C62 – Pathological Secret Admirer

“Baby, I’ll give you two choices.” Pei Yan’s voice was getting louder and louder as he spoke, “One, go downstairs now and get into the black Lincoln at the door, and let the driver take you home. Two, wait for your husband to come back and personally go over to you.”

Chu Chen’an raised his eyes.

Pei Yan was still on the way back…

“Baby, have you considered it? The nature between these two is different.” Pei Yan said.

Pei Yan’s voice was light, but it gave Chu Chen’an an invisible sense of intimidation and oppression, like a chilly black net surrounding his heart in a fine and dense manner.

He couldn’t help but tremble.

Chu Chen’an looked toward the window with trepidation. He squeezed the phone in his hand, his heart “thumping” hard, and a drop of sweat slid down his cheek.

“I ……” Chu Chen’an’s peach blossom-like eyes were full of cowardice. After learning that Pei Yan hadn’t come back, an unknown courage rose, and he responded, “Won’t, won’t go back.”

After he finished, he violently snapped the landline phone back.

Chu Chen’an gasped, staring blankly at the red landline in front of him.

He had clearly heard the sound of a helicopter just now.

That meant Pei Yan shouldn’t be in S City, and he was probably on his way back from overseas.

There was still time to delay.

He got up and pulled open the curtains, glancing downstairs at the side of the road.

There was indeed a black Lincoln; five or six bodyguards in black suits surrounded the car, blocking the road to the entrance.

The leader of the bodyguards was wearing sunglasses. He faced the hotel, looked around, and finally fixed his eyes on the window where Chu Chen’an was.

Chu Chen’an was startled.

The moment he met his eyes, he raised his hand and pulled the curtains back.

He hid back indoors.

Pei Yan was too scary.

It took Pei Yan less than an hour to find him halfway around the city.

He exhaled and retreated back to the soft sofa next to the bed.

“Hey, you’re pathetic. You’ve been tricked by a man too, haven’t you?”

A cold female voice came from inside the room, breaking the quietness.

Chu Chen’an’s shoulders trembled, and he looked around the chamber in fright, and as soon as he turned his head, he caught a glimpse of the red skirt hidden next to the closet.

Chu Chen’an stood up in fear.

He saw a black-haired female ghost wearing a red dress floating out; her features were green, her eyes glared with ferocity, and two red and black blo*odstains hung on her cheeks.

Chu Chen’an quickly took a few steps back and was frightened into a cold sweat.

“He also cheated on you, right? He also cheated on you and passed the disease on to you, right? He forced you to break up and asked you for money too, right? Disgusting, scum, really, damn…” The female ghost in red looked scary as she cursed; her temper shouldn’t have been very good in life.

She floated to Chu Chen’an and carefully sized him up.

“He’s so good-looking, more good-looking than my old favorite star… Unfortunately, he met such a man and was totally blind. What’s wrong with you? You have to come to a room to meet this kind of guy?”


Chu Chen’an was confused by what he heard.

When the female ghost took a step closer, he took a step back in fear.

“Confused!” The female ghost in red narrowed her eyes and shouted with hatred.

Chu Chen’an trembled at her roar.

He had been sized up by this female ghost sister at close range for dozens of seconds, and he didn’t even dare to breathe.

He glanced at the distance between himself and the door and was pondering whether it was faster for him to run or for the red-clothed female ghost to pounce on him and bite him to death.

“Is he coming later?” The female ghost in red then despised Chu Chen’an’s chicken-like wimpiness.

Chu Chen’an returned to his senses, a cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and he timidly raised his head. “Huh?”

The female ghost was firm in her thoughts: “In a moment, he’ll want you to get an ab*ortion, won’t he?”

Chu Chen’an waved his hands repeatedly and backed away. “No, no, no. I’m a male; I can’t get pregnant.”

“Don’t be afraid.” She no longer had any thinking to speak of, and she didn’t listen to half of what Chu Chen’an said.

She was living like a calf-protecting mother hen. “If he dares to also kick your stomach with his foot, this old lady will bite him to death for you.”

After she finished speaking, she drifted to the doorway in a sinister manner, standing there like a statue, not moving.

Chu Chen’an sighed in relief; this red-clothed sister didn’t seem to be trying to kill him.

She was still cursing her ex-boyfriend.

The female ghost talked about her ex-boyfriend’s bed skills, which nobody wanted, his dog-like face that could make anyone lose their appetite, and his white chicken-like physique that she could k*ill with a single blow.

Chu Chen’an sat on the carpet furthest from the door, bent his knees, and hugged his legs, quietly listening to the ghost’s colorful curses.

As he listened, he couldn’t help but nod in response.

His peach blossom-like eyes widened, his agile eyes flickered slightly, and the fear in his eyes gradually transformed into a slight admiration.


So awesome.

He’d never heard so many curse words before.

