C57 — Paranoid patient

“But, but ……” Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes, his earlobes reddened but he still hesitated.

How did this per-vert think about these things every day?

Chu Chen’an clenched his palm and looked up at him, “Change it.”


“Okay,” Shen Delu smiled leisurely, his voice low and hoarse, “Then I want to see An’an wear a white coat.”

“Okau.” Chu Chen’an was afraid that he would back out, and quickly agreed.

“Wear it at night,” Shen Delu’s gaze was dark as he added in a low voice, “or move by yourself.”

Chu Chen’an hit Shen Delu’s shoulder and stared at him with round eyes, “I don’t want to.”

“An’an just promised,” Shen Delu ate the last bite of bread that Chu Chen’an cupped in his hand and chewed it leisurely, “You can’t suddenly back out.”

Chu Chen’an’s fingertip was bitten by him and he busily retracted his small hand.

With a red face, he began to play tricks, “I just don’t want it.”


[Your quest time limit left: 3.5 hours]

[Please hurry up and complete your quest, or you will be gently punished by 001~]

The system prompted in Chu Chen’an’s mind, and he began to get nervous again.

The time limit for the mission was running out.

Moreover, after obtaining the information of the S-class patients, he still had to go to the doctor’s dormitory in Building B to retrieve his laptop and upload the information…

Chu Chen’an bit his red lips, eyelids drooping as he whispered a compromise, “Then… I choose the first.”

Although it would be very shameful.

The first was better than the second.

Shen Delu already guessed that he would choose the first one, so he hugged Chu Chen’an’s shoulders and smiled: “Okay, then let’s go.”

Chu Chen’an was led by him towards the fourth floor of Building B across the street.

The wards of the insane asylum were all empty, and the place was terribly quiet. The light on the hallway was gloomy, and only the footsteps of the two of them could be heard.

“Ta, ta, ta.”

Chu Chen’an secretly grasped the hem of Shen Delu’s coat, his eyes weakly trembling as he cautiously looking around the gloomy surroundings; he stuck close to Shen Delu as they walked towards the end of the building.

These small movements of his were all seen Shen Delu.

Shen Delu’s broad palm rested on Chu Chen’an’s waist, and he stared at his curly, lovely eyelashes with downcast eyes.

When he came to the door of the monitoring room, Shen Delu directly put his index finger on the unlocking sensor area; with a “drop” sound, the door of the monitoring room opened.

Chu Chen’an looked at the unlocked sensor area, and then raised his eyes to look at Shen Delu, more and more certain that the S-class patients were hidden under here.

He looked around the darkened monitoring room and immediately took a step to open the door.

There was a thick smell of bl*ood in this monitoring room, which was even more eerie and creepy than before.

Shen Delu looked down at him, the corner of his lips hooked up a subtle arc, “What’s wrong, is baby scared?”

“No.” Chu Chen’an clutched the hem of Shen Delu’s coat, like a timid kitten pulling him to take a step inside, then he turned back and whispered, “You… quickly follow me.”

Shen Delu let him pull him and slowly followed.

Chu Chen’an had just rounded the console in front of the monitoring screen when he saw a blo*ody corpse leaning against the inner console wall.

The person’s entire body emitted a foul odor, their torso and face were already blurred, their neck was twisted and stiff, as if it had been twisted when they were alive, and a pool of black and red bl*ood flowed out.

Chu Chen’an trembled in fear and retreated two steps backward shrinking to Shen Delu’s side.

No wonder he smelled bl*ood, so there really was a corpse here…

Shen Delu’s broad palm held the back of his head and he circled him in his arms, warmly comforting him, “Don’t be afraid, it’s a dead person.”

As Chu Chen’an listened to Shen Delu’s words, the fear in his heart weakened then he raised his eyes to take a closer look at the blo*odied corpse.

Although the person’s face was completely ruined, he recognized the nurse’s uniform…

It was the new head nurse, Chen Xiao.

Chu Chen’an asked in a trembling voice, “Why is she here?”

“Qu Qi killed her, that old man wanted to find a scapegoat, but the result was that the scapegoat wasn’t as obedient as he thought.” Shen Delu’s voice was low, and he laughed softly; his tone was flat, as if he was looking at a dead fowl.

Chu Chen’an shivered at the sound.

Shen Delu blocked Chu Chen’an’s eyes with his hand again. Seeing that he was scared, he warmly said “Let’s go, baby. If you’re scared, we won’t watch.”

Chu Chen’an was brought to the front of the elevator door, he hesitantly clicked the button under Shen Delu’s gaze.

They stepped into the elevator together, Shen Delu held Chu Chen’an’s fingers and pressed the close button.

