Kui thought of the one crawling on Rong Zhen’s face and quietly distanced himself from Rong Zhen, “Master. Rong Zhen looked like he ran out of a scary wax museum because he was haunted by a lust eating ghost. Then he was crawled on …… by flies. Does it mean that he also has that kind of smell on his body, should he not ……”


Yan Mo: “He’s not possessed, he’s just been in more contact with ghosts, that’s all.”



More contact ……



Crap! Li Kui looked back at Rong Zhen in horror, “You mean, you mean ……”



Rong Zhen softly and helplessly hugged himself tightly.



Qiong Ren’s heart was suddenly filled with deep sympathy. After half a day, it turned out that Rong Zhen was a love prop for ghost husbands.



Meng Qianshan wasn’t exactly resourceful and had already been confused by what he heard.



“Who is that reddish, unattractive ghost? Love to eat meat …… it would not be the person of Mr. Rong?”


Who else could it be? Qiong Ren looked at the deathly gray-faced Rong Zhen with pity.



It was as if they were in a suspense thriller.



There were only a few characters in total who appeared. There was only one who had close contact with Rong Zhen and whose color was related to red.



The redhead who invited Meng Qianshan.



It was to the extent that readers would resent the answer being too simple even after reading it.



Rong Zhen thought it was just a money transaction, but he didn’t expect that the ghost husband was actually after him. Just thinking of the red haired boy who lived in his villa for more than half a month ……



Rong Zhen couldn’t stop dry-heaving, after that, he raised his head, his expression was calm, as if nothing could hit him anymore.



After experiencing everything that happened today, he felt that he withered, but he also sublimated. Now he could finally be free from the temptation of external objects and devote himself to his work.



This year, the performance of Aikuxun would definitely be better.



After solving one problem, there was another.



Qiong Ren looked at the male ghost hiding in the corner curled into a ball with a pleasant expression.



“Now we can talk about the money Mr. Rong owes you, don’t worry, even though I’m the ghost hunter he hired, I definitely sit with the workers, and I definitely don’t empathize with capitalists.”


The male ghost, as a veritable debt collector, not only failed to collect the debt, but also had to protect Rong Zhen’s safety in order to collect the debt.



He was also scared just now and was aggrieved.



At first hearing a gentle and nice voice speaking with him, he actually had the feeling of seeing light in the darkness of the night, and he floated over to hold Qiong Ren’s hand.



The expression on Qiong Ren’s face froze.



One of his hands was held by the male ghost, and the other fluttered and clawed helplessly in the air.



Where was the rabbit, where was his rabbit?



Yan Mo knew that Qiong Ren was afraid of ghosts, and he hadn’t brought the fluffy rabbit with him because he was worried that the ghosts in the living world weren’t as rational as the ones in the under world, and that they would hurt the fluffy rabbit in case of a fight.



Now that the ghost was holding his hand, Qiong Ren must be very scared.


But Qiong Ren had always had a lot of ideas. He shook hands with the ghost, perhaps to appease its agitation, but it seems difficult for it to let go.



Yan Mo worriedly looked over and realized that Qiong Ren’s other hand was stretched out towards him and was still waving at him.



Ah, was this the meaning of …… wanting to hold hands with him?



Would this progress be too fast, Yan Mo was a little nervous.


Hold, or not hold?



Yan Mo slightly turned back, then silently handed his hand over.


Qiong Ren suddenly grabbed a hand, and was puzzled, when he felt a stream of warmth gushing out of that hand, dispersing his fear all together.



Turning his head to look, it turned out that what he had grabbed was Yan Mo’s hand.



Not only did the neighbor have the ability to isolate the stench, he also made him unafraid of ghosts.



Qiong Ren couldn’t help but wonder if the neighbor was also a plush rabbit that had become a spirit ……



This male ghost was a musician, he was somewhat similar to the Qiong Ren when he was alive, everyone said he had talent, but he just wasn’t popular.



The days were pretty tough.



After overhearing the music he composed, Rong Zhen thought he was very talented and asked him to write the soundtrack for a drama cast by Aikuxun.



Once the drama was aired, the word of mouth was overwhelming and it won several important awards in the drama industry. The soundtrack was also highly praised, and the soundtrack sold very well.



Originally, he had a chance to turn the tide against the wind like Qiong Ren.



