C7— The Runaway Bride VI

The godfather’s calm and serious expression also changed, and only after a long time did he say, “You know how to worry like this …… very good.”

The system froze as it heard his sarcasm.

Kou Dong knew how to worry?

  What worry, the worry to escape the wedding, or burn the wedding dress worry?

  Kou Dong’s expression didn’t change, instead he looked shy and afraid.

He also didn’t forget to compliment him.




“It’s all thanks to godfather’s teaching.”



Game system: [……]

 This was its first time being so speechless, the words of the player produced a strong urge to kick him offline.

The fire upstairs was getting bigger and bigger. The stairs were covered with thick and soft carpet, it was extremely easy for it to be ignited, the fire was blazing and from the mouth of the stairs, rolling black smoke spread out. Kou Dong covered his nose and began to cough lowly when he suddenly heard someone beside him say, “My lord, the young master is not in his room…”

  The new butler took a few steps to stand beside the godfather, and only then did he see the young man who was already standing at the door of the dressing room. His face changed slightly before he bowed deeply.

“Young master,” he said slowly, “so you are here.”

  Kou Dong lifted his eyes and glanced at him, going back to looking at the godfather.

  The Godfather’s deep eyes gazed at him, as if to read something in his face. But Kou Dong’s acting skills didn’t waver, as if he was facing a stranger he was meeting for the first time, without moving, he said, “Who is this?”

The godfather’s pupils contracted slightly.

“The new butler,” he whispered, “you should get to know each other-he will be in charge of the wedding the day after tomorrow.”

  Kou Dong couldn’t help but say to the system, “Heh. What kind of relationship are we in, isn’t he fooling me with a mannequin with a vest over it?”

  Game system: […… What is your relationship with the NPC?]

  What kind of relationship could it be?

Kou Dong indignantly replied: “How can it be an ordinary relationship? That is a relationship with 90% goodwill!”

Game system: [……]




“90% goodwill!” Kou Dong stressed, “he should love me to death. Don’t talk about being lenient with me. He actually tried to fool me so simply and rudely …”

He smacked his lips and gave the final word.

  ”That’s why men are all big pigs’ trotters.”

  Game system: [……]

 Somehow, after getting familiar with this copy, the player’s true attributes began to be exposed ……

He was full of tawdry ideas, and also too thick skinned.

  The fire grew, and even gradually spread to this floor. The butler held a bucket to carry water, Kou Dong and the two NPCs were the first to go downstairs and stood in the open space in front of the ancient castle to watch.

  He didn’t ask where the other servants had gone, and the godfather had no intention of explaining for him. Only the little puppy looked up thoughtfully after a long time, and suddenly smiled faintly, the corner of his cheek had a small dimple.

  He draped his outer robe over Kou Dong’s shoulders.

“Scared, right? Brother,” the little puppy said softly, also looking at the fire that reflected the window brightly, “but the fire was really sudden ah.”

Kou Dong wrapped his outer robe around him and didn’t answer.

He smelled a strange smell in the air, it wasn’t not only the smell of burnt flesh, it was also mixed with the aroma of flowers. The vile smell reminded him of the bed in his room.

  He moved his lips and took a deep breath without moving.




It was nearly dawn when the fire was finally suppressed. Sunlight poured down from the upper end of the fir forest, illuminating the smoke-blackened glass anew.




  The rooms where they normally lived needed to be repaired, and several of the owners had to move to the guest rooms.

It was in this guest room that Kou Dong found a new newspaper with a wedding message.

The message was extremely simple, “Nolan Cumberland, son of the Earl of Cumberland, will conclude a contract of matrimony with Jimmy Lizzi, the Italian Baron, on September 14. The wedding will be hosted by his godfather, Count Augustine.”

Kou Dong flipped the newspaper over and confirmed that the only thing mentioned was these two simple lines. He squinted his eyes slightly and finally confirmed the NPC name while his fingers couldn’t help but tap the paper.

  ”Italian Baron ……”

  For some reason, this sentence made him vaguely concerned.

He flipped through a few more papers and found some Nolan-related information from them.

   Nolan’s parents died early and he had no other relatives to help. He was only six years old when he inherited the large mansion, and was taken by his godfather to be raised personally.

It was also the Godfather himself who chose the groom and entrusted his godson to him.

The marriage of a man and a man could be said to be shocking, the royal family and the Church wouldn’t allow such an absurd thing to happen. But he didn’t  know how strong Count Augustine was to suppress them.




Even, inside the castle, which wasn’t known to outsiders, he had made up his mind to be the groom of his godson with this outsider.

This was obviously illogical.

  Kou Dong tucked the newspaper back in place and narrowed his eyes slightly.

It seemed that this good godfather of his ……

His secrets weren’t ordinary ah.

