Although it said “mecha basic data”, but the star network still listed several screens of characters. As the mecha researcher, Duan Hengye’s name was buried in the last line of the basic information column. Immediately after his name, there was a pile of reference materials and links to data reports. If one didn’t look at the entire document carefully, it was really easy to overlook these three little words.

After the reminder of the online god, everyone went back to the head once again, in the very dense text, looking for the three words “Duan Hengye”.

The mecha was a very high threshold discipline, although before discovering Duan Hengye’s name, the god had already given everyone the science of this mecha as “A-class” mech. But it wasn’t until they actually saw Duan Hengye’s name that they had an intuitive understanding of the mecha that had not yet been officially named.

This was Duan Hengye’s work!

But instantly, hundreds of millions of access requests were sent to the site at the same time. Even this website, which was supported by the top interstellar server, was forced to lag for a short time by this huge amount of visits. This showed the fervor of the mecha enthusiasts in the interstellar world.

In fact, Duan Hengye had already provided the information about the new mecha to Starnet in advance and registered it. The reason why the information appeared at eight o’clock in the morning on the southern star was simply because the site’s automatic update time was this point.

When Starnet’s mecha forum started to boil, Duan Hengye’s hemisphere was still in the dead of night. As the person who created all of this with his own hands, Professor Duan was still sleeping.

This wasn’t the official working hours of the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute, and except for a few offices on duty that were still lit, the rest of the rooms were already in darkness. However, even though there were only a few offices occupied, after seeing the information that popped up on the Internet, the whole institute building was instantly filled with screams one after another.

The staff on duty read the news over and over again, and after confirming that they did not misidentify the words, they had opened their light computer to check in detail.

The message that popped up on the …… website just now was actually true.

To work in Ye Tian Imperial Mecha Research Institute, even an intern had one hundred times higher professional quality than the online “Great god”. Therefore, after reading the basic information in detail, everyone felt that the progress of the mecha was also greater, and naturally … The mood was even more exciting.

This excitement even repelled their sleepiness.

A few hours later, the Institute finally entered its official work. The staff responsible for last night’s shift should have gone back to rest, but when Vice President Su Mingge walked into the building, he saw a tense and excited scene.

What was going on?

The area Su Mingge was now in was the weapon system area that was mainly under his responsibility, and with his understanding of the staff under him, they were definitely not people who were willing to take the initiative to work overtime.

To be able to tell this group of people to stay here, it meant that …… something big happened last night.

It was reasonable to say that now was not a time of war, so there was no such thing as an overnight rush to repair. So after seeing the excited look of that group of people, Su Mingge couldn’t help but frown tightly, then he walked behind those few staff members.

Because of his reason for coming to the institute just now, Su Mingge didn’t have time to change his clothes. Now he was wearing a black turtleneck sweater, and his arms were gently resting on the Institute’s uniform. In theory, the sound of Su Mingge’s heels touching the ground was not small, and the staff who were already very familiar with him should have been able to recognize Su Mingge’s footsteps.

But now, they had no sense of Su Mingge’s arrival.

It was really strange …… Su Mingge pondered in his heart, and then directly reached out his hand to pat the shoulder of the staff member who was facing him.

“What are you guys doing? Did something happen last night?” Su Mingge asked, puzzled.

Because he was too absorbed, suddenly being tapped, the staff member couldn’t help but let out a scream. Obviously, he didn’t sleep all night, but his voice was still full of energy, his scream scared a few colleagues.

“Cr*p ……” Su Mingge was also startled by it, he couldn’t help but take two steps back, then he asked again, “Is it serious?”

“Su …… Vice-President Su ……” the staff member who just let out a scream smiled a little embarrassed, then he gave up his seat, and said to Su Mingge. “It’s because of that mecha that was registered on the website this morning.”

The matter that Duan Hengye had finished updating the mech, Vice President Su Mingge must have known about it. But he didn’t expect that after listening to the staff member’s words, Su Mingge’s face became even more strange, he looked at the person who spoke with a puzzled expression, “There is a new mecha registered?”

There were no less than a hundred mecha research institutes in the interstellar world, and although none of them could compare to the Ye Tian Empire’s mecha research institute, they would at least release a new creation every once in a while.

