“I want to kiss you.”


Yan Mo’s voice was still cold, inorganic and frictiony, reminiscent of an iceberg squished underwater.


The pace of speech was also about the same as usual.


At first glance, he sounded so calm that he seemed like he said, “Come to dinner” or “It’s nine o’clock.”



But his movements were not as calm as his words.



Almost urgently, he pressed his lips against Qiong Ren’s, sucking and grinding, his tongue squeezing through the gap.



Qiong Ren was confused by his kisses.


He had never been in love or kissed anyone, and this was the first time.



The first kiss in his imagination was roughly like this: under the shade of a tree in summer, with the wind blowing, the lips touched together in a naive manner, and then the two of them skimmed their heads together with red faces.


The reality was that after the lips touched, they were eagerly bitten.


As if something could be tasted there, he was unwilling to let go and licked with the tip of his tongue.



Yan Mo also showed his studiousness in the matter of kissing, as if he was doing some kind of research, he patiently looked for ways to make Qiong Ren unable to hold back his voice.


The ferociously golden brown eyes were actually also mesmerized, occasionally letting go of Qiong Ren with great mercy, but also against the corner of Qiong Ren’s lips, he gently rubbed against it, and asked in a suppressed voice, “Do you like it?”



He was very focused on user feedback, not the kind of smelly man who only knew his own pleasure.



But often, he couldn’t wait for the user to give his opinion, and then he kissed again.



This time it was really sweaty and hot.



The wetness that spilled out along his lips was again licked off by Yan Mo.



Everywhere was fragrant, King Yan swallowed down with the watery liquid, biting the fullest part of his lips and slowly grinding it, this scent was exclusive to him, no one else could smell it.



His lips that were cool as ice gradually colored with the heat borrowed from Qiong Ren.



He didn’t like the current position much, and with a wrap of his hand around his waist, he lightly adjusted the person in hiss arms. Qiong Ren’s manicured rounded fingertips pressed indentations into the back of his neck, and his toes subconsciously stomped against the side of his leg.



If the kiss was heavy, the backs of his feet would tense up into a beautiful arc.


Yan Mo stopped with some distress, his heart beating extremely fast, and pressed down on Qiong Ren’s calf, his lips parted just enough to speak.



“Ah Ren, don’t move.”



Each word brushed against the warm, soft flesh of Qiong Ren’s lips.


He could hear his own heartbeat, mingling with Qiong Ren’s.


Taking advantage of this rare respite, Qiong Ren, seizing the opportunity, covered his mouth.



“Enough, enough.”


The sound came through the palm of his hand.


Qiong Ren blushed, his ears red, and maybe other places too.


He felt like he was being kissed through by Yan Mo.



How could he kiss for so long, so long that his mouth was sore and his tongue was numb.



Yan Mo’s throat was dry, swallowing didn’t help quench that thirst, and he nodded quickly.



Qiong Ren lowered his hand.


Then ran the tip of his tongue over his lips, which were unbroken but inexplicably felt swollen.



The thread called sanity almost snapped again when Yan Mo saw the pink tip of his tongue lick over the red lips.



Qiong Ren’s lips were already a little redder than ordinary people, and now that they were bullied for half a day with water on them, it simply made him want to bully them one more time.



Qiong Ren was flustered by his look and turned his head away, “Stop hugging, put me down.”


Yan Mo put him back down on the bed again, and this time Qiong Ren sat up very cautiously and straightened his body.


“How long will it take for that whatever incarnation of yours to sink into the underworld?”



When Qiong Ren spoke again, he spoke on a topic so commonplace that it caused King of the Underworld to be in a trance, as if nothing had happened today.



“It will probably take half a month.”



Qiong Ren: “You go back to the underworld first, and come back in half a month.”



King Yan frowned: “Half a month?”



Unhappy, Qiong Ren slapped the quilt, “What, you think it’s too long?”


Yan Mo: “Of course not.”



“I just misbehaved to such an extent that I should receive a heavier punishment.” King Yan said so, but in fact, he didn’t regret it in his heart, he had an insatiable grin on his face, “Why don’t I take a blade leaf from the congregation of the underworld and give it to you, if it’s you, you might be able to cut my incarnation.”


Qiong Ren: “……”



Don’t be so happy to suggest I cut you, okay?



Red-faced and groggy, he responded, “Not today, I have no strength left from your kisses.”



