C44 — Paranoid patient

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Chu Chen’an stared at the two dinner plates, his voice getting lower and lower, “I, I just feel that I don’t have any appetite today …… I suddenly don’t really want to eat, or I’ll take these back.”


He said, white hands moving to the two dinner plates.



“Doctor, not eating is not a good habit.” Shen Delu pinched his chopsticks and ate the corn kernels one bite at a time, his eyes staring straight at Chu Chen’an.



Chu Chen’an’s scalp went numb from the stare.


When he last came to this copy, because he was always sleepy, he was especially picky about food and didn’t like to eat.



He took advantage of Shen Delu’s absence to pour his carefully ordered nutritious dinner into the trash can, and then wrapped the trash can in a plastic bag and threw it to the corner of the utility room on the roof.



He had only done this three or four times before Shen Delu caught him.



Shen Delu was carrying an exquisite cake gift box in one hand and Chen An’s favorite milk puffs in the other.



He was so scared that he dropped the cutlery in his hand on the ground with a “clang”, and he thought he would be angry.


But he wasn’t.


Shen Delu just put the cake and puffs in his hand on the table.



He said, “An An why don’t you eat, are these meals not to your liking, I’ll ask them to redo it.”


“I don’t want to eat.” Chen An stood up and whispered.



“You will be hungry if you don’t eat.” Shen Delu turned his back to him, his hand began to leisurely unwrap the red silk ribbon of the cake gift box, “Eat some staple food first, then eat the cake, okay? It’s your favorite strawberry flavor.”



The cake was 10 inches in size, beautifully shaped, the outer ring of strawberries was embellished with translucent pink pearls and cheerios, the gift box was labeled with the logo of a luxury brand in the world, it must have been be expensive.



Chen An looked at Shen Delu’s back, not knowing where the courage came from, he decided to resist.



He pinched the hem of his shirt, “I won’t eat, I’m not hungry.”


Shen Delu turned back, his dark eyes glanced at him with a faint smile, “You haven’t eaten properly in four days, be obedient.”



He backed up a few steps, it turned out that he knew …..



“I said I won’t eat, and I won’t eat cake .” He trembled his voice, like a young beast determined to rebel, and gathered the courage to say the words out, “I don’t like you, you …… you can’t keep shutting me up and depriving me of my freedom, hurry up and open the door, let me go.”



His voice grew smaller and smaller, and he took several steps back in a row.


When he finished, he thought that this madman would be more or less shaken.


Instead, Shen Delu’s face was as usual.



He was silent for a few seconds, only spreading the soft-textured red silk flat, his fingers rubbing the smooth surface of the silk.



He raised his eyes to look at Chen An, “An’an has always thought so? I am very sad ……”


Chen An stood opposite him, not daring to say anything.



Shen Delu was silent for a minute or two after.



And then said, “I’m sorry, I should have thought about you, baby.” Shen Delu stared at him, his eyes disheveled and lost, and his light voice made Chen An shiver.



“You really don’t want to eat the cake?” Shen Delu asked again.



He firmly said, “I don’t.”



He looked at Shen Delu warily, today was definitely his bravest day since he came here.





Shen Delu walked towards Chen An, he wrapped one hand around his shoulder, “Then, will An An accompany me to eat, okay? When we finish eating, I’ll let An An go.”


Chen An was swept up by Shen Delu, “You, are you serious?”



“Don’t worry, you know, I never lie to you.”


Chen An was forced to sit at the table.



Only to see Shen Delu spread the white plush blanket on the sofa on the pearwood table.



He put away everything on the table.


Chen An froze and realized that something was wrong.


Before he could get up and run, he was caught by Shen Delu.



“Where are you going baby.” Shen Delu laughed, “I haven’t finished the cake yet.”



Chen An collapsed onto the soft plush blanket.


The red silk ribbon looped around his wrist.


Only then did Shen Delu move the cake to his side and pinched up a Cheerios.


“Then let’s finish the cheerios first.”


Shen Delu pursed his lips and smiled, “It should be delicious.”


That day at noon, Chen An wasn’t eating cake, but he was tinted with a strawberry cream scent all over his body.


The house continued to resound with subtle cries for two hours before returning to calm.


Shen Delu gently asked, “Do you still want to be free, do you still want to go?”


The ends of his eyes were slightly red, “No, don’t want to.”


Shen Delu: “Really don’t want to go anymore, I’ll give An An another chance to think about it.”


Chen An shook his head repeatedly, “No more, really, oooh I won’t go.”



“Then An An will eat on time later?” He asked.


Chu Chen’an nodded obediently, a few drops of tears still dotting the corners of his eyes.


“That’s good behavior.” He smiled with satisfaction, “An An looks all tired, let’s go to the bedroom to rest.”



Chen An suddenly felt bad.


Only to hear Shen Delu say, “Come, An An take me there.”



He panicked.



Only then did he realize that the original cake banquet was not yet over.




Since then, he hadn’t dared to skip meals.


Nor did he dare to talk back to this madman again.


Chu Chen’an returned to his senses.



He looked into Shen Delu’s eyes across the room and slightly winced.


He still had to pick up his chopsticks again under its dark gaze.


Chu Chen’an clenched his teeth and chose the plate of bean vegetables.


He scooped a large spoonful of green beans with a spoon in front of Shen Delu and wanted to send it to his mouth.


Shen Delu’s hand lurched and stopped him, “Doctor.”


Chu Chen’an’s hand holding the spoon paused and raised his eyes to look at Shen Delu, “What’s wrong again.”


Shen Delu said, “If you don’t want to eat, don’t force it.”


His Chen An was severely allergic to beans.


