C62 — [ 3.1 — Judgement Day]


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C60 —— [2.23 —– The Rose Manor]


The air was already filled with the sun’s scorching heat on a summer afternoon.



The steamy air twisted slightly on the straight, endless highway.



From time to time, trucks drove past the end of the horizon, following this flat and desolate suburban area all the way to the direction of the city in the far distance.



Even the birds in the sky became listless, skimming over this increasingly dead area.


Inside the slaughterhouse located not far from the highway, workers were still unloading the goods on the trucks.



The wailing of the livestock echoed in the slaughterhouse.



However, due to the low number of livestock, there were many workers who were idle, sitting on the floor of the factory, talking and laughing with each other.



Discussing the new factory manager who had recently changed.



This slaughterhouse of theirs was on the verge of closing down due to the dwindling number of residents in the nearby area.



The original director had long since stopped wanting to work, and desperately wanted to sell the slaughterhouse.



But in this declining suburb, this slaughterhouse, which still used the old-fashioned slaughtering method, was unattractive and no one wanted to buy it.


The workers were also worried about their decreasing wages.


They didn’t know what they would do when the factory closed down.



They were now in a period of economic crisis, both in the city and in the countryside, there were unemployed people everywhere, and countless people jumped to their deaths.


If they lost this job, they could only stay at home and drink the northwest wind, maybe even their family would starve to death.



Just when the factory manager and the workers were feeling desperate for the future, a big shot bought the slaughterhouse that couldn’t make ends meet.


Faced with the lucrative acquisition price, the factory manager, who was so embarrassed in this economic downturn that even his house was about to be mortgaged, was overjoyed and immediately transferred ownership of the slaughterhouse.

He left the remote town without stopping, which had lost its industry and population and had no future.



Only the workers in the factory who were extremely uncertain about the future remained.



They didn’t know the name of the new factory director, and didn’t know whether he would lay the workers off.



But the good thing was that the new factory director didn’t seem to have any intention of laying off workers for the time being, at least not in the past few days.


He didn’t even visit the slaughterhouse, staying upstairs in his office all day without seeing anyone.


One could only guess that he was watching the employees through the window, probably figuring out which ones to lay off.



“Hey, if that’s the case, that guy should be the last one to get laid off!”


A worker with a cigarette in his mouth suddenly looked mocking.



The few workers next to him also laughed knowingly and set their eyes on the slaughterhouse not far away.


There was a tall man standing there who was the only one working seriously.


Just by looking at his back, even a loose work uniform clearly showed his strong musculature.



His shoulders were broad and his arms were strong, yet they were not out of proportion like other tall men, instead they appeared to be well-proportioned.



If he stood still, from a distance, he looked like a male plaster statue in an art museum, revealing the beauty of the golden ratio of the human body’s muscle lines.



He was continuously cutting open the abdomen of the dead pig hanging upside down, the sharp blade of the knife cut through the white flesh of the dead pig, revealing its colorful internal organs.



Then with his big hands wearing black rubber gloves, he pulled out the internal organs and threw them into the recycling port below in the spreading bloody smell.


And so on and so forth.


This laborious work for normal people seemed nothing to him.



Even though he had been busy for more than an hour, there was no sign of fatigue visible on his back.
Even the bulging muscles on his body didn’t tense up, only that work uniform was dyed crimson with blood.



His height of nearly two meters also made him stand out in the slaughterhouse, incomparably conspicuous, setting off the other workers as skinny.



“Not necessarily, with his strange appearance, apart from his slightly stronger strength, there’s nothing good about him! Thee new owner is just like the former Director Du, as long as it’s cheap, everyone can take him in.”


The worker lowered his voice and pointed to the bandages wrapped around the man’s neck, those bleak white bandages had been tied to his face, only revealing a pair of dark eyes and mouth.



Even they, the old employees who had been working in the slaughterhouse for a long time, no one had seen the man’s face under the bandages, and could only tell from the outline that the man had a fairly handsome face.



But those dark and gloomy eyes were enough to ruin everything on his face, the man’s face under the bandage had long been disfigured by the fire, that’s why it was covered from view.



“It’s rumored that Lu Yuan’s mother did it when he was a child, the family were all fervent believers in the god of Doom and thought he was impure so they purified him with flames hahaha!”



“As a result, he’s not purified into anything good now!”


The workers laughed as if they had heard something extremely funny.



However, they were afraid of attracting the man’s attention and spoke in very low voices and laughed very quietly.


After all, the man named Lu Yuan was still very intimidating in the eyes of regular people.



Whether it was his frighteningly tall size or his eyes that were always gloomy and empty, it would cause all those who saw him for the first time to feel fear from the bottom of their hearts.



Amidst the low jeers of the workers, in the distant slaughterhouse, as if he had heard something, the man stopped his hands and turned his head to look at them.



His gaze skimmed over the workers who all wore pig heads, and then slowly retracted, his gaze becoming dead silent again, not paying attention to their jeers.


Numbly, he continued his work, cutting deep slits into the dead pigs that looked exactly like his fellow workers.



It wasn’t until the bell rang for a break in the factory that he stopped the knife in his hand and sat down to rest as usual.



He lowered his head, and the jeers of the workers in his ears gradually turned into the mournful, piercing sounds of the pigs howling before they died.



And as if he didn’t hear it, he took off his gloves, which were covered with a thick layer of blood on his hands, revealing a pair of pale palms.

It was as if the image of his childhood had reappeared before his eyes.



His grim-faced mother and the blazing fire.



And his mother’s fervent and shrill prayers.



