C1—- Health Variety Show


“I’ve already promised the director!”


The owner, Lu Ou, clutched a variety show flyer and looked pleadingly at the man across him, “Stop playing the guitar you just bought!”


The guitar was an exaggerated, high-key rock metallic color, but the man sitting across from him was wearing the simplest white sweatshirt and jeans, his straight and slender legs were loosely interlaced, he seemed cold and casual.


The delicate chords of the song were blurred, and he held the handle with his right hand: “I don’t want to.”



His voice was distinctive, a surprisingly deep and cold voice, in the hot and humid summer of Qing City, it was as clear and crisp as a glacier wrapped in the moment of melting aurora borealis.



Lu Ou wouldn’t give up. He knew that his friend just looked unkind, but actually he was very easy going.



Direct moral kidnapping: ” I’m counting on this variety show to improve the popularity of the scalp therapy center! And you are now unemployed, so you can eat and drink here. Won’t you help me?”


As expected, the chords stopped immediately.


Jiang Zhiye glanced at Lu Ou and stretched out his hand expressionlessly.



Luo Ou smiled and handed him the flyer.


“Escape from the summer inside”, a few words came into sight.


It was a variety show on health care.


Eight stars would stay together in a large villa in Qingcheng, splitting up in pairs to experience different wellness programs in Qingcheng, acting as servers and the served, getting inside the wellness industry.


One of the filming locations chosen by the director’s team was “The Way of the Head”. As one of the net-worthy head spas in the city, it was decorated in a simple and elegant way with greenery. The modern facilities complemented it, making it perfect for filming.



The program team and Lu Ou immediately agreed and signed a contract. Today, a plane arrived.


Jiang Zhiye was noticed by the director.


At that time he was helping the staff clean up, his posture was conspicuous to the point of being unpredictable, and there was a very characteristic light scar at the end of his right eye, which spread upward from the middle of the lower eyelid, like a fan of finely drawn wings, and cut his otherwise very distant and handsome features to a somewhat seductive level.



He was outstanding that he looked like a pure, unpolished mineral that existed only in the twilight.



The editor-director immediately went to Lu Ou: “Your head therapist is too handsome, how is his technique? Can you arrange for a guest to have a head treatment? ……”



Luo O knew who he was talking about without looking, and explained with a smile, “Ah Ye, he’s not a head therapist, he’s my friend.”


“Ah, so he can’t do head treatments.” The editorial director couldn’t hide the regret in his voice.


“Actually, he can do it, he’s quite professional.” Luo Ou said, “But I don’t know if he’s willing to do it.”


“Why don’t you persuade him? If he’s a variety artist, he’s handsome, maybe he will become popular! Then your spa will become popular too?”



Lu Ou nodded, it was quite reasonable.


So he quickly came to persuade him. As Jiang Zhiye read the leaflet, he became more perfunctory so he hurriedly threw out the last k-iller: “Just show your face, just for my sake, and also to mediate your post amnesia emo state ”



Jiang Zhiye sniffed: “Can this be mediated?”


His tone was dull, so Lu Ou calmly comforted him.


Jiang Zhiye said nothing.


In fact, he wasn’t emo.


But a car accident damaged his brain – the memory of the last three years were all blank, a 21-year-old person only remembered 18-year-old things, such a blo-ody plot fell on him.


It was really too annoying.



“Who told you to go to the capital and then completely lose touch with me, and not to contact me …… If you hadn’t called some time ago, I really thought we would never meet again.”


Three years ago, Jiang Zhiye, who had just graduated from Fengcheng Sports School, told Lu Ou that he was going to the capital and disappeared completely.


Lu Ou took advantage of the “health fever” to open a scalp spa in Qingcheng, feeling that he had cut off the last possibility of seeing him again.



But two weeks ago, he received a phone call from Jiang Zhiye. He used an unfamiliar number and said he wanted to see him.