“I have no appetite, it’s not like I can’t eat.” Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and raised that spoonful of beans and ate it.



Face normal, he ate another spoonful, eating with gusto.



Shen Delu watched him as Chu Chen’an cleaned the beans from his dinner plate and then got up with his own dinner plate.


“Alright, I’ll go back first, eat slowly.”


Chu Chen’an’s face was expressionless, he cast a sidelong glance at the crunchy corns on the other dinner plate, then he pursed his thin pink lower lip and left.


It looked so delicious.



What a pity.


Shen Delu gazed at Chu Chen’an’s departing back and pondered for a long time.


Then, he laughed.


Revealing his white teeth.




Chu Chen’an quickly walked back to the dormitory.



He went straight to the bathroom in the dormitory and started to induce vomiting at the toilet.



He had just taken advantage of the gap between talking to Shen Delu to buy an anti-allergy prop card with 3,888 gold coins, which allowed him to escape.





Big per-vert.


When he cursed Shen Delu in his heart, he got up by holding the toilet, and then started to wash up.



The temperature of the water in the bathroom was just right, and he stood under the shower and immersed himself in the warm mist.




During the night, he studied the construction of this hospital and patient information.



It went on until about ten o’clock at night.


He rubbed his eyes tiredly, intending to get up and get a glass of water.


A careful knock came from just outside the door.


Chu Chen’an’s footsteps lurched, and he busily put down the cup to walk towards the door of the room.



He looked through the cat’s eye, and standing outside the door was a male nurse, seemingly named Xiao Zheng.



Xiao Zheng was resting on the door, then suddenly looked around behind him, and then he carefully came close to his face, also looking at the cat’s eye.



The cats eye suddenly came close to a pitch black eye ……


Chu Chen’an was startled.


He took a few steps back.


A few seconds later, the knock on the door sounded again.


“Dr. Chu, are you resting?” Xiao Zheng’s voice was huskier than during the day, “I’m looking for you for something, can you open the door?”



Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to respond immediately as he frowned.



He only heard Xiao Zheng rapping up the door of the room without stopping.


“Bang, bang, bang.”



“Dr. Chu, open the door,” Xiao Zheng was still insisting, “I’m just looking for you to say a few words, it’ll be quick, just open the door, it’ll be good in a moment ……”



The more Chu Chen’an heard, the more scared he became, and he took several more steps back.


Intuition told him that he couldn’t open it.


Xiao Zheng’s knocking intensified, he became impatient, “Don’t pretend to be asleep, I know you’re in there, you can hear me right, just open the door, just for a moment, I really have something to say to you!”



“Bang Bang Bang!”



Chu Chen’an said to the door, “Don’t shout anymore. I’ll talk about anything tomorrow. I need to rest now.”



“Doctor, don’t! Doctor I beg you, open the door, let me in, I’ll just say a few words, please!” Xiao Zheng seemed to hear hope, he knocked eagerly, “Doctor, doctor I really have something urgent.”



“You have something to say, then just say it directly.” Chu Chen’an clenched his palms.



“Don’t! Open the door! Quickly open the door! What makes you able to rest, come out, you also have to die, open the door! You can’t sleep! Open the door now ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” The door of the room was knocked and shook as if it was going to be smashed the next moment.



Immediately afterward, Xiao Zheng’s hissing stopped.



Dead silence returned outside the door ……


A system tone sounded in Chu Chenan’s mind.


[Live broadcast has been automatically opened for you]



[Length of automatic live broadcast: 30 minutes]


Suddenly, after a crunching sound of a click, the door to the room suddenly opened by itself.



Xiao Zheng’s waist skin and flesh were all gone, and the obvious lumbar vertebrae were pinched off by a withered old hand behind him ……



Xiao Zheng fell into a pool of blood like a falling apart wooden frame mannequin, his eyes lividly wide.



“You’re disturbing my good grandson’s sleep.” The nose-less grandmother held the white cartilage, her voice hoarse and serious.



She dipped her hand in blood and handed the whitish cartilage to Chu Chen’an’s eyes, “Here, good grandson, the cartilage is the most crispy, I’ll leave it for you to eat.”



Chu Chen’an was too scared to move, only to see the old granny holding on to his hand with one hand, the sharp and sticky touch made his heart tremble in fear.



That old granny put the white bone in the palm of his hand, “After eating, go to bed early, don’t play games, you know, you still have to take the college entrance exam tomorrow, you can’t be delayed ……”



The old granny finished.


Then she closed the door of Chu Chen’an’s room and disappeared into the cold and silent hallway.


Chu Chen’an dragged his hand on his heart, stood in place and shivered coldly, so scared that he even forgot to blink his eyes.



[Holy shit]


[So scary ah]


[Wife is just special, even the ghosts like him.]



[I want to see him cry.]



[How can we not have the strong comfort of the old attacker at this time?]



[My wife is everyone’s favorite.]




The white bone in his hand fell to the floor with a clang.


He was still in a state of shock.


The door of the room opened again with a creak.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes trembled, so frightened that he backed up and pressed himself against the wall.



The door was suddenly opened, and the person who came carried a scattered bloody human frame, blood staining the corner of the hospital gown.



“Dr. Chu, you’re quite the guest magnet.”



Shen Delu’s eyes were downcast, his foot stepped on the bloody man’s shoulder, he threw the bloody man frame in his hand away, those eyes were sharp, like a spirit who was indulging in the madness of hell.



He cleared away the things blocking Chu Chen’an’s doorway.



Both hands went to his own clothes, deliberately smoothing out the blood.


“Look doctor, I’m all dirty like this, can I borrow your bathroom for a bit?” Shen Delu said helplessly.



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