When he came downstairs, the only one serving in the small parlor was the butler with the pot, all the other mannequins were burned to ashes by that fire. When Kou Dong saw that no other servants appeared, his mind was made up, confirming that he had made the right choice in burning the tailor.

The tailor seemed to be the one who provided the outer skin for all the dolls, and now that he was gone, the rest could no longer be pieced together.

  The butler held a small silver pot in his hand and poured tea for each of its masters. Kou Dong took a sip of tea and heard the godfather discussing about the lands, the tenants, and the farms with the little puppy, he never intervened, sitting quietly on the sidelines, and then he suddenly said to the godfather: “How many guests did you invite?”

  The godfather’s lips turned into a frown. It was the little puppy who smiled, and at this point he looked like he really had the intense romance of the Italians. He said, “Why do we need any guests? My wedding is fine as long as brother is there.”

Still staring at the godfather, Kou Dong didn’t even respond to the little puppy’s words.

He whispered, “Don’t you want to invite someone to witness for us?”

  The godfather’s jaw moved slightly, not with pleasure, but rather revealing his repressed depression. He stared straight at Kou Dong and asked in a deep voice, “You want someone to witness it?”

“Of course,” Kou Dong replied, “this is the only wedding I’ll ever have in my life.”

  The godfather jerked up from his chair. He gave his godson a look that held a thousand thunderbolts in it. He stepped away and walked toward the study without a word, leaving his nominal fiancé behind.

  ”Aiya,” the little puppy leaned back on the couch, his voice soft, “Brother has upset him.”

  He poked out a hand and rubbed the teenager’s tied up, soft, dark hair.

Kou Dong replied, “Did I?”

“Yeah,” the little puppy smiled, his fingers going down slightly and turning to rub the back of his neck, “He isn’t happy …… brother will suffer greatly tomorrow.”

His gaze seemed to bond to that hand, penetrating the clothes and spreading all the way down.

“In that case, it is better to ask me to eat it in advance,” he said softly, “am I right, brother?”

  Instead of listening to his almost compulsive words, Kou Dong laughed along with him.

“You’re joking, right? If anyone is first, it’s naturally Godfather first – how can it be your turn?”

The little puppy suddenly glared at him. The baron, who just now seemed flirtatious and affectionate, suddenly tensed and his voice was odd.

  ”Is brother being serious?”

Kou Dong replied: “Naturally.”

  The little puppy didn’t say a word more, and jerked up from the sofa. His lips were tightly pursed, as if he was holding back something, but in the end not a word was spilled out, and he took a big step in the direction of the door.

  With a few words, Kou Dong made the two NPCs angry enough to leave, he drank two mouthfuls of his tea, then he shook the cup while looking at the Butler, “Are you doing this on purpose? Knowing that my stomach is not good, you still gave me cold tea?”

Butler: “……”

The Butler silently moved and went out to re-brew tea for him.

  So Kou Dong was left alone in the room. He took a tour around and contentedly – laid down on the sofa.

  ”I’ve been wanting to lie down for a while,” he said to the system, “they’re really taking up space.”

  The game system was stunned by his actions: [……]

  Seriously, Kou Dong was seriously talented if he could piss off NPCs with a goodwill rating of ninety.

It reluctantly said: [The player’s play, I’ve never seen anything like it before.]

It was really good that they didn’t cut him with a knife on the spot …




“Don’t mention it,” Kou Dong modestly replied, “What can’t be done?”

  Game system: [……]

I feel that you are quite proud ah!

  ”They can’t do anything during the day,” Kou Dong smiled faintly, “they still can’t give up.”

Why must it be at night? Kou Dong felt that there must be other reasons.

But before understanding these reasons clearly, he intended to give it a try first.

As a love game anchor, he wasn’t good at other things, but he was especially good at some.

For example, instigating NPCs to be jealous, and then appeasing NPCs bad moods ……

With a few words, Kou Dong lit a fire in the godfather’s heart, this time, he intended to put out the fire.

  He laid on the sofa for half a day, and even took a nap, before he went unhurriedly to knock on the study room door. Before knocking, he asked the system: “How do I look now, is it pitiful enough?”

  Game system: […… pitiful.]

  Great, his eyes were red. He looked like he would start crying in the next second.

Kou Dong smiled, satisfied. He symbolically knocked on the door, he didn’t even wait for the consent inside, then opened the door and rushed straight in: “Godfather ……”

  The youth’s voice choked, and his shoulders were hunched slightly. He fell on the man’s knees and hugged his legs regardless.

  ”Godfather, can’t it be only you?” He whispered, his voice trembling, “I just want to marry you, can’t this work too ……”

  Game system: [!!!!!!!]

  Crap – what was the player saying now?!

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