C1–Awakening From A Big Dream

The fresh breeze blew the blue curtains up slightly.

Blowing on the somewhat outdated school infirmary bed.

On the hospital bed, the sleeping Wei Sheng moved her eyelids, as the loud voice on the radio on the opposite desk reached her ears.



“In order to implement the spirit of the 15th Party Congress, further deepen the reform of the urban housing system, accelerate housing construction, relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

The second half of 1998 will begin to stop housing allocation in kind, and gradually implement the monetization of housing allocation, the specific time is unavailable, the steps will be determined by the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government in accordance with local conditions.

In this summer, heavy rainfall fell in most areas of Jiangnan and South China and local areas in the north. The main stream of Yangtze River and the water system of Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake, Pearl River, Min River, and Nenjiang River and Songhua River have occurred one after another for the first time in the history of the megafloods, the rescue work still continues, millions of soldiers and people are determined to fight against the floods, one side is in trouble, eight sides will support ……”

The corners of Wei Sheng’s mouth struggled to pull out a bitter smile and she slowly opened her eyes.

Housing reform, flood control, school, 1998, a shrunken body ……

It seemed that she really went back to more than ten years ago after falling off the cliff and became her young self.

But if it was really a post-death rebirth, why would it even take her car with it?

Wei Sheng got up difficultly, only to find that her body was completely soaked with sweat wet and her limbs were weak.

Outside the window, the memory of a familiar voice echoed: “Next period, stretching ……”

She looked around to make sure it was the school infirmary, got up, and went to the window, and in front of her was a banner hanging on the building across the street, which read: All for one, one for all.

The students were doing the campus gymnastics exercises while the radion played in the background with the sound of the music, Wei Sheng’s eyes were fixed on one of the students who was doing the exercises.

” Cui Xian ……”

She did go back in time, back to Hutai County, back to the fourth high school, back to 1998.

Outside the door of the ward, an angry and sharp female voice suddenly rang out, “Wei Sheng is in this room? I’m telling you, Cui Xian can’t be in love early! What kind of students are you, blatantly playing hooligans with my son in the playground!”

With a soft sigh, Wei Sheng closed her eyes to recall the scene before she fainted ……

September 2, 2014, the pouring rain with rolling thunder fell heavily to the ground.

In the middle of the Yungas mountain road in Bolivia, the dazzling headlights came into view, followed by a cool black Ferrari F50 whizzing by with a long tail fin raised like a phoenix standing on its head.

This F50, which was processed by Koenig, a professional tuning factory of Ferrari in Germany, and equipped with twin-turbocharging, and could increase its maximum power to 800 horsepower, but it obviously couldn’t exert its full power in the Yungas mountain range, which was called the death road.

The windshield wipers swayed desperately from side to side, and the woman in the car, dressed in black leather, was in a terrible state, soaked to the skin, her hair was sticky with blood, and one eye was already bloody!

” Cui Xian, wait for me ……” her mouth kept chanting.

She looked in the rearview mirror as she jerked the steering wheel and turned back straight, and saw the silver-gray Estella behind her, and cursed, “damn it!”

She was Tonya, the CEO of Geno Racing, and her Chinese name was Wei Sheng.

She was Chinese, yet she had made a career abroad at less than thirty years old.

She was once a top racing driver in the world, with a great reputation for her wealth. But now she was on the news as a fugitive from justice for an alleged private placement of money and illegal profits.

The reason for it was that she was all hands on deck at the top of the food chain, affecting the interests of others while having no background!

Her reputation was swept away, the rain poured down as she was chased all the way into the Yongas Mountain Range, which was called the Highway of Death.

If her eyes were intact, the mountain road would not be a problem, but at this moment, with only one eye, if not for the firm belief in her heart to fight, she knew that it would difficult to persevere so far.

In each racer’s heart lived a madman, Wei Sheng was a real madman, every time, she fought for her glory.

Today wasn’t for glory, she wanted to save the man who had been by her side for ten years – Cui Xian.

She had to save Cui Xian, but also return home to accompany her terminally ill bedridden mother, she had to live.

At this time, the phone fixed on the right side of the steering wheel suddenly rang, seeing the caller ID, Wei Sheng narrowed her eyes and pressed answer.

At the other side of the phone came a female voice mixed with malicious laughter, “Oh, Tonya, I have to tell you the bad news, this man is really not funny, he just died ~ are you late? It seems that the name of this fast driver also does not live up to its name, giggle ~”

Wei Sheng’s heart sunk! Her brain instantly went blank, she only felt the rain pouring on the windshield, but she couldn’t see the road in front of her at all.

The man who was not a family member but like a family member, a mentor who had been by her side for ten years, a close friend who had accompanied her from junior high school to university, from rookie to international, had finally given up his life because of her?

The next moment, the dazzling black Ferrari F50 went straight out of the mountain road, towards the cliff, and fell off.

“Oh yes ~ before he died asked me to convey to you a sentence, which is also the funniest joke I’ve ever heard, he said …… he loves you? Huh? Hahaha~” The woman’s disgusting-to-the-bone voice still came through the phone.

Cui Xian, he actually really ……

Wei Sheng’s heart seemed to have been seized hard, slowly, she closed her eyes, a sense of powerlessness that had never been seen before permeated all her limbs.

She hated, she resented, she wanted revenge, but with the intense weightlessness, she clearly understood that this was no longer possible.

In front of her eyes, as if crossing the familiar streets of the city many years ago.

The lofty mountain slowly faded into white residential buildings, she really couldn’t see clearly.

Next, the surrounding city streets slowly became clear, and the grocery stores, barber stores, and school walls that she used to pass when she was young came into view one by one.

She thought she was dead and everything in front of her was just an illusion.

But Wei Sheng slowly closed her eyes for a moment, the car banged lightly as it fell to the ground, and then there was no movement.

After waiting for a while, Wei Sheng slowly opened her eyes, in her eyes was the 28-year-old bicycle driving on the street, this thing had been extinct for many years, right.

The car was still moving slowly, it hit the sidewalk and crashed into a newly planted poplar tree.

Wei Sheng frowned at the dream-like surrounding, yet incomparably real scenery, while reaching out to wipe the bloodstains on her face, her eyes instantly froze in place at this moment!

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