C2—- Desolate Star

One drop, two drops, sticky blood slid down his cheek to the back of his neck.


The man who was just about to beat him up, at this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to hold him back, and blood couldn’t stop dripping out of his mouth.


Xiao Yu wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity, he pushed the man away, and rolled several times to increase the distance between them, vigilantly looking at the guy who was still spitting blood.



He didn’t care what the other wanted to do. Without his legs, he couldn’t move on the shore. He simply laid flat and continued to roll towards the sea.


He had to get away from this dangerous person first.




The man’s voice was very hoarse and weak.


Half of his tail had entered the sea, thinking that it should be safe, he turned with an unpleasant expression: “What for?”



The other covered his chest, his eyebrows were furrowed, and there was still blood left in his mouth.


If he hadn’t just shown his extraordinary fighting power, maybe Xiao Yu would have given some sympathy.



The man stood up with difficulty: “My ribs are broken.”



“Oh,” Xiao Yu didn’t quite understand why the man was telling him this, “So?”


“You did it,” the man’s tone took on a bit more of a gnashing of teeth, “so you’re responsible.”


Xiao Yu: “……”


Heh, it really was a trick.


Xiao Yu wouldn’t be easily fooled.


What was more, his own situation was also a mess.


He was in a shipwreck and nearly died. He would like to ask for help, but how could he explain this tail after being saved?


Maybe he would be sent to a research center, become the subject of scientists and the rest of his life would be spent confined to a cage with no freedom.


If that was the case, it would be better to stay in the sea and be free, and then find a way to contact his family, who must be anxious about the shipwreck.



Indignantly poking the cold scales, Xiao Yu pushed himself into the sea.


Probably hearing the sound of water, the blind man got anxious: “If you don’t believe me, you can examine the injury.”


Xiao Yu, who only showed half his head in the sea, laughed. Would he be foolish enough to go for an examination? Just now, this man wanted to kill him, but now he wanted to trick him to go ashore. Who knew what his idea was?


He silently spat a bubble, silently mocking him.



Th blind man continued: “This is a deserted planet, fierce beasts can be found everywhere, there are only two of us on the whole planet, if we don’t cooperate, I’m afraid it’s hard to survive in the deserted planet.”


A deserted planet? Fierce beasts?

Did the blind man have a brain attack? Hadn’t the CPR helped him drain the water?



Xiao Yu didn’t want to talk to him. He let the man shout on the bank: “My name is Cang Hai. When you’ve thought clearly, come to me. I will be waiting for you here !”



With the man left far behind, he sank into the sea water and looked around, since he made the decision to stay in the sea for the time being, it was necessary to think about how to make a living.


Food was indispensable, the good thing was that the ocean was the cradle of life, he didn’t have to worry about food.


But soon, Xiao Yu realized that he celebrated early.


He found that from the time he fell into the water until now, he hadn’t seen the shadow of fish or shrimp.



He slowly swam towards the deep sea, searching for a long time, and finally determined that this sea, at least where he explored, no fish and shrimp existed.


Not to mention fish and shrimp, there wasn’t even a single seaweed.


It shouldn’t be. His ship was wrecked in the Bohai Sea. He hadn’t heard that there was such a low density of fish and shrimp in the Bohai Sea.



In addition, the water quality of the sea was clean and bright, he couldn’t see the slightest dirt.


A sudden fear struck his heart, he remembered the man’s words, if this was really a deserted star, if only the two of them were on the deserted star, then everything made sense.


What a joke.


Xiao Yu shook his head, his brain wasn’t ruined by the water, how could he believe Cang Hai’s nonsense?



He plucked the seawater in front of him, his tail swinging from side to side, nimbly weaving in and out of the seawater, frantically searching for living things.



Because only in this way, could he find traces of the past from the fresh life.


Yet no, there was nothing.


This ocean wasn’t the cradle of life, it was clear, immaculate, but stagnant water.


Xiao Yu stopped swimming, the fear of the unknown swallowed him up as much as the sea.


The shipwreck, the tail that appeared out of nowhere, the babbling man, and this dead sea, everything that happened to him was completely beyond his comprehension.


In the dead water, he even screamed to vent.


Desperate, Xiao Yu suddenly perceived something, he didn’t hesitate to swim in the direction of the current.


He knew that God wouldn’t play him like this, there must be other creatures in the sea!



When he swam to the place, he saw a huge thing as big as a soccer field in front of him, covered with bright silver scales and waving countless huge tentacles, it wasn’t any species he knew.


Xiao Yu: “……”


He carefully stepped backwards, trying to escape before the monster found him.


But he forgot that the monster’s perception of water flow was only higher than his, and that the moment he felt the water flow, he had already become the monster’s target.




Xiao Yu clenched his teeth, not daring to have the slightest slack, trying to reduce the traces left by swimming.


The monster clearly didn’t move, but he inexplicably felt a strong sense of being spied on.



The reason for the creature’s hesitation was simply that they didn’t know enough about creatures like him, just like humans who strayed into a herd and occasionally had the good fortune to scare off a ferocious beast by virtue of their aura.


He hoped that he could have such good luck too.


As he thought about it, Xiao Yu felt a palpitation for no reason, and his instinct as a boxer prompted him to flip to his left.


Almost simultaneously, a hideous tentacle was coiled in his previous position, and the attack of the tentacle stirred up a violent current that swept him to the side.


Xiao Yu turned around a few times to stabilize his body, looking at the black tentacles with sharp barbs, chills went down his spine.


If he had been half a minute slower, he would have been the monster’s feed.



Not thinking much, Xiao Yu turned and fled, anyway, he had been found by the monster, he didn’t need to hide.