But he was much unluckier than Qiong Ren. Before the TV series was released, he slipped in the bathroom and knocked the back of his head on the bathtub, and he stayed in the hospital for a few months, but finally he died.



His family treated him extremely well, and he should have had no obsession or resentment in his heart.



But there was one thing that he just couldn’t let go of.



The male ghost pointed at Rong Zhen, translucent body shivering with anger: “It is this old man that said he trusted my creative ability. When Aikuxun and I signed the contract, I didn’t even have the heart to ask for more upfront payment. As a result, I took him as a bole, and he took me as a leek, and the scythe mercilessly cut into my proletarian neck,” he said.


[TN: bole —- good judge of [especially hidden] talent]


“As soon as I died, they didn’t pay me the final payment. My mom is old, she’s been in the hospital for a few months, and my family has long since run out of money. If I have the balance, at least my mom will be able to pay back the money she owes. A company as big as this, relying on my account as a dead man, simply deserves to be struck by heavenly lightning.”



The service in the underworld was said to be really high, after he died and went to the Hall of Ghost Judges, and told the matter of being owed salary, King Qinguang made the final decision at that time, and asked the City god of Dragon City to issue a City god Order, and sent the Underworlder back to the living world.


The man even taught him some tips on how to scare people. Blowing on the neck in the middle of the night, so that Rong Zhen would know there was a ghost in his home, deliberately create the sound of footsteps following Rong Zhen, to scare him half to death and then send a dream asking for debt repayment, it was guaranteed to make Rong Zhen pay back the money soon.



The male ghost continued, “I followed the guidance of the city god’s order to find Rong Zhen, but it turned out that before I could scare him, he already looked like he was not far from death. Being a ghost myself, I could see that he was being haunted by a ghost.”



“I haven’t gotten my money back yet, and for the sake of the money he owes me, I had to save his dog’s life as well.”



This kind of thing was indeed too unethical.



What happened to this male ghost was something that Qiong Ren could especially empathize with. If he was the one who had received the job with great difficulty and died before getting the final payment, yet the final payment was still being withheld.



Not to mention going to the underworld, even if he went, he would have to crawl to the living world to get his money back.



Rong Zhen was aggrieved when he heard this.



“Misunderstanding ah, it’s really a misunderstanding. You were not famous at that time, and it was impossible to give a very high price, so what need do I have to withhold your final payment. I won’t personally ask about this kind of small matter.”



The person that made this statement deserved a beating and deserved to be Li Kui’s good friend.



Li Kui added, “Although Lao Rong has poor moral integrity and is indeed a conscientious capitalist. But he is definitely not a person who cheats employees. It must be that a person who handles things below saw that you weren’t here and enriched his personal wealth.”



Rong Zhen asked how much of the final payment was, and immediately took out an equal amount of cash from the safe, saying that he would personally deliver it to the male ghost’s mother first thing in the morning.



He would also thoroughly investigate the company to see what kind of person embezzled the male ghost’s money.



The male ghost’s wish was granted, a little warm light floated out from the city god’s order, and the male ghost knew that it was time for him to go back.



Seeing that the man was about to leave, Qiong Ren suddenly remembered, “My friend, if you want to find a job in music while waiting to be reincarnated, you can go to the Ghost Judgement Hall of 233 Qingxi Road, Fudexie Media Culture to seek employment, they are recruiting musical talent.”


The male ghost’s footsteps lurched as he asked suspiciously, “How could any entertainment company come up with a name like Fudexie? It’s not a pyramid scheme, is it?”



“I named it,” Qiong Ren was unrepentant, “Fudexie is so nice and catchy.”



The male ghost immediately changed his tone, “Good name! For the favor you did me today, I’ll start learning to write religious music for you. Fudexie, right, I’ll remember it.”


A few people bid farewell to the male ghost. It was time to go home individually as well. Rong Zhen promised that he would help Qiong Ren fix the contract with Sincere Culture as soon as possible, and also gave a generous ghost hunting labor fee.



On the way back, Qiong Ren was really curious and asked, “You still haven’t told me why I could draw down thunder even though I’m obviously not a Taoist priest and haven’t practiced Taoism.”



Yan Mo was a bit hesitant.


Qiong Ren: “Can’t you tell me?”



Yan Mo was a little embarrassed, “I’m afraid that if I say it, you’ll be disappointed.”



