C28 —- Why Should I Apologize?

Adrian’s invitation wasn’t spontaneous, he had such an intention before, but he just hadn’t had the time to put the idea into action, today something related to this happened, so Adrian simply took this opportunity.




Although they hadn’t spent much time together, He Yishu knew Adrian well enough to know that he knew that the other would never give such an invitation because of what happened today, so after a moment of silence, he neither chose to refuse nor did he directly agree: “I want to learn more about the information related to the Mecha Competition before making a decision, is it okay? ”



Adrian smiled gently and said in a friendly manner, “Of course, there is still a week before the registration for the Mecha Athletics Competition opens, you have enough time to think about it.”




For his part, He Yishu didn’t forget to express his gratitude: “Thank you for your willingness to invite me.”



“I’m afraid I can’t accept that thank you, with your strength, you’re strong enough to find any good mecha warrior as a partner,” Adrian sincerely responded, “so if you agree to team up with me, I’m the one who should express my gratitude.”




“But this is a secret between the two of us, and there won’t be a third person who knows about it.” Naturally, no one would have the same opinion, He Yishu thought happily as he finished the rest of his coffee in one gulp.




Adrian’s mood also became more pleasant because of this statement, and his tone was a bit lighter: “They will know, know what they once thought was a gravel, is actually a brilliant gem.”



“I’m also looking forward to that day,” Thinking of that scene, He Yishu’s bad mood disappeared, “but before that, I’ll have to trouble you to help me deal with that guy, Alan.”




“Don’t worry, I’ll do it.” Even if He Yishu didn’t say, Adrian had already planned to take care of it.



So while He Yishu happily returned to his dormitory and laid on his bed as he leisurely checked information about the mecha competition, Alan was forced to accept Adrian’s challenge in practice class, and was beaten half to death by Adrian in the training room, nearly even turning his mecha into scrap.




When he finally managed to drag himself out from Adrian’s clutches, Alan could hardly cry: “Adrian, have you gone crazy? This is just a sparring session, not a formal competition, you’re acting too crazy!”



Adrian just glanced at him coldly: “Isn’t that what the professor said at the beginning of the first year, that you should consider every spar as a formal competition? Putting more thought into your studies will make you improve a lot.”



After saying that, Adrian directly turned around and left, not giving Alan the opportunity to retort, Allen angrily cursed him, after his mood became better, he turned and met the angry eyes of the practice professor.




Alan: “…” Adrian, come back, you dug a pit! QAQ



The mecha competition held by the virtual arena began many years ago, and as the virtual arena’s fame grew, more and more people joined the competition, the competition had become more important, becoming increasingly famous, and in recent years, it had become the representative competition for mecha competitions.




When most people mentioned a mecha competition, the first thing that came to mind was the mecha competition held by the virtual arena, after all, even the military ministry had recognized its existence and strength.




Because it was a competition for all citizens of the Star Empire, to participate in the mecha competition, a mecha warrior and a rune card master would form a partnership and register together.




He Yishu hadn’t known about this competition before, and only after reading the rules did he discover that there was a big difference between this competition and the virtual arena regulations.



In this competition, the rune cards used by the contestants must be made by the hand of the rune card master in the partner group, otherwise they would be directly thrown out of the competition.




After learning about this rule, He Yishu wanted to abuse Alan even more. As a second year mecha major who was ready to sign up for this year’s mecha competition, Alan could never be unaware of this important rule, so his intention from the beginning wasn’t really to team up with him, but to use him to hit and humiliate Adrian before kicking him out, right?



Once the whole thing was considered from this perspective, He Yishu clearly realized that the person who would be hit harder in this matter was actually him, rather than Alan’s main target, Adrian.




Compared to Adrian, who would be seen as someone who didn’t understand people’s hearts, it was obvious that in order to climb to a better power, he decisively betrayed his benefactor, but as a result, he missed everything, making him more worthy of everyone’s scorn and contempt, especially, since in the eyes of others, his own qualifications were still so bad.



This was really an insidious scheme that didn’t distinguish between the main and the secondary, He Yishu gritted his teeth and sighed in his heart, then he quickly thought of a good way to return the favor.




