C27 —- Probably Fate

“You’re saying I’m not sincere in teaming up with you? If I wasn’t sincere, how would I have found you?” Alan looked at He Yishu in annoyance, his expression was distorted, “He Yishu, I really want to team up with you for this mecha competition and get first place together, you can choose to reject me, but you shouldn’t use such an excuse! If I didn’t really want to team up with you, I wouldn’t have appeared in front of you at all! With my mental energy level and mecha manipulation ability, it’s not difficult to find a rune card master of comparable level.”




Looking at Alan’s stormy appearance, He Yishu’s expression didn’t change much, instead he asked calmly, “Since you don’t know much about my card making ability, and the truth is as you said, with your strength, it’s really not a difficult task to find a rune card master of comparable level, then why did you find me? Is it because of sympathy, or is there some other reason?”




This was another question that caught Alan off guard, and at the same time he surprisingly felt that the question did seem to make some sense.




After all, the two people had never met before, and he really didn’t know anything about He Yishu’s card-making ability, so it was obviously impossible that he was looking at the other’s strength in this area, so other than that, what other reason could he have found this person for?




“I ……” although sympathy didn’t sound good, but at least it wasn’t bad, Alan momentarily couldn’t think of a more suitable reason, he was about to pick this reason to use, but He Yishu waved his hand, interrupting his speech.




“If it’s just because of sympathy, then it’s not necessary, because I don’t need your sympathy,” He Yishu knew very well that this person would never come to him because of sympathy, and also offer to team up with him, but before determining the other’s purpose, he wouldn’t leave any handle on his words, ” This is my attitude, you can think that I don’t know how to be kind, but sympathy is not a forced purchase, in the premise that I cannot accept this sympathy, I hope this matter can be put to rest.”




Once again, Alan was so angry that he wanted to kick He Yishu directly to the side, he tried to calm himself down: “He Yishu, do you even know what kind of opportunity you’re rejecting now? If you team up with me, we can definitely win this mecha competition, and I can do without the material rewards of the competition, isn’t that enough to express my sincerity?”




“So you think I deserve sympathy, and I must accept your sympathy? There is really no such reason in this world,” He Yishu shrugged helplessly, “And the reason why I rejected you is really for your sake, even if you haven’t carefully understood my level of card making, but you should know how low my spiritual energy level is, right? Teaming up with me has disadvantages for you, it’s not a good choice at all. If according to your logic, all sympathy should be accepted, then shouldn’t you also accept my good intentions?”




Since you feel that your own kindness and sympathy should be accepted, then by the same logic, the kindness from others should be accepted by you as well, right?




In this way, if Alan couldn’t accept the rejection that He Yishu brought because of his kindness, then his attitude was simply contradictory, and at the same time, He Yishu didn’t need to accept his kindness and sympathy.




The reason why He Yishu used this move “to attack his own shield with his own spear” was to not let his words and actions leave any room for maneuver.




After all, he had now seen that this person had an ulterior motive, but he knew too little about this person, he couldn’t determine the other’s true purpose, and therefore he couldn’t speculate, otherwise it was likely to bring adverse effects.




In this case, He Yishu could only use the other’s logic to attack him first, so that he could make his clear refusal at the same time, he wouldn’t have to bear any unnecessary responsibility.




But He Yishu wasn’t the kind of person that other people could scheme against, after dealing with Alan, he would naturally find a way to find the real purpose of this person, if he found out that Alan really had an unseemly purpose, He Yishu obviously wouldn’t take it lightly.




But looking at the situation at hand, He Yishu hadn’t started counting yet, Alan seemed infuriated, his face was red not to mention that even the expression on his face was almost distorted: “He Yishu, you will definitely regret your choice today!”




He Yishu smiled gently: “If thinking this way can make you feel better, I can forgive you this time, I won’t report your slanderous behavior.”




“Very well, you have lost this only chance!” Alan furiously stared at He Yishu for a while, but finally he still took into account the threat implied by He Yishu’s gentle words, and didn’t say any more unpleasant words, he angrily got up and left.




As soon as Alan left, He Yishu immediately contacted Adrian, also a second-year outstanding student of Mecha, He Yishu would inevitably consider the matter in this direction.




As expected, after hearing He Yishu’s description, Adrian quickly responded: “Alan is the eldest grandson of the Frank family, and the Frank family and my family have never been very close, and Alan has always liked to fight with me in the academy, since he found you, his purpose shouldn’t be pure.”



“I can see that he must have had an ulterior motive in seeking me out, but since I hadn’t contacted him before, it wasn’t easy to guess,” He Yishu laughed lightly, “If you were the starting point, it would be easy to deduce, I guess the reason why he offered to team up with me is to humiliate you, right?”




“Probably so,” although this matter had nothing to do with Adrian, it happened because of him, but thinking of what He Yishu said to him before, Adrian didn’t express apologies for this, “but he obviously didn’t make sufficient preparation in this matter, and that’s why he was easily recognized by you.”




He Yishu smiled and shrugged: “Yes, and isn’t he a bit overconfident? Even if I didn’t see his evil intentions, I wouldn’t have chosen him, after all, he’s not even close to your strength.”



Adrian and Alan had spent more time together, so he could guess his thoughts: “He probably thinks that I won’t possibly form a partnership with you in this competition.”





“It makes sense to say so, after all, in their opinion, my qualifications are really low,”  He Yishu suddenly smiled, “In fact, when we first met, you took the initiative to send me to the hotel, I felt very surprised, because the first time we met, you didn’t look like you wanted to be approached, so why did you offer to help at that time?”



Adrian was silent for a moment before giving an ambiguous answer, “Probably because at first sight, I felt that you were in need of help, right?”




“So it was the way I was wandering on the roadside pathetically?” The smile in He Yishu’s voice became thicker.




“Probably.” Adrian responded vaguely, but didn’t tell He Yishu that the first time he saw He Yishu wasn’t at the roadside, but when the other had just left the exam location.



“It seems that I was really quite pitiful at that time, fortunately everything has gotten better.” Thinking back to that time again, He Yishu felt that he was simply too happy now, having gotten rid of his extremely good family, having a stable and very rich income, and having friends who had helped him so much, life was simply close to being complete!




But there was one question that He Yishu still wanted to ask: “What about the part-time job? I remember when we first met, I didn’t even tell you my name, so when you invited me for a part-time job, how did you think to invite me? And if my guess is correct, you should have invited only me for that part-time job, right?”



This question, Adrian couldn’t answer it either, the reason why he would invite He Yishu was because he overheard the conversation between him and his half-brother.




Adrian could only sigh lightly, “It’s probably fate.”




He Yishu, however, knew very well that this wasn’t the real reason, but whatever the reason the other chose to let him get this part-time job at that time, it was a very big help to him at that time.




He didn’t pursue the root of the matter, since the other didn’t want to say, obviously there was a reason, so He Yishu also just smiled and echoed, “Fate is always wonderful.”




After talking about these sensational past events, the two of them started to talk about business again.




“After what happened before, you should know something about the mecha competition, right? Do you have any interest in this competition?” Adrian asked implicitly.




He Yishu immediately recalled that he had overheard a conversation between Adrian and his father before.




So even though Adrian’s words were very subtle, He Yishu instantly guessed his intention: “Well, there is indeed some interest.”




Hearing He Yishu say this, Adrian silently sighed in relief and continued, “For some reasons, I have plans to participate in this year’s mecha competition, but I haven’t found a suitable partner before, if possible, would you like to be my partner?”




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