C46 —- Paranoid Patient

Bonus Chap

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Chu Chen’an heart thumped, listening to Shen Delu’s words, the back of his neck inexplicitly felt cold.


“Chen’an, who is this ah,” Lu Chengdong inclined his head to look at Chu Chen’an, then asked in a small voice, “Why haven’t I seen him before?”


“He ……” Chu Chen’an raised his head, met the slightly expectant gaze from Shen Delu and hesitantly said, “He …… he is a patient of mine. ”


Shen Delu stared at him, the corner of his lips hooked up in an obvious arc, “Yes, I am his patient.”


“Oh ……” Lu Chengdong nodded.


He sized up the tall man in front of him, and muttered in a low voice, “How can a patient also come to the doctor’s dormitory, could it be a light mental illness ……”



Shen Delu didn’t look squarely at Lu Chengdong.


His eyes were dark, and he fiddled with his food box with lowered eyes.


“Then let’s get going, we still have to check in.” Lu Chengdong inexplicably felt the hostility from Shen Delu, he walked ahead, wanting to take Chu Chen’an and hurry.


Chu Chen’an was just about to nod his head when Shen Delu stopped Chu Chen’an’s arm.


His voice was light, “Doctor, I’m here now, can you first take me to get my clothes, this set of clothes is very important to me.”



Lu Chengdong’s footsteps lurched, and he looked at Shen Delu.



He then looked at Chu Chen’an and said, “Chen’an, it’s almost time for the checkups, so there’s no time for delay, so let’s your patient come back in the afternoon.”



Shen Delu lowered his eyes and said in a cold voice, “The delay won’t be long.”



Chu Chen’an was stunned, raised his eyes to look at Shen Delu’s gloomy expression, and his heart was suddenly terrified.


He still conceded to choosing Shen Delu between the two.


“Chengdong, why don’t you go first. I’ll take him to get his clothes and come soon.” Chu Chen’an whispered as he handed the medicine box to Lu Chengdong.


Lu Chengdong looked at Chu Chen’an’s little face, suppressed the impatience in his heart, and took the medicine box, “Alright, then hurry up.”


“Okay.” Chu Chen’an nodded.


After Lu Chengdong finished speaking, he shot a few slightly unkind glances at Shen Delu and walked up the stairs.


Chu Chen’an looked at Shen Delu, turned around and walked back to the stairway, and said in a trembling voice, “You, come with me to get it.”



Shen Delu smiled faintly, “Thank you doctor.”


Chu Chen’an led Shen Delu and opened the door to his dormitory.


He took the lead and walked into the bathroom, picking up the clothes in the bathroom clothes basket and handing them to him.


The blood on the clothes stained the back of his hand, Shen Delu looked at the smear of blood on the back of that white hand and quickly took it.



“Thank you, doctor.”



After saying that, Shen Delu put this set of clothes “important to him” on the ground like garbage.


He then opened the silver-white food box and placed it on the wooden table by the window, “This is what I specially asked the chef to make, try it.”


“I don’t eat it,” Chu Chen’an couldn’t let Shen Delu stay for long, he said, “Go back quickly after you get the clothes.”


Shen Delu brought out the breakfast in the silver-white food box, which contained rose flower milk dew, two plates of Chinese and Western pastries, and hot congee with barley and bird’s nest…….


As soon as Shen Delu brought it out, the tantalizing aroma immediately filled the entire room.


“Doctor eat a few bites, you might like it.”


Chu Chen’an loved sweets, and these were all made to his liking.



Chu Chen’an hadn’t eaten anything since he woke up, and as he looked at the fragrant breakfast in front of him, it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t hungry.



He pursed up the corners of his crimson lips, forcing himself to not let the sound of him gulping saliva be obvious.


With the previous lesson, this time he was determined not to eat.



“I’m not eating these, take them back.”


Chu Chen’an lowered his peach blossom eyes, eyelashes drooping, no longer looking at the food on the table, he cupped his small hands and backed away a few steps, “I, I’m going back to check in.”


“Doctor,” Shen Delu stopped Chu Chen’an’s arm and smiled lightly again, “These are just to thank you for taking me in last night, if the doctor doesn’t eat, then I won’t leave either. Doesn’t the doctor still have to go check on the rooms? You can go first.”



