C63 – Pathological Secret Admirer

As soon as Chu Chen’an heard Pei Yan speak, his shoulders trembled violently in fear. His elbow accidentally touched the vase next to the carpet.

There was a loud bang in the room.

He was afraid that he would make a sound, so he covered his mouth.

He was so nervous that he was trembling slightly.

Pei Yan heard the sound and glanced sideways at the spot. He wasn’t in a hurry, and he leisurely turned another page of the book.

“Baby doesn’t want to eat now; that’s okay; you can wait until you want to eat, then you can come over.” Pei Yan lowered his eyes again.

Chu Chen’an glanced at the food on the table; the tantalizing aroma had already invaded the air around him, and he silently swallowed again.

It looked delicious.

I want to eat that white milk cake so much…


He couldn’t eat the per-vert’s food.

He thought.

Halfway through the morning.

“Baby,” Pei Yan raised his hand, the watch on his wristwatch flashing brightly between his movements. He gently shook his glass of red wine. “If you come out now, I might not be angry.”

Chu Chen’an breathed carefully.

Pei Yan was reminding him that the consequence of coming out now and waiting for Pei Yan to personally catch him would be different.

Chu Chen’an felt torn for a long time, but he still decided to wait until the end.



He had to clear the subsidiary copy.

Pei Yan waited for a long time, and when he saw that the surroundings were still silent, he put down the wine glass in his hand.

He began to share the events of the past five years with Chu Chen’an.

“The school across the street has built a new arch bridge over the lake we always go to, so if baby wants to see it, we can go back and take a look.”


I didn’t go to the lake with you.

It’s clearly you who secretly followed me every time!

Chu Chen’an muttered in his heart.

He had only struck up a conversation with Pei Yan three times when he came to this copy, and he had been afraid of him at first.

Because this person gave him the initial impression of a cold and strict person, Pei Yan was like an iceberg placed in the clouds, always giving a mysterious and solemn sense of distance and class.

As soon as Chu Chen’an met his deep and cold gaze, he would immediately avoid it.

He thought Pei Yan didn’t like him.

But it turned out!

This per-vert even knew exactly what scent of shower gel he used in the shower every night and which leg wore the pants first.

This was what Chu Chen’an realized later.

Pei Yan had had a crazy crush on him for a long time.

“Baby, you don’t know; the pear tree you planted in front of the yard has grown and has blossomed a few times in the past two years.” Pei Yan continued, lightly twisting his fingertips. “But it doesn’t matter; baby is back now, and we can see the flowers bloom every year from now on.”


Chu Chen’an lowered his head as he listened, his emotions complicated.

Ten minutes later, Pei Yan stopped sharing.

“Baby, you’ll starve if you go on like this.” He stood up, “How about this? I’ll go wait for you in the car. Baby can eat first and come down on your own when you’ve thought it over, okay?”

After he said that and glanced at the wall where Chu Chen’an was, then he turned around and closed the door as he left.

Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and cautiously looked at Pei Yan’s departing back.

Was this Pei Yan’s way of retreating to advance?

Chu Chen’an had been tricked too many times in his first two copies, and he had really grown a long memory this time.

Still maintaining his stealthy state, he came to stand in front of the table and carefully pinched on the piece of milk cake.

He took a light bite.

It was as if a firework instantly bloomed in his heart.

The milk cake was sweet but not greasy, soft, and delicious, mixed with a sweet milk flavor; it was especially delicious.

This was simply a dream food for him, who loved sweets.

He couldn’t help but eat a few more pieces of milk cake, then picked up the bowl and chucked a few pieces of tenderloin, mixing it with the hot rice.

While he was wolfing down his food, the female ghost drifted back.

When Chu Chen’an turned his head sideways, he caught a glimpse of the female ghost’s hideous, bloo*dy face, and he choked in fear.

The female ghost revealed her bloo*dy mouth and smiled eerily. “Hey, he doesn’t look like a scumbag.”

Given that the female ghost sister had just sold him out, Chu Chen’an only gave himself a piece of boneless fish and had the good sense to ignore her.

The female ghost floated to Chu Chen’an’s side, staring at him sorrowfully. “Why don’t you say anything?”

The female ghost suddenly raised her hand, her blo*od-stained nails against Chu Chenan’s shoulder.

Chu Chen’an was stunned, then he lowered his head and ate two mouthfuls of rice, his cheeks bulging, but he didn’t look up at her as he chewed to himself.

In truth, he was panicked.

What was this sister going to do?

“You’re lucky.” The female ghost finished sourly and poked him lightly. “Your boyfriend loves you so much.”

Chu Chen’an stopped his chewing movements as he raised his head to look at the female ghost in red. Only to see that the female ghost’s eyes were constantly overflowing with blo*od, as if she were crying.

