C74 – Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night

Elisa’s father slightly froze for a moment before reacting to Elisa’s meaning: ”Elisa, what on earth are you thinking? Even if we stop He Yishu from continuing to participate in the Mecha Competition, it won’t change the fact that he’s already under the attention of the entire Rune Card world, and even the entire Star Empire, and once this kind of thing is exposed, it will become a stain on the entire family, do you understand!”


“But with He Yishu’s personality, there is no way he will agree to cooperate with the Brandt family,” Elisa’s voice seemed urgent and firm, “The secret he holds in his hand is enough to allow him to change the fate of the entire Rune Card industry, and this secret is enough to bring him endless benefits, so he will definitely not reveal it to anyone, including the Brandt family.”


Hearing this, He Yishu couldn’t help but snort, Elisa’s thoughts were really self-serving, she herself could recklessly disregard everything for the sake of profit, and thought that everyone else was just like her.


However, He Yishu also understood the real reason why Elisa made the stupid move before, Adrian was indeed one of the important reasons, but Elisa’s real purpose should be to completely destroy the possibility of cooperation between him and the Brandt family, so that the two would stand on opposite sides.


In other words, Elisa’s true purpose was to completely ruin He Yishu.


However, although Elisa’s father thought the same way as Elisa, he would obviously consider more than Elisa, so he didn’t feel that directly destroying He Yishu would bring the greatest benefit to the Brandt Family under the current situation.


Because they hadn’t completely unearthed the secrets hidden in He Yishu yet, and no one knew exactly how huge a secret he still hid, and they hadn’t tried to draw He Yishu into doing things for the Brandt family yet, in this situation, what Elisa’s father had taken into consideration was obviously still on the positive side of the issue.



For example, with their current understanding of He Yishu, as well as the current situation, how high was the probability that they would succeed in drawing this person in, as well as what impact it would have on the Brandt family if they took other extraordinary measures.


At the same time, as the Brant Family’s current patriarch, Elisa’s father had to take into consideration the other great families around him that had been eyeing the Brant Family intently.


Don’t look at the fact that right now the various big clans were getting along harmoniously, being friendly on the surface, and were paying extra respect to the Brandt family, once the Brandt family had any problems, that group of people would absolutely have no problem coming up and stepping on them a few times, and would even try to snatch something away.


“What you’re talking about is the worst case scenario, but the current situation is far from being that bad,” Elisa’s father had obviously seen Elisa’s true thoughts, and couldn’t help but say, “I know you’re disgusted with He Yishu, but in front of the family’s interests, I don’t want you to mix in too much of your personal emotions, so I can ignore today’s matter, but you must not make such a mistake again.”


Elisa bit her lip, still undaunted, she argued, “Father, I didn’t put forward such a plan for the sake of personal grudges, the next competition in the Mecha Athletic Competition is the Individual Mixed Competition, such a competition is most likely to allow He Yishu to come into prominence, and continuing like this will only cause him to be more in the limelight, at that point, it will be even harder for us to move him again. ”


Elisa’s father was silent and didn’t say anything, but it was clear that he had also considered this issue.


“Moreover, He Yishu’s performance after entering the First Academy has always been very calculating, he’s only a first year freshman now, and he’s already gotten several of his classmates in the same major docked credits, and he even eliminated his half-brother and older sister in the Mecha Athletic Competition in that nasty way,” Elisa clenched her teeth and continued to fight, “Father, have you ever thought about what would have happened if I had gone up against him in the next competition? If he didn’t harbor such a huge secret, even with Adrian as his partner, he would definitely be no match for me, but now …… father, do you really want to see me lose at his hands?”


Elisa’s father glanced at her and said in a deep voice, “Then avoid him.”



Elisa was disappointed with her father’s reaction, she smiled bitterly: “Does father really think that with his personality, he will let me go? Even without what happened today, just because of my previous relationship with Adrian, He Yishu will definitely not let me go, father, I have been in contact with him and I understand his character better than you do, and with his personality, it will definitely be very difficult to control, and he might even bring about some irreparable damage to the family.”


Elisa’s father watched his daughter’s expression, and after a moment of silence, he spoke, “I’ll consider this matter, but don’t make any more unauthorized decisions, do you hear me?”


Having said all she could say, Elisa could only nod unwillingly: “I know.”


After that, Elisa’s father exhorted her a few more times before hanging up the communication.



After the communication between these two ended, He Yishu and Adrian exchanged a glance: “Originally, I wasn’t in a hurry for the game to end so quickly, but now that they want to play themselves to death, it seems like we can’t stop them.”



