C45 – Paranoid Patient

Chu Chen’an looked at the scarlet blood on the doorway and shivered.


Only to see Shen Delu standing in the dark light, quietly looking at him, hidden danger in his eyes.



“You, go back to your own room to wash ……” Chu Chen’an saw that Shen Delu didn’t have the slightest intention to go, and was stepping indoors, “Don’t come in, go out.”


Chu Chen’an pressed against the wall and rushed him in a small voice.


“Don’t be so petty,” Shen Delu’s hand slapped on the door of the room, his gaze on Chu Chen’an’s face, “I’ll use it for a while, it won’t take long.”



He walked into Chu Chen’an’s room door, closed the door from behind, and began to undress.



His skin was a healthy wheat color, his body was slender, and once the hospital gown was off, his muscular body was revealed as he walked towards Chu Chen’an clenched step by step.



Chu Chen’an panicked, his fingernails pinching the palm of his hand.


[Sick old attacker]


[Can I see this?]


[Bathroom play?]


[I love the size difference!]


[Be civilized.]


[Oooooooooooh, make him cry.]




“You are not allowed to come in, what are you doing …… you,” Chu Chen’an was so afraid that his eyes trembled, when he looked at Shen Delu’s body in front of him, he was stunned.



Shen Delu was wearing long and slender blue striped pants, and there was a narrow scar on his chest.



The old scar was over his heart, and a few long and thin new scars were littered around.



Chu Chen’an clearly remembered, there was no scar ……



It was possible that….


Shen Delu tried to commit su-icide while he was away?



He suddenly felt a tinge of sourness rise in his heart.




Shen Delu followed Chu Chen’an’s gaze and looked at his chest, then he pursed his lips and smiled.



“This is a scar from two years ago.”



He walked closer to Chu Chen’an, his tall black shadow encroaching, like a layer of dark dense net, sit was suffocating.



Chu Chen’an couldn’t retreat, then Shen Delu spoke, “I had wanted to wait for my wife to come to give me medicine, I thought he would be heartbroken when he saw it. Unfortunately …… before he came to bandage and medicate me, it healed.”



Chu Chen’an looked at the long scar and suddenly forgot his fear.



“I should have known to stab it deeper,” Shen Delu narrowed his eyes, and the bottom of his eyes held crazy amusement, “so that it would heal later, and he would be able to come back earlier to give me medicine.”



Chu Chen’an didn’t say anything.


He was paranoid to such an extent.



It really wasn’t worth it.


“It’s pointless for you to do this,” Chu Chen’an raised his eyes, looked at Shen Delu, and said, “He died a long time ago, and people can’t come back from the dead ……”



Halfway through his words, Chu Chen’an realized that he had said the wrong thing.


He was so stupid that he really wanted to hit himself.


Shen Delu narrowed his eyes, lowered his eyes and stared at Chu Chen’an’s, biting his words very heavily, “He didn’t die.”


Chu Chen’an was dumbfounded, looking at Shen Delu’s gloomy eyes he shivered coldly.



“He just fell asleep, doctor you should know, my wife has fatigue,” Shen Delu looked at Chu Chen’an in a complicated way, then he smiled faintly and seriously said, “How can you say he passed away?”



Chu Chen’an swallowed heavily, “I’m sorry.”



“It’s okay, I forgive the doctor’s slip of the tongue.” Shen Delu raised his hand and forced Chu Chen’an to the wall.



Shen Delu’s voice was light, hot air poured onto Chu Chen’an’s face, his gaze traveled over Chu Chen’an’s white porcelain face, only to see that his face was smooth and delicate, with no sign of a rash.



“Now, can I borrow the doctor’s bathroom?” His smile deepened and he added, “I can’t go back yet like this. My wife doesn’t like the smell of blood, and if he smells it, he’ll be scared.”



Only after hearing Shen Delu’s explanation did Chu Chen’an breathe a little sigh of relief.


Fortunately, it turned out to be because of this.



Chu Chen’an nodded, his voice trembling as he whispered, “Then hurry.”



“Okay, thank you doctor.” The smile in Shen Delu’s eyes deepened, his hand was inserted in the belt of his pants, and he walked into the bathroom.



Chu Chen’an saw him walk into the bathroom, and only then did he hold onto the wall and half squat on the floor.



[Wife is scared hehehe]



[Wife can’t stand up now, what will he do in a while oh?]



[Kneeling request to extend the time limit of the live broadcast, I want to see everything oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo]





[Bathroom play heh heh heh heh heh]



Chu Chen’an wiped the blood on the floor with the rag in front of the window, then endured the nausea and wrapped the white cartilage on the floor with the rag and threw it into the trash.


He sat by the wooden chair, listening to the sound of water in the bathroom, his heart beating faster.



Shen Delu shouldn’t have recognized him by now, don’t be nervous.



He comforted himself.