Perhaps driven by the instinct to survive, his swimming speed soared again and again, and the frequency of flicking his tail also became faster and faster.


Even so, the countless tentacles that came after him, still caught up with him in a moment.



Xiao Yu was unable to dodge, the tip of his tail was touched by the tentacles, and yanked out a large piece of flesh and blood.



Blood quickly filled the seawater, but in a flash, the greedy tentacles sucked it all up.



Seeing this scene, Xiao Yu’s pale face became more ugly.



Those tentacles tangled together, scrambling to suck his blood clean, and then moved towards him again, not giving him a moment to breathe.



Was he going to die?


The moment he was wrapped around the tentacles, Xiao Yu’s heart was half cold, he wasn’t unable to accept death, but to die in such a tragic and undignified way was an insult to his career as a boxer.



One second, two seconds.


The expected pain didn’t appear, the tentacles on the body actually fell off on their own, and was replaced by an arm around his waist.



Warm, strong, and very different from the tentacles, conveying a vigorous life force.


In this uninhabited deep sea, who else could save him?



Xiao Yu couldn’t help but look at the owner of the arm, it was really the man called Cang Hai, he was holding a long sword and cut off several tentacles that were trying to attack them.



Black pus and blood gushed out from the tentacle’s fracture, and the monster, wounded, was frantically manipulating the tentacles to attack them.



However, the tentacles, which were invincible in Xiao Yu’s eyes, were only at the mercy of Cang Hai when they fell into his hands.



If he hadn’t felt the hardness of the tentacles himself, he would have thought they were softer than tofu just by looking at their neat fractures.


The monster had probably never suffered such a big loss before, it didn’t dare to attack again, but only surrounded them with tentacles.


Each tentacle spikes went straight towards them, it looked extremely dangerous if you ignored the fact that as they swam away, the tentacles also retreated.


Bluffing was the last stubbornness of the monster.



Xiao Yu followed Cang Hai’s movements, he was interested in the long sword, he didn’t know what material it was made of, it cut off so many tentacles, yet it wasn’t contaminated by black blood, and even emitted a light-colored glow.



Finally, they returned to the shore, escorted by the tentacles.


The monster was very unhappy that the prey it had longed for was snatched away, and its tentacles poked out of the water to take Xiao Yu, only to be mercilessly cut off by the Cang Hai.



The broken tentacles looked extremely disgusting as they writhed on the beach.



Xiao Yu observed for a while, he found that the monster couldn’t get to the shore, after the tentacles left the sea water, their speed dropped significantly, and it was no longer a threat to him.



“That, can I borrow the sword? I’ll return it to you when I’m done using it.”


His gaze couldn’t help but be attracted by the lingering light of the sword, it must be incredibly precious, he didn’t know if Cang Hai was willing to lend it to him.



Cang Hai showed great generosity: “Okay.”


Xiao Yu didn’t expect the other to be so quick, and afraid of appearing to be too excited and uneducated, he pretended to touch the sword and commented, “It’s really a good sword.”


Then pretended to be reserved as he accepted the longsword.


How could it be so heavy?



Once the sword was in his hand, a heavy force pulled his arm down, Xiao Yu was caught off guard and almost twisted his wrist, but Cang Hai stepped in and helped him take most of the weight.



The man’s palm was wide and thick, and the still damp palm wrapped around the entire back of his hand.



“Be careful, don’t hurt yourself.” Cang Hai said, he slowly relaxed the force of the grip, so that Xiao Yu would gradually adapt to the weight of the longsword.


Xiao Yu: “Thank you.”


He gripped the sword hilt with both hands and cut off all the tentacles that emerged from the water, the beach was soon covered with a layer of the monster’s severed limbs and remains.


The monster, bruised and battered, finally realized that he was no match for the longsword and had to retract the many wounded tentacles.



Xiao Yu raised his sword and feinted, scaring the monster to flee, it didn’t have its previous arrogance and domineering aura.



“I’ll return the sword to you, and also, thank you for saving me.” Xiao Yu said sincerely, but didn’t mention a word about cooperation.


He felt that there were too many suspicions on Cang Hai, when he saved Cang Hai from going ashore, he didn’t see that Cang Hai had such a sharp heavy sword on him.


What was more, Cang Hai showed combat power, how was he like a blind man?



Cang Hai didn’t seem to notice the detachment in Xiao Yu’s words.



He took the longsword and directly inserted it into the mud and sand, then said to Xiao Yu, “The one that attacked you just now is a variant of the Black Bearded Octopus, which lives by sucking the blood of other creatures.”



Suddenly, Cang Hai frowned, “You’re injured?”



“Huh?” Xiao Yu didn’t react, he was still thinking back to where he seemed to have heard the name black bearded octopus.


Cang Hai: “Where’s the injury?”


“The, the tail.” Xiao Yu wasn’t very eager to admit the fact that he had turned into a mermaid.



Cang Hai sat on his knees: “Stretch it over.”



Xiao Yu looked at him incredulously, “What are you doing?”



“The black bearded octopus’ tentacles are able to inject neurotoxins into creatures it touches, so if you don’t want to be partially paralyzed, do as I say.”


Xiao Yu didn’t trust Cang Hai, but he had just saved him, and with the threat of paraplegia, he had no choice but to place his tail in front of Cang Hai.



“Come closer and put the tail on my leg, otherwise I can’t reach it.” Cang Hai urged.



Xiao Yu had to do as he was told.



Then watched as Cang Hai lifted his tail up, then Cang Hai lowered his head, and he could even feel his warm exhalation, spraying on his sensitive and searing injury.


Getting closer and closer.





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