Jiang Zhiye had a car accident at Qingshi Airport and directly hit his brain. He didn’t know what he had done in three years or what he would do next.



It was absurd but Jiang Zhiye accepted it calmly. After all, he was unlucky from childhood.



Lu Ou was even happy. The loss of memory wiped out the time, and the sense of estrangement for three years disappeared. Jiang Zhiye was kind to him, so he naturally wanted to support him in this matter.


He only provided a place to eat and live, but Jiang Zhiye helped him a lot. When he was young, he watched the Lu family when they worked. He couldn’t only give customers a “scalp massage”, he was also handsome. Recently, [The Way Of The Head] had been rated absurdly high by the public, half of which was because of his presence.



A ray of sunlight shot in from the window, the guitar panel refracted a small piece of amber, and the scar at the end of Jiang Zhiye’s eyes was also covered. Lu Ou looked at him and couldn’t help saying, “Besides, you should take the opportunity to show your face in front of the camera, maybe you can enter the entertainment industry…”


Jiang Zhiye smiled, his eyes lowered, and the obvious scar appeared. A soft voice immediately came through. “Is it possible?”



“Why is it impossible? Many ordinary people are so popular under face painting. Besides, I don’t want you to rely on your face. I mean you can rely on your talent to be a musician!”


“What musician, I graduated from Sports school.” Jiang Zhiye said with his head down.



Although he was surprised to find that his bank card had 20,000 dollars in savings after losing his memory, his first instinct was to buy a guitar, he also knew exactly how much he weighed.


Amateur singing, writing songs and playing the piano were just a little adjustment to his bad life.



“Graduating from a sports school and singing doesn’t contradict each other. ” Lu Ou said, “You think sports students can’t enter the entertainment industry? Even someone from the national team can enter! We now have a ready-made example, you remember your fencing team, the one in your year, he entered the entertainment industry!”



A figure swept through the chaos of the mind, very clear. But Jiang Zhiye still asked, “Who?”


“Him. The one you talked about every day. Your enemy.”



Jiang Zhiye’s thumb mindlessly hooked up the strings again. He replied in a muffled voice, “Don’t buckle a hat blindly. I didn’t regard him as a enemy.”


“Come on, you used to talk about him with me. Anyway, he is now an actor, and he’s extremely popular… His name used to be read by CCTV 5, but now it is read by CCTV 6 every day. Don’t you think it’s very exciting?”


[TN: CCTV 5 — Sports Channel, CCTV 6— Entertainment Channel]




Jiang Zhiye subconsciously thought of his name.


There was no sound, but the two muffled flat tongues were lingering between the lips and teeth.


“But how dare he quit the national team and then go to play. He was scolded to death.”


“… You said he was popular.”


“It’s easy for him to cheat little girls with his appearance. His family is so rich that the first movie he made was as the main character. Later, people learned that the director was his aunt… This is the background, tut tut.”


Jiang Zhiye didn’t show any emotion. He just asked, “Did he lose?”



“He won in the world championship. Anyway, he went to the entertainment industry…”


“Oh.” Jiang Zhiye said nothing more. He just thought that the trajectory of people was really different.


People who had money and beauty could also enjoy both literature and sports.


On the other hand, he grew up poor and beaten, and now he had a stupid label of amnesia.



Seeing that Jiang Zhiye didn’t say anything, Lu Ou put out a hammer: “Anyway, it’s settled.”



Jiang Zhiye’s eyes flicked to the staff carrying equipment downstairs outside the window.


He didn’t know what happened, but when he thought that his peer who fought and learned English with him before had already won the gold medal at the World Championships and became a movie star, his heart, which hadn’t had a single ripple, really swelled up without any warning.


The sweeping string slid down smoothly: “Okay.”


The day of filming.


The scalp spa was already well set up.


Luo Ou was dressed in a suit, his hair was perfectly styled, and he nervously asked writer-director Xiao Ah: “Who are our guests?”