After Su Mingge’s words fell, the scene was silent for a moment, until someone who didn’t know reached out his hand to adjust the interface to the bottom of the basic information column, and then whispered: …… was registered by Director Duan.”

Professor Duan …… new mecha?

Su Mingge didn’t say anything for a long time after hearing these words. In the interstellar mecha world, both the name “Duan Hengye” and the words “new mecha” represented extremely special meanings. When these two words were linked together, it was enough to make the whole industry shake.

Su Mingge didn’t say anything, he put his lab coat gently on the back of the chair and then sat down on the empty seat in front of him.

Seeing this, none of the staff standing next to him who should be off duty had the intention to leave. All of them watched Su Mingge and his light computer, and silently watched to see Professor Su’s reaction.

Such basic information for professional researchers, a glance would be able to expose the meaning. But different from the past, this time Su Mingge didn’t glance at the content in one go.

Su Mingge looked at the content, and from time to time, he would pull the interface back up to check in detail with the information he had already read before. This time, the vice president of the Institute sat in front of the light computer and read the basic information for half an hour long. At the same time, the staff who were ready to leave the duty office didn’t leave.

…… Finally, Su Mingge pulled the basic information column to the last line and saw the three words “Duan Hengye” hidden in the various information. Su Mingge let out a long breath, then said to himself: “Duan Hengye, is really a genius.”


Although the recent atmosphere in the institute was very harmonious, the staff with a little seniority knew or had heard, Duan Hengye and Su Mingge were not quite right. Even Su Mingge had always believed that Duan Hengye didn’t deserve the director position.

If their memory was correct, this seemed to be the first time Su Mingge directly praised Duan Hengye in front of the staff of the Institute.

Duan Hengye, who became the director of the institute at a young age, was probably already tired of hearing the word “genius”. But no matter how, this word from the mouth of the general public, and from the mouth of the people in the same industry were different in nature.

Su Mingge was usually a person without any filter, after finishing his words he stood up from his chair, then smiled and shook his head and said: “Duan Hengye really knows how to hide things ah, such a big project, yet in such a short time without saying a word, he finished ……” when saying this, Su Mingge’s expression was obviously very excited.

And hearing this, finally, someone else joined in the discussion.

“Yes! Professor Duan’s ability is really too perverted!”

Now it was already the daytime working hours of the Institute, and because he was looking for Su Mingge for something, Duan Hengye came to the Institute and followed the system directly to the duty room of the weapons group.

Duan Hengye never thought that as soon as he walked to the door of the duty room, he heard someone …… saying that he was perverted? In fact, the voice wasn’t very loud, but Duan Hengye’s perception ability was extremely strong, he didn’t deliberately listen to everyone’s conversation, but those few key words immediately flew into his ears.

Because of the high workload that had just ended, Duan Hengye had recently set aside a section for himself to relax. When he got up this morning, he didn’t open his light computer at the first opportunity to see what he had to deal with, as he had done in the past.

Duan Hengye, who had sent his application to the light computer a long time in advance, didn’t know that the system had sent out all the basic information about the new mecha this morning. Suddenly hearing someone say this about him, Duan Hengye’s footsteps stopped for a moment, and he stood there.

At this time, there were many people in the duty room, and just when Duan Hengye was hesitantly ready to turn around and leave, someone finally saw him standing at the door.

“Professor Duan!” The one who called Duan Hengye was a young girl, her pitch was already high, plus at this time her mood was excited, so those two words became extra penetrating ……

After hearing the staff call out, the eyes of the entire office all converged on the entrance. Ordinary staff members may still be more reserved, but Su Mingge was different …… After seeing Duan Hengye, Su Mingge walked around the crowd towards him. He placed a hand on Duan Hengye’s shoulder, and then said with extra solemnity, “Congratulations.” Then, Duan Hengye was greeted by the adoring eyes of a room full of people.

Although he still didn’t know what happened, in the face of the surrounding people’s enthusiastic gaze, Duan Hengye felt, at this time, they really looked like they were at a book signing.


As an intruder in the world, Duan Hengye really didn’t realize how much of an impact his “work” would have in the Interstellar.

