C29 —- Can You Forgive Me?

He Xiaochen couldn’t help but sigh again, feeling very tired: “The premise is that you can prove that it was indeed him who stole the five thousand credits from you, but the fact is that it was you who took the initiative to allocate those credits to him, which cannot constitute fraud at all.”



“But it’s obvious that he cheated me! If he hadn’t cheated me, how could I have given him that much money? That’s a whole 5,000 credits, it’s my pocket money for more than a month!” He Tingting cried and stressed again and again, her tone full of aggression and resignation, “And I can find the surveillance video, everyone just needs to watch the video, they will be able to judge that I was manipulated into sending those credits to him!”




He Xiaochen, had also been viciously abused by He Yishu, how could he not know the pain of this? But he had become so cunning now, if he put out that video directly, not only would it fail to achieve its purpose, but he may also be accused of slander and get another credit deduction, the result would definitely be a loss.



And this wasn’t the worst case, more serious was that He Yishu may also take this opportunity to tell the whole story of the unfair treatment he faced in the He family, since he dared to threaten his father with this matter, who knew if he really had any evidence in his hands?




Even if he didn’t have any tangible evidence in his hands, once he said something, it was likely to have a huge impact, plus with the fact that He Yishu had left the He family, others would believe at least half of what he said, even if they didn’t believe him completely.



And this was very bad for him, for He Tingting, and for the whole He family.




Thinking of this, a thick haze flashed across He Xiaochen’s eyes, if he had known that He Yishu would turn out to be the way he was now, he wouldn’t have ignored his sister’s obvious targeting like that.




“Brother? Is it okay for me to do this or not? What should I do?” He Tingting couldn’t wait for a long time for her brother’s response, so she could only cry and ask again, she really hated that trash He Yishu!




He Xiaochen retracted his thoughts and sighed lightly, even he himself wasn’t a match for He Yishu now, let alone his sister who had always had a simple personality, so even if his heart was itching with hatred, He Xiaochen couldn’t let He Tingting do that: “Tingting, I know you’re very sad now, but you must calm down first, never be caught by He Yishu because of these negative emotions. He can’t grab your handle, got it?”




“But I really don’t want to apologize to him!” He Tingting cried, not to mention how sad she was, asking her to take the initiative to apologize to He Yishu was like slapping herself in the face.




Worried that his sister might do something she shouldn’t do when she was emotionally unstable, He Xiaochen took a deep breath, he coldly lowered his voice, and responded with a warning, “Tingting, you should know as well as I do how cunning He Yishu is now, if you don’t want to get another credit deduction, you’d better not make decisions based on your emotions, do you hear me? ”




Although she was very unconvinced, He Tingting knew that her brother was indeed thinking of her, but she still reluctantly asked one last time, “Do I have to go and apologize to He Yishu?”



He Xiaochen helplessly gave a cruel answer, “If you want to change your current situation, this is the most effective and direct way, as long as He Yishu can forgive you, no one else will have any position to continue blaming you.”




In a classroom, when He Tingting suddenly appeared in front of He Yishu, his first thought was, this person had become quite honest for a period of time, was she ready to make some trouble?




Then the next moment, He Tingting suddenly bowed to him and said loudly: “He Yishu, I was wrong before, I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me!”




In an instant, all the students in the classroom turned their eyes to this side.




The suspicion in his heart was verified, He Yishu pursed his lips helplessly, then he reached out and tapped on his light computer and sighed, “He Tingting, are you seriously apologizing to me?”




“Yes, I already know that I was wrong, I implore you to give me a chance, I will never make that kind of mistake again.” Although she was reluctant in her heart, since she had already made this decision, He Tingting had also done a mental construction, so her attitude seemed quite sincere on the surface.




He Yishu nodded and asked bluntly, “So can you start by saying what you are apologizing for specifically? Is it for the bullying you did at home all those years, or the deliberate isolation of others to bully me at school? Or maybe when you deliberately slandered me in front of my father?”




With these words, He Tingting directly turned red, and there was instantly a lot more anger in the eyes of the other students.



An illegitimate daughter born from a mistress, how dare she bully the child born from the original spouse like this, this was too much!