Chu Chen’an looked around the elevator, it was so cold inside the elevator that he seemed to be able to hear the sound of steel plates rubbing against the stone walls.

Although Shen Delu firmly held him from behind him, he still couldn’t help but shivered.

It wouldn’t break again.

Chu Chen’an was worried, but then he noticed that he was being kissed on the back of his neck by Shena Delu.

“This elevator should be fixed, right?” Chu Chen’an nervously looked at the closed elevator door.

“It should be fixed,” Shen Delu sniffed the light fragrance at the back of Chu Chen’an’s neck and said, “Don’t worry, they’re all about to leave, so they wouldn’t have come to fix it now.”

Shen Delu’s words made Chu Chen’an even more worried.


The madhouse would soon be closed and they were about to leave. Who would still be idle enough to come repair the elevator?

Chu Chen’an busily grabbed the hem of Shen Deluxs coat, the iron and stone friction sound resounding around him became more obvious. He turned around and sneakily went closer to Shen Delu, the side of his face leaning on his chest.

Shen Delu lowered his eyes and hid his smile, the current An’an was too cute to be true.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ve heard that holding someone a little tighter and focusing on the center of gravity point can reduce elevator accidents.”

Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and whispered, “Really?”

He was always sick during his student days, plus his brain was stupid since he was a child, he couldn’t even make up fifty points in mathematics, science and chemistry combined.


So it was impossible to judge whether Shen Delu’s words were true or false.

Suddenly, the sharp iron friction sound resounded in his ears again. He couldn’t afford to doubt Shen Delu’s words more, so he quickly wrapped his arms around Shen Delu’s robust waist.

He closed his eyes tightly and his eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings as his whole body huddled in his arms.

Shen Delu got his way, he swept Chu Chen’an into his arms, his broad palms smoothing down his back, “We’ll arrive soon, An’an should hold on for a while.”

What Chu Chen’an didn’t realize was that when he was nervous, Shen Delu definitely benefited.

The elevator descended for more than thirty seconds, then the door finally opened after a “ding” sound.

Chu Chen’an looked at the open elevator door and sighed in relief.

He loosened his grip around Shen Delu and took the lead in stepping out of the elevator door.

When he raised his eyes, he saw the gloomy tunnel entrance in front of him, the iron door of the tunnel entrance was wide open, and there were four administrators standing guard at the entrance of the tunnel.

It should be here…

As Chu Chen’an was thinking, he was grabbed on the shoulder from behind by Shen Delu, “Let’s go, baby.”

The administrators had their g*uns raised, and after seeing the oncoming duo they all busily put away their gu*ns, splitting into two columns with their backs against the wall, respectfully giving them way.


Chu Chen’an withstood their invisible gazes and walked into the basement with Shen Delu.

The basement was cold and damp, and from time to time there were weird and cold whimpering sounds, which made Chu Chen’an’s scalp tingle.

They walked into the inner passage of the basement.

As expected, the two sides of the inner road had two wards surrounded by iron bars, and there were four beds in the wards, but the ones lying on the beds were all dry or decaying maggot corpses. These corpses had rotted to the point where a pungent odor permeated the surroundings of the basement.

Chu Chen’an was so disgusted that he couldn’t bear to look anymore after just a few glances.

These might be the S-class patients.

They might have died a month ago, a year ago, or even a few years ago …

No one would ever ask or come after them.

Just when he was disgusted and scared.

Shen Delu held his hand tightly and took him away from here.

Chu Chen’an was stunned and raised his eyes.


Only to see Shen Delu pulling him towards the end of the inner basement path, “Let’s go to the archive room.”

Chu Chen’an looked at Shen Delu’s tall and extremely secure back, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated uncontrollably.

It seemed like every time Shen Delu was around, he didn’t have to worry that he would be afraid.

Because Shen Delu would comfort him and protect him…

He felt like he was really going to be finished.


They walked into the archive room, which was huge, with a dozen rows of iron shelves piled with archive bags on top.

And each row of iron shelves was labeled with the month of time and the patient’s rank.

Chu Chen’an looked all the way along the iron shelves, and found a column of red iron shelves at the very end, labeled with a conspicuous “S”!


Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened, he wanted to run straight over to record the information, but Shen Delu was still here.

Shen Delu stared at him deeply from behind then he suddenly said, “An’an’s file from two years ago seems to still be here as well, I want to go and look for it. An’an, wait for me for a while.”


Chu Chen’an nodded repeatedly, he could just take advantage of the gap in Shen Delu’s absence to go and record the information.

After saying that, Shen Delu rubbed Chu Chen’an’s face and walked into the inner side of the third row.