Qiong Ren: “I won’t be, just say it.”



Yan Mo explained:


“As the saying went, “The method uses the innate energy, and the original essence will be used.'”



In the conventional thunder method, one needed to transform the mortal body into the true body in order to be able to invoke the thunder.


But it wasn’t the only method.



When Meng Qianshan pretended to be a god and played tricks, he had burnt a lot of high-quality Heavenly Treasury coins, which were also coins burned to the gods and generals.



The ghosts couldn’t receive the money themselves by burning it, nor could they give it to others to burn, so although all this money was burned, no one received it.



Yan Mo asked Qiong Ren to recite the incantation for recruiting the generals of the Thunder Ministry, and once Qiong Ren recited it, he gave the money with no place to go a clear direction – the generals of the Thunder Ministry.



The generals of the Ministry of Thunder weren’t very popular deities, not many people burned money for them on weekdays, it was rare to get such a large sum of money, it was just a small favor, even if Qiong Ren didn’t know thunder magic, they would turn a blind eye and send the thunder down.



Qiong Ren: “So being a god is also so not easy ……”



There was also a bit of poverty and bitterness mixed in.



The god of Wealth certainly didn’t have this trouble.



Not more than a few days later, news broke that a staff member of Aikuxun had utilized the convenience of his position to embezzle and accept bribes. This matter surprisingly involved Sincere Culture.



It turned out that Meng Qingheng didn’t participate in the talent show first before being signed by Sincere Culture. Rather, he signed with Sincere Culture under the introduction of Fu Jiaze before participating in Star Moves.



The main person in charge of the “Star Moves” program group had given Meng Qingheng a fake Taoist persona, arranged airtime portions, and tampered with vote counts because of Sincere Culture’s bribes.



Once this matter came to light, Sincere Culture, which was already in bad luck recently, was even worse off. Meng Qingheng’s reputation was in tatters, and Fu Jiaze was also implicated because of this incident.



The first installment of “Let’s Go, Friends” was aired at this point in time, and Li Kui deserved to be recognized as a wizard at taking advantage.



The first episode was divided into two parts and was over four hours long. The exciting archery competition in the first half of the episode gave viewers the feeling that they were watching a competitive event in a variety show.



The image of Qiong Ren’s archery was so good that it made people lose their breath, and it was screenshotted and forwarded like crazy.



It quickly rushed to the number one spot on the hot search list.



The second half of the episode could only be watched after paying, but it didn’t disappoint viewers’ expectations of paid content.


Qiong Ren’s textbook stage performance was a lesson to all singing and dancing artists.



As it turned out, some people could just sing and dance at the same time, and do both perfectly as if they were making a music video.



His unique rewind moves wowed the audience and blew many in the street dance scene out of the water.



The climax of this episode of the variety show came after Qiong Ren and Fu Jiaze finished dancing together to “Aurora”.



After Fu Jiaze finished saying that “Aurora” was choreographed by Qiong Ren, then came Qingheng’s line “Didn’t you tell me that you choreographed this dance yourself?”



It was truly a stone-cold shock. The viewers were dumbfounded, and the comments were all in unison.



#Fu Jiaze Lies immediately rushed to the second most popular search.



If this was in the past, Fu Jiaze would still be able to cover up. But now that both of their characters were already being questioned, it was simply unrealistic to move past it.


The perfect persona that Fu Jiaze has managed for the past few years collapsed, and a lot of rumors immediately appeared on the internet. Some said that his private life was chaotic, some said that he was hypocritical and shameless, true and false mixed together, and it became more and more intense.


Later on, it was even revealed that Fu Jiaze had once taken prohibited dru.gs at certain unholy parties and was arrested at the scene of the por.nography crackdown. At that time, he wasn’t yet popular, his face was different from now, and he had changed his name, so it didn’t have a big impact.


Netizens quickly found reports from some websites from that year.



Sincere Culture refused to admit it, and also gave many netizens a private letter from a lawyer, asking them to delete the posts accusing Fu Jiaze, claiming that the netizens were rumor mongering and smearing Fu Jiaze.



This move greatly angered the netizens, many onlookers also began to forward the information that Fu Jiaze was detained that year.



The extreme operation of sincere culture and Fu Jiaze, had completely sunk.