How could He Tingting not notice the eyes of others? Seeing He Yishu’s calm expression, she was more sure that this person must have said this on purpose to embarrass her!



But she was apologizing now, even if she was indignant, she couldn’t show it directly, otherwise her words would be like slapping herself in the face.



He Tingting secretly took a deep breath and tried to make her eyes teary: “I know, I did a lot of bad things before and made you suffer a lot, but after the previous lesson, I already know my wrongs, and I will definitely not do that kind of thing again in the future, please believe me!”




“Oh, I probably understand what you mean,” He Yishu lightly responded, “but I’m sorry to say that I don’t intend to accept your apology.”




He Tingting’s eyes glazed over, “Why won’t you accept my apology? I am really sincere in apologizing to you, so why would you not accept it?”




“If you want to know why, I can tell you,” He Yishu nodded and raised a finger, “First, although your attitude does seem sincere, given the countless times you have hurt me over the years, I don’t fully believe that you are sincerely apologizing to me and whether you’ve really changed. I subjectively can’t even help but wonder if the reason you took the initiative to apologize to me was simply because you were so devastated by your experiences during this time that you had to bow down for a while. After all, before that, you had countless opportunities to apologize to me after hurting me over and over again, but you never did.”




Hearing these words, He Tingting subconsciously wanted to retort, but He Yishu wagged his finger and continued without giving her a chance: “Second, in my opinion, even if your apology is sincere and your attitude is sincere, it isn’t enough to offset all the mistakes you have made over the years. After all, the mistakes you’ve made isn’t just one or two, or ten or eight, but hundreds or thousands of various means of hurting me.”




These words were justified, and even if He Tingting wouldn’t admit it, the others already had their own judgment in their hearts.




Although He Tingting didn’t want to admit it, what He Yishu said was the truth, and she had no way to refute it. “I …..”




He Yishu waved his hand and didn’t let He Tingting continue: “Please hear me out first, I still have the most important reason that I haven’t said.”




He Tingting could only shut her mouth for the time being and endured the various strange gazes on her, waiting for He Yishu to finish his words.




“The third and most important reason is that an apology is not a sufficient reason to obtain forgiveness, I don’t want to put an end to the hurt and suffering I have suffered all these years before with a simple apology,” He Yishu suddenly looked like he was gazing at something, “He Tingting, if someone who has hurt you for a whole decade suddenly comes to you and apologizes, saying that he already knows that he was wrong and will not continue to hurt you, can you really choose to forgive him without any hard feelings?”



After saying that, He Yishu just looked at He Tingting seriously, waiting for her answer.




He Tingting was furious, since He Yishu had already said this, what difference would it make if she answered the question or not?




But He Yishu dared to ask, so don’t blame her for not giving him face, He Tingting slightly raised her chin, and stared at him with sorrowful eyes: “No matter what happened before, as long as he is serious about apologizing and won’t  make mistakes again, why can’t I forgive him?”




He Yishu raised his eyebrows, “Even if he had done a lot of excessive things to you before, you’ll still choose to forgive him completely?”




“Yes, as long as he is sincere in admitting his mistakes, I will choose to forgive him.” He Tingting nodded firmly, thinking sarcastically in her heart, “Even if I can’t achieve my goal this time, your reputation won’t be any better.”




After all, who would want to deal with someone who was calculating and particularly vindictive?




He Yishu, however, didn’t seem to realize this, instead he asked a second question: “How can you tell if the other is sincere? After all, you don’t know exactly what’s in his heart. Just like the situation between us at this time, although your attitude of admitting your mistake seems sincere, I can’t see what’s really in your heart.”




“Isn’t it enough that the person’s attitude is sincere?” He Tingting’s voice had a bit more accusation and aggravation that couldn’t be concealed, and she even used a crying tone, “As long as his attitude is sincere enough, I will choose to believe him, just like you just said, we simply cannot see what is in someone’s heart, if we ruthlessly deny someone’s sincerity just by virtue of our own guesses, isn’t it too unfair? ”




The corners of He Yishu’s mouth curved up: “Are you sure this is what you really think?”




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