C42 – Paranoid Patient

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“What, is there something in the doctor’s laptop that I’m not allowed to see?” Shen Delu carried his coffee, stepped closer to Chu Chen’an, and looked at him with downcast eyes.


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes to look at the medicine box, his background and social accounts had been logged out, when logging out there was an automatic disconnect function.



But this laptop was old, so the function would fail from time to time ……



Chu Chen’an nervously lowered his eyes, he was flustered, but forced himself to calm down, “The laptop has my personal details, I …… why should I show you.”



“I remember that the doctors’ electronic devices seem to be turned in before coming in.” He sipped a mouthful of hot coffee, the arc of the corner of his lips was obvious, “Dr. Chu, keeping private electronic equipment is a violation of the hospital regulations, right?”


“I …… I ……” Chu Chen’an was dumbfounded, “I hid the laptop just to contact my family, I didn’t do anything, really ……”



“Don’t be nervous, Dr. Chu, you can open it yourself, I’ll just take a look at the laptop,” Shen Delu said, gazing up at Chu Chen’an’s soulful, watery eyes, then he leaned down and whispered, “…… as a reward for keeping your secret. ”



Chu Chen’an bit his lower lip, under Shen Delu’s very oppressive gaze, with trembling shoulders, he lowered his head and opened the silver-white medicine box …….


He pinched the laptop, raised his eyes, glancing at Shen Delu who was gazing at him with lowered eyes.



Like a vigilant and non-aggressive kitten.


Shen Delu was in a trance.


It was as if he saw Chen An’s shadow again.



He turned his head sideways, revealing a light smile, then his thin lips pursed slightly, “Dr. Chu, open it.”


Chu Chen’an took it out and reluctantly opened the laptop.


He opened it, and Shen Delu also came closer to look ……



Chu Chen’an’s heart was thumping, and he was busy looking at the network status in the lower right corner of the desktop.




It disconnected!



Fortunately, this broken laptop was still somewhat useful.



Shen Delu looked at the clean desktop, and a slight gloom flashed in his eyes.



“You see, there’s nothing, right?” Chu Chen’an held the laptop in front of his eyes for a few seconds before quickly closing it.



When he put the laptop into the medicine box, he immediately gripped the handle of the medicine box and turned to walk down the stairs.


“Wait.” Shen Delu called out to him from behind.



Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped, his footsteps paused and he turned, “What else?”



“Doctor how are you free to come to the fourth floor early in the morning, moreover doctor you should be clear about it, there is no internet here.” Shen Delu narrowed his eyes slightly, “Even if you really want to contact your family, the conditions here don’t allow it, or say ……”



Shen Delu came close to Chu Chen’an’s side and whispered, “Doctor you had the certainty of connecting to the network before you came?”



Shen Delu’s words implied probing and sharp questioning.



Chu Chen’an felt his hot breath pouring over his ear and squeezed the handle tightly.


“I, I also stumbled upon the fact that there is internet on the fourth floor,” Panicking, Chu Chen’an said in a small voice, “I missed my family too much, so I wanted to come and use the internet.”



His voice was soft, soft like a feather scratching at a human heart.


“I couldn’t connect even after trying for half a day,” Chu Chen’an was afraid that the lie wasn’t true enough, and showed weakness again, “Can you tell me your WIFI password?”





Hurry up and let me go.


Shen Delu was slightly stunned.



The bottom of his eyes were cloudy, and he stared at Chu Chen’an for a long time before saying, “Doctor, you and my wife seem the same ah.”


Shen Delu tilted his head and looked at Chu Chen’an’s reddened earlobes.



“His ears will also be red when he lies, he is especially cute …… But later, I corrected his bad habits properly, and he never lied again.”



Chu Chen’an’s back went cold.


Shen Delu’s words made his mind recall countless ambiguous moments.


The dimly lit room, the wall that was hung with his portrait, and the sound of chains.


Inside Shen Delu’s bedroom was a wide dark room.



He had been locked in there by him before after he lied and was discovered by Shen Delu.


In those days.


Pitiful cries rang out from time to time in the dark room.


After that, Chu Chen’an’s legs and stomach would not be able to stop trembling whenever he thought of those days.


“I was wrong, how could a doctor lie, I believe the doctor.” Shen Delu gazed at him sorrowfully and took a sip of coffee.


