C41 – Paranoid Patient


Shen Delu held the easel with his palm, the smile on his face faded, sizing up Chu Chen’an, “Why isn’t the doctor speaking?”


Only then did Chu Chen’an return to his senses, looking to the large bed on Shen Delu’s left side, under the transparent refrigerant, laid the pale remains of his own body.



His back was cold, and he looked at the painting that Shen Delu was holding, and whispered, “Like, I like. It very …… much.”



“I also do.” Shen Delu then pursed lips and smiled, infatuated with the young man on the bed, “He is the best looking person I have ever seen.”



Shen Delu got up, walked towards Chu Chen’an, and used a handkerchief to wipe up his blood-stained palms little by little, his jade-like knuckles were long and slender.



Chu Chen’an looked at his approaching figure, so scared that he only wanted to back away. He forced himself to stand still, opened the medicine box and took out two boxes of medicine, handing them to him, “This, this is medicine.”


“Doctor, you seem to be very scared.” Shen Delu raised his hand and slowly took it, the corner of his mouth hooked up in a slight arc, looking at Chu Chen’an’s pitiful eyes.



He pinched the pill box and leaned over, and Chu Chen’an stared at him “Are you afraid of me?”



Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes, not daring to look at his eyes, “No, I’ve delivered the medicine, then I will go back first.”



Shen Delu watched him squeeze the handle, earlobes red with tension, even his fluttering eyelashes were betraying him.



Shen Delu lowered his head and snorted, stepping closer to Chu Chen’an.



Chu Chen’an lowered his head and retreated one step.



He then took one step further.



Chu Chen’an was about one meter seven tall, and appeared extraordinarily skinny.



“Doctor ……,” Shen Delu’s eyes were sharp.



He gazed at Chu Chen’an’s eyes that were bubbling with water, and couldn’t help but enter a trance, as if he saw Chen An’s shadow ……



His Chen An was also like this.


Pitiful when he was scared, like a tantalizing and sweet weak young beast.



It made him eat his heart out all night long.


“Are you really new here?” Shen Delu’s words carried a ghostly hint of questioning, “How come it doesn’t seem like it.”



Chu Chen’an’s back pressed against the wall, already unable to retreat.



He raised his eyes, his peach blossom eyes were bubbling with water mist, and his eyes were trembling timidly.



“I’m really new here,” he turned his head sideways, “I, I have to go back first.”


Saying that, Chu Chen’an quickly walked towards the bedroom door, fleeing 402 like there was a beast behind him.



Shen Dou didn’t stop him this time.



He looked at Chu Chen’an’s back as he left, then lowered his eyes with a grim expression……


Half an hour later.



The hallway had already been cleaned up by the administrators who came up.



When Shen Delu came out after taking a shower, Administrator #1 had already respectfully placed a large pile of documents in his hands on the table in the bedroom, and then quietly left.



401’s bedroom was furnished in a large manner and luxuriously decorated.



It was furnished with a double sofa, a 2.3 meter king-sized bed, and a full-body mirror with a clear surface right in front of the bed.



There had been many sweet memories of him and Chen An here.



Shen Delu sat on the sofa and browsed through all this information, taking out a photo from the file and scrutinizing it meticulously for a long time.



The person in the photo was Chu Chen’an, his youthful and handsome face was facing the camera, his black hair was fine and soft, and his eyes were so good looking that people couldn’t move their eyes.



His fingertips crossed these eyes of Chu Chen’an.



The difficult and urgent thoughts in his heart were gradually magnifying ……


screaming in his heart with excitement.



There was always an inexplicable emotion churning in Shen Delu’s heart as he looked at the person in the photo.



It seemed like this was not the first time he had seen this photo.




It seemed like he had seen this person before yesterday.


But he forgot when it was.





There was no way to verify this intuition, and whenever he saw Chu Chen’an, this feeling would be unstoppable in his heart.



The more he thought about it, the more irritated he became, and the unknown emotion made him feel uneasy.





Why could he not remember.


He squeezed the photo in his hand and murmured, “Chu, Chen, An.”




Chu Chen’an ran all the way back to Building A and hid back in his dormitory.


He sat on a chair and suddenly sneezed.


He rubbed his nose, it seemed someone was scolding him.




He took out his invisible camera and connected it to the program of the system’s control panel, and the image captured in the camera was projected on the control panel.




[Please receive your Cannon Fodder Mission Point 2: Send the image to your Party A without revealing your identity.]


[Mission time limit: 12 hours.]


Chu Chen’an rubbed his eyebrows.



He had turned in his cell phone before he came here, and the internet was disconnected here all day.



“But with the internet cut off here, how am I going to transmit the photos out? It’s not like I can change to a WIFI.”