He listened attentively, just like a good, well-behaved student.

Temporarily forgetting that the per-verted husband was on his way to catch him.


The female ghost continued to curse until seven in the morning.

Chu Chen’an leaned against the wall beside him, resting his face on his palm as he began to feel drowsy. His eyelids fought to stay open as he listened.

“Let me tell you, he deserves to be bitten. No one wants the stinky dog that can’t even…”

The female ghost had cursed until now and was still particularly energized.

She looked at Chu Chen’an’s well-behaved face and was immediately filled with motherly love. She reminded him for the 28th time and said softly, “Be sure to keep your eyes open. Dog-like men love to trick good-looking… He’s a bit silly.”


Chu Chen’an was falling into a doze and had not yet reacted to the fact that he had been named when the phone ringing from the bedside landline woke him up again.

He looked to the side of the bed in confusion, like a cat that was so sleepy that it was about to collapse.

What was ringing?

Chu Chen’an’s squinted eyes gradually widened, and he caught a glimpse of the red landline phone in the distance.

He stood up violently.

The phone was ringing again!

Shouldn’t he still be on the way?

Chu Chen’an stood in place, flustered.

“Look at your unproductivity; why are you panicking? Answer it!”

The female ghost’s voice was languidly cold; her hideous eyes widened, scarlet bl*ood constantly spilling out from the ends of her eyes. “This old lady is standing here! I’ll see if he dares to come in. If he dares to come in, I’ll make sure I bite him to death!”

Chu Chen’an glanced at the enthusiastic female ghost sister.

Her voice was loud and sounded secure.

Although he knew that the female ghost sister would have a hard time defeating Pei Yan, he was still slightly encouraged.

He came to sit down on the edge of the bed, and after the landline phone continued to ring fifteen or sixteen times, he lifted his hand to pick up the phone.

“Just now was the first time you’ve ever hung up on me.” Pei Yan’s voice was cold. “Baby, you’ve been away from home for five years, and it seems like you’ve grown a lot.”

“However, I’m a bit angry.” Pei Yan said, “I don’t really like it when my baby hangs up on me.”

Chu Chen’an’s heart trembled. He glanced at the red-clothed female ghost in the doorway and then turned his eyes down to look at the ground with trepidation. He was hesitant to make a sound.

“Baby, it’s time for you to eat breakfast.” Pei Yan spoke softly again, his voice so cold that it was creepy. “Open the door for your husband.”


Chu Chen’an’s eyes suddenly widened, and he looked in the direction of the door with a panicked expression.

He was right outside the door.

Chu Chen’an had just stood up when he heard a soft “snap” sound coming from the door.

Someone was knocking on the door.

“He’s here, huh?” The female ghost looked towards Chu Chen’an and glared viciously at the door, making a gesture for him to open the door.

Chu Chen’an frowned nervously, his head almost shaking into a rattle as he whispered, “Don’t open it yet; don’t open it; don’t open it.”

“Look at your wimpy behavior.” The female ghost fluttered and turned around; her greenish-colored features began to sprout hideous and twisted dark-colored blue veins; and her flesh and blo*od split, revealing her white facial bones.

Chu Chen’an hurriedly tapped the system props area with his consciousness, quickly using all the gold he had left to buy a stealth card and activating it.

Two knocks once again came from outside the door.

Invisible, he shrunk in the corner of the carpet, nervously looking at the female ghost’s figure.

With a click, the door was opened from the outside.

As the doorway widened, Chu Chen’an’s heart tightened.

Chu Chen’an saw Pei Yan’s cold face; he was dressed in a suit, his eyebrows were deep, and his temperament was still cold and solemn. Just by looking at him from afar, Chu Chen’an couldn’t help feeling terrified.

However, there was no hot-tempered female ghost sister scolding the per-vert like he was expecting.

As soon as the red-clothed female ghost saw Pei Yan, she quickly shrank back into the closet as if she had seen a god, shivering and trembling as she clutched her pus and b*lood-stained head. She didn’t even dare say half a word.

He knew it would be like this.

Chu Chen’an shivered and leaned against the wall.

The time limit for the use of this stealth card was twelve hours, and it could only last until seven in the evening.

Pei Yan only glanced faintly at the female ghost hiding in the closet as he walked into the humble room, his eyes searching for Chu Chen’an’s figure in a quick search.

He searched the interior several times, not even sparing the balcony or the bottom of the bed, but Chu Chen’an’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

Pei Yan frowned and turned towards the closet, knocking on the closet door. “Where is the person who lives here?”


“I didn’t do anything. It was that beast! It was that beast that caused me… oooooooooooh, I didn’t do anything.” The female ghost held her head and babbled, shrinking into a ball of fear.

She heard Pei Yan’s question and warily pushed open a corner of the closet door, her eyes glancing at Chu Chen’an, who was hiding in the corner.