Facing the concerns and external threats, Sincere Culture originally intended to bind Qiong Ren, who currently had the most potential value, through contracts. But Rong Zhen personally brought lawyers to the door, and Shan Cunhao had to give in.



The worst thing about a company made up of entertainment stars was that if the star collapsed, then the company’s most valuable asset was gone.



The current Sincere Culture was only a shell, with nothing left inside.


On the day of the termination of the contract, the agent cried tears of joy, and Qiong Ren felt relieved.



His agent insisted that the reason for the sudden turnaround was because he had helped Qiong Ren worship the god of Wealth.



Worshipping the god of Fortune was about returning wishes.



The agent personally delivered the statue of the god of Fortune to Qiong Ren’s home and brought a box of good incense.


The incense he brought wasn’t the common bamboo stick incense used for offerings to the gods, but its raw material was made up of the oil condensed from the wounds of the wisteria. Legend had it that burning it in a smoldering fire could channel the gods and allow one’s wishes to reach heaven.



The agent felt that burning the raw material was a little more powerful, it had no impurity and there was no middleman to earn the difference in price, wishes could be sent all the way to the ears of the gods.


Qiong Ren knew exactly how lucky he was. It was never the god of Fortune that made him lucky, but those lovely fans of his in the underworld.


The person who helped him get rid of his bad luck completely was his neighbor, Yan Mo.



But Qiong Ren, like many children, always reported the good news in order to keep his elders from worrying. The jade carving and the transit array were too evil, and he didn’t want to scare the broker and the dean, so he kept these things to himself.



The agent joyfully set up the small shrine of the god of Fortune, and he happily exclaimed, “I bought this fifty yuan statue of the god of Fortune, and it can be moved and looks so good, the seller is really the conscience of the industry.”



Qiong Ren had little confidence in the agent’s aesthetics, but when he prepared the small incense burner and brought the paper money over to take a look.



Qiong Ren: “……”



This god of Wealth was indeed handsome and amazing, it was just a billion points familiar ……



Qiong Ren, who ate a big loss with the jade pendulum, had recently supplemented the knowledge of literature, jewelry and jade.



With his shallow knowledge, the carving technique of this sculpture was extremely high. The idol was only thirty centimeters in size, but even the hair and fingernail caps were carved out.



Fifty wasn’t enough for a fraction of the labor cost.



The statue was made of wood, lacquered, and the color was extremely fine.



The idol had red hair and eyes, and his clothes clung to his body, kind of like he had just gotten up from the water. An intricate necklace hung from his chest, and he stood barefoot on top of a red lotus.



No matter which way he looked at it, the appearance of this idol was closer to a Buddhist statue.



Why did his agent believe unreservedly that this was the god of Fortune statue, what had blinded him?



Qiong Ren: “Old Yang, this is not the god of Fortune.”



The agent looked at him innocently, “No way. He’s all red and auspicious, he looks like he’s rich. And the couplets on the left and right sides are also written in auspicious words, it must be the god of Fortune.”



Qiong Ren looked at the woodcut couplets on the base of the statue, the two sides were “A sight of wealth” and “Peace in the world”, and he couldn’t speak for a long time.



“Right.” The agent tapped his head, “There have been so many good things lately that I almost forgot. I’ve been contacted by The Complete Book of Torture Devices, and the filming schedule has been finalized. This issue is a double cover of you and King Yan, and they also want to do a Vlog of your life in the living world.”



The agent was a bit worried, “Will it not be a good match for King Yan and you to shoot the cover? You should be more careful when the time comes, don’t offend the Great King. I heard that the Great King is very strict, unlike Emperor Song who is so amiable.”



Knock knock, someone knocked on the door.



“Qiong Ren, I bought ice cream.”



The agent hadn’t heard the voice before and asked, “Who is it?”



Qiong Ren: “Uhm ……”



The person outside the house was his neighbor.



A former haunted house owner who claimed to be bankrupt.



He looked exactly like the “god of Fortune”, but with different eyes and hair.



He had the same effect as the fluffy Rabbit.



Said to be very strict and cold.



Taught him archery.


He was going to have a cover shoot with him soon.



Which one should he pick to introduce him to the agent, anyway?



Qiong Ren covered the god of Fortune statue before he opened the door.



He’d rather leave a pair of underwear for the neighbor than explain.





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