C83 – Really Regretting

By the time He Yishu finished his sentence, Brooke’s expression had already turned as dark as the bottom of a pot, He Yishu had blocked everything he could say, making it impossible for him to answer.


Although he could now pretend to show a very difficult look for his own explanation to justify, He Yishu had already said the words very clearly, if he refused to answer this question positively, it was the same as a direct choice to refuse, and from He Yishu’s mouth, it would become that he didn’t really know that he was wrong, he just wanted to change the public opinion of everyone’s attitude towards him.



He Yishu wasn’t in a hurry, and quietly waited for Brooke’s response. Brooke was silent for half a second, and then could only speak stiffly: “Xiao Shu, although you have already made your words very clear, I know very well that you are deliberately speaking in anger, because if I really agreed to do so, it would be a kind of harm to you, so I can’t agree to this request of yours, I’m very sorry. If you must say that by making such a choice, I am failing to recognize my own mistakes, then there is nothing I can do about it.”



He Yishu wasn’t surprised by Brooke’s response, at that moment, he directly snorted, “Brooke, if it was anyone else, they might really be deceived by your appearance, but I won’t be, do you know why I purposely made this request?”


Brook didn’t say anything, He Yishu also didn’t wait for his response, and directly continued: “You may have already forgotten, when you were with Du Fangping, I once went to look for you, do you still remember what I said at that time?”


Brooke’s heart pitter-pattered, and a strong sense of foreboding immediately arose, because a certain part of his memories that had been sealed for a long time, slowly surfaced under the reminder of He Yishu.


“At that time, I was really especially especially stupid, even if I knew that you guys betrayed me, I still thought that you must have just been confused for a moment to be together, and didn’t intentionally want to hurt me, so I even specifically ran to ask you if you really liked Du Fangping,” when He Yishu dug out this memory from the original owner’s mind, he almost collapsed, because He Yishu really couldn’t imagine to what extent the original owner was so cowardly that he would do such a thing, but this was a point that could be used to abuse the scum for He Yishu, “You told me at that time that you were really fond of Du Fangping, and that you felt that when you were with me, you didn’t have the same kind of feeling that you would have between lovers, but rather, it was a kind of burden, and that it was only when you were with Du Fangping together, you would have the feeling of a true heartbeat.”



The ominous premonition in his heart became a reality, Brooke wanted to directly interrupt He Yishu’s words, but He Yishu didn’t give him a chance.



“I remember your words at that time very clearly, because those words directly destroyed the last bit of expectation in my heart, even though I was already very clear that it was just an illusory extravagance of my own,” He Yishu let out a bitter smile, and continued, “It is precisely because I’ve always remembered clearly the words that you said at that time. That’s why I made that request just now. Previously, I always thought that the reason why you betrayed me must be because you really like Du Fangping very much, otherwise you would never have done such a thing against morality, but now it seems that I still overestimated your quality before.

When you first betrayed me, you said that you had gotten involved with Du Fangping for the sake of your so-called true love, and only then did you do such a thing against morality. But now, because you don’t want to be criticized by public opinion, you easily chose to abandon Du Fangping, and even after I made such a request, you would still have no choice but to abandon Du Fangping, is this the so-called true love that you talk about? Of course, you could have made this choice because you saw my strength in making rune cards, but whatever the reason, your behavior has made me look down on you even more.”


Brooke explained with an ugly expression, “Xiao Shu, the only reason why I rejected your request is because it was because I was with him that I caused you so much harm in the first place, and I chose to do so out of the idea of making amends to you.”



“Brooke, haven’t you realized what the real problem is?” He Yishu snorted and revealed, “I’ve just made it very clear that I would only consider forgiving you if you could be with Du Fangping. In this case, you still insisted on separating from Du Fangping, which can only show that you have really given up on Du Fangping, and will not keep your ‘true love’, isn’t that already enough to explain the problem?

This is the real intention of me saying these words, of course, in fact, from the very beginning I expected it to end like this, because I know no better how bad your character is, after all, I was also one of those who had been mercilessly abandoned by you, so I have never thought of forgiving you.”



Brook was instantly speechless, he only thought that the reason why He Yishu made such a request was to deliberately make things difficult for him, if he really agreed to it, he would definitely be criticized, but he didn’t realize that the real purpose of He Yishu turned out to be this!