When Duan Hengye returned to his office and turned on his light computer, he found that in just a few hours this morning, he had received a large number of messages – even more than the blessings and inquiries he received after his coma.

In addition to acquaintances, there were even invitations for interviews from several well-known interstellar media.

The interstellar media industry was very well developed, even if he had always had a “cold” reputation, but before that, the original owner had actually been on many relevant programs. Even Marshal Meng Jinhuai had been interviewed. But Duan Hengye wasn’t a person who was good at answering questions, and after thinking about it, he eventually declined the media’s request for an interview.

Although Duan Hengye himself didn’t show up, the heat of the matter had not decreased at all.

From eight o’clock in the morning in the Southern Star standard time, the topic of the new mecha and the institute was constantly brought up by the media. By noon, each channel had produced a program to discuss and popularize the topic.

The basic science of mecha was one side, but on the other side …… some people who didn’t know much about science also started to search around for gossip about Duan Hengye. As a famous intergalactic god, everything about Duan Hengye had already been studied countless times by curious netizens.

However, today, due to over-excitement, netizens cast their eyes on another person after finding out that Duan Hengye was really a low-profile person.

This person was the younger brother of Duan Hengye who was mentioned by the royal family only a few days ago, a famous interstellar dude – Duan Hengxing.

The original owner’s appearance had been rendered over and over again in the original book, and as his own brother, Duan Hengxing, although he carried the air of a dude who had been emptied by alcohol and sex, if one looked closely, one would find that his features were indeed good.

Although they were blood brothers, these two were difficult to link, both in identity and behavior. So despite the similarity of names and some related news, in most cases, the public never put the two together in the first place, Duan Hengye and the famous intergalactic dude.

But today was different.

The public’s curiosity about Duan Hengye himself climbed to a peak once again because of the birth of the new mecha. At the same time, without being able to pick up any new information, someone finally turned their attention to Duan Hengxing’s side.

As a dude who liked to be in the limelight, Duan Hengxing naturally wouldn’t refuse an invitation to the show. So on the very same night, he temporarily appeared in a well-known interstellar variety show.

Incidentally …… the guest of this issue was also the newly promoted movie queen Shang Mengzhen.

When the show aired, Duan Hengye was on a starship headed to An Luo’s star. Because of the recent semi-vacation status, Duan Hengye rarely worked on the starship but opened the light computer, ready to casually read the news to amuse himself.

Unfortunately, Duan Hengye forgot what time it was today.

As soon as Duan Hengye opened the news section, he then saw the slow screen …… the headlines were all related to mechas, but as a person who wasn’t that narcissistic, after seeing those photos, Duan Hengye backed out once again in silence.

When Duan Hengye was ready to close his light computer directly, a prompt suddenly popped up in the corner of the news section where the only piece of content that was not mecha related.

This was a promotional tip for a variety show, and …… if Duan Hengye was correct, the participants of this show were officially Shang Mengzhen and Duan Hengxing?

In fact, the general audience would be able to see at a glance, Duan Hengxing and Shang Mengzhen were completely two worlds of people. The reason why the program put two people in the same issue was just because Duan Hengxing had popularity and it happened that Shang Mengzhen would come to the program today.

But after Duan Hengye saw these two names, he couldn’t help but feel a tremor in his heart.

In the original book, the reason why this cannon fodder was scolded by readers, in addition to the identity of being “undercover”, but was also because of Duan Hengxing.

In the book, it was written that as a well-known dude, Duan Hengxing met the female lead after an event and started to harass her continuously. And at the end of the day, Duan Hengxing, who couldn’t get emotions from begging, gave the other party a hard time to create a problem.

The incident developed to the end, although the protagonist aura successfully turned the danger into a bargain. But because of the original owner, Duan Hengxing also walked out unharmed.

Although Duan Hengye believed that he was no longer the unlucky undercover agent standing on the verge of turning over. He was also sure that he wouldn’t be like the original owner, helping Duan Hengxing to clean up his mess. But once he saw Duan Hengxing’s name and Shang Mengzhen appear together, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but tense up for a moment, and then a sense of foreboding came over him.


