C34 – Behind the Door

What was behind the door?

Feng Huai frowned – they had found part of Luo Haonan’s organs behind the door, doors hidden inside the wall that led to different destinations, and other than that, there was a passageway that could be seen at a glance.

Was the thing they were looking for behind the door?

Feng Huai looked at the medieval castle-like tunnel behind the door. It was just an inclined path from top to bottom, the winding path disappeared into the darkness after the nearest corner, like an invisible mouth after an abyss, swallowing it up.

He suddenly opened his mouth and looked at Yu Rui: “Do you still remember how many corners there are on this road?”

Yu Rui’s eyes flashed with a light of appreciation, he didn’t answer, and Feng Huai didn’t seem to be waiting for an answer from Yu Rui.

The two of them went back to the dark passage and walked from the beginning again.

Feng Huai stood at the corner where he initially found Tan Lin and stopped; then he curled his knuckles and gently tapped on the wall bricks, “So this is the third corner, which corresponds to Luo Haonan’s notes on the paper.”

Seven o’clock in the evening, behind the door, three…

It turned out that the numbers referred to the third inflection.

“In that case, we can make an assumption; each inflection has a corresponding door.” Feng Huai looked at Yu Rui, pulling the corners of his mouth into a smile, “It’s not a big deal, let’s open them one by one, turn them upside down, and see what kind of demons and ghosts are inside.”

After he finished speaking, he slightly raised his eyebrows and looked at Yu Rui, “What do you think?”

“I’ll accompany you any way you want.” Yu Rui laughed.

Feng Huai paused at his words, then rolled his eyes, “Seriously, what about solving the mission?”

“Seriously.” Yu Rui seriously straightened up, but after a few seconds, he smiled again, “No one said that the mission can’t be solved this way.” It was just that most people wouldn’t solve it this way.

No one knew what would be encountered behind the door; the more uncertainty there was, the more dangerous the situation might be, the vast majority of players would carefully avoid such factors.

Except for Feng Huai.

What Yu Rui liked the most was Feng Huai’s appearance, as if whatever was in his eyes wasn’t a threat.

This was probably innate, some people were born this way and had a charm that made people unable to resist following them.

They made their way down from the death platform at the very top, counting a total of ten corners spread over the entire distance of the Grand Theater from the bottom to the tip of the tower.

“The number ten implies a certain completeness and unity in Jewish tradition.” Yu Rui narrowed his eyes slightly, “I think the architects designed this cul-de-sac with this expectation in mind, hoping that this building, which is essentially an art building, would still maintain a unified artistic connotation in the midst of constant remodeling.”

“It’s just a pity that in the end, this behemoth will still have to be pushed down.” Feng Huai said in a deep voice.

When he finished, he paused slightly, but he got a bit of inspiration from Yu Rui’s words, and asked, “Did the architect pay much attention to the details of the figures?”

“Have you ever noticed those two small spires outside the building?” Yu Rui asked.

Feng Huai recalled, remembering the night he walked out of the Opera House and looked back at the Sif Opera House behind him on the street, the two slender and tall spires, standing in the night, were extremely out of place.

The colors of the misty building’s outer perimeter were mottled and ancient, adding to the mystery.

The two spires were surrounded by three smaller spires that was slightly shorter, together there were six small ones.

Like a group of stars holding the moon.

Yu Rui narrated, in such an atmosphere, his voice seemed even more low and mysterious.

“Two in the numerical system, symbolizing dualism, opposing thinking abounds, often considered alternately transforming in creation and destruction.”

“Don’t you think it coincidentally fits the opera house?”

“Also, the three spires are so clustered around it, and 3 means mystical power in the universe, religion, and mythology, a number that contains a central element. The Greek myth of the three goddesses of fate, vengeance, and beauty… trinity is everywhere.”

“When three spires are synthesized into six, six means even more in Western literature, the unknown. The mysterious power transforms evil spirits that harbor evil, it is hard not to say that this is the most suitable place to harbor evil thoughts.”

[So cool! Is boss on BaiduWiki?

[What does the Great god do? how can he know so much about this kind of stuff ah]

[Religious? Mythology? Professor?]

[If I had a professor like boss Yu at my university, I’d study even the most boring subjects!]

“In that case, the spire of the tower is the most likely breeding ground for the unseemly and the evil sycophants. And the place related to Six is equally a key.” Feng Huai said thoughtfully, “Indeed, the Opera House has six floors, and the sixth floor is where the performance hall is, as well as the scene of Luo Haonan’s death.”

Yu Rui nodded slightly and added, “Also, do you still remember the old abandoned site of the Sif Opera House that we initially walked into?”

Feng Huai nodded, he also remembered that Zhang Xiaofeng had fallen there, incidentally tripping Mu Zi and knocking her towards the sculpted alien beasts on the wall.

“What about that performance hall?” Feng Huai raised his eyebrows, “Is it also related to a certain number?”

“The row number of the performance hall is 303, just like that little spire.” Yu Rui said.

