C7— Gentle Neighbour

Bonus Chap


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“As a newcomer I know that senior Chen An is better than me in all aspects, and I do respect him.” He paused and continued, “He will also be a role model for me to learn from, I hope we can relax and have fun in the live room, talk casually, don’t argue about these things.”


The first day of resurrection.


First of all, let me praise myself.


Chu Chen’an’s tone was gentle and clear, with a clear bite, making it very comfortable to listen to.


The effect was also remarkable, quickly calming the agitated comments.


And then, Chu Chen’an also randomly selected a few questions on the screen to answer, smiling warmly, so the atmosphere eased a lot.



[Sobbing, what’s the matter? Even talking like him QAQ]



[I don’t want to turn pink, but he smiled at me]

[TN: Turn pink — be his fan/like him]


[Wife, can I crawl into your copy and steal you?]



[The wife’s waist is so thin, his …]


[His curly hair is so cute.]


The following topics were getting more and more interesting. The speed on the screen was also fast. There wasn’t one serious comment in the thousands of comments.


Later, Chu Chen’an’s neck turned slightly red, and he couldn’t find any questions to answer.


Sleepy again, he chatted some more, then smiled and waved his hand, indicating that he was going off air.



He said good night in the live room and waited until everyone in the live room started to leave one by one before closing the system live room.


As a newcomer’s first live broadcast, he had earned 2000+ gold coins in less than half an hour and quickly made it to the top 30 of the newcomer list.


There were many uses for gold coins.


They could be used to exchange system medicines, various system props and plot hints.


The plot tips were the most expensive, one plot point tip cost 3888 gold coins.



After turning the system equipment off, he went straight back to the cushioned chair, then he began to doze off.



System 001’s mechanical voice sounded in his ears.



[You have not completed the game world live.]


Chu Chen’an sighed. He squinted and bent over in the trunk to find his live broadcast equipment.


Chu Chen’an studied for a long time before installing the computer equipment. He opened the other side of the suitcase and found something else.



A pink cat ear headset.


This stunned Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an squatted on the ground and looked at it for a few seconds. However, he was sleepy. At the moment, he just wanted to finish playing and sleep quickly.


Chu Chen’an looked at the mirror on the table, In the mirror, he wore a cat ear earphone. The pink cat ear was white in the middle, which suppressed his black hair and bangs. His peach blossom eyes were covered with water mist, and his small face was white, delicate, and very soft.



He looked at himself two more times, and then three more times.


Blinked a few times.


Raised his hand and….


Covered the mirror on the table.


So weird.


It was really weird.




By the time he started the broadcast, it was already one o’clock.


Chu Chen’an’s initial game cannon fodder persona was arrogant and brutal in reality, and gentle and considerate on the network.


So he could be on the network without worrying about destroying his persona.


The comments in the game world weren’t much different from the system 001’s comments, which were all wife related.


He was holding a soft white kitten pillow, dozing off while answering the questions on the screen.


The long, lush eyelashes fluttered and the light flickered.


“Yeah, I’ll be here for the full two weeks, and everyone can come to my live stream every day to witness whether this is a murder house or not.”


Chu Chen’an squinted his eyes, as lazy as a cat, “Also, new in the live room, remember to give Xiao An some attention oh.”

VV live platform.


[Ahhhhhhhh cat eared wife I can!!!]


[Wife posted]



[It’s dangerous there, be safe]



Chu Chen’an seriously looked at the rapidly surging screen.


Suddenly, an abrupt comment lingered in the comment section for a few seconds, posted by a default user with no star and no light sign.


[Isn’t it strange to live there?]


“Not strange,” Chu Chen’an said stiffly, he tried to do a good job of a gentle persona, “Don’t wear colored glasses to look at the people living in the house. The neighbors here are very warm and nice, and they helped me a lot since I first came here. And they insist on living here for their reasons. Everyone is a normal ordinary person.”


Chu Chen’an thought for two seconds and continued to edit: “I feel lucky to have met such good neighbors.”


After Chu Chen’an finished, the comment section then surged with many comments of approval and praise.


Chu Chen’an felt a little guilty.



The default netizen, who had no stars and no lights, was silent for more than ten seconds, and then suddenly sent off 20 ships.


[Well said.]


One ship was worth 999RMB, they directly sent 20.



Chu Chen’an looked at the flashing ship in the live broadcast screen, and was so surprised that even the white cat pillow in his hand fell off.


It was just two lies, and the strange internet friend sent gifts.


” …… thanks to this friend with default screen name 4532155 for the ships.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t care to broadcast further, he saw that it was almost time, so he also hurriedly said good night and closed the live room.


He took off that pink headphones and yawned lazily, with red eyes at the end.


He carefully pondered on the strange netizen’s remark and shook his head.




Probably the rich man was happy to spill money for fun tonight.


It definitely wasn’t because of his lie!


He rubbed his hair, fell back and laid down.



