C85 — Unexpected Recording

The girl’s voice wasn’t intentionally amplified, but because her tone was particularly strong and her attitude was extraordinarily resolute, she easily attracted the attention of quite a few passersby who liked gossip.

Elisa’s face turned red because of the girl’s words. She gritted her teeth, barely maintaining her elegant posture, and politely spoke, “I’m going to make it clear to you one last time; I really don’t know what you’re talking about, so please don’t keep pestering me, or I’m afraid that I’m really going to have to report you.”

The girl seemed surprised by Alisa’s words, slightly widening her eyes. After a moment, she couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. “I really want to show Xiao Lu your reaction; obviously you made him do all those things, but now you even dare not to even admit it; if Xiao Lu sees it, you’d be dead to him, right?”
“I’m sorry, I really don’t have the time to dwell on this with you.” Elisa took a deep breath and walked around the girl with a stern face.

The girl didn’t immediately call out to Elisa but waited for her to take a few steps before she deliberately spoke loudly, “I overheard Xiao Lu’s communication with you earlier; you said that you told him to find a way to stall He Yishu before the start of the Mecha Competition’s Individual Mixed Match, so that he wouldn’t be able to take part in the competition this time. I heard all of this!”

Because of the intentionally increased voice, this time more people heard the girl’s words clearly, and then they instantly looked at Elisa, who was not far away, with astonished gazes.
Elisa’s hurried steps had to stop; this person had already spoken to such a point. If she didn’t explain the matter clearly today, she would definitely be criticized by many people; there would even be people who would deliberately spread this matter to a boiling point. She would never allow her reputation to be tarnished by such a person.

Elisa had to turn her head to look at the girl again. After seeing the girl’s slightly reddened eyes, Elisa, who was already a little unstable because of certain people and things, was suddenly filled with a surge of anger: “Please say this kind of thing to intentionally destroy my reputation; you have to come with evidence, otherwise I’ll report you for slandering me, and at the same time, you must solemnly apologize to me!”

Although Elisa was furious and couldn’t help but feel a little flustered, she believed that this girl would definitely not be able to produce any evidence because she clearly remembered that at that time, when she had spoken to that person about this matter, it wasn’t through a communicator but rather in person.

And the reason why Elisa did that was obviously because she was also worried that her actions would leave something behind.

So even if this girl did overhear the conversation between her and that person at that time, so what? It was simply impossible for her to come up with evidence.

And as long as she couldn’t come up with any evidence, there was no way that she could bring substantial repercussions to herself; instead, Elisa would definitely argue for herself, making herself the complete and utter victim in this matter and gaining everyone’s sympathy.

So even if this stupid woman stopped herself and said such things, what could she do?


Elisa felt very angry on one side, and on the other side, she secretly felt a little bit smug. She thought that things would definitely go according to her expectations, but the truth was just the opposite.


The girl looked as if she hadn’t expected Elisa to say such a thing and froze for a while before she spoke. “I clearly heard you and Xiao Lu say those words; aren’t you going to admit it now? Don’t you know how much Xiao Lu likes you?”



“I’m sorry, I haven’t done what you said; how can I admit it?” Elisa held back the panic in her heart and deliberately put on the exasperated look of a victim. “And the Xiao Lu you mentioned, I don’t know him at all, so how could I possibly get him to do anything? I don’t know why you would come to me and say these inexplicable words, but I really haven’t done those things. If you still want to slander me, then please show me the evidence.”


The girl stared at Elisa for a moment with her eyes wide open and asked, as if confirming, “You really don’t know Xiao Lu?”

“No,” Elisa replied without any hesitation.


The girl stopped talking and just bit her lip and looked at Elisa, as if she were very disappointed in her.


Elisa felt very unhappy with such a gaze. She frowned and emphasized once again, “I have made my words very clear, and I also ask you to take responsibility for what you’ve just said. If you can’t produce any evidence, I hope that you can seriously apologize to me and admit that your words and actions just now were deliberately slandering me, or else I will choose to…”


“Elisa…” A voice that shocked Elisa suddenly came over, interrupting her unfinished words.


Elisa’s expression froze for a moment, and her eyes swept around, but she didn’t find the owner of this voice.
Could it be that she had misheard it? Elisa’s hand subconsciously stroked her chest, and the panic that had just been suppressed suddenly bubbled up again.
Just when Elisa was feeling panicked, that voice came once again: “Elisa, so you don’t recognize me at all.”