“But I’m sorry, the network on this floor is my wife’s, and networking would have to go through him first.”


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes.


He agreed in his heart.




With an “oh”, he shook his shoulders and turned to continue walking down the stairs.


Shen Delu pursed his lips and finished his coffee.


Wearing a new hospital attire, he looked at Chu Chen’an’s back as he left, his palm squeezing his coffee cup tightly.


Except for that identity information that was real, the rest was doubtful.




He moved into 402.


Placing a fresh bouquet of eustoma flowers on a vase.


He sat on the edge of the bed, gently wiped up Chen An’s arm with iodine vapor, and took out the injection.



“An An, I’ll also draw for you today, okay?”



The youth on the bed lay in dead silence, the atmosphere in the room was quiet, no one answered his words.


Shen Delu gazed at the youth’s pale face and naturally thought of Chu Chen’an’s face.



He raised his fingertips and rubbed up the panel on the refrigeration machine, his color was infatuated, and his voice carried a slight aggression, “I’m sick, Anan ……”



He leaned down and kissed the youth’s haggard face through the transparent panel of the refrigeration machine.



Chu Chen’an sat in the office, with the doctors on his left and right sides.



The office was calm as usual, unaffected by the morning’s events.


They were so calm that it seemed as if they were already accustomed to it.



The gray-haired doctor on the right was staring at the flowers as if he had lost his soul, his face pale as if he was still wincing.


The phoenix-eyed doctor on the left, on the other hand, was still looking at the newspaper, with a lifeless look.



Chu Chen’an was on pins and needles.



There were originally more than 300 patients in this insane asylum, but now there were only 48 left.



What had happened in the past two years or so, Chu Chen’an had no way of knowing.



He flipped through the patient information on his desk and began to think about his mission.


There was only information on patients with mild to moderate illnesses here.


His identity when he last came to this copy was a patient, and he knew nothing about this information.


Where was he going to find information on S-class patients?



Where should he start ……


Chu Chen’an sighed and turned the page in dismay.





As he walked towards the stairwell on the second floor, he happened to bump into Lu Chengdong.



Lu Chengdong tapped Chu Chen’an’s shoulder and laughed, “Hey, let’s go eat?”



Chu Chen’an froze then nodded, “Okay.”



He was swept up by Lu Chengdong’s hands and together they walked towards the doctor’s dining room on the first floor.


They carried their dinner plates and found a seat.


“I heard ah, last night’s murderer was an old woman with no nose, when she came, she would knock on people’s room doors and move people’s chairs …… ” Lu Chengdong came close to Chu Chen’an’s ear and said softly, “She also loves to nibble on young men’s meat. ”


“What kind of hobby do you think that old lady has? She’s a picky one, isn’t your meat more tender? It’s really…” Lu Chengdong took two bites of rice and looked at Chu Chen’an’s white porcelain like face. “Chen’an, you’re delicate and tender, you need to be careful.”


Chu Chen’an picked the peas in the bowl and raised his eyes.


He had seen it last night ……


Lu Chengdong looked at Chu Chen’an several times, with a distressed face, he came close to Chu Chen’an’s ear and whispered, “Strange ah, I’ve been here for three days now, and the quest hasn’t been activated yet, Chen’an, has your quest been activated yet?”



Chu Chenan’s upper lip slightly moved, he remembered yesterday Lu Chengdong’s “unintentional action”, thee words that was about to be said was swallowed back.



He always felt that Lu Chengdong was not as simple as he thought.


“No.” Chu Chen’an picked a few more peas out.


He was severely allergic to legume vegetables.


“Oh, you don’t have any either.” Lu Chengdong stared at Chu Chen’an’s face and scooped a large spoonful of rice into his mouth and chewed, “That’s strange ……”


Chu Chen’an didn’t say anything else and focused on eating up his meal.



When they got up from their meal, Lu Chengdong glanced to the table not far away, the head nurse was sitting surrounded by two or three nurses.



Lu Chengdong said, “I’m going to check in with the head nurse this afternoon, I’ll go say hello to her.”


Chu Chen’an nodded.


“Sister Hong, you came here to eat too?” Lu Chengdong smiled brightly as he leaned over to the head nurse’s side.



“Uh-huh.” The head nurse’s face didn’t look very good, the wounds on her hands were bandaged as she scooped up the soup one by one.



