C14—– The Prison Warden Blushed


“Player Feng Huai has lit up the side quest, [Orphans’ Grudge’s], completing the side quest will earn you 2 points.”


“Player Feng Huai lit up the monster new icon, current monster icon progress 4/??? , reward 1 point”



[Scissorhands: Hear the scream muffled by the sound of the nursery rhyme? So, you must listen well. Otherwise, if you don’t want your ears, then cut them off! — An extremely self-centered monster, used to dominating everything on its own turf, so surprise might be a good angle of attack.]



“Player Feng Huai’s main quest progress has been completed 40%, the current accumulated points total 11 points.”


Feng Huai hastily glanced at the prompt.


The middle-aged man’s figure swayed, but his speed wasn’t slow.



Just when Feng Huai and Yu Rui were still distracted by the hint in the song, the middle-aged man’s boulder-like figure appeared next to the two silently, like a ghost.



He opened his yellow-stained teeth and screamed in the ears of Yu Rui and Feng Huai, “I found you! I found you both!”



“Bad kids deserve to be punished.” It raised its head grotesquely and raised its hand high as if it had been broken backwards, holding a pair of rusty scissors.



As soon as the words left his mouth, his hand moved quickly and accurately to slash down.



Hearing a “swift” sound, an arm fell to the ground, and a few seconds later disappeared into ashes.



The middle-aged man kept his head high, with an executioner like posture, but the arm that held up was now only a decayed section without bleeding.



It stood still for a few seconds, as if it couldn’t respond.


A long dagger hidden in the side of the shoe was pulled out. With the momentum of pulling out and striking, the arm was simply removed and flung behind the monster.



Just as the other’s voice fell, Feng Huai dodged beautifully, walked around to the back of the middle-aged old ghost, and stood side by side with Yu Rui.



The two of them stared at it warily, and Yu Rui handed Feng Huai the long knife, whispering, “Take it, it’s made of fine iron.”



Feng Huai took it, and the pattern of the long knife in his hand looked like it had some heavy sedimentary charm, like a historical relic from a thousand years ago.



Feng Huai glanced at Yu Rui, confirming that Yu Rui still had a weapon for self-defense.



Yu Rui had a second dagger, the tip of the dagger was slightly curved tip, both like a dagger and also like a sickle, it looked strange but it was just the right amount of appropriate.



Feng Huai thought that they both looked familiar.



But without giving him time to think, the old ghost with one arm finally reacted and turned its head stiffly to look at its broken arm.



Feng Huai and Yu Rui coincidentally tensed in unison.



The man in the Zhongshan suit turned around violently and a bright red blood spot appeared in the pupils of his white eyes, bizarrely.



Feng Huai met the other’s eyes, he frowned when he saw the situation and quickly reminded him: “Something is wrong with its eyes, be careful.”



The words just fell, the next second, the ground beneath the two suddenly had cracks, violent shaking to the point that they could barely stand.



The ground in the distance was like a hill in an earthquake, leaping up a wave of earth tumbling towards them.


Yu Rui fell into the ground unprepared, and Feng Huai didn’t even catch the corner of his coat.



Feng Huai sucked in a breath, such a wide range of physical manifestation distortion, needed a lot of spiritual power, he had done it in his heyday to move mountains and reverse the raging river, but this world had thin spiritual power, it wasn’t suitable for any person or spirit to do this.


By chance, there was a very similar one here, completely out of Feng Huai’s expectation.



Feng Huai was more suspicious than amazed, and he quickly calmed down.


He didn’t think that Yu Rui would fall into the earth trap without any defense at all, nor did he think that the old ghost could do such an exaggeration.



The only explanation was the red dot in its white pupil.



Thinking of this, Feng Huai didn’t hesitate to bite the tip of his tongue and spit out a mouthful of blood and wiped it on the long knife that Yu Rui handed him.



The long knife that was stained with Feng Huai’s blood trembled slightly, strangely as if it was responding to something.



Feng Huai could even feel the long knife in his hand transmitting a mood similar to nostalgia and pleasure.



He was slightly stunned, this long knife had a spirit?