This time, Elisa finally found the source of the voice, and her gaze was fixed firmly on the girl’s wrist, where the girl’s light device should be.


And now, that familiar voice was coming from there, so that meant that the girl had actually kept her communication with that person open when she was talking to her just now?
So that person had heard all of their conversation just now?


Recalling what she had just said again, Elisa couldn’t help but feel more and more flustered. She hadn’t expected that things would turn out to be like this, but with so many people watching at the moment, there was absolutely no way that she could admit to anything in this situation.


Right, since there was no evidence in the girl’s hands, then that person must not have any evidence either; in that case, the essence of the matter actually didn’t make any difference; it was only that another person had been added in, which didn’t cause any loss to her.


Elisa secretly took a deep breath and convinced herself over and over again. Only then did her heart, which was beating fast due to panic, slowly become stable.


After stabilizing her heart, Elisa’s voice quickly returned to its previous steady state, except for her expression, which was a bit ugly: “I’m sorry, may I ask who you are?”


On the other side, there was silence for a while before a hard, bitter laugh came out: “That’s a really good question. Who am I? To you, I was just an insignificant existence from the very beginning, right? So you don’t even need to remember who I am.”


Elisa’s expression didn’t, in the slightest, change because of these words; instead, she continued to say with a straight face, “I’m sorry, I really don’t know who you are. Have you guys gotten the wrong person?”


“Elisa, I really didn’t expect…” The voice in the communication sounded extraordinarily bitter; his speech was slow, and every word seemed to be very hard. “I know you’ve never been able to look at me or like me, but I was willing to listen to you. Whatever it was that you wanted me to do, I would have done it without question, but now you’re telling me that you don’t know who I am. That really is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard.”


Elisa didn’t say anything, which, of course, meant she wouldn’t change her attitude.


The person on the other end of the communication seemed to wait for a while, and seeing that Elisa really had no intention of speaking, he only sighed heavily, and the next thing that happened was a recording, completely unexpected by Elisa, coming through from the other end of the communication.



The first voice that came through was a man’s voice that matched the one just now: “Elisa, have you been troubled by anything lately? Is there anything I can help you share?”


The next voice that came through was Elisa’s voice: “I did encounter a little trouble, but it’s okay; I can bear it alone.”


The man’s voice responded with obvious concern: “If you really encountered any unhappy things, you can tell me; as long as it is what I can do, I will help you do it.”


“But…” Elisa seemed to hesitate for a moment but still chose to pour out her distress: “You know that I’ve never participated in a Rune Card Master and Mecha Warrior combination tournament before, and that’s actually because I made a pact with someone to become partners in the future. But now that he’s formed a partnership with another person to participate in the tournament together, I think he might have forgotten the agreement between me and him.”


There was a little more darkness in the man’s voice. “You’re talking about Adrian, aren’t you?”


“It’s him; that’s why I feel sad. I’m really sad that I’m going to meet him as an opponent in the upcoming matches,”


Elisa sighed softly, then said with a hint of pleading, “Although Adrian has forgotten the promise between me and him, I still don’t want to meet him on the field.”

The man didn’t say anything else when he heard these words, and it was obvious that he too was hurt by Elisa’s words.

Elisa waited for a while, seeing that the man didn’t speak again. She could only take the initiative to make a request: “It would be nice if they couldn’t continue to participate in the competition, but I can’t bear to give Adrian a hard time. I’m really conflicted and sad. If something suddenly happens that prevents them from continuing to appear on the field, that would be great.”

The implication of these words was very obvious; the man wasn’t stupid, and he immediately understood Elisa’s intention. Although he felt sad, after half a minute of silence, he still responded: “So what do you want me to do?”

Elisa, who was originally speaking with an exploitative attitude, didn’t continue to act pretentious and directly pointed out: “Adrian’s partner is He Yishu. He doesn’t even have his own virtual cabin now, so he’ll definitely go find Adrian before the game.”

The man was silent for a while longer but finally chose to agree to this matter: “Elisa, I know what to do.”

Elisa also thanked him sincerely, “Thank you for helping me.”

At this point, this unexpected recording finally came to an end.

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