As soon as the words left his mouth, both of them stiffened.



The evil ghost incarnation’s gloomy and violent face suddenly revealed an expression like an innocent male high school student, “Is, is it? Then change, change the day ……”



“Half a month, counting from now.” Qiong Ren was filled with devastation, closing his eyes and covering his ears to escape reality, “I don’t care, anyway, you’ll be gone when I open my eyes.”










Qiong Ren opened his eyes and he was the only one left in the living room.



“What the heck ……,” He wasn’t too happy, “he’s really gone.”


Bah bah bah!



Be vigilant, Qiong Ren!



Your thinking is dangerous, what’s the point of not being able to let go when you’ve been taken advantage of by a god?



Cheer up and resolutely resist the unscrupulous incarnation, at least for half a month!


Although he had just taken a shower, he was already covered in sweat again, the body temperature of the Evil spirit incarnation was too high, everywhere was hot, especially ……



Ah ah ah ah–


Stop thinking about it!



Qiong Ren rushed into the bathroom, not going to the wrong place this time, he took a look at himself and was immediately dumbfounded.



His lips were red and swollen, his eyelashes were moist, his hair was rubbed into a mess, and he gave off an air of having just done the unspeakable.



To be exact, it was the air of having just been ruthlessly dealt with……



He obviously didn’t do anything, they just kissed one (billion) times, why was that so bad, how could he still see people like this, he would definitely be wildly misunderstood.



The CP forum that couldn’t be watched right now would surely turn into an even more horrible place.



“Half a month is really too short,” Qiong Ren said through gritted teeth, “Lick lick lick, what’s there to lick, are you a dog?”



“Ahhhhhhh, what the hell am I talking about!”



His expression cracked in the mirror.



This kind of time was really only suitable for being an ostrich.



Tired from traveling and being tossed around, Qiong Ren was so sleepy that he was going to fall asleep standing up, and he went back to take a shower, realizing that his body had also been rubbed red at some point.



The evil spirit incarnation was so ……



Then if the dragon man ……


The dragon man had scales.


If he touched the horns of the evil spirit incarnation, it would …. then the horns of the dragon ……



Qiong Ren’s hands and feet were numb and his heart was beating fast.



Don t think about it don t think about it don t think about it.



He quickly rinsed the bubbles off his body, blew dry his hair, and sent a group message to his agent and assistant saying that he was going to take two days off and to try not to look for him if there was nothing going on.



Then he crawled into his soft, fluffy, peach-flavored comforter.


Before hugging the quilt and falling asleep in a daze, he was still thinking that his quilt didn’t smell as good as King Yan’s.



Qiong Ren slept very deeply and only noticed that in the middle of the night he was suddenly wrapped up in heat, he just lifted the quilt, not knowing that he was hugged to sleep for the night.



He woke up in the morning very confused, it was November, how come it was still so hot?


He slept in a sweat as if he had an electric blanket hugging him to sleep.



It couldn’t be ……



Qiong Ren laid on his back under the covers and sniffed carefully, he seemed to smell a very faint minty strawberry odor, but he had always used laundry detergent with this smell before, so maybe it was just a residue from before.


While cooking breakfast in the kitchen, he found more fresh vegetables and fish, meat, eggs, and milk in the refrigerator, and the ham that Meng Qingxuan and Wang Boduan had carried was also processed, wrapped piece by piece in a vacuum bag.


These things weren’t there yesterday, so Yan Mo must have gotten them done while he was sleeping.


What a nuisance.


Qiong Ren muttered silently.


Yan Mo was annoying in the sense that there was no way to hate him.



This was really annoying.



He took out a slice of cut ham and fried it on the pan with an aroma floating out. While making breakfast, Chen Ruizhe called.




Chen Ruize’s voice was a bit panicked.



Qiong Ren frowned slightly, “What’s wrong?”


Chen Ruize: “Qiong Ren, something might have happened on my side, can you hurry and come save me?”



“Where are you, send me the location.”


Chen Ruize cried on the phone when he heard him ask for the address directly without even asking what happened.



He whimpered a few times, “Don’t come alone, I read on the internet that the Taoist priests from Qinglei Temple are practicing at your place, bring them here, I think the ghosts at my place are fierce.”



Qiong Ren hurriedly comforted, “Don’t worry, it’s definitely not as fierce as me, I’m coming over .”