“Unlike me, I met a piece of sh*t and didn’t even keep my child.” The female ghost added, her tone broken.

Chu Chen’an inexplicably felt a sense of despondency in her sentence; he put down his chopsticks and couldn’t help but sympathize with her.

She had gone through a lot of very bad things and met very bad people.

She was lied to by her ex-boyfriend, cheated out of money, forced to get an abo*rtion when she was unmarried and pregnant, and kicked in the stomach during her pregnancy.

Maybe her death was also caused by her ex-boyfriend.

Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and asked her in a small voice, “So, what happened to that ex… that dog poop? Did he go to jail?”

“He ah,” the female ghost sister laughed hideously. “No.”

“The police didn’t check up on him.”


Chu Chen’an frowned. He thought of it from his perspective and started to get angry.

This kind of scum was actually not sanctioned by the law.

“He was chopped up by me and thrown into the toilet drain here.” The female ghost laughed quietly, her laughter echoing up in the room. “He’ll have to stink forever in the toilet.”

Chu Chen’an shivered. He was too scared to make another comment.

The female ghost sister floated to the door and still didn’t forget to gloat, “Your husband is downstairs blocking you; you can’t run away.”

After saying that, she floated away again.

Chu Chen’an already didn’t have much of an appetite after hearing what happened to her ex-boyfriend.

He ate for almost seven minutes and glanced at the wall clock; the hour hand on it pointed to three.

It was already three in the afternoon.

His invisibility would last for another hour.

Chu Chen’an sighed and got up to open the door.

He was a little surprised that there was actually no one in the doorway corridor.

He had only slept for an hour or two and was now sleepy, so he yawned and walked out of the hallway.

He couldn’t stay in this room any longer.

He found an empty room on the fourth floor, and the door was unlocked. He walked into the room without even thinking, and after confirming that there was no one in the room, he instantly locked the door from the inside.

He couldn’t care less; he had to sleep now.

Chu Chen’an directly flung himself on the bed; holding the pillow, he turned over, and fell asleep in less than a few seconds.

He slept drowsily.

As soon as he opened his eyes, the room was already dark, and the hour hand pointed to seven o’clock.

It was past seven p.m. His invisibility had ended.

The surroundings were unnaturally quiet.

Chu Chen’an vaguely heard the sound of the night wind scraping against the window. He rubbed his shoulders and sat up, getting up and going to the window.

He lifted a corner of the curtain and carefully looked downstairs.

Those bodyguards and the car were gone!

Could it be that Pei Yan gave up and went back?

This possibility was very small.

[Ding~ The live broadcast has automatically opened]

[Live broadcast time: 30 minutes.]


[Wow yeah, it’s wife Chen An (X55 gold coins)]

[Ahhhhhhhh what? The wife has switched back to Chen An’s body! [X520 gold coins]

“Won’t he be overtaken directly at the beginning (X520 gold coins)?]

[It happened? (X88 gold coins)]

[My wife is so pitiful.]

[Hotel play? Flies Rubbing Hands.jpg (X33 Gold Coins)]


Chu Chen’an retreated back into the room and tried to turn on the lights, but realized that the room lights were broken.

He should never have come to this room.

The room was getting darker and darker.

Chu Chen’an sat back on the bed, listening to the needle on the wall’s “click, click, click” sound.

His heart was tormented; he was afraid of this silent darkness.

He wrapped his arms around himself, shivering on the bed. His peach blossom-like eyes were wide open as he looked around the dark and cold surroundings with trepidation.

His eyes misted with water and fear, and he felt as if he was about to be swallowed up by the darkness.

After sitting through a mental struggle with himself, he stood up and walked towards the closed door of his room.

It was just a matter of changing rooms; the big deal was to run faster.

Anyway, Pei Yan was guarding downstairs; if he ran a little faster and then immediately locked the door, Pei Yan couldn’t possibly catch him that quickly.

Chu Chen’an comforted himself for a minute before placing his hand on the door handle. He gritted his teeth, twisted the door handle, and carefully opened the door.

Before he could run, he was brought into a wide embrace.

It was over.

He was firmly confined.

In the dim light in front of the door, the man’s brow bones were deep, his eyes were faintly downcast as he looked at him, and his broad palms imprisoned his waist as he whispered in his ear, “Baby, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Pei Yan’s tone was cold, like the calm before a storm.

Chu Chen’an shivered. He was locked in Pei Yan’s tall, dark shadow. Pei Yan’s gaze was so terrifying that it looked like it was going to swallow him.

Pei Yan raised his hand, his fingertips gently rubbing Chu Chen’an’s moist lips. “Baby is so disobedient, running away from home as soon as you came back. I was worried about you, you know?”

Chu Chen’an was stunned by this kind of gaze from Pei Yan.

Pei Yan rarely looked at him with this kind of gaze, and his tone was calm, yet it made Chu Chen’an feel particularly uneasy and scared.