Five or six minutes later, the sound of water inside the bathroom stopped, Chu Chen’an suddenly straightened his body, vaguely feeling uneasy.



Sure enough, after two seconds of silence in the bathroom, Shen Delu’s voice came, “Doctor, the water heater in your bathroom seems to be broken, can you come in and take a look?”



Chu Chen’an didn’t want to go at all, “Forget about the water heater being broken, you should have already washed up, right?”


“It doesn’t seem to be broken,” Shen Delu continued, “I’m not very good at adjusting the water heater here doctor, can you come in and adjust the temperature for me?”



“I can’t,” Chu Chen’an whispered, “You, press it by yourself watching the prompts above.”


“Doctor, I’m a little cold.” Shen Delu added.


[The bizarre and multi-faceted attacker heh heh heh]



[It’s about to start.]


[I love it.]


[Damn it, the live broadcast is shutting down again]



[I haven’t seen enough.]



[Don’t turn it off.]


[I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go! I want to see you get…..]



[Ahhhhhh no]



[Live Streaming Closed]


Chu Chen’an took a deep breath, but still stood up and walked towards the bathroom.



The bathroom door was quickly opened, only to see that in the hot airy interior, Shen Delu was loosely draped in his bathrobe, standing underneath the shower.



Seeing that Chu Chen’an had walked in, Shen Delu stepped back a few steps to make room for Chu Chen’an, “Doctor, look.”


Chu Chen’an’s cheeks flushed a light red, he hesitated for a few seconds, he watched Shen Delu back away, before taking a step over.



And just after he stood by the water heater, Shen Delu stood behind him, sticking to him like a wall.



That peculiar hormonal scent filled Chu Chen’an’s surroundings.


Chu Chen’an turned his head sideways and said nervously, “You, don’t stand so close.”



Shen Delu stood still, and instead raised his robust arm, placing it on the surface of the water heater, as if he had encircled Chu Chen’an’s entire being in his arms, “The doctor may not be able to reach, just say it, I’ll press it.”



Chu Chen’an tilted his head to look at the control panel of the water heater, which showed a black screen.


Obviously, it was turned off.


“You press that red button.” Chu Chen’an said.



“Okay.” Shen Delu nodded as he pressed the red button.


When Chu Chen’an thought he could get out, the shower suddenly gushed out warm water, wetting his upper body ……



He was wearing a white t-shirt, so the warm water soaked through his clothes.



Chu Chen’an looked at his soaked clothes and was furious.


He knew that Shen Delu wouldn’t be so calm.



“I’m sorry, I forgot to turn off the shower just now, I’ll wipe it for the doctor.”



Shen Delu busily took a towel and wiped Chu Chen’an, the towel pressed over the white clothes, which in turn accelerated the speed at which the clothes became transparent.



Chu Chen’an raised his hand to block Shen Delu, “I’ll do it myself.”


Shen Delu’s face was filled with guilt as he said, “Doctor you’re soaked, why don’t you wash first, I’m done.”



Shen Delu’s shoulders were also stained with a lot of water, but it didn’t spill over into the bath robe.



Chu Chen’an took a deep breath.



What was the point of asking him to come in when he was all washed up?





The beauty in front of him was unobstructed, Shen Delu draped a towel over Chu Chen’an’s body, “Then doctor should wash first, I’ll wait for you outside.”





It could only be that way.


Chu Chen’an waited for Shen Delu to leave and immediately locked the bathroom door.



The smell of blood in the bathroom had already dissipated.



Only after he checked the door did he feel relieved to start taking a bath.




He intentionally washed especially slowly, and only put on his bathrobe after staying in the bathroom for more than an hour.


During this period, it was particularly quiet outside this bathroom door.


It’d been so long, Shen Delu had already left, right?



He thought to himself and raised his hand to open the bathroom door, only to see Shen Delu still sitting on his wooden chair, quietly flipping through his medical psychology book.



His eyes were lowered, the peak of his nose was erect, and his profile was distinct and perfect.



Chu Chen’an froze for a moment as he watched.



Shen Delu raised his eyes and smiled lightly, “Doctor has finally come out.”


He looked at Chu Chen’an’s body wrapped in the bathrobe, his eyes were gloomy.



It was now nearly twelve in the morning.


Chu Chen’an gathered his robe under Shen Delu’s gaze. “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”


Shen Delu leisurely closed the book, “I was waiting for doctor to come out before I leave.”


He stood up and put Chu Chen’an’s book back in its place, “Then I’ll go back first, thank you doctor for taking me in tonight.”



“Uh-huh.” Chu Chen’an watched Shen Delu walk out.



“Tonight’s things won’t come back,”



Before closing the door, Shen Delu also looked deeply at Chu Chen’an, “Don’t be afraid, doctor can rest assured of a good night’s sleep.”



After saying that, the door of the room closed.


Chu Chen’an breathed a sigh of relief.