Chu Chen’an clenched his palms, he couldn’t let Shen Delu stay here.



There was still a notebook hidden in his suitcase, and the content in the notebook absolutely couldn’t be seen by Shen Delu.



He hesitated for a moment, but still sat down on the wooden chair in front of the table.


“I’ll watch doctor drink this bowl of Rose Milk Dew and leave.” Shen Delu held the bowl in front of Chu Chen’an’s eyes.


Chu Chen’an raised his hand like he was going to take the spoon, but it was held by Shen Delu’s wide palm.


“Wait, I’ll wipe your hands.”


Shen Delu wiped up the back of his hand with a handkerchief, wiping away the stained blood, his movements slow and methodical, his broad palm wrapped around Chu Chen’an’s hand and his fingers rubbed upwards along the back of his hand.


“I, I’ll do it myself.” Chu Chen’an’s earlobes were slightly reddened with nervousness, and he wanted to break free from Shen Delu’s hand, but he couldn’t break free in the slightest.



He lowered his eyes and meticulously wiped his small hand clean, looking at this fair delicate hand, he hid the urge to kiss it, his voice was hoarse, “Okay.”


He let go of Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an busily retracted his hand, his eyelashes fluttering.



He held the bowl of Rose Milk Dew, the mesmerizing fragrance of roses came to his nose, but he hesitated to drink it.



“What, is the doctor afraid that I poisoned it?” Shen Delu stood at his side with a creepy smile, he picked up the bowl of rose milk dew and first drank a mouthful of it himself with a spoon, he put the spoon back into the bowl after he finished drinking it.



Chu Chen’an looked slightly stunned, only to hear Shen Delu laugh, “Doctor, drink.”



Chu Chen’an’s cheeks slightly reddened, he held the spoon for a moment, but still removed the spoon and directly held the white porcelain gilded bowl and drank.



The flavor of the rose milk dew was fragrant, and it didn’t take him more than a minute or two to finish the bowl.



“This is okay.”


He gave the empty bowl to Shen Delu, pretended to be impatient, and rushed him, “This is my private dormitory, and you shouldn’t come back to disturb me in the future, if you come back to disturb me again, I, I won’t be so courteous to you anymore.”



Shen Delu lowered his eyes, only to see that Chu Chen’an’s moist and tantalizing red lips were stained with a slight amount of milk stains.



“Are you listening?” Chu Chen’an noticed Shen Delu’s gaze.


What was this per-vert doing looking at his face all the time.



Could there be something around his mouth?



He thought, and subconsciously stretched out his tongue and licked over the corner of his lips, licking the corner of his mouth clean.



His actions in turn made Shen Delu look at him with even darker eyes.


Shen Delu’s gaze was dangerous and extremely oppressive, making Chu Chen’an nervous.



“Is the doctor threatening me now?” Shen Delu smiled.


He looked at Chu Chenan’s pitiful eyes like those of a young beast and revealed his white clean teeth, leaning down close to Chu Chen’an’s ear, his hot breath pouring onto Chu Chen’an’s face, “So cute.”



“I’m sorry to bother the doctor today,” he slowly took his hospital gown and stood in the doorway, saying softly, “I should get back to painting my wife.”


With that, he left.


Chu Chen’an was relieved to hear the word “wife”.


Shen Delu had only brought him breakfast in passing.



Last night, he also happened to pass by his dormitory, and besides, this lunatic Shen Delu had a history of slaughtering people in the middle of the night, so it was normal for him to have some blood on his body.



He said that he still had to draw his wife …… which meant that Shen Delu hadn’t recognized him yet.



Chu Chen’an simply thought, comforting himself in his heart.



He waved away the uneasiness in his mind and walked quickly towards Building B.



When he passed the patrolling administrator, that administrator suddenly stopped and bowed to greet him while holding his g.un, “Are you going to check the room?”


This was the first time Administrator #9 had ever talked to him.


Chu Chen’an was stunned and nodded.



“Alright, go ahead and please call me if you need help.” The administrator bowed to him again and stood respectfully sideways at the edge of the building, making way for Chu Chen’an.



“Okay.” Chu Chen’an passed the administrator and walked towards the ward area on the third floor.



Why did the administrator’s attitude change drastically, he didn’t dare to think about it ……



The immediate priority was to quickly find out the person who made that white-haired doctor fall from the building.



