C6—- Gentle Neigbour


Xu Moshu glanced at Chu Chen’an’s angry appearance, his deep, dark eyes were slightly stunned for a moment.


In a certain moment, it was as if he saw the Chen’an he had missed for three months.



His Chen’an also loved to glare at people when he was angry, his eyes round, like a small cat that had been pissed off.



With a slight pout, it was especially cute.


In a certain moment, his Chen’an seemed to come back.


His Chen’an seriously and proudly said to him, “Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, I’m very strong.”


“I will protect you.”


“The bad guys are them, but you’re not.”




Xu Moshu’s eyes dimmed, his heart hurt like it had been stabbed, reminding him that the love of his life he had treated like his life was gone.


His Chen’an was even so selfish that he had nowhere to turn to find his soul.


Xu Moshu’s gaze glanced into the distance, and he didn’t look at Chu Chen’an again.


Chu Chen’an was also slightly relieved, he stole a glance at Xu Moshu.




The pe-rvert rarely didn’t speak.


Not talking meant he wasn’t happy.


Chu Chen’an withdrew his gaze and straightened his back to sit on the sofa.




It wasn’t like he messed with it.


As the atmosphere in the air continued to be quiet, the radio on the seventh floor rang again with the voice of the male landlord.


[Good evening, my new tenants on the seventh floor.]



[Good, every where’s clean, I’m satisfied. So in return, I’ll give you a meet and greet too.]


The male landlord suddenly smiled strangely.



[So now, open your doors and go see your gifts.]


Except for Xu Moshu, everyone hesitantly looked at each other for a few moments, and their eyes were all directed to the door.


Su Yu just woke up, she was still clutching Li Yaya’s sleeve, stunned and scared, only daring to look down at the ground.


After hearing the radio, she was even more scared and let out a small wail of pain and fear.



Li Yaya patted Su Yu’s shoulder, she glanced at Zhang Liang and asked with a trembling voice: “Should we go?”



Zhang Liang lowered his eyes for a few seconds of silence, but also couldn’t make up his mind, he looked at Xu Moshu.



Xu Moshu was even more silent, and didn’t make a sound.



At this time, the male landlord’s voice sounded again.


[If you don’t open the door again, I will send it in.]


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped nervously. He glanced up at the door, “Shall… or shall we open it?”


Chu Chen’an’s voice was faint.

Zhang Liang saw Chu Chen’an looking at him, out of pride, he gathered enough courage, stood up and slowly walked towards the door.



The crowd also slowly followed Zhang Liang, nervously and cautiously to the tightly closed door.



Zhang Liang looked back at Chu Chen’an, and after a few seconds of hesitation, he closed his eyes tightly and lifted his hand to slowly push open the door.



The gap in the door grew larger and larger, and the blood stains on the ground gradually enlarged.




There, in a pool of blood on the ground, lay a corpse that had long since lost its breath, with sound limbs and only one eye missing.


There were many long stab wounds on the body, and the face was no exception, as if it had been neatly cut out by a knife blade, and now blood was still coming out.



“It’s Lu Cheng!” Su Yu stood at the end and screamed shrilly, “Lu Cheng is dead too! Dead ah ah ah ah”



“We …… we will die too.” She was so scared that her legs went weak and she fell on the ground, “There is no way we can escape, we will all die …… all die …… oooh …… all die ……”


Chu Chen’an saw the circle of red marks on Lu Cheng’s neck and frowned, Lu Cheng and Wu Longyang died in different ways, it should be from different things.


No, he should say, from different ghosts.

Lu Cheng’s death method was what Chu Chen’an saw in this copy last time. His limbs were there, but his eyes were cut, and his body was covered with long knife wounds. It was like they were cutting a toy doll. The knife edge was flat and neat.


And the most important, was his neck that had several circles of red marks.


That was Lu Cheng’s real cause of death.



Lu Cheng should have first been cut with a knife blade all over his body, and then he was hung up with some kind of rope, so that the blood flow intensified, and he finally died of mind numbing pain.


And all this, was from the hands of a little girl that was eight or nine years old.


Then who killed Wu Longyang?


Chu Chen’an frowned, suddenly thoughtful.


[ Did you receive the gift?]


The male landlord’s voice sounded again.

[Isn’t it beautiful? Hahaha… It’s a little late now. I don’t need you to clean up tonight.]


[Good night then, my new tenants.]


The voice of the landlord seemed to be the curse of the devil in their ears.



[I hope you have a good night.]



Zhang Liang closed the door with a pale face, his hands were trembling as he locked it.



Su Yu was still crying incessantly, hugging Chu Chen’an’s legs tightly.



They once again sat around the sofa, and none of them thought about resting.



The five people sat quietly, only Su Yu’s sobbing could be heard, but the situation seemed more and more bizarre and scary.


Su Yu cried and asked, “So, then what do we do, just wait for them to come and k-ill us?”



The room was silent for a long time.