Now that the variety show had already started and was halfway through, Duan Hengye just turned the video on and backed out because he couldn’t stand the noise.

However, Duan Hengye did not give up his attention after turning off the video. He found the entertainment area with the index and navigation on the star network and then saw the show-related forum that was now floating on the homepage.

At first, the comments in the building were all about how Duan Hengxing and Duan Hengye were nothing alike, but later on, more and more of the comments turned into dissatisfaction and questions about Duan Hengxing’s behavior.

This was a live show, as a dude whose nature wasn’t very good, Duan Hengxing’s disguise didn’t take long to be removed. It was easy to see from his words and actions that Duan Hengxing was a very uneducated person who often said things that were out of place and forced himself to be the main character of the interview.

In fact, many people who had been paying close attention to the gossip, as well as those who knew Duan Hengye better personally, knew that apart from blood, Duan Hengye was really not even a little bit similar to his brother. And after hearing Duan Hengxing start to brag about how good his relationship with Duan Hengye was, these people lost interest in his part – especially since Duan Hengxing also started to steal the words of the real protagonist of this show, Shang Mengzhen.

Well …… this time Duan Hengye found that as a person who loved to be in the limelight, with a change of scenario meeting the female lead and Duan Hengxing didn’t seem to have any good feelings for the other.

The live broadcast of this variety show was three hours long, at this time the starship that Duan Hengye was on had already arrived near the Ferry Light Star.

Now that the design of the new mecha had been completed, the next thing to do was to test fly in reality. Although the light computer’s virtual experiments had been very complete, as a new mecha, and compared to the previous generation, it was a great improvement, its test flight task was still very difficult.

The university had an institution that specialized in the study of mental energy, and this time, Duan Hengye came to An Luo, in addition to classes, and to meet with the head of the institution to study the test flight.

In a short time, the starship landed steadily on the starship docking pad of An Luo University, and the person who came to greet him today was not the head of the mecha department, but the staff of the mental energy research institution.


The news about Duan Hongyi and the mecha was very lively at the moment, and normally there would be a lot of enthusiastic students in front of the docking pad. However, because this wasn’t the time when Duan Hengye usually arrives, the docking pad was silent.

Seeing Duan Hengye appear, a small gray hovercraft moved over quickly, and then the staff came down and greeted him with great excitement.

To be honest, the fact that Duan Hengye was able to come to An Luo for a discussion before the mecha test flight was an unexpected thing.

Unlike mechas, which were a very systematic discipline, research on mental energy hadn’t been well received. Even in the view of some people in the interstellar world, this discipline was even a bit “metaphysical”. So even though An Luo University had set up a research institute for it, there were still people who didn’t treat it as a science after all these years. Some even didn’t know about the existence of this research institute.

The mechas were closely related to the mental energy, but before Duan Hengye’s arrival today, none of the people involved had ever come here to meet with them before carrying out a certain project.

Not to mention that this person was also the Duan Hengye, who had just been proclaimed a “god”.

From the starship docking pad to the research institute, the staff did not stop talking. Only when the hovercraft stopped did he stretch out his hand to scratch his head, and then said to Duan Hengye, “Sorry Professor Duan, I talked a little too much on the way.”

Duan Hengye didn’t mind at all, in his opinion this staff although a little chatty, his words were very interesting. So he saw Duan Hengye shake his head and reply, “It’s okay, it’s interesting.”

And after hearing Duan Hengye’s words, this staff member suddenly became shy. He moved his eyes away unnaturally and then said, “Professor Duan, you can rest here for a while, and the meeting will start on time in ten minutes.” After these words, the staff member who was embarrassed said goodbye to him for the time being and then walked out.

Unlike the imagination that he would continue working, or take a short time to repair something. After seeing the staff leave, Duan Hengye closed the lounge door somewhat sheepishly, and then quickly opened his light computer.

Despite some vague preparation in his heart, …… Duan Hengye couldn’t help but rub his eyes after seeing the newly appeared reply from that entertainment forum just now.

“X floor.

Duan Hengxing is crazy, right?

X + 1 floor:

I didn’t hear wrong, did I? Duan Hengxing just said that Professor Duan and Lord Marshal don’t have a good relationship and that the two are just using each other?”

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