C6— The Runaway Bride V


Kou Dong’s scalp seemed to explode all of a sudden. He lifted his foot and took another large step backwards, but his eyes couldn’t help but still look into the room. The butler in the room had put on a new skin and was a brand new, completely different person, it wriggled its limbs creepily.

Its neck line was completely covered by the shirt and the bow tie was worn squarely.

The buttons on the cuffs blocked the rest of its joints.

It pulled the gold pocket watch out of its breast pocket again and snapped open the cover.

“It’s time,” it said unhurriedly, in a soft voice, as if whispering in a lover’s ear, “to tuck the young master in.”

Saying that, it raised its feet and moved.


In this instant, ten thousand divine beasts were running over Kou Dong’s heart, he almost started cursing the game system.

“Cr*p, the NPCs are so dedicated!”

Game system: [Please pay attention to the wording, the NPCs serve the player.]


He didn’t want this kind of service okay!

Who the hell needed a horror game NPC to cover him in the middle of the night!

The butler came towards the door step by step. Perhaps because he just got a new skin, his pace wasn’t considered big, it was still a little unstable and crooked. Kou Dong didn’t dare to try to bump into him, he turned his head and ran back.

This corridor wasn’t long, and Kou Dong’s physical fitness was also quite good, when he got to the end of the stairs. He suddenly saw a slow upward movement of dim candlelight under the stairs, the shadow of the candle jumped on the wall.

Kou Dong couldn’t clearly see the person’s face but it was actually the hands of a manservant carrying fire-making equipment!

He looked like he just finished fixing the fireplace in the ancient castle ……

Kou Dong’s footsteps paused, then he quickly turned a corner. He couldn’t think about anything at the moment, the sound of footsteps behind him became clearer, the butler had already paced out of the room; the manservant in front of him also picked up his pace and came towards him. There was no way in front or behind, Kou Dong had to pull open the nearest door and darted in.

He closed the door gently and tightly, and immediately held his breath as he stood in the corner, close to the wall.

  The manservant outside had come up the steps and said respectfully, “Butler Ross.”

  ”Hmm …… hmm.”

The butler’s voice was still a little strange, like he wasn’t quite used to this new body. Kou Dong didn’t dare go out, he listened to the butler ask through the thin door: “Why did you come back?”

“There was a problem with the fireplace in your room,” the manservant replied, “I was unsure and decided to check again.”

The butler asked again, “Was there someone there just now?”

The footman: “I didn’t see anyone. What did you see?”

Kou Dong’s heart beat a little more violently. He didn’t speak, but his hand tightened on the door handle, ready to resist a sudden attack.

“No one was seen,” the butler regretfully replied, “no ……”

Kou Dong suddenly saw a pair of eyes. Those eyes were leaning against the doorway and looking in, its blue pupils turning in the whites of its eyes as they searched the house. But he didn’t spot the teenager in the corner, and when he straightened up again, the butler’s throat made a clicking sound, as if clockwork was spinning.

“Let him get away, let the bride get away ……”

He laughed softly, a laugh that echoed monotonously in the unseen night. Whirling, two footsteps came from the doorway, these two didn’t have any more conversations, and went straight in the direction of their goal.

Kou Dong exhaled slightly, knowing that he had escaped for the time being. Only then did he have time to raise his eyes to measure the room he temporarily hid in.

The room was small, and after his eyes got used to the darkness, he could slowly distinguish the outline of the items in the room.

Ordinary bed, cupboard, and no other furniture beyond that. Kou Dong saw something very strange, and touched it, it was a tape measure.

His heart moved, remembering the tailor who came to measure his body shape during the day. When he went to the bed to see, it was indeed the tailor.

Of all the people in the castle, he was the only one with a beard.

Kou Dong held his breath and stayed in the room for a while, listening closely.

After a long time, unable to tell whether it was relaxation or tension, he let out a deep breath.

— He did not hear any breathing.

The tailor laid there, like a dead thing, a spread out human skin. No temperature, no breath, but a cold, realistic doll.

It was.

Otherwise, according to the Godfather’s possessiveness – Kou Dong couldn’t imagine that he would allow such a lowly person to kiss his skirt.

So, they were just a bunch of walking corpses.

Then how many walking corpses were there in this castle?

Kou Dong stood in place for a while thinking, suddenly he turned around and opened the closet in the corner. The cabinet was full of what looked like pieces of white clothes, large and small, also decorated with fur collars, but very suitable for the identity of a tailor.

But Kou Dong suddenly reached out to touch those clothes. His palms were seeping sweat as he reached out.

The material was very slippery, his fingertips slid down, it wasn’t quite like a textile material.

Rather like ……

Kou Dong pursed his lips.

It was like touching the flesh of a living person.