The most difficult thing to produce was a weapon spirit, they were dead things, weapons with a weapon spirit was simply one in a hundred.



Yu Rui actually had one, so he was really lucky. Feng Huai thought to himself.



He raised his eyes to look at the earth waves in front of him, his eyes sank, and he put his long knife across his eyes.


The moment the wave came, Feng Huai stared unblinkingly in front of him, the knife wave in his hand slashed horizontally, making a clear and pleasant clanging sound, the tip of the blood broke through the raging wave, the moment it hit Feng Huai’s face, the ashes flew away.



The blood from the tongue was closest to the heart and contained the most soul power, enough to break ordinary illusions.


Just as Feng Huai had expected.


He swayed, his body was already weak from a dark illness, and the pain was dense, constantly torturing his nerves.



Feng Huai took a deep breath, held back his discomfort, and looked at the situation on Yu Rui’s side.



The middle-aged man, who was weird, was holding up a pair of rusty scissors and was only a palm’s length away from Yu Rui.



Yu Rui was apparently still trapped in the illusion, as if in the most terrible nightmare, he was frowning, his pupils restlessly turned back and forth.


The old ghost’s scissors were almost next to Yu Rui’s veins when a young but broad and strong hand suddenly clutched the old ghost’s wrist.



The old ghost froze, his white pupils reflected the man’s cold and gloomy face.



A flash of fear appeared on its face, realizing that it was in the other party’s hands, unable to even disappear, completely unable to break free from his palm shackles, as if it was locked in his space.



The middle-aged old ghost let out a harsh scream, the space around it was strangely squeezed, its entire body became extremely distorted, like an inflatable balloon, it was pressed into a thin strip.


“You should not move that memory.” Yu Rui’s expression was extremely cold, as if muttering to himself, his palms fiercely closed.



The old ghost’s soul body floated uncontrollably into mid-air, squeezed and deformed to the extreme, then suddenly its temples bulged out of the veins, its whole face was blue and purple, in the line of sight of Yu Rui’s expressionless face, he exploded.



The exploded soul turned into crystal-bright fragments, each fragment carried every memory of this soul.


The fragments would disappear when they hit the ground, memory was the carrier of the soul body, souls without memory could never enter reincarnation, it could only be beaten and become one of the lonely ghosts on the sea of fire and sword, day by day suffer the baking and torture of hell fire and sharp edge.


Among the fragments scattered in the air, those orphans appeared, tied to chairs. A middle-aged man and a doctor in a white coat appeared in the picture, trimming their ears into sharp, round, or grotesque, but bloody shapes.



Every fragment was full of memories that made people angry, disgusted and resistant.


Yu Rui didn’t look carefully. Pain suddenly swept through his whole body. He knelt down, and his whole body was trembling with pain, as if he had been punished.


He was very clear that this was a punishment for violating the rules of the game.


Yu Rui gritted his teeth, not letting out a grunt of pain.


Feng Huai was startled at the sight and ran to him: “What’s going on?”


After seeing that Feng Huai was unharmed, Yu Rui was relieved and whispered, “I’m not going to the infirmary,” and then fainted.


Feng Huai frowned and had to pick Yu Rui up from the ground, dragging the man slowly back to the other side of the dormitory – it wasn’t hard to imagine how an unconscious prison warden would be treated in a death row prison.


After wrestling the man into bed, he staggered up with a sore chest, and before he could take two steps his eyes went dark and he collapsed next to Yu Rui.



When Feng Huai woke up, he saw the prison warden lying in front of him, his handsome nose was almost pressed against his cheek, and as long as he slightly tilted his head, he would brush against his lips.



His breathing was slightly disordered, he didn’t expect to open his eyes and see himself lying so close to the man.


In particular, he noticed his hand was deadly clutching the man’s clothes.



He recalled what happened a second before he lost consciousness – a large part was his fault.



Feng Huai thought slowly and decided to pull away as if nothing had happened.


As soon as he made his move, Yu Rui suddenly opened his eyes.



Feng Huai was shocked, and subconsciously turned his head away. A soft and warm touch touched his cheek.


Feng Huai’s eyes opened slightly, and then he saw, even more unexpectedly, that their prison warden, was blushing.




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