“You’ve asked several times, they’re all high-profile stars, so if I tell you now, I won’t be able to capture the surprise you’ll get.”


“I’m afraid if we don’t know each other, that would be awkward, right?”


Xiao Ah laughed: “No, you’ll definitely know this group of guests, one wrote a song that is a short video platform song, and the other is a top artist, a new movie star.”


A new movie king?


Lu Ou looked at Jiang Zhiye on the other side and whispered.


“Ah Zhiye! The program team said that the new movie star is coming to this variety show, do you think it might be your arch rival? After all, he is the best actor in the Golden Awards last year, the youngest in history ……”


Jiang Zhiye was flipping through his cell phone photo album.



The doctor said he didn’t have permanent amnesia, and that he had a chance of recovering it with the help of some past records. The only thing was that his cell phone – not the one he used at the age of 18, but a high-end brand-name machine he definitely couldn’t afford before – very appropriately spoiled.



After the repair store’s staff revived it, it still worked. But the data was basically gone, there were dozens of photos left in the album: taxi, road in the rain, floor-to-ceiling night view ……



In his blank memory, these photos without human faces and unfamiliar shooting time, it looked like only a web picture. However, Jiang Zhiye still persisted in his research and was enlarging the photo of the floor-to-ceiling window to see.


The night scene was good, the glass faintly reflected his figure, and ……



Jiang Shiye slowed down his breathing, two fingers slid again, to the maximum.


Not far behind him, it seemed that there was another figure, vague but tall.


“Hey, Zhiye, did you hear me?”


It seemed that he was a man….





Jiang Zhiye came back to his senses.


He was absent-minded as he replied, “How can someone like him take part in a health preserving variety show?”


“That’s true,” Luo Ou responded, “It’s more likely that a former athlete would participate in a Gatecraft variety show.”


Lu Ou asked the director: “What is the movie star’s work?”



“You’ll know if I tell you, he only has one work.”


“One work and you’re a movie star?” Luo Ou frowned again.


It was more like ……



He used his elbow to hit Jiang Zhiye again, “Quickly check, a film star that only has one work.”


“Check yourself.”


“Cut.” Luo Ou then used his voice assistant to search.



“Help me find out who is the Chinese male actor who has only one work but is a movie star.”



The screen was spinning, and the director’s walkie-talkie suddenly rang.



“Attention all departments, the guests are going to arrive, the camera should follow them, the pavilion can also open the camera space.”



Lu O hurriedly threw his cell phone to Jiang Zhiye, and while checking his appearance, he greeted several massage therapists and stood side by side.



Jiang Zhiye also stood up and put his cell phone and Lu Ou’s in his pocket.


The next second, long|short cameras came into view.



There were obviously two of them, but the eyes of the staff in the spa were all swarming to the tall man on the right like a moth finding a light source.


Jiang Zhiye also followed the look over, and couldn’t help but squint.


The nearly 1.9 meter tall man carried an air of power, his silhouette was so tall that it was eye-catching, covering his surroundings, and his shoulders were so wide that they seemed to be able to hold up the morning sky. The long legs that were wrapped in slim-fitting trousers took a big step, and when they tensed up, they revealed the Achilles tendon of his ankles, and even if it was quickly hidden in the trouser leg, one could imagine how long and thin his Achilles tendon was, and how strong and athletic it was.



When he got close, it was a beautiful white face and familiar peach blossom eyes.


Jiang Zhi’s ambition shook for a moment.


… Shit, he was face slapped immediately he said something.



The mobile phone screen in the pocket lit up, it was the indistinguishable blurry figure imprinted on the French window. Jiang Zhiye and the movie star – his old classmate at the sports school suddenly looked at each other, and Lu Ou’s mobile phone rang with the voice of the voice assistant.


“I have found it! At present, there is only one work, but he’s a movie king, only Cen Si, the best actor of the Golden Statue Award. Cen Si, a national Han, was born in Fengcheng District U on January 14, 20XX…”






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