During the night, he vaguely heard the kitchen faucet running continuously, probably Li Yaya or Su Yu came out and forgot to turn it off.


He was so sleepy that his consciousness was blurred and he turned over and went back to sleep.


The sound of the water kept ringing outside the door, accompanied by the soft sound of the table and chairs swaying.


Creak, creak, creak ……


The movement became louder and louder, and disturbed Chu Chen’an’s clear dream, the thin stream seemed to fill up in the washbasin and spread out onto the floor, the cold dark wind blew through, making Chu Chen’an shrink back.


An unknown sharp object poked the back of Chu Chen’an’s neck, mixed with a girl’s mischievous light laugh.


He suddenly felt some itchiness at his neck, making it impossible for him to sleep peacefully. He wrinkled his good-looking eyebrows and hummed twice with a soft nasal sound.



Half-asleep, he thought he hadn’t been revived.


Still stuck in the first time he experienced this [Death Cell] copy.


That naughty little kid came to haunt him again in the middle of the night.


Clamoring for him to get up in the middle of the night to make her a doll doll.


“Stop it ah Jiaojiao,” Chu Chen’an rolled over, his tone mixed with helpless warmth: “or brother won’t make you dolls tomorrow ah.”



Chu Chen’an finished.


The sound of water outside the door then suddenly stopped.


The air was silent for ten seconds or so, the table and chairs were slowly dragged back into place and made a careful scraping sound of the floor.


At the end of the day, the half-open window was also closed softly, and the wind that made Chu Chen’an shiver with cold was then blocked off.


The quilt hung up and covered Chu Chen’an’s neck, even the folds of the quilt that were choking Chu Chen’an were inexplicably smoothed out.


Chu Chen’an didn’t notice any abnormality, and once again went to sleep.





The alarm clock went off at seven o’clock.


He squinted his eyes and got up to brush his teeth.


The day of March and April was strange, the night was cold, but the day was so hot that he wore an undershirt.


He wore a white vest, and his bare arm was exposed. A large area of ​​white skin was exposed, which made Chu Chen’an look thinner and more delicate.


He stooped to wash his face and ate breakfast. Seeing that the garbage can was full, he lifted the plastic bag to go throw the garbage.


Just outside the corridor, he met Xu Moshu, who was also going to the garbage bin.


Xu Moshu changed into a white shirt and wore gold-rimmed eyes. His dark eyes were still smiling.



Today, he seemed more like a polite scum.


Chu Chen’an thought.



“So early, my new neighbor.” Xu Moshu’s voice was clear and mellow, and he could catch the male’s unique charm when he got close. “Do you also want to throw garbage?”


Two people just died yesterday.


Yet Xu Moshu was still at ease.


This kind of pervert didn’t look like a normal person.


But he still got everyone’s trust.


Chu Chen’an glanced back at him. His eyes were pale, and he was determined to create a good pride and human setting. “Hmm.”


But he completely forgot that his noble self was wearing a undershirt at the moment.


Xu Moshu stood quietly after Chu Chen’an settled down. He saw Chu Chen’an wearing an undershirt, his skin was as white as porcelain, and his waist was full of blood.

Because he walked too fast and dropped the plastic bottle in the black plastic bag, he had to bend over to pick it up. The loose vest showed a wide gap from the cuff when he bent over.


Xu Moshu clearly saw the plum blossom color at that point, with light pink.


Xu Moshu’s eyes were dark, and he watched Chu Chen’an throw away the garbage, and continued to turn back to the corridor and walk towards himself.



There were still water droplets standing on the tip of his hair. The small water droplets at the end of his hair slid down and fell on the delicate clavicle.


Chu Chen’an glanced coldly at Xu Moshu and planned to go directly passed him.


Who expected that when he was about to pass Xu Moshu, he was pulled by his arm from behind.



The unpleasant smell of medicine came from Xu Moshu’s garbage bag, a pungent smell that Chu Chen’an had smelled before.


Only Chu Chen’an knew that Xu Moshu wasn’t only a forensic doctor, but also the heir of XX Pharmaceutical Group.


He was obviously worth more than ten billion, but he had to squeeze in the seventh floor of the dilapidated neighborhood.


Chu Chen’an remembered that when he was first bundled into 701 without seeing the sun by Xu Moshu, he was still unable to adapt to Xu Moshu’s crazy demands.


So he often had fever.


He couldn’t eat anything and refused to take medicine.


In the end, it was Xu Moshu who mixed the medicine in the juice, coaxed him with a gentle voice and coercion, and fed him til he finished it.



Chu Chen’an glanced at the black plastic bag, his heart thumped nervously, he said with forced calmness, “Something wrong?”


“So indifferent ah.” Xu Moshu laughed as he plucked a tiny white cotton wool from the top of Chu Chen’an’s hair with his other hand.


“How do I remember that you said just last night that this new neighbor of yours was very nice, little anchor An?”


Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened and he rubbed his red ears.


He ……


How did he know his live ID?!




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