C84 — The Plan Starts


“…… ” He Yishu paused for a moment and also reached out to cup Adrian’s face, “Is it because of Brooke? I really don’t have any past with him, and I purposely said that today just to take it out on someone who once hurt him.”



“I know, but I’m still jealous.” Adrian’s dark green eyes stared intently at He Yishu.



He Yishu thought seriously for a moment and gently kissed Adrian on the cheek: “This way, you won’t be jealous, right?”



Adrian shook his head: “Still jealous.”



He Yishu couldn’t help but smile, and kissed Adrian’s lips again: “This way, you won’t be jealous, right?”



Adrian continued to shake his head, but his eyes became much brighter: “Still jealous.”



Now He Yishu finally understood Adrian’s sinister intentions, he directly let go of his hand and raised his eyebrows: “Then you go ahead and continue to be jealous, I’m going to go take a rest first, I’m really tired after such a long match.”



As soon as He Yishu turned around, he was embraced by Adrian from behind, Adrian’s hands encircled He Yishu’s waist, his chin rested on He Yishu’s shoulder, and he used a low voice to say: “Xiao Shu, don’t you like it?”



He Yishu deliberately pretended not to understand: “Like what? Like scrambled eggs with tomatoes? Or like to drink pure milk?”



Adrian’s chin rubbed against He Yishu’s shoulder, and he blew a hot breath in his ear, “Xiao Shu, don’t you feel very comfortable?”



Although He Yishu’s ears were already red, he still deliberately said: “What’s comfortable? Being able to eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes and drink pure milk is indeed quite comfortable.”



How could Adrian not hear that He Yishu was deliberately teasing with him, he directly bit on He Yishu’s earlobe: “Xiao Shu is too bad, I’m going to eat you up.”



He Yishu turned his head, just about to open his mouth to speak, when he was blocked by Adrian’s lips, and after a burst of vertigo-inducing deep kisses, He Yishu was abducted to the bed by the big bad wolf again, and then he was really eaten.



By the time He Yishu got down from the bed again, it was already the next morning, picking the right clothes from Adrian’s closet and putting them on, as soon as he stepped out of the bedroom door, he saw that Adrian was carrying a glass of milk out of the kitchen.



This was a practical class, and Elisa had been feeling overwhelmed by her emotions during her practical classes lately, so after barely surviving this class, she planned to go straight back to her apartment.



However, as soon as Elisa left the classroom, she was stopped by a girl who looked familiar to her.



She thought about it for a while, but she couldn’t think of where she had seen this girl before, so she could only look at her in silence, waiting for her to tell her the reason why she stopped her.



The girl’s eyes had silently reddened after stopping Elisa, and she stared at her tightly, forcibly holding back the tears in her eyes as she spoke, “Elisa, I beg you, please don’t let Xiao Lu do something like that again, okay?”



Xiao Lu? Elisa slightly froze for a moment, before reacting to who the girl was talking about, which instantly caused an ominous premonition to rise in her heart, she hurriedly forced a smile to clear the air: “I’m sorry, I don’t know you, and I also don’t know who the person you’re talking about is, did you find the wrong person?”



“I didn’t!” The girl firmly shook her head, her voice resounding, “It’s normal that you don’t recognize me, because I know that Xiao Lu must not have mentioned me in front of you, but I know very well who you are, and that you’re the one that Xiao Lu has always adored, but never pursued.”



It happened to be the end of the class, at this time, there were already quite a few students walking out of the classroom, as well as the path here, casting strange gazes this way, under the gaze of these people, Elisa became even more flustered, she wanted to go straight around the girl to leave, but the girl firmly blocked her way.



Having no choice but to emphasize once again, Elisa could only say, “I’m sorry, I really don’t know who the person you’re talking about is, so you really have the wrong person.”



“Elisa Brandt, I’ve seen many pictures of you in Xiao Lu’s light device, so even if it’s the first time I’ve seen you, I’ll never recognize the wrong person,” the girl’s attitude was just as resolute, even more resolute than Elisa’s, “I’ve come to find you today, and I didn’t want to get you in trouble, I just want to I just want to beg you, please don’t let Xiao Lu do something as heartless as that in the future.

I know that you are very important to Xiao Lu, and any words from you are far more effective than my bitter advice. If I didn’t have no other choice, I wouldn’t have come to you, and I just hope that on the basis of the fact that Xiao Lu likes you so much, and has done so much for you, you won’t harm him anymore!”




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