C26—- I Refuse

Alan was almost a little unsure of what expression to put on his face: “Haven’t you ever thought about entering the military? The military department has the highest benefits of any profession, and it can bring you very high honor, and even make you a part of the core force that defends the security of the interstellar empire.”




“No.” He Yishu shook his head honestly, without the slightest hint that he was interested.



“……” He really wanted to smash open the head of this person sitting across from him to see just how peculiar his brain structure was to produce such a bizarre reaction, “Well, isn’t there anything that would interest you ?”



“Yes, like money?” He Yishu shrugged his shoulders innocently and answered honestly.




Vulgar! Insightless! No connotation! Alan’s heart had already added these three major labels to He Yishu, even his face tensed up, why would Adrian treat such a person who had no merits at all, nicely, and even keep such a person around to be his assistant rune card master?




This was really too ridiculous, although he hated Adrian, Alan had to admit that he had a very good vision of people, could it be that the two developed some kind of impure relationship?



If this was really the case, Adrian’s taste was extremely bad.



But no matter what the truth was, the rumors that Adrian favored this guy with ridiculously poor qualifications and no merit was a fact, based on this fact, it was necessary to bring He Yishu over and hit Adrian’s face.




A person that Adrian favored, unceremoniously abandoned him, and turned into the arms of the enemy, thinking about it made Alan feel incomparably excited, this was simply the current situation, it was the best way to beat Adrian’s face.



As for how to arrange He Yishu afterwards, with no dependence, mediocre qualifications, and his greed for money, wasn’t it a piece of cake to get rid of him?




Alan scoffed in his heart, but he still tried to maintain a kind and friendly smile: “He Yishu, do you know how much prize money you will get if you finish in the top three in the mecha competition?”




Once he heard the word “prize money”, a hint of interest finally appeared in He Yishu’s eyes: “How much?”




While mocking him for being a money grubber, he smiled as he gave his answer: “First place will be rewarded with 500,000 credits, second place 200,000, and third place 100,000.”




At first glance, 500,000 sounded like a lot, but when he thought of the money he’d earned over time, He Yishu instantly calmed down, 500,000 wasn’t really a lot.




He Yishu lightly responded: “Oh, it’s very good.”




Getting this kind of response, Alan frowned, this guy finally realized how uncultured he just behaved, so he was using such pompous acting to remedy it?




Alan really didn’t want to continue dealing with such a person with no connotation and no taste, so after taking a deep breath, he finally got to the point: “He Yishu, would you like to form a partnership with me to participate in this year’s mecha competition?”




“Form a partnership with you?” Surprised, He Yishu looked at this senior, whom he had only met for the first time today and bluntly asked, “Are you sure you’re not deliberately joking with me?”




“Do you think I would joke with you on such a matter?” Alan threw the question back not too happily.





He Yishu shrugged and asked playfully, “Then please why would you want to form a partnership with me for a competition that’s so important to you?”




If he hadn’t carefully considered this question before, Alan would probably have really choked straight away, so he righteously responded, “Although your mental energy level isn’t high, since you were accepted into the First Academy, this is proof enough of your ability in making rune cards, so I choose to believe you!”




“So according to your logic, as long as they are students in the rune card major, they should all meet your selection requirements, right?” He Yishu picked up his coffee and took a sip, “So why me?”




Alan was a bit confused by He Yishu’s reaction, if he was a normal person, after getting his invitation, shouldn’t he be very happy and agree to it directly? Why would he still ask such a redundant question?




Alan’s eyebrows furrowed and sincerely stared at He Yishu: “You are different from them, usually students who can be accepted into the Rune Card Major have to have a minimum mental energy level of C or above, but you’re different, so you are the most special one, and that’s why I chose you.”




After saying these words, Alan put on another expectant expression that even he himself felt a little disgusted with: “He Yishu, you should know that if, after forming a partnership with me, we can win the championship of this mecha competition together, it will be a miracle!”




He Yishu wasn’t infected by Alan’s impassioned words, instead, he calmly pointed out a problem: “You haven’t introduced yourself in detail.”




Alan’s pretend expression suddenly cracked, this guy couldn’t understand the focus of other people’s words ah!




The purpose of the day was very clear, he had to pull him to his side, so he couldn’t get angry, Alan could only secretly take a deep breath, then he gently began to introduce himself: “It’s probably because I got too excited after seeing you. My name is Alan, I’m a second year student of Mecha major, my mental energy level is A grade, and my Mecha operation level is also A grade. In addition, I have some understanding about making rune cards, if you are interested, we can discuss it together.”




As a second year mecha major student, it was already very impressive for his mecha operation level to reach A grade, so Alan’s tone was a little proud when he introduced himself.




But He Yishu didn’t think he was that good, because he clearly remembered that Adrian’s mecha operation level had reached S level.




Naturally, He Yishu’s attitude was a bit cold: “Then can I ask you a few questions?”




“Sure.” Alan smiled on the surface, but in his heart, he was cursing He Yishu for not being knowledgeable. He probably didn’t even know how powerful the A-class mecha operation level was, otherwise how would he react like this?




He Yishu stretched out his first finger: “First question, where did you learn my name and my mental energy level?”




Alan touched his nose unnaturally: “I overheard a classmate of the same major mention it.”




He Yishu raised a second finger: “Second question, how important is the Mecha Competition to you?”




This question was a good answer for Alan: “Very important, I should say that for every mecha warrior, the answer to this question is the same, after all, the result of the mecha competition represents not only win or loss, but also honor and future.”




He Yishu nodded, then extended his third finger: “The last question, how well do you know my level of card making? Do you know the highest level of rune card I have produced, what level of rune card it is, and what effects it has?”




Alan was dumbfounded by this question, he had indeed briefly investigated He Yishu before, but just enough to deal with the other, how could he possibly know so much?




So sadly, he simply couldn’t answer this question.




And He Yishu, who was sitting across from him, was still looking at him seriously, waiting for his answer. Alan picked up his coffee cup and took a sip, trying to make his attitude look more sincere: “You’re still a first-year freshman, you don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself, and I believe that no matter what your current level of rune card making is, you will make very huge progress in the future. ”




It did seem barely feasible to take He Yishu’s inquiry as a manifestation of low self-esteem, and then offer comfort and encouragement in response, but only if He Yishu was willing to buy it.




He Yishu looked straight at Alan and said emphatically, “Please answer my question positively.”




A positive answer, my as-s!




Shouldn’t the normal reaction to hearing such words be to be moved to tears?




Alan felt depressed, he was more sure that there might be something wrong with He Yishu’s head, otherwise how could he agree to dissolve the relationship with his family when he was in a bad situation?



So how in the world did Adrian fall for such an incompetent and weird-minded guy? This was a strange taste, right?




Alan coughed twice, still not giving a positive answer, instead he continued to play the side affection card: “He Yishu, I came to you today with full sincerity, hoping to become partners with you, so do we have to discuss this problem to further the relationship between us?”




He Yishu laughed lightly, “Then I’m sorry, I refuse.”




One moment he was asking questions, but the next moment he refused, Alan was once again confused by He Yishu’s attitude: “You just said …… you refuse?”




“Yes, I refuse.” He Yishu smiled as he repeated his answer.




“Why?” Alan’s expression twisted, he had been rejected by a guy with incredibly poor qualifications! This made him feel more annoyed than if he had lost to his opponent in the arena!




He Yishu’s expression, however, was bland, but he did seem amused: “Facing someone who doesn’t sincerely want to team up with me, isn’t it the most correct choice for me to reject?”




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