–All trials are god’s tests, and one day god will forgive you for all your sins.
–So be more pious! Be more pious!
–To pray always with the utmost purity, all love and hate is the devil’s compulsion.



A sharp tinnitus sounded in his ears.



It was as if the world in front of him also began to twist and distort, turning into an increasingly scarlet and bizarre appearance.



Looking at the grotesque world of blood and flesh in front of him, Lu Yuan’s breathing quickened.



His fingers began to tremble, wanting to take out the medicine in his pocket to calm his spirit.



But before he could take out the pills from the pill box, the ringing in his ears disappeared again.



It was replaced by the impatient shouts of the workers.



“Lu Yuan! Oi! The boss is calling you!”



Raising his head, Lu Yuan’s pitch-black, lightless pupils locked eyes with the workmate, frightening him for a moment and making him weak in the knees.



It was followed by irritation.

“Hey! Are you deaf! I called you yet you didn’t hear ah! The boss is calling you! If you don’t go over there, beware of getting you fired, I’ll see what you’ll eat!”



As was well known, he was so poor that even his house was in a state of disrepair that all his colleagues looked down upon him.





Lu Yuan didn’t care about the workers’ bad attitude.


He stood up in silence and walked in the direction of the factory manager’s office upstairs.



And behind him, the workers were gloating about the reason why the new factory manager called him.


“It must be to lay him off!”


“I knew it, how could a big shot with that much money be as stingy as the previous factory manager, he’s definitely going to sack this guy!”






The image of him being sacked floated in Lu Yuan’s mind, and to him it was something that wasn’t a surprise.



This current slaughterhouse job was already the longest job he had ever had.



He had been fired many times before, so he understood the distaste others had for him, and had long since become numb to it.
But this time, perhaps it was because this job had been done for too long, so long that he was a little confused.



Not knowing what else he could do after being forced to quit this job he had been doing for almost five years.



He had nowhere else to go.



–Then kill the factory manager and stay here.



Such thoughts popped into his mind, filled with malice towards other living people.



And as this malicious and bloody thought appeared in his mind, the ringing in his ears worsened once again.



His vision became scarlet, and the interior of the slaughterhouse, which was still normal, gradually spread with more and more twisted flesh and blood.



The flesh and blood let out ear-piercing shrill whistling sounds, monster-like.



Lu Yuan numbly lowered his eyes and continued to walk forward.
As if he didn’t see the gradually growing blood and flesh and twisted steps under his feet, he didn’t stop until he reached the factory manager’s office.



“Come in.”



A young male voice came from inside the door, so clear that it was completely different from the shrill whistling in his ears.


Upon hearing the voice, Lu Yuan seemed to freeze for a few moments before gripping the doorknob and opening the door to the room.



And inside the door, Jiu Shu was checking the contents of the original novel on the system panel.
The original titled Judgment Day was a fantasy-oriented genre.


It told the story of a pair of mentally ill man and woman who partnered up to go through various adventures in a city that was in shambles after the end of the world, searching for a god named Eri to save the world.


And the world was punished by a character who was on the opposite side, a character who was brutal and gruesome, blocking the progress of the hero and heroine.



[This was a slaughterhouse that smelled of blood and disinfectant everywhere.


Bang – bang -!



There was the sound of a machete slashing coming from the ground, vaguely accompanied by the sound of bones splintering.



It was the butcher carrying out his work on the slaughtering table.



Under the dim light, one could only see that the abnormally tall butcher’s muscular arms were covered in bandages, and underneath the taut musculature was the bulky machete that was tightly gripped.



It descended heavily, easily cleaving the mutated and twisted limbs of the animals on the slaughtering table.



Li Qi watched in horror at what was happening in front of her.
She didn’t dare make a sound, but could only cower in the shadows of the corner to peer at the monster that had taken over the entire slaughterhouse.



His body was covered in bandages, and she couldn’t even see his face, only the bloody hole in his face that was constantly oozing blood, as if he had ripped his eyeballs out himself, without caring about his bleeding eyes, he moved freely.



Even if she couldn’t see the face under the bandage, she could still feel the eerie aura.



She had to get out of here quickly! Thinking so, Li Qi began to carefully move out of the room.



But she didn’t notice that in the gap between her moving, the sound inside the slaughterhouse had stopped at some point.



And by the time Li Qi realized it, she glanced out more and more carefully and saw that there was no longer any sign of the butcher inside the slaughterhouse.



He appeared to be gone, leaving only the bloodied and mutated corpses on the butchering table.



Li Qi breathed a sigh of relief, and in the next instant, she whipped her head around and locked eyes with a face completely wrapped in bandages.



The smell of blood filled the room instantly.



All that remained in her field of vision as well was the massive machete held high in the butcher’s muscular arm.


Stained with blood]



Putting away the system panel, Jiu Shu looked up at the object of the punishment who had walked into the room.






It’d been a long time.



Looking at this disciplinary object who had completely fallen into madness in the original story and ended up in a miserable end, Jiu Shu’s beautiful black eyes curved as he revealed a smile.


And in Jiu Shu’s unseen field of vision, there seemed to be gradually spreading hideous blood and flesh climbing up his arm.



Lu Yuan’s pupils shrunk slightly, and his pale fingers subconsciously stretched out, wanting to block the hideous blood and flesh that was saturated with killing intent.


But in the next second, he stopped again.



“What’s wrong?” The young boss looked at Lu Yuan’s widened eyes, his voice carrying a hint of puzzlement.



“……” Lu Yuan’s looked at the blood and flesh that were plastered on Jiu Shu’s cheeks and seemed to be squirming intimately.



His fingers trembled imperceptibly, and he didn’t speak.



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