His eyes trembled as he was pressed against the wall by Pei Yan.

Tears sprang up at the end of his eyes, and he whispered, “I was wrong; don’t be angry; okay, I won’t be like this next time.”

“Baby,” Pei Yan lightly interrupted, his palm stroked his thin chin. He leaned over and lightly bit his red lip. “What do you call me?”

Chu Chen’an was stunned.

He met Pei Yan’s gaze, his lips trembling slightly as he spoke, “Husband.”

“So good.” Pei Yan said softly in his ear, “Next time you dare to call me wrong, I’ll lock you up and make you call out all night.”

Chu Chen’an’s heart trembled, and he became even more afraid.

Immediately afterward, overwhelming kisses followed, and it was as if he had been robbed of his breath by Pei Yan.

Pei Yan kissed him forcefully, encroaching on his lips and teeth, not allowing him to be distracted again.

[Excitement (X50 gold coins)]

[I have a nosebleed (X555 gold coins)]

[I want to kiss my wife too (X55 gold coins)]

[This top is so handsome, but he looks so per-verted.] [X55 gold coins]

[I love the Abstinent type (X520 gold coins)]

[Ahhhhhhhh! (X33 gold coins)]

[Fu*k, this is too exciting (X52 gold coins)]

[I watched my wife An An call someone else husband in the live room; rounding up, my wife called me husband! This is my wife! [X555 gold coins]

[This is clearly my wife! All the thieves sitting here, please respect yourselves (X52 gold coins)]


Chu Chen’an was kissed for a long time until Pei Yan let him go after he was out of breath.

Pei Yan put that black coat around him and carried him towards the stairs.

It was just under eight o’clock now.

He hadn’t stayed long enough.

Chu Chen’an grabbed onto Pei Yan’s clothes as he looked at the hotel he was being taken away from and panicked, “Husband, can we go back tomorrow?”

He was especially out of breath, his voice getting smaller and smaller.

“Baby likes staying here.”

Pei Yan glanced at him with somber eyes. Looking at his little face, he still couldn’t be ruthless.

He leaned over and kissed his forehead. “Be good; let’s go check your body.”

Chu Chen’an shrank into his arms like a kitten, his eyes were red, and he didn’t make another sound.

Pei Yan was very careful with his grip, but his hand was wrapped around him extra tightly. He was afraid that the person in his arms would disappear into thin air again, worried that this was just a vain dream.

Pei Yan’s thin lips pressed against Chu Chen’an’s forehead, holding onto his small hand. His tone was low. “Baby, in these five years, I’ve missed you.”

Those words Pei Yan said in the end were heavy, like a stone pressing on his heart.


He was brought to the top floor of the private hospital by Pei Yan, and the entire VIP ward received just one patient, him.

The director, who looked to be around forty years old, was by Pei Yan’s side, introducing the checkups to be done tonight.

Chu Chen’an lay on the wide hospital bed; the bright lights above his head hurt his eyes a little, and he timidly looked around at the few nurses and doctors.

Pei Yan sat in the chair next to the bed and sensed his uneasiness. Gripping the palm of his hand tightly, he faintly comforted him, “Don’t be nervous; we’ll go home after checking your body, okay?”

His resurrection made Pei Yan surprised but also worried. In order to rule out hidden dangers, Pei Yan still decided to take him for a comprehensive checkup.

Chu Chen’an was brought to a few advanced machines, starting with a brain CT, and meticulously had a comprehensive checkup.

“You can rest assured that, according to the results of the examination, all of his physical indicators are healthy.” The director took the various report cards and explained them to Pei Yan.

Pei Yan’s expression was cold, but Chu Chen’an could see that he was very happy.

“That’s good.” Pei Yan nodded, feeling relieved.

Pei Yan explained a few things, and the director and doctors left.

Pei Yan gripped Chu Chen’an’s hand tightly and kissed the back of his hand, the bottom of his indifferent eyes flooded with infatuated love. “Let’s go home.”

After the check-up, it was soon twelve o’clock.

Chu Chen’an was taken out of the private hospital by Pei Yan.

Chu Chen’an sat in the car; he was wrapped in Pei Yan’s arms, he hesitated for a long time, before he dared to mention in a small voice, “Can we go back to the hotel first… and go home tomorrow?”

“Okay,” Pei Yan was in a good mood tonight; he unexpectedly agreed, “since baby wants to go back so much.”

Chu Chen’an looked at him; he was a little surprised that Pei Yan would agree so quickly.


But after returning to the hotel, Chu Chen’an immediately regretted it.

He was picked up by Pei Yan and placed on the bed.

“The doctor said that baby’s physical condition is healthy.” Pei Yan leaned over and kissed Chu Chen’an’s red lips. “I’m going to check it properly again.”


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