Chu Chen’an disheveledly leaned on the wooden chair, which was hard and not as soft as the leather sofa in Shen Delu’s bedroom.



Although, Shen Delu always hugged him to the sofa to do ……


[You seem to have forgotten that there is a place with internet here ah~.]



“Where?” Chu Chen’an sat up and collapsed into the chair again, “No way, there isn’t.”



[You think again~]




Where else was there internet?


Chu Chen’an looked at the ceiling, blinked his eyes a few times, and froze in thought for a few seconds ……


Suddenly, he sat up.






Wasn’t there internet in Shen Delu’s bedroom!



But then he thought of Shen Delu’s face and instantly backed off again.



In the past, the days when he was forcibly possessed by Shen Delu, he wilted every day.


Except for crying uncontrollably and begging for mercy at night, he usually didn’t say much.



He didn’t mind Shen Delu, only pursed his lips and glared at him obliquely.


He specially installed a dedicated network on the fourth floor to coax him, and equipped him with an expensive gaming device.



Shen Delu bluffed, “As long as Baby lets me hold it, I’ll let you go play.”


Chu Chen’an was even dumber then than now.



He had touched the online game for dozens of days, and he was so greedy that he really agreed stupidly.


It was just a hug, it wasn’t like it was going to affect him playing the game.


He thought.


So Shen Delu embraced him from behind and opened the game in front of the computer.




As a result, the game had just started not long ago, Chu Chen’an’s hand controlling the mouse began to shake.



The game was open mike, Shen Delu forbade him to turn off the mike.



The voices of his teammates were still ringing, but Chu Chen’an had lost his voice.


His cheeks were slightly red, and he pursed his lips to keep the strange sound from leaking out, then his red lips were kissed, to Shen Delu it was moist and tantalizing……



“An An needs to work hard, you need to win this fight.” He murmured in his ear.


Shen Delu said, then held Chu Chenan’s powerless and chaotic small hand and put it back on the mouse.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes were confused, the ends of his eyes were pitifully red, and he was biting his lower lip.



He was forced to immerse himself in Shen Delu’s ardor.


Then the game was lost.


Since that time, he never dared to relax with Shen Delu again.




Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but shiver when he thought about it now.


Was he going to risk his life and send himself in for the sake of getting access ……


Intuition told him.



Shen Delu had already suspected his identity just now.



Every time he appeared in front of him, he would be one step closer to exposing his identity.


[Now that you’ve thought of it, hurry up and complete the mission oh~]



[Your charming attribute towards the behind-the-scenes NPC seems to be very high, try to continue to develop it~]



Chu Chen’an rubbed his hair irritably and bowed down to rummage for something under the bed, he fumbled around a few times before pulling out a silver-white laptop from under the bed.


This was something he had hidden beforehand.


He confirmed that the laptop could be turned on properly before he safely hid it back.



After washing up, it was already late at night.


He followed his usual practice and opened the system live broadcasting room.


With plenty of time this time, he changed the time limit of the live broadcast to thirty minutes.


[Sshasha! Beauty out of the bath picture]



[Question of the day, was today’s wife captured by the old attacker]



[Today’s bitter tea must end here!]



[My wife’s hair is dripping.]


[My wife’s hair is not the only thing that’s dripping.]



[Whose bitter tea was thrown in my face?]


[My wife smells so good.]


[I want to see my wife cry.]


[Sell him to me. Sell him.]




“Are you used to living here?”


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and thought for a few seconds, “I feel okay so far.”


He looked at the screen and picked a few questions to answer that wouldn’t be blocked if he answered them.



After twenty minutes or so, he began to look down and rummage through the materials on the table, and after finishing organizing them, he looked towards the comment section of the live broadcast.


[Ahhhh wife! The picture frame on the wall behind you is moving]



[Did I see it wrong?]


[It’s really moving! And it moved more than twice!}


[Wife, be careful!]



[I want to cross the room to protect my wife!]




Chu Chen’an’s heart trembled in fear as he sat up straight. He hesitated for a long time before he dared to slowly turn around and look at the picture frame on the wall.


The picture frame was motionless for a few good minutes without ever changing in any way.



He stared at the wall, too scared to even blink.


The live feed quickly closed.




“Tick tock, tick tock ……”


The only thing that could be heard in the room at the moment was the soft click of the second hand.


He spent more than an hour making sure that there were no abnormalities in the room before he dared to lie down on the bed.



He kept the bright lights of the room on and slowly closed his eyes.



He was actually so sleepy that his consciousness quickly got fuzzy.




In his dazed dream, the light in his bedroom was suddenly turned off.



There was the soft sound of a chair being moved around the room.