But before that, He Yishu contacted Adrian: “I’ve just checked the specific rules of the mecha competition, the competition seems quite interesting, so let’s sign up together?”



“Okay.” Adrian, who had just finished abusing Alan and set a pit for him, smiled in a very happy mood.




Although he had accepted, there was still a week before the registration began, and the registration would also last for a while, then the competition would officially begin, so now the quiet life would continue for some time.



He Yishu’s life still revolved around classes, his part-time job, and opening the store every day, but of course, after this period of time, he and his roommate’s relationship had gotten a lot closer.



Qiao An was a very soft and shy boy who rarely asked for anything when he got along with others, but would quietly do a lot of things for them.




For example, when He Yishu woke up later than him, Qiao An would help him keep a good seat in the classroom, and he would pay extra attention to the hygiene in the apartment, he also always took the initiative to do the small things that he had to do in advance.



To sum up, this roommate was too easy to get along with. In order to return the favor, He Yishu did what he could to help in his own way.




Since he was new to this world and now had enough material foundation, He Yishu always liked to wander around the virtual platform and buy things he found interesting to eat, use and play. Generally he would share the bought things with his roommate , and of course, he never forgot Adrian’s share.




Two people with good personalities, and neither of them thought about taking advantage of the other, so they got along in this way, and naturally came into contact more and more, the distance got closer and closer, and they became friends with good relations.




But apart from Qiao An, He Yishu seemed to have no other friends, probably because his previous reports were too strong, or perhaps his qualifications were really embarrassing in this profession, or because his actions in the practice class were so unbelievable that almost no students came forward to communicate with him.




So He Yishu was unknowingly isolated by everyone in the same major except Qiao An?




This may sound tragic, but He Yishu himself had a sense of joy and his life wasn’t affected at all, but some people were different.




Like He Yishu, He Tingting was also isolated by all the students in the same major.




Since the last slander incident and the exposure of her identity, no classmate was willing to take care of He Tingting. During lectures, when seats were so scarce, the seats around He Tingting were always empty, so it could be seen how serious the situation was.




At the beginning, He Tingting tried to regain the friendship among her classmates by acting pitiful, explaining, buying things for her classmates, and even turning black and white upside down, but the result wasn’t much use.



Knowing full well that He Tingting was an illegitimate daughter, no one would fall for He Tiantian’s sugar-coated words again, because they knew very well that anyone who stood with He Tingting would be the next one to be isolated collectively by the whole class.



When all her attempts and efforts failed, He Tingting was more angry than helpless, what was her status and what did she have to do with these people? Who were they to treat her like this?




If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be in this situation at all, he caused all this!



But as time slowly passed, with the strange gazes that always fell on her, and the cold attitude of everyone, she became more and more helpless and frightened, it almost drove He Tingting crazy!




She had entered the First Academy with great hope and enthusiasm, but now she was ostracized by everyone because of such a thing, and she couldn’t even make a new friend, so how could He Tingting not feel sad and upset?




If it wasn’t for the experience of having her credits docked for arguing with He Yishu, He Tingting would have gone to fight He Yishu directly.




Unable to resolve her emotions and unable to find someone to complain to, He Tingting could only cry and tell her brother about the incident, but the response she received made her cry even harder.




“Brother, do you know what you are talking about? You actually want me to go apologize to that punk? That’s not possible!” He Tingting retorted in a sharp voice, she couldn’t believe such words were actually coming from the mouth of her brother who had always loved her.




He Xiaochen on the other end of the communication sighed gloomily and soothed his sister in a soft voice: “Tingting, it’s not that I want you to apologize to him, but the situation is right in front of us now, if you’re not willing to take the initiative to apologize to him, obtain his forgiveness, and let others know your attitude, you can only wait for time to slowly wash away the effects of this matter, at least for now I can’t think of any other better way.”




“But …… but how can I go and apologize to that kind of person? I don’t want to!” He Tingting knew very well that He Xiaochen’s words made sense, but it was hard for her to cross that hurdle in her heart, especially after being made to feel so miserable by He Yishu. She cried for a while before choking up and proposing an idea, “Brother, can I tell the truth about him cheating me out of 5,000 credits? By then everyone will blame him.”


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