So this request was an insoluble problem for Brooke from the start, because no matter how he went about choosing, the end result would be that his situation would be deliberately made difficult by He Yishu in all sorts of tricky angles, and such a perception was simply about to blow Brooke’s mind!



Du Fangping looked at Brooke whose face had already darkened beside him, and inexplicably felt that he wanted to laugh and cry a little bit, and it seemed like he suddenly didn’t resent He Yishu so much anymore.



If he hadn’t felt any real remorse for what he had done before, and only resented He Yishu’s revenge on him and Brooke’s abandonment of him, then now, Du Fangping finally felt some real remorse.



He had always known that He Yishu really treated him as his best friend, and he also knew how much He Yishu cared about Brooke at that time, but at that time, Du Fangping had always had a sense of superiority due to his superiority in qualifications when he was with He Yishu.



But even at that time, Du Fangping actually didn’t think of doing what he did afterwards.



Only with the passage of time, slowly, Du Fangping began to feel that He Yishu’s goodness to him was all taken for granted, gradually, he felt that if he could make the person He Yishu cared about see only him in, it would be a very pleasant thing for him.


After really betraying He Yishu, Du Fangping didn’t completely feel guilty, but a certain secret excitement that easily suppressed his guilt towards He Yishu.


Moreover, He Yishu’s cowardly reaction also made Du Fangping feel that He Yishu wasn’t worthy of Brooke at all, and that he himself was the one who should be by Brooke’s side the most, so he had not done anything wrong.



But when thinking back carefully at this moment, Du Fangping suddenly realized that every time he intentionally flaunted himself in front of He Yishu, it was actually a manifestation of a weak heart.



And after really being with Brooke, Du Fangping was actually worried all the time whether someone better than him would appear to take away Brooke’s sight and make him do to himself what he had once done to He Yishu.



Now that his own fears had become a reality, he finally knew exactly how He Yishu felt when he was betrayed by himself and Brooke.



No, in fact, even now, even if Du Fangping really felt remorse, he still couldn’t understand He Yishu’s mood at that time, because what he was experiencing now was far less than the pain that He Yishu had endured at that time.


Because Du Fangping had always known how He Yishu was treated at home, he knew very well how much He Yishu regarded him and Brooke.



And how much he had regarded them, how deeply and painfully he had been hurt.



Just paying the price for what he had done, just being abandoned by Brooke like this, Du Fangping was already suffering to such an extent, so how painful was He Yishu in the first place.



Du Fangping blinked, blinking out two lines of clear tears, he took a deep breath at a very slow speed, and said in a trembling voice: “He Yishu, I’m sorry.”



In the next moment, Du Fangping directly reached out and pressed on the self elimination option, he knew that he wouldn’t be forgiven by He Yishu, so let him not forgive, all of this was indeed something he should have endured on his own, and he couldn’t blame anyone else.


But at least for this confrontation, there should be an outcome, Du Fangping didn’t want to continue to stay here.



Du Fangping’s self-elimination announced the temporary end of this matter, He Yishu didn’t feel any happier because of Du Fangping’s move, and he certainly didn’t feel irritated because of it, because just like he said before, although these two people did need to be abused, their actions didn’t affect He Yishu’s mood at all anymore.


After solving two more slags, He Yishu turned his head to look at Adrian in a good mood: “Now there’s only …… left.”



He Yishu didn’t finish his words, but stopped again, because he realized that Adrian’s face didn’t seem to look very good, which made He Yishu couldn’t help but wonder if he had just said something wrong, and that’s what made Adrian unhappy?


But Adrian quickly adjusted his expression and tenderly said to He Yishu, “Now that I’m here, I won’t let anyone else hurt you anymore, and I’ll always be with you.”



“I know.” He Yishu didn’t ask any more questions.


Three of the four scums to be resolved had already been resolved, and He Yishu didn’t force himself on the last one, so in the next match, he and Adrian resolved the opponents they encountered at a very fast pace as well.



After that, it took less than six hours for the individual mixed match to come to an end.


Once the match was over, He Yishu and Adrian went straight back to Adrian’s apartment, and after closing the door behind them, Adrian’s expression changed.


“Xiao Shu ……” Adrian gazed at He Yishu with tightly locked brows, looking not in a good mood.



Thinking of Adrian’s performance on the field, He Yishu also followed suit and became serious: “What’s wrong?”


Adrian reached out and cupped He Yishu’s face, frowning: “I’m jealous.”



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