He opened his eyes in a daze, only to see an old woman in red standing not far from the window, her nose hollowed out and blood dripping from a pit-like wound onto her slack jaw.



The old lady’s voice was hoarse, her voice line was weird and horrible, “Grandson, you need to turn off the light when you sleep, or else it’s very power consuming.”



Chu Chen’an sat up in fear.


He hadn’t seen this scary old lady in this copy before.


The old lady’s eyes were cloudy, furrows and wrinkles were all over the place, and her nose looked like it had been cut off by some blunt instrument, exposing white bones.



The old lady walked towards Chu Chen’an, revealing bloodied teeth, and extended her hand towards him, her nails were blackened and as long as four or five centimeters.


Chu Chen’an was so scared that he retreated to the corner.


The old lady caressed over Chu Chenan’s cheek.


“Grandson …… are you my grandson?” The old lady laughed, blood was dripping on Chu Chen’an ‘s quilt, and was looking at him hideously.



Chu Chen’an’s face was pale and he was scared.


Only to see this old lady swallow her saliva and sluggishly back up, “Sunsun, my grandchild, you are my grandchild …… I won’t eat you.”



Her eyes were bleeding, and she slowly moved the chair away, “Good grandson, the chair should not be placed on the west of the bed, it is unlucky ……”


Chu Chen’an trembled, only to see the old lady pacing out after moving the chair.



She disappeared in the door of the room ……


He gasped sharply, and before he could calm down, he slapped his face.


It wasn’t a dream.


After that old lady came last night, Chu Chen’an couldn’t sleep at all.



He went to wash up with panda eyes.


After he washed up, he heard a not-so-small shriek from outside the door.



Chu Chen’an suddenly opened his eyes wide and moved to open the door.


He only saw that the female nurse named Chen Shin from yesterday was kneeling down in the corridor, screaming at a dormitory door.



“Ah ah ah ah ah dead, dead! !”



Chu Chen’an sniffed and walked over, looking inside the door of that dormitory ……



He took two steps back and forced himself to hold back his physical retching.



A pile of broken skeletons and crushed flesh standing with sticky blood ……


were piled together right in the center of the sheet.


He couldn’t help but feel a chill down his back as he looked at the miserable state inside.



If the old lady hadn’t spared him a life, the person lying inside with only remnants might have been him ……



Chu Chen’an staggered a few steps and ducked back into his office.



There was a considerable commotion outside, and the deceased was a male nurse. It seemed that the hospital director had also been summoned, causing many patients to cause riots and panic.



Everywhere was chaotic until eight in the morning.



He looked at the clock, there were only two hours left before the mission time limit.



Even if Chu Chen’an was scared, he still had to hide his laptop and walk towards Building B.



It was just to dawdle at the door.



Nothing would happen.



Chu Chen’an comforted himself and walked up the stairs to the fourth floor.



The stairwell was silent, and pale light poured onto the floor through the stairwell window.



Shen Delu should still be sleeping, he could make quick work of it.



Chu Chen’an’s hands were still trembling from holding the medicine box, and he softly sat down on the steps of the fourth floor. He cautiously looked around before taking out the laptop from the pillbox.



Clicking on the network connection settings, it showed a network that was the only one he could connect to.



Unfortunately, the network was overpowered and could only connect with a password.



He tried typing in his birthday and the network immediately connected successfully.



He froze.


For some reason, every time this kind of password was needed, he could always guess it easily.



Because these passwords were all related to him.



Chu Chen’an grabbed the time and plugged it in. Put on the USB flash drive, tapped on the social account, found the A account in the notes, and sent the photo to this account.



[66% in transmission]


[86% in transmission]

[99% in transmission]



The data kept getting stuck at 99%, causing Chu Chen’an to be extraordinarily tense.


His heartbeat accelerated.


After the data jumped to 100% showing successful loading, the sound of footsteps descending the stairs suddenly came from behind him.



Shen Delu had just been on the rooftop?



Chu Chen’an was so scared that his hands were in a frenzy, and he hid his busy laptop in the medicine box.



“Dr. Chu, was that a laptop you just took?”



Shen Delu’s eyesight was good, and he leisurely stepped down the stairs, a cup of steaming coffee in his hand.


Chu Chen’an stood up and turned around, putting the medicine box on the edge of the steps, “No, you saw it wrong.”



“I saw it wrong, doctor.” Shen Delu narrowed his eyes in total disbelief, he came down the stairs just in time to see Chu Chen’an cover his laptop and hide it in the pillbox.


“Can I see your laptop?”


Chu Chen’an was so nervous that he broke into a cold sweat.



He was finished.



His laptop was still connected to Shen Delu’s WIFI.




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