C62—– You Must

Although Lu Na had always acted gentle and considerate, with the events of the past few days, she was also very moody, after being inexplicably scolded by He Chengkun, her mood was even worse: “Chengkun, I know you are in a bad mood, but the most important thing is to think of a way, otherwise, it is impossible to solve the problem with anger. ”


“Are you accusing me of losing my temper with you?” He Chengkun took a few ragged breaths and said in a tight voice, “If it wasn’t for you mother and daughter, how would Xiao Shu have left the He family? If he hadn’t left the He family, I wouldn’t have to go to him in a low voice to reconcile!”



Lu Na always knew that He Chengkun wasn’t responsible for many things, but at this time, she heard him say this, she still couldn’t help explaining for herself: “Chengkun, it was he who brought up the matter of leaving. I have always advised you not to argue with him, but you directly drove him out. Even after he left, I advised you to get in touch with him. Now you’re blaming me?”



“Okay, I don’t blame you for this matter, but what about the previous competition? Do you know how much face Xiao Chen lost for me in the competition or not?” He Chengkun was accused back by Lu Na, and his anger suddenly grew bigger, “And today, Tingting even went to challenge Xiao Shu, and even deliberately exposed her illegitimate daughter’s identity in front of everyone, and also deliberately talked back to me, this is all taught by you!”



He Chengkun actually didn’t pay attention to this competition deliberately before, until someone called him and congratulated him for teaching such a powerful Rune card master, then he went to the internet to watch the video and saw what happened in the competition.


Seeing that He Yishu had actually produced so many rune cards with amazing effects, and then seeing He Xiao Chen and He Tingting’s performance in the competition, He Chengkun was shocked and filled with regret at the same time.



He never thought that his youngest son, who was regarded as a waste by him, would have such a dazzling day, while his eldest son, whom he had been proud of, would disgrace him so much on Star Live!



If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have broken off his relationship with his youngest son before, nor would he have announced in front of some partners that He Xiaochen was his son.


Lu Na also knew that what He Xiaochen and He Tingting had done had really annoyed He Chengkun, so she didn’t dare to answer his second half of the sentence and could only choke back a sob helplessly, “Chengkun, I know I shouldn’t blame this on Xiao Shu, but I have seen the video of the competition, if Xia Shu didn’t take the initiative to provoke them, how could things have turned out like this? Even if Xiao Chen and Tingting were at fault, wasn’t Xiao Shu at fault? In the end, this kind of thing happened, the person at fault is still Xiao Shu.”



Lu Na’s words were justified, but she didn’t think about it, if He Xiaochen and He Tingting hadn’t hurt the original owner over and over again, how would He Yishu have blown up in the competition?


So really, the root cause could only fall on He Xiaochen and He Tingting, as well as the pair of cheating man and woman who didn’t care about the original owner, and even helped to abuse him.



How could He Chengkun not be angry at He Yishu’s actions that made him lose face, but now He Yishu’s sudden display of amazing talent and strength was enough for him to temporarily suppress his emotions and put the blame on others.


“I see that you simply don’t know right from wrong and are deliberately defending the good pair of children you raised!” He Chengkun snorted angrily and raised his finger to point at Lu Na, “Call Tingting right now and tell her not to continue to embarrass me in the First Academy, if there is another time, she will be the one to be expelled from the He family!”


Previously, when He Chengkun drove He Yishu out of the He family for the sake of personal face, Lu Na only felt joy in her heart and had no sympathy at all, but when this matter fell on her daughter, it was a completely different feeling.



Lu Na looked at He Chengkun incredulously, and couldn’t believe that he could say such words out loud, and said so justifiably: “Chengkun, even if Tingting really did something wrong, it must be because your attitude towards Xiao Shu changed too much, and you reprimanded her for it, isn’t such a reaction a normal thing? Because of this small matter, you want to expel Tingting from the He family? Chengkun, you are Tingting’s father, how can you say such things so easily?”



“Just a little thing? Do you even know how much face Tingting has made me lose?” Seeing Lu Na’s reaction, He Chengkun became even more exasperated, “Tingting is indeed my biological daughter, did I not treat her well enough before? And how did she repay me? I clearly instructed her not to bother Xiao Shu, but she was so good that she had to challenge Xiao Shu, what is that?”