As he walked into the ward area on the third floor, he vaguely heard the sound of someone muttering, the sound seemed to be coming from the external balcony that was just outside the third floor hallway.



“One mushroom, two mushrooms, three mushrooms ……”



He sniffed and walked over to the balcony past the small iron door.



Only to see Peng Longlong counting mushrooms with his head in an iron pot, cowering in the moldy corner of the balcony.



“Peng Longlong?” Chu Chen’an bent down to look.



Peng Longlong’s voice paused, and then he suddenly panicked, blocking his eyes with the iron pot, “Mushrooms …… My mushrooms are missing …… The Mushroom King is sad… …”



Less mushrooms?


Chu Chen’an realized that something was wrong, he squatted down and came closer to look at Peng Longlong, only to see a few more bruises on his hands, “Peng Longlong, why are you here, isn’t it the time for injections?”



Pang Longlong mumbled as he still hid under the lid of the pot.



“Look, what did I bring you.” Chu Chen’an lightly patted Peng Longlong’s shoulder and handed him the two white steamed buns in his hand.



Peng Longlong looked at the steamed buns, his eyes lit up, and he shyly took them, “Thank you …… Favored by the gods Mushroom …… You’re so nice, Mushroom King likes you.”



He said, and began to nibble the steamed buns.


The patient’s food wasn’t as good as the doctor’s, and usually even steamed buns were rarely eaten.



Chu Chenan had been a patient and naturally knew this.



When he first came here, it was hard to swallow everything he ate.



Later, after he left with Shen Delu, he didn’t let him eat anything from the patients’ cafeteria.



“Did you take your injection today?” Chu Chen’an asked.



Peng Longlong’s gaze was empty, not knowing whether he had heard or not, he looked up and said seriously, “This place is suitable for mushrooms to grow, and the King of Mushrooms has to grow very tall, so he can’t let the sorcerer look down on him …….”



Chu Chen’an looked at Peng Longlong’s demented appearance and sighed slightly.



Peng Longlong ate the steamed buns and began to slur and count again, “One mushroom, two mushrooms, three mushrooms …… Forty-six mushrooms, the Mushroom King has a lot of mushrooms …… It’s so delicious! ……”



“Then I will go back first,” Chu Chen’an sighed, wanting to get up.



Peng Longlong suddenly raised his head and placed the pot lid on Chu Chenan’s head, saying nervously, “Be careful, favored mushroom. Wear the crown of the Mushroom King. ……”



After he finished, he lowered his head and nibbled on a steamed bun, counting his mushroom subjects.


Chu Chenan was slightly stunned, his hand brushing the pot lid on his head, “What did you say?”


He told him to be careful?



And Peng Longlong kept talking dementedly, his gaze so empty and dull that it was no longer possible to discern the truth or falsehood in his words.



Chu Chen’an frowned slightly and placed the pot lid back on his head.



“Go back early, Longlong.” Chu Chen’an patted his shoulder and got up to leave.



Peng Longlong might know something, he thought.



He came to the ward, Lu Chengdong was impatiently giving an injection to a white-bearded old man, the old man smiled and showed a mouthful of yellow and black teeth, and jumped into a conversation with Lu Chengdong, “You’ve slept with it, haven’t you, how did it taste, tell me quickly, did it taste better than the dead girl next door?”


The old man lewdly laughed, only staring at Lu Chengdong.



Lu Chengdong hit the old man’s shoulder heavily, “Shut up, I told you not to splash saliva! Disgusting, dead old man.”



He pulled out the needle, but he wasn’t satisfied, he gritted his teeth and ruthlessly stabbed the old man’s arm several times before relieving his anger, his strength was so strong that he seemed like he wanted to stab him to death.



The old man grimaced in pain, not daring to speak again.


Lu Chengdong collected the medicine box with a face of impatience and disgust and turned towards the ward door.



He happened to meet eyes with Chu Chen’an at the door, and his face returned to a bright smile, ”Chen’an, you’re here? Let’s go, we still have two rooms left to check.”



Chu Chen’an nodded his head and looked towards the old man who was collapsed on the bed chanting in pain, only to see the blood oozing out of his arm staining his entire sleeve ……



“What are you looking at,” Lu Chengdong followed Chu Chen’an’s gaze, “Alas this old undead deserved to die a long time ago. He’s a scourge, leave him alone, let’s go, let’s go check the rooms.”