He was so tired that his eyelids were fighting as he walked towards the bedside and turned on the table lamps on the left and right side of the bed before he dared to turn off the main bedroom light.



Perhaps he was too nervous, he felt that the bed was all surrounded by Shen Delu’s unique scent, which lingered for a long time, making him feel confused and sleepy ……


He had a dream.



In his dream, Shen Delu was sitting on his wooden chair, facing his bed.


He opened the hand cream and spread it on the back of Chu Chen’an’s dry hands, moving gently and carefully ……



The weather in the suburban hospital was dry these days, and Chu Chen’an’s fair and soft skin would easily dry out and crack.



And he had no time to care about this.



He dreamed that Shen Delu was pursing his lips and seemed to be in a good mood, and after coating his left hand, he switched to his right hand.



After applying it, Shen Delu pressed himself intimately on Chu Chen’an’s face again.


His body was very heavy and there was always hot air around him, Shen Delu embraced him and confined him ……


After he finished, he lightly kissed his lips.



His kiss became more and more passionate and strong, making him breathless.



He heard Shen Delu laugh softly, “I found An An.”




Chu Chen’an awoke in a daze, fine sweat rising on his forehead.


He sat up, panting sharply, and wiped his forehead.


He raised his eyes, only to see silence in the room and dawn outside the window.


Chu Chen’an bowed and rose slowly, luckily, it was only a dream.




He got up and walked towards the bathroom to wash up, and realized that Shen Delu’s blood-stained hospital gown was still on the clothes basket.



He froze for a moment, thinking that maybe Shen Delu forgot to take it back, and continued to wash up.



Soon after, there was a knock at the door from Lu Chengdong.



“Chen’an, have you gotten up?” Lu Chengdong said outside the door.



Chu Chen’an busily went over to open the door, only to see Lu Chengdong carrying two boxes of medicine, his face was haggard and almost withered, he had obviously over indulged.



“Have you eaten breakfast?” After seeing Chu Chen’an, Lu Chengdong smiled brightly again, “The head nurse asked us to check in this morning.”



Chu Chen’an nodded, “Okay, let’s go.”



“You ……” Lu Chengdong pointed to his neck, “What’s wrong? It’s a bit red.”



Chu Chen’an covered his neck, suppressed the doubts in his heart, and said, “It’s fine, probably because there were mosquitoes last night.”



Lu Chengdong: “Ah.”


They walked together in the hallway of the second floor, Chu Chen’an remembered last night and asked, “Lu Chengdong, did you hear any movement last night?”



“No, did you hear it?” Lu Chengdong shook his head and looked at Chu Chen’an, came close to Chu Chen’an’s ear and lowered his voice, “You should know about it, Xiao Zheng died last night, I heard that even his bone weren’t left, tsk, it is estimated to be the nose-less granny who did it ……”



Lu Chengdong’s dormitory was also on the third floor, how could he not hear it?


This was fishy.



How could he be the only one who could hear it.


“I didn’t either.” Chu Chen’an shook his head and decided not to say anything for now.



“That’s strange, this should be a bit of a commotion,” Lu Chengdong took Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, “But don’t be worried, I’ve been in many copies, I’m not afraid of this last one! Chen’an, just tell what you know, with me around, it’s simply half the work with half the effort ……”.



Lu Chengdong finished, and intimately patted Chu Chen’an’s back, smiling close to his face.



Lu Chengdong’s movements of wrapping his arms around him didn’t seem like the normal range between friends, which made Chu Chen’an feel disgusted.



Chu Chen’an was about to tell him to remove his arms when he saw Shen Delu carrying a silver-white lunch box and walking towards the entrance of the building.



Shen Delu happened to see this scene.



The smile in his eyes suddenly disappeared and he indifferently looked at Lu Chengdong.



He looked at Lu Chengdong’s hand that was resting on Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, and his eyes narrowed slightly ……



Chu Chen’an and Lu Chengdong looked at Shen Delu in unison.


“Why are you here?” Chu Chen’an asked.


Shen Delu had changed into a black shirt and suit pants this time, and wasn’t wearing a hospital gown anymore.



Perhaps Chu Chen’an didn’t know.



Shen Delu had been wearing a hospital gown for more than two years.



“Am I not allowed to come?”



Shen Delu’s eyes were chilly as he looked at Chu Chen’an with a faint smile and added, “Doctor, I came to get my cloth.”



Chu Chen’an inexplicably felt that Shen Delu was in a bad mood, “Oh.”



Lu Chengdong withdrew his hand that was placed on Chu Chen’an’s shoulder under Shen Delu’s extremely oppressive gaze.



Shen Delu’s fingertips tapped on the silver-white lunch box, and a gloomy light crossed his eyes, “Doctor, this is your colleague, huh?”



His smile was cold and creepy, causing Chu Chen’an to be inexplicably flustered.



What was wrong with this per-vert again.



“You guys seem to have a good relationship ……” Shen Delu added.



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