Lu Na was angry and aggrieved, so she couldn’t help arguing with He Chengkun, the two quarreled, and the direction inexplicably turned to the direction of He Tingting being an illegitimate daughter.


Lu Na had always been very resistant to the fact that she had been He Chengkun’s mistress, especially after officially marrying He Chengkun, she was even more reluctant to hear anyone mention this, and now He Chengkun actually said such words, which immediately annoyed Lu Na.



“He Chengkun, what happened at the beginning, you know better than I do, how dare you say that Tingting is an illegitimate daughter, can it be that in your heart, you really take me as a mistress?” Lu Na was so angry that she directly cried out, “He Chengkun, can you say this to me and the two children?”


The reason why he mentioned this just now was that He Chengkun was angry and didn’t think of his words. At this time, he felt a little guilty, but he couldn’t lower his head first, so he could only bluff: “Why are you crying? I did this to save the face of our family. Now you should adjust your status and send a message to Tingting. No matter what method you use, you should persuade her to stop annoying Xiao Shu, do you understand?”



Lu Na lowered her head and didn’t say anything, but in her heart she felt sad, before when she forced He Yishu’s mother away with He Chengkun, she didn’t feel that He Chengkun was cold in the slightest, instead she felt that it was her great charm that made He Chengkun willingly stay with her.



But now, when He Chengkun’s cruelty fell on her, Lu Na realized the bitterness and aggravation, she obviously gave so much for him, why did he treat her and her two children like this?



However, He Chengkun obviously didn’t intend to help her answer this question, after saying these words, He Chengkun left her to go to the study, leaving Lu Na sitting alone on the sofa, in tears.



But after crying, Lu Na still had to follow He Chengkun’s instructions and took the initiative to call He Tingting to urge her not to mess with He Yishu again.



But unlike He Chengkun’s simple and brutal way, Lu Na first consoled He Tingting seriously for a while, after relieving her aggravation, she seriously analyzed the pros and cons, kindly advising her not to be deceived by He Yishu again.



He Tingting had always been a soft person, although she still felt aggrieved to death in her heart, her attitude changed quite a bit: “But mom, He Yishu schemed against me so many times before, and made both my brother and I lose face on Star Live, do we really have to let him off like this?”



Lu Na slightly narrowed her eyes, a trace of ruthlessness flashed under her eyes, “Since he dares to scheme against you guys like this, I will naturally punish him, don’t worry, I already have my own plan, you just need to protect yourself.”



Hearing these words, He Tingting agreed to Lu Na’s request and promised that she wouldn’t mess with He Yishu again.



As soon as Lu Na hung up the phone, she turned her head and called her elder brother, Lu Yang, with a tearful plea, “Big brother, you must help me this time!”



Lu Yang was in his office, and after receiving his sister’s call, he immediately put down the document in his hand: “Nana, why are you crying? Did something happen?”



Lu Na wiped her tears and immediately complained to Lu Yang about what had happened: “Big brother, He Chengkun is obviously planning to take He Yishu back into the He family.”



Lu Yang listened to Lu Na’s accusation, but a trace of difficulty flashed in his eyes, and after Lu Na finished her words, he replied, “Nana, tell me honestly, the things He Yishu said in the competition, is it true or not?”


Lu Na didn’t expect Lu Yang to have seen the video of the competition, her expression couldn’t help but freeze for a while, but she quickly adjusted her state and denied through clenched teeth, “Of course not, those words are simply nonsense, he deliberately framed Xiao Chen!”



Lu Yang nodded: “I didn’t think Xiao Chen could have done something like that, but I don’t think your worries are necessary, since he dared to do that kind of thing on Star Live, it should never be possible for him to go back to the He family.”



“But even if He Yishu is not willing to return to the He family, He Chengkun will still keep thinking about him because of his performance in the competition, and even ignore Xiao Chen and Ting Ting because of it,” Lu Na clenched her fist, her tone full of hatred, “as long as He Yishu is still around, this family will be completely destroyed by him sooner or later! ”



Lu Yang was taken aback by Lu Na’s words and responded with mixed emotions, “Then what do you want me to do?”



“Destroy him, or make him disappear forever.” Only in this way could Lu Na be completely at ease.




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  1. I wonder if Lu Yang is as idiotic as his sister and his niece. I think it would be rather funny if he was recording that conversation and turned it over to the authorities. Be like, “I know what’s good for me. I can’t afford this stupid sister and her crazy family.”

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