The iron shelves here were arranged in a disorganized manner, and as soon as Shen Delu went inside, Chu Chen’an couldn’t see his silhouette.

Chu Chen’an quickly ran towards the column of red iron shelves.

In a pile of used file bags, he found nine S-class file bags hidden.

He busily took out the small tool of the system for entering information and began to record.

Shen Delu’s voice rang out from time to time, “Baby, you came here two years and a few months ago?”

Chu Chen’an’s hand that was recording the information trembled as he replied, “Two years and three months.”

“Oh, then I should have remembered correctly.” Shen Delu stood still on a certain row of iron shelves, “Where did we meet?”

Chu Chen’an finished recording half of the information and looked up to answer, “The patient… dining hall lobby.”

“Right, I remember that An’n was so good at that time,” Shen Delu’s voice held a smile, Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but tremble, “You came over to me and gave me a cube of sugar, I remember that the sugar was especially sweet… ”

“I found An’an’s case from back then.” Shen Delu added.

Chu Chen’an’s hand lurched, he opened the last file, and started recording with a shaking hand.

“Wow, An’an was still wearing a hospital gown at the time,” Shen Delu said as he held the file, “So cute.”

Chu Chen’an recorded as he listened to the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer to him, then he busily accelerated the recording speed.

“I want to see An’an in a hospital gown one more time.”

Chu Chen’an finished recording the last file, and quickly put it back on the iron shelf…

Suddenly, Shen Delu appeared at Chu Chen’an’s side with the file bag.

Chu Chen’an’s hand also happened to be retracted, and he was startled by his sudden appearance and took a step back.

Shen Delu’s expression remained normal, he unfolded the file and handed it to him to look at, smiling as he spoke, “An’an, look, isn’t it pretty?”


Shen Delu had collected all the ID photos he had taken when he first came to the insane asylum.

Chu Chen’an hid the small tool for entering information and looked at his pile of ID photos with disgust, “It’s ugly, put it back quickly.”

“Not ugly, it’s beautiful.” Shen Delu said, then put those ID photos into his pocket like they were treasures.

“Alright, we should go back for breakfast, An’an.” Shen Delu’s hand wrapped around Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, “You fainted several times last night, it’s time to replenish with some nutrition.”

Chu Chen’an blushed and punched Shen Delu’s shoulder, signaling him not to say anything.


They went back to the fourth floor of Building B.

Taking advantage of the gap between Shen Delu making breakfast, he went to get his laptop on the pretext that he had to go to the doctor’s dormitory to get his clothes, and after he got his laptop, he trotted hard to the stairwell of room 401.

He sat on the stairs again and connected to the internet, quickly uploading information and pictures to the cooperating party AN Media.


After uploading it, the system transmitted a beep in his head:

[Congratulations on completing main mission two]

[Reward Points: X500]

[In addition, 40% of your Cannon Fodder Quest Point 2 remains, you still need to expose the pictures you took to cause social unrest]


[We’re not far from clearing the copy, so please keep up the good work~]

He leaned against the staircase wall and let out a breath.

He quickly disconnected the internet and hid his laptop in the bottom of his shirt.


Despite Chu Chen’an’s ten thousand reluctance, the night finally came.

Wasn’t it just applying a medicine? It wasn’t a big deal.

“An’an has to wait for me to come out before applying it oh.” Shen Delu’s voice came out from inside the bathroom door.


When Chu Chen’an heard it, he was busy coming to the bedside table.

Wouldn’t it be fine if he finished applying the medicine before Shen Delu came out?

Chu Chen’an opened the nightstand and found a few jars of essential oil and two boxes of ointment in the second cabinet.

Chu Chen’an’s hand lurched as he hesitantly took out the two boxes and scrutinized them for a long time.

One box was a translucent light blue color with a faint minty scent.

There was another box that was colorless and tasteless.

He forgot which box it was.

Because last night, after he had fainted, Shen Delu applied it for him.


He hesitated for a moment, but chose the light blue box, which looked more formal.

He sat on the bed and opened the box of ointment, his cheeks flushed as he bit his lower lip and started applying it to himself.


When Shen Delu came out.

He saw Chu Chen’an lying on the bed, his eyes were misty, his red lips were slightly open as he panted.


“An’an.” Shen Delu walked straight over and looked at the open blue box.

His eyes were dark, “Baby, I originally thought that you were working very hard so I would let you rest. It seems it’s not possible.”

“Hmm?” Chu Chen’an raised his eyes dully as a bright blush crept up his cheeks.

“You applied the wrong medicine, little fool.”

Shen Delu wiped away the fine sweat rising from his forehead and kept his hand there.



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