He held back his nausea and pulled up a sleeve, it really was a human arm. The leather that the butler worr was now hung here, like a tailor’s carefully sewn artifact.

–Wait, maybe it was really a human skin sewn with care.

Kou Dong stood in the same place for a while, then asked the system: “What are the legal and regulatory restrictions of the game?”

Game system: [As long as player is not caught by the grooms, the rest can be figured out by the player.]

Kou Dong nodded and said like he was having a casual conversation, “So, it’s okay for me to kill someone and set a fire, right?”

After staying in the rule of law society for a long time, he was really afraid that if he played like this he would be arrested and put in jail.

Game system: [……????]

Set fire?

  It vaguely felt that there was something wrong, but before it could understand, Kou Dong had already pulled open the door of the room again and went to the butler’s room.

The butler was alone downstairs, the candlestick was still in the room. The candle flame wasn’t extinguished, and it was burning fast.

Kou Dong pinched the candlestick and muttered, “I don’t know if human skin is easily burnt ……”

Game system: [??????]

Its question marks were coming out of the air, it watched Kou Dong cut the curtains, along with the sheets and roughly piled it up, swirled it and took it to the tailor’s room. Under the system’s almost amazed gaze, Kou Dong calmly put these things into a pile on the tailor –

Then he took the candlestick and set the cloth of the curtains on fire.

The carpet burned, the human skin in the cupboard burned, and he even pushed each room of the house open and lit a fire carelessly. The smell of burning human skin slowly spread out, black smoke hovered up, the room was red.

Game system: [……]

It had never seen this.

  Horror game players had always been exploration-oriented, trembling to find ways to survive, Kou Dong reporting the NPC wasn’t enough, he actually dared to set fire to the NPC?!

  It was stunned: [Isn’t Player afraid of NPC retaliation?]

  Kou Dong set the carpet on fire as well, and replied, “Then they have to get up to do it.”

  Game system: [……]

“I just looked, the butler made quite a lot of movements today, but this floor NPC didn’t have a reaction.” Kou Dong said, “What does this mean? It means there’s no drama for it at night.”

In simple terms, it could be said to be on standby.

  So what was he waiting for if he didn’t burn now, should he wait for it to start tomorrow morning?

  Kou Dong wasn’t stupid, wouldn’t that increase the number of enemies for him?

He wasn’t the kind of person who had no gun, and specially made a pencil for the enemy.

  Game system: [……]

“So,” Kou Dong made a summary, “why not a start a fire? ”

  Besides, the burning was also an opportunity, maybe he could take advantage of the chaos to run away ……

Kou Dong suddenly clapped, “By the way,  let’s go burn the wedding dress too. Laozi-No, I’ve long been unhappy with that stupid dress! ”

[TN: Laozi——- This lord]

  He wasn’t the kind of person who had no sense of decency and would never abandon his dignity in order to survive!

Kou Dong ran downstairs quickly, full of expectations to dash to the dressing room to burn the wedding dress. Only unfortunately, just as he ran to the dressing room door, he heard a room door creak not far away, followed by the godfather’s clear and cold voice.

“Why aren’t you asleep?”

  Kou Dong turned his head and saw the Godfather who came out in his robe. The Godfather’s dark eyes looked straight at him, like a wild wolf staring at its prey, licking its paws unhurriedly.

  He stared at his godson’s delicate neck. The patch of skin was so white that it was even a little stark. The round-eyed teenager was standing not far from him with a frightened look that made him to want to leave a bite mark on him.

Bite this man through, and imprint himself into his bone and blood.

  His eyes darkened.

“Disobedient children …… are to be punished.”

  He smiled faintly and took a step forward.


  The teenager suddenly said, “And what if I hadn’t disobeyed?”

  ”……” The godfather’s brow furrowed, failing to understand the meaning of the words.

“It’s on fire up there,” Kou Dong smiled, his eyes curving up a little, “and if I didn’t get out, I was afraid of getting hurt.”

  The little puppy did tell him the rule of going out at night, but that was at the moment when nothing happened.

  Tonight was a special situation, Kou Dong didn’t believe that this broken game would still adhere to this rule.

Sure enough, after these words were uttered, the godfather’s expression obviously changed. The strange hunger faded from his face, and he became a cold and majestic godfather again, gazing at his godson.

“So,” he said slowly, “what are you doing here in front of the room door?”

  Kou Dong wasn’t at all faint-hearted, but instead he puffed up his chest.

“Isn’t it on fire?” He said, “I was afraid that something happened to my wedding dress, the wedding can never be delayed ah ……”

  Godfather: “……”

Game system: [……]

Come on, don’t talk nonsense. Didn’t he just swear that it was absolutely impossible to abandon his dignity for survival?

Didn’t his face hurt at the moment? ?

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