Adrian thought for a moment and spoke: “Advancing the plan can be done because we have sufficient evidence, but the individual mixer tournament will start in two days, the rules of the individual mixer tournament are very vague, the duration of the tournament is uncertain, I’m afraid that the Brandt family will have to wait until the end of the individual mixer tournament to deal with the matter.”



“If it’s according to the established rules, we can have the Individual Mixed Match end as soon as possible, but according to the Virtual Arena’s previous style of doing things, it’s possible that they’ll come up with some more sudden rule changes during the course of this tournament, which would be a bit troublesome.” Thinking about the sudden change in the rules before, He Yishu felt a bit of a headache, wouldn’t it seem degrading to have to come up with something like this for the sake of entertainment effects in a good match?



Mentioning this matter, Adrian said in a serious tone, “When the virtual arena changed the rules of the match, there may have been some internal members manipulating the problem, in the virtual arena, there are also many staff from the Brandt family.”



Upon hearing this, He Yishu’s eyes widened slightly: “You’re saying that the change in the rules of the Team Mixed Match may have been a deliberate attempt by someone from the Brandt Family?”



Adrian couldn’t give a definite answer: “I can only say that there is such a possibility, after all, in the past Mecha Athletic Competitions, there has never been a temporary change in the rules of the competition, but the Virtual Arena has a strict information secrecy and anti-surveillance system, so even if it’s the people from the Ministry of the Army who want to secretly investigate, it’s still not easy.”


Since it wasn’t easy, He Yishu didn’t intend to pursue this matter: “Since it’s not easy to investigate then forget it, but if it’s really the Brandt family’s people who are messing with it, they shouldn’t let go of the individual mixed competition this time, right?”



Adrian shook his head︰”If the rule change in the last match was really done by someone on purpose, then I’m afraid they won’t get a second chance this time around because it’s impossible for the Virtual Arena to be completely indifferent to this matter.”


“I don’t think that’s necessarily the case, I went to the Virtual Arena before and saw that there were a lot of people discussing on the Virtual Arena regarding the change in the rules of the previous tournament, most of them felt that this situation was very interesting, and that it could increase the fun and viewability of the tournament, and a lot of them even expressed their hope that this mode would continue to be introduced in subsequent tournaments, “He Yishu helplessly laughed a bit, eating his food, “So even if that previous situation was really an abnormal operation, maybe this time the Virtual Arena will follow it.”



“What you said makes sense, maybe we’ll encounter that situation again this time.” Adrian smiled and nodded.


At night, He Yishu didn’t go back to his apartment at all, and directly slept in the same bed with Adrian for the night, and early the next morning, when he went to the classroom, he was stopped by Elisa.



“Mr. He Yishu, may I ask if you made the talisman card for my challenge last night?” Elisa’s face looked terrible, and it didn’t come as a surprise to He Yishu because just about ten minutes ago, he had eavesdropped on a short communication between Elisa and her father together with Adrian.



And in the communication, Elisa had already learned from his father that He, Yishu hadn’t returned to his apartment at all last night, so it was conceivable that he had spent the whole night somewhere.


As for Elisa’s dark expression, He Yishu expressed his delight: “I didn’t accept your challenge in the first place, so why should I make a talisman card for it? Ms. Elisa, aren’t you feeling too good about yourself? Is it because the person who initiated the challenge was you that the other party must accept it?”



Saying this, He Yishu yawned, “Can you please stop being so self-righteous? It’s because you think you’re good looking that everyone should surround you, such logic doesn’t make sense at all. Besides, I didn’t have a good rest last night, and I really don’t have the energy to deal with someone as annoying as you, so can you stop bothering me?”


After saying that, He Yishu directly walked into the classroom bypassing Elisa, not caring what she said.


Because He Yishu believed that a simple “didn’t have a good rest” would be enough to make Elisa half dead from her own imagination, even though last night he and Adrian just embraced each other and simply slept.


Elisa didn’t come back to him after that, He Yishu didn’t really know what she was planning, but just in case anything happened, he stayed in Adrian’s apartment after that, except for his classes.


The day passed quickly, and nothing else happened. In the morning of the next day, He Yishu finished his first class, and planned to go directly to Adrian to prepare for the competition.


But on the way to find Adrian, He Yishu was called by a girl he had never seen before: “Are you …… He Yishu?”


He Yishu looked at the time on his device, clicked a few times, then looked up at the girl standing in front of him and raised his eyebrows, “May I ask why you approached me?”


The girl had wisps of hair at the corner of her forehead and spoke somewhat nervously, “It’s Adrian who wanted me to tell you that he’s in class right now, and asked me to come over here to find you and take you to him.”




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