“How did Wu Longyang and Lu Cheng die, did you not see?” Zhang Liang said expressionlessly, “Stay here, at least you can still live.”



Chu Chen’an folded his hands, his eyelashes curved, forming a crescent of light and shadow on his cheeks.


After Zhang Liang spoke, no one made any more noise either.


They just sat like this until late at night.


Chu Chen’an was so sleepy that his eyelids drooped and his eyelashes fluttered almost to the point of sticking together.



He raised his head to glance at the clock on the wall, the hour hand was already pointing to twelve.


Chu Chen’an softly broke the silence: “Sleep …… sleep?”


Su Yu and Li Yaya looked at Chu Chen’an in unison.


“I’m a little tired, everyone can also rest early.” Xu Moshu resumed that faint smile, his long and strong knuckles rubbed the circles under his eyes.


After saying that, Xu Moshu glanced back at Chu Chen’an, then stood up and prepared to leave.



Zhang Liang also slowly stood up and followed behind Xu Moshu, slowly stepping over the puddle of blood outside the door.


Li Yaya and Su Yu saw them go back, so they also went back to the room together.


Chu Chen’an closed the door of his room, leaned on the door, and let out a long breath.


Today was too tiring.


Chu Chen’an had just sat down when System 001’s control panel piece appeared.



[Your unfinished tasks for today are:
1. system platform live broadcast [click here to open]
2. game player role live [click here to open]


Chu Chen’an’s current game identity was originally a small anchor, both on the system platform and in the game reality.


Chu Chen’an frowned, his vision had begun to blur.


He squinted his eyes and casually clicked the first one.



His random ID number in 001 system platform was 94520, and after the system platform was opened, although it was a new account, there were hundreds of platform netizens who immediately poured into the live room.



[Wow, this one looks good! I’m the first, hi wife!]



[First comment you’re gone, dare to rob my wife!]



[The second comment you’re gone, that is obviously my wife]



Chu Chen’an smiled and waved in front of the screen to say hello to them, and didn’t turn on the sound.



Within a few seconds, he yawned again, his eyes began to flood with tears, his eyes were red, his hair was well behaved, only a few dull hairs cocked up and he looked pitiful.



He was really sleepy.


[Ahhhhhhh, my wife is sleepy eh!]


[Too cute bah]


[The wife is so cute when he’s sleepy hehehehehe (demented face.jpg)]


[Oh my God! So cute!!! Can I steal you away?]


[Ahhhhhhhh groundhog scream, you just came in and showed me this? Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night]


[Have you ever considered my feelings when you’re so cute?]


[What the fu-ck, what the hell is this f-ucking beauty?]




[His eyes are red, he’s just been pressed by his old man, right?]


[What kind of dream is this?!]


[He looks like Chen An, do you think? Especially his eyes!]


Chu Chen’an’s last live ID was Chen An, and he was also famous on the system platform. Almost every live broadcast could be ranked in the top of the live broadcast list, and the gold coins were even more generous.


The gold coins were usually shared sixty-four percent.


Now after the resurrection, his account had also been canceled.


[Wu Wu Wu agree upstairs! He really looks like Chen An!]


[I don’t know why Chen An’s account was canceled. I cried so loudly!]


[Don’t mention other players in my wife’s live room, will you? My wife will be sad]

[Agree upstairs, especially his eyes]


[That is, my wife looks much better than Chen An]


[What the hell, Chen An is obviously better looking than him!]


[I’m laughing, upstairs, I’ll report you if you mention other players.]



[My wife is the best looking! You guys are the ones who disrespected our wife first!]


[ I’ve reported, upstairs.]


[I’m speechless, three accounts reported me, you guys are really funny]


[You guys are okay, your wife’s fan base is a fraction of my wife’s, too arrogant]




Then there were two waves of people, one side defended Chen An, the other side was defending the current Chu Chen’an, the topic gradually began to scorch.



Chu Chen’an opened his eyes, only to see that a lot of people came to the live room.


It was really lively ah.



He squinted and stared dumbfounded at the comment section that was rapidly updating.



When he read the words on it, he froze even more.




He just took a nap.

A fight?


He couldn’t imagine that he could still have fans in the live broadcast.


It was really too surprising.


And the other side were his old fans.


His old fans and new fans were fighting. What should he do as an anchor?


Chu Chen’an was so sleepy that his mind wasn’t very clear.


His big eyes blinked a few times and he began to think slowly.


What should he do?





He had to persuade them.



The fan groups of both sides began to grow, and Chen Chen’an’s fans poured into the live broadcast room, and the number of online fans immediately exceeded 10000.



Chu Chen’an was worried about the situation.


If it weren’t for the system that said he couldn’t reveal his identity, he really wanted to shout.


Don’t make any noise!


Chen An is Chu Chen’an, and Chu Chen’an is Chen An!



When the gold coins reached 1000+, he immediately spent the 1000 gold coins he just got to buy a voice function.


Chu Chen’an opened his eyes wide, and his moist lips opened and closed: “Everyone, stop arguing.”




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