Chen Ruize: “……”


What did he hear?


After hanging up the phone, Qiong Ren immediately summoned his two assistants and drove to the eastern suburbs together.



Wang Boduan had been listening to Meng Qingxuan bragging about how powerful Qiong Ren was for the past few days, and seeing that he could follow Qiong Ren on a mission, he was very excited.



The two of them had prepared their magic weapons, talismans and peach wood swords, and were eager to show off their skills.



When they arrived at the place, Chen Ruize’s assistant was waiting for them at the door.



This was one of the many filming locations for Peach Blossom Fan, once upon a time it was a theater garden, now it was about to be torn down, and before it was torn down, it was rented out to the crew to play a residual role.



The assistant led Qiong Ren inside, most of the staff recognized Qiong Ren and came up to greet him when they saw him. Wang Boduan ordered hundreds of snacks and milk tea in different stores, and when they arrived, they were almost delivered, and for a while, the little yellow vests and blue vests were delivering to and from the store, which was a spectacular sight.



The staff were all smiling.



Qiong Ren gave Wang Boduan a thumbs up, and Meng Qingxuan felt that he had learned and immediately wrote it down on his phone.



Xiao Meng’s Cultivation Diary: you have to remember to buy food when you visit the crew.



The assistant led him to Chen Ruize’s lounge, pushed open the door and said, “Mr. Qiong is here.”



Chen Ruize was looking at the script waiting for the scene, and when he heard the assistant speak, he immediately stood up and pounced on Qiong Ren.



“You’re finally here, I was scared to death.”



Qiong Ren patted his back and couldn’t help but frown. Although it was already fall, Chen Ruize was wearing summer costumes that were very thin, and he felt like he was looking at a skeleton.



When Chen Ruize let go of him, Qiong Ren huffed, “How did you lose weight like this?”



Chen Ruize had already lost a lot of meat for the role of Chen Tao, and now he was even thinner to the point where his eye sockets were concave, the area under his eyes was greenish-black, his lips were dry and white, and he looked like he was about to die.



“It’s all haunted by seeing ghosts.” Chen Ruize was a little agitated, cold sweat beaded on his forehead, wetting his forehead hair, “Zhang Hao, that idiot doesn’t believe that I see ghosts, saying that he sleeps next to me every night, and he hasn’t seen any ghosts at all to haunt me.”



Qiong Ren unknowingly heard the big gossip, no wonder when he and Chen Ruize just met, he felt that Chen Ruize’s tone of voice when mentioning the famous director Zhang Hao was very casual, so it was a family.



Chen Ruize was a little embarrassed when he realized that he had leaked the romance, “It’s not that I intentionally hid it from you, it’s mainly because I didn’t find the right opportunity to tell you.”


Qiong Ren nodded, this situation where it was difficult to speak to others about his emotional status was something that he didn’t understand before.



Though he wasn’t quite sure if he counted as having an emotional situation now ……


“Let’s start with the encounter with the ghost.”


Qiong Ren’s cell phone received a WeChat message, a preview of the finished headphones from Zhang Qingqing, he glanced at it and turned it off, listening carefully to Chen Ruize.



Chen Ruize started seeing ghosts about a month ago.


As the male lead of Peach Blossom Fan, Chen Ruize had a lot of scenes, basically every day when he opened his eyes, he had to go to the set to freshen up, and at night when he returned to the hotel, he wasn’t in the mood to do anything, so he hurriedly washed up and goes to bed.



A month or so ago at night, he began to have a strange dream.



The scene in the dream was a bedroom he had never been to before, and he was sitting in front of the bedroom window, seemingly an extremely weak patient, unable to move in the slightest.



When people dreamt, they somehow knew a lot of information. For example, he couldn’t see the face of the person at all, yet he he knew who that person was in the dream.


He was also like this in his dream, although he didn’t turn around, he inexplicably knew that there was something terrifying behind him that was looking at him.



Chen Ruize was very scared in his dream, and that fear had no reason, it just made his heart go cold.



He didn’t even want to turn around to see what was behind him, but he was dominated by a force that forced him to turn around.



When he slowly turned back in his dream, he saw a black shadow standing at the door of his bedroom, with no facial features, but Chen Ruize knew it clearly in his heart.


This black shadow was looking at him unkindly.




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