“I thought fairies like Sister Hong didn’t eat.” Lu Chengdong smiled, revealing a row of white teeth.



The corners of the head nurse’s mouth curved up, revealing a bit of joy, “Only you talks like this.”


Lu Chengdong leaned down and flattered a few more times, causing the head nurse to cover her mouth and start laughing.



“Haha, what are you talking about you ……,” she patted Lu Chengdong’s shoulder with her obese hand, and from the corner of her eyes, she suddenly saw Chu Chen’an behind Lu Chengdong.


The smile on her face immediately turned fake and she smiled, “Aigoo, Dr. Chu is also here, are you planning to leave?”



Chu Chen’an nodded, “Yes, I’m leaving now.”



“Then Dr. Chu walk slowly,” the head nurse smiled, her face full of flattery, “I’ll call you again when I check in this afternoon.”



“Okay ……,” Chu Chen’an left quickly, he didn’t want to stay in this delicate atmosphere for a moment longer.



Lu Chengdong’s personality was cheerful, but Chu Chen’an didn’t expect him to be cheerful to this extent.


When Chu Chen’an left.



Lu Chengdong then sat beside the head nurse and approached her to ask, “Sister, didn’t you still hate him the night before?”


The head nurse opened her makeup mirror, her red fingernails smoothing the large red lipstick, and glanced at him, “What do you know, he’s the one who was able to walk out of that place alive.”



Moreover, that day she specially prepared only one person’s portion of medicine for Chu Chen’an.



As a result, that monster actually didn’t kill him.




Lu Chengdong raised his eyes thoughtfully and looked towards the gate where Chu Chen’an had left.




Chu Chen’an searched for a few hours and didn’t find any clues about the S-class patients.


When it came time to check in, the head nurse really came to call him.



The head nurse was full of smiles, and Chu Chen’an unintentionally also saw a few red marks on her neck ……



He walked behind the head nurse and Lu Chengdong and followed them to the third floor of Building B. The moment he stepped into the third floor, Chu Chen’an was able to see the head nurse and Lu Chengdong.



The moment he crossed into the third floor, he was still in a bit of a trance.


This was where he used to live.



There were six rooms on the third floor, each with a double bed.


He was living in 301 at that time, and he was the only one living there.


When he came to this copy last time, his identity was set to be a patient, and the system set his virtual body with a mild autism and fatigue in order to pass the examination of the insane asylum.



To put it simply, it meant that every day when he was tired for a long time, he would be confused.


He was also non-verbal.



The medicine he had to take every day was a mild hyperactive dr.ug designed to prevent himself from suddenly falling asleep while on the move.



Then he bribed Shen Delu to go with him with a candy.


He didn’t know what means Shen Delu used, he moved into the ward where he lived that night.


When Shen Delu discovered that Chu Chen’an had this symptom, he thought it was so cute that he stared at his sleepy little face every day.



The patients in Building B were required to go to the first floor by themselves to get their daily medication, and Chu Chen’an initially discussed with Shen Delao that each person would go once a day to get their medication.



Later, Shen Delu’s paranoia possessed him, and it was Shen Delu who brought the medicine every day.



He intentionally didn’t take Chu Chen’an’s medicine and replaced it with tasteless candy to feed it to Chu Chen’an, who was already in a daze.


After Chu Chen’an drank the medicine, he realized that he was still sleepy.


The ends of his eyes were so sleepy that pitiful tears bubbled up.


He wanted to get up and go wash his face, but he only staggered a few steps before being picked up in Shen Delu’s arms.



He was still blurred in consciousness, Shen Delu’s palm rested on his back and hot air exhaled on his face.



Shen Delu’s eyes were dark, “Baby, you seem to be uncomfortable, are you sleepy?”



“But …… I clearly took medicine.” Chu Chen’an squinted his eyes, his curly eyelashes fluttering, his voice aggrieved.



He was guided by Shen Delu and his face laid on Shen Delu’s shoulder.



His palm rested on the back of Chu Chen’an’s head, “Maybe the medicine is not working.”



Chu Chen’an squinted his eyes open, he had a mission at night, “Then what?”


“I have a way,” Shen Delu leaned over and lightly kissed Chu Chen’an’s face, “Does An An want to try?”


Chu Chen’an was confused and leaned on Shen Delu’s shoulder.


“…… Okay, what is your method?”



“I’ll give An An the cure.” Shen Delu smiled.



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