Feng Huai let out a “hmm” and blinked, “You noticed this a long time ago.”

“It’s just habit. It’s only when so many coincidences come together that I considered the architect’s design intent.” Yu Rui said with a smile.

“I’m starting to wonder about your profession in reality.” Feng Huai said.

[Hahahahahahaha Newbie +1]

[Laughing to death, he’s asking what I wanted to ask]

[No one can resist being curious!]

Yu Rui said, “I’m a university professor.”

[Sure enough!]

“A professor of semiotics.” Yu Rui added.

[Eh? It seems like it’s even more unknown than religious studies and mythology. I’ve never even heard of it.]

[I searched and it seems that there are only five universities in China that offer this subject, how rare.]

[So what can this specialty do?]

[Probably nothing, so the great god came to the game to make a living.]

“Is anyone taking your class?” Feng Huai casually asked.

Yu Rui: “……”

[hahahahahahahahahahaha, we rely on the newcomer to be truthful]

[What a great question to ask!]

[god Yu’s enigmatic silence already says it all hahahahahaha]

Seeing this, Feng Huai coughed lightly and was about to change the topic when he heard Yu Rui continue, “I also help the police do some profiling descriptions of cases.”

Feng Huai raised his eyebrows with interest at this, “I thought police profiling descriptions were more related to criminal psychology.”

“In fact, behind the scenes of high-level crimes are artists and geniuses.” Yu Rui smiled, he remembered that he had answered such a question a few years ago.

He wasn’t tired of answering the same question, even to the same person.

He said slowly, “They treat each and every crime as if it were their own work of art, pouring their heart and soul into it, wanting to manifest their mark in every detail.”

“And semiotics, with its infinite scope, is both art and life.” Yu Rui said, looking at Feng Huai, “Perhaps you’ll understand later.”

Feng Huai nodded slightly, he had to say that Yu Rui had completely piqued his curiosity, and managed to make him more than a little interested in him.

But right now, there was still a lot for them to do.

“According to you, three and six, are the directions we’re looking for.” Feng Huai said.

Yu Rui said, “Yes, for example, the third and sixth corners, we can prioritize cutting in from these two directions.”

As they spoke, they walked to the third corner.

Yu Rui, as before, found a gap with airflow convection behind the wall cracks and pushed his finger hard.


The dark door at the third corner opened in response.

“So this is it.” Feng Huai stepped out of the dark door, “The rest room. The place where you knocked out and placed.”

Yu Rui stepped into it, his eyes sank as he looked around, gently fiddling with the Count’s figure on the bookshelf that they initially thought was the “key”.

“I didn’t realize this door didn’t open from here.” Yu Rui said, he poked the small ornament, looked at Feng Huai and asked, “What did you think of this little … figure?”

“The pianist Count Seger?” Feng Huai looked at the three dots behind the little man, at first it was these three holes and dots that made them mistake the lock hole for a key. But now that he thought about it, this should be the corresponding fatal wound site.

“He appeared here in the form of a pendulum mannequin, yet he is not the key that opens the door, then there should be another meaning.” Yu Rui said.

A dark light crossed Feng Huai’s eyes and he quickly realized, “The obsessions of the dead are usually no more than two types: one type transforms into a severe ghost and demands life from the living; the other type is obsessed with the truth and complains about the wrongdoers.”

Yu Rui nodded approvingly, “Seger should be the latter, if he means evil to us, there were too many chances to strike.”

“In other words, the object that caused his death back then was stored here?” Feng Huai inhaled softly, “Wasn’t it taken away for safekeeping by the investigation team?”

“Do you still remember what the report of Seger’s death said back then?” Yu Rui asked rhetorically.

“His death was considered as a violation of regulations by the parties involved, he walked within the warning line and fell into the construction building.” He sneered, “If, as we guessed, the candlestick decorations here were not properly placed due to the hasty preparations, resulting in the death of the pianist, then it would be the fault of the venue.”

“For that reason, the venue must have hidden the object that actually caused the pianist’s death.” Feng Huai realized.

That was why the candlestick was not kept by the Investigation team as an object related to the accidental case at that time, but was still placed in a certain corner of the opera house.

The spirit of Seger guided and hinted them to restore the truth here.

Feng Huai and Yu Rui already had a target to look for, so naturally, they were able to conduct a search in this modest lounge with half the effort.

The two soon found the candlestick, which at first glance looked like an old object, and there was no sign that a mu*rder had ever taken place.

However, when Feng Huai took a closer look at the light, he still found completely dried dark-colored blo*odstains in the gap between the three candle holders.

“That’s it.” Feng Huai tapped on the candle holder, and seemed to get a momentary glimpse of the pendulum mannequin bobbing its head towards them, nodding in general greeting.

He couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh, his finger poking the shoulder of the Count’s little mannequin, “Alright, we’ve learned the truth and gotten the evidence, we’ll definitely bring it out.”

[Congratulations to players Feng Huai and Yu Rui for completing the side quest: searching for the invisible door, quest reward 2 points]



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