Chu Chen’an shook his head, knowing that this female ghost could see him. He was busy praying with his lips that she wouldn’t say anything.

The female ghost’s black hair covered half of her eyes.

Her eyes rolled hideously, and she trembled. “I don’t know; I didn’t see it. I didn’t do anything; really, I didn’t do anything; it’s that animal that harmed me.”

Pei Yan was too lazy to look at her again.

He turned around and picked up the black coat on the bed, his fingertips gently crushing the collar. His deep, cold eyes looked at the collar, and he couldn’t help but lean in and sniff it lightly.

Suddenly, the corners of his lips curled up in a slight arc.

It was his baby’s scent.

Excitement festered inside.

His baby had returned.


Chu Chen’an looked at the scene in front of him and couldn’t help but shiver.

He watched as Pei Yan turned around to notify the bodyguards downstairs, bringing in more than two dozen people who, without knowing how, directly sealed off the hotel.

Layer by layer, the search was carried out.

Chu Chen’an shrank behind the curtains.

He looked at this vast array outside and felt that he was already in the net that Pei Yan had laid.

He knew that as soon as his invisible card failed, Pei Yan would immediately take him back.

Pei Yan has always been like this, with a strong desire for control and possession.

Two or three o’clock in the afternoon.

The entire hotel had been rummaged through several times by those people, and Pei Yan hadn’t spared any corners, but none of them had found half a trace of Chu Chen’an.

He turned around and returned to Chu Chen’an’s room.

Chu Chen’an had been hiding for almost seven or eight hours and was already starving his eyes out.

“Hey, he… doesn’t seem that bad.” The female ghost poked her head out of the closet door and said to Chu Chen’an, “He’s a thousand times better than my sh*itty ex boyfriend! Is he domestically abusive?”


Chu Chen’an hugged his legs and shook his head.

Pei Yan never seemed to be mean to him except that he wouldn’t go soft on him in bed.

“He can’t do it?” The female ghost asked carefully.

He froze and honestly shook his head.

Pei Yan’s desire was also heavy, and it happened almost every night.

The female ghost was terrified of Pei Yan, but she couldn’t resist her gossipy heart and asked quietly, “Then it’s cheating and forcing you to abo*rt the child, right?”

Chu Chen’an shook his head repeatedly.

This conjecture was too unrealistic.

He was a male; how could he get pregnant?

“Then why are you avoiding him so much?” The female ghost smeared the bl*ood from her brain onto her hair, tending to her roots.

Chu Chen’an clenched his fingers and answered reluctantly, “He… If he takes me back, he’ll lock me up.”

“What?” This answer from Chu Chen’an exceeded the female ghost’s expectations, and she still wanted to gossip when she saw Pei Yan walk into the door of the room again.

The female ghost suddenly shrunk back into the closet and began to hold her blo*od and fleshy, hideous brain again, babbling and murmuring those words from earlier.

Pei Yan knocked on the closet twice more and opened the door. “I’ll ask again, where did the person who lived here go?”

He had checked the surveillance footage; his An’an hadn’t gone out since entering the hotel and was definitely still here.

“I don’t know… I haven’t seen him; I really don’t know anything.” The female ghost lowered her head in fear, her blo*od tittering and dripping onto the floor.

“I’m not interested in the things you’ve done, but you better tell the truth.” Pei Yan indifferently reminded the female ghost.

As soon as Pei Yan’s words fell, the female ghost instantly stopped babbling and looked hideously in Chu Chen’an’s direction. Her gaze lingered, and she didn’t hesitate any longer.

“He… he is right there…” she said, pointing to the wall that Chu Chen’an was leaning against.

Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened in panic.

He was still sold.

Pei Yan looked over in the direction the female ghost was pointing, his cool, sharp gaze traveling over that spot.

“You said he’s there?” Pei Yan said.

“Yes, yes… he’s hiding, hiding right there.” The female ghost answered him, her raised hand trembling.

Pei Yan stared at that wall for a long time.

His gaze was deep, looking right at Chu Chen’an.


He pursed his lips and smiled, the smile fleeting.

He turned his back to the closet and indifferently said, “Alright, you can roll.”

The female ghost busily nodded her head and glanced at Chu Chen’an one last time before instantly leaving the room.

Pei Yan set all of the hot meals on the table, moving the stool closer to the window with one hand as he sat sideways in Chu Chen’an’s direction.

His sitting posture was elegant and noble, and he leisurely picked up a book and began to read.

Chu Chen’an’s stomach was deflated from hunger, and he looked at the fragrant meal and indisputably gulped.

He pursed his lips and forced himself not to make a sound.

Pei Yan poured himself a glass of red wine and lightly sipped the wine afterward.

He lowered his eyes to look at the book and said, “Baby, you haven’t eaten in half a day; come eat something, okay?”



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