“Okay ……” Chu Chen’an followed Lu Chengdong.



It turned out that Lu Chengdong was such a person.






Chu Chen’an went back to the doctor’s office, and that phoenix eyed doctor read for half an hour and went out.



Completely treating him as air even though he was beside him.



The blazing sun outside the window was sweltering.



Chu Chen’an looked at the clock, his lunch break was still an hour away.



He rubbed his sleepy eyes, intending to go back to the dormitory to take a nap.



When he passed through the second floor hallway, two administrators were standing at the entrance of his dormitory with a picture frame.



The frame was large and covered with a red velvet cloth.


“This is ……?” Chu Chen’an walked over.



“You’re back,” the administrator on the left side held the picture frame and said, “The dormitory next to yours is being renovated, this is for decoration.”



Chu Chen’an nodded, he didn’t care and walked into his dormitory.



He laid on his bed, the strong fragrance of rose milk dew still surrounded the room ……


He was sleepy as hell.


After blinking a few times in a daze, he fell asleep.


Chu Chen’an dreamed of the day Shen Delu revealed love for him.


At that time, he had come upstairs to deliver medicine to Shen Delu, only to see that the door to his bedroom was half-covered and he didn’t know where he had gone.



Although Shen Delu lived with him on the third floor, the room upstairs was also his ward.



Shen Delu usually came to the ward on the fourth floor occasionally and stayed for a long time.


This was the first time he came upstairs to find him.



He quietly walked into his bedroom, put the medicine on his bedside, and thoughtfully put a candy on the medicine.



Shen Delu’s bedroom was large, exquisitely decorated, and there were many picture frames covered with red cloth hanging on the wall.



He just wanted to turn around and leave.



Inside the room, a very soft talking sound rang out from nowhere…



Chu Chen’an was stunned, he walked over, then realized that there was actually a door half hidden on the wall.



Inside the door was dark, but Shen Delu’s voice was coming from there.


He took a closer look and found that Shen Delu was sitting in front of a pearwood table, surrounded by picture frames ……



And the person on all the picture frames was surprisingly him!


Chu Chen’an covered his mouth and hid behind the doorway.



Only to see Shen Delu holding a wine glass and talking to him in the picture frame, “You’re so beautiful, my dear.”


“Can I kiss you?”


Shen Delu approached the frame and lifted his fingertips to rub the red lips of the youth in the painting.


He dropped a kiss on the painting and looked at the portrait obsessively.



Chu Chen’an was so scared that he held his breath, his little legs went weak, and he was about to run away from the place.


Then he saw Shen Delu turn his head sideways, smiling happily at him outside the doorway, “An An is so good, coming to my door to give me a kiss by yourself.”



Chu Chen’an was so scared that he retreated a few steps violently and sat down directly on the ground.


He saw Shen Delu walking towards him step by step from the darkness, he was so scared that his eyes were flooded with water, then his chin was lifted up.



Shen Delu looked down at him with a gentle smile, “Why did An An come?”



“I, I came to bring you medicine.” Chu Chen’an’s voice trembled and his shoulders shook.



“Don’t be afraid, An An.” Shen Delu picked up the wine glass, held it to Chu Chen’an’s lips, and fed him a few mouthfuls of wine.



Chu Chen’an’s cheeks were slightly red, he was so drunk that he was in a haze, and the wine stained his tantalizing lips red.



“It’s so beautiful …….”


Shen Delu looked at him obsessively and couldn’t wait to kiss him.


“An An come feed me medicine, okay?”


After that day, Chu Chen’an never left his hospital room again.




Chu Chen’an woke up with a start.



He sat up, fine sweat spreading across his forehead.



He raised his eyes and realized that the picture frame outside the hallway had been moved to his bedside at some point. Looking at the cloth covering the top of the picture frame, he vaguely felt uneasy.


His hands trembled, then he got up and walked towards the picture frame in front of him, raised his hand, and after hesitating for a moment, yanked down the red cloth ……



He jerked back a few steps in fear.



The person painted in the frame was him, not Chen An, but the current him!



Chu Chen’an trembled, only to see Shen Delu suddenly appear in the doorway, smiling gently, “Doctor, I’m sick, heal me.”




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