C77- [3.16 — Judgment Day]

Especially after seeing the calmness in Jiu Shu’s eyes, His expression stiffened even more and He seemed to be at a loss for words.

The human named Jiu Shu was standing in front of them looking at them, and there was no gentleness on that beautiful face that was present when he was facing Lu Yuan.

There was only unfamiliarity, mixed with a bit of scrutiny.

It was as if he had really believed Li Qi’s words and believed that they were going to ki*ll Jiu Shu.

Obviously He wouldn’t.

He just wanted to fulfill his previous promise and take care of him.

“This lady, don’t be blo*ody-minded, what’s with the god of doom? I was just going home after dinner and happened to follow you.”

“Yeah, what about ki*lling or not k*illing? I don’t even know you, it’s ridiculous!”

“What a bummer! I was actually accused of being a k*iller!”


At the entrance of the bar, the smiling guests, after a brief period of stiffness, finally spoke up with angry expressions.

As if they were indeed passerbys who had been slandered for no reason.

The other guests saw the situation, the stiff expression on their faces also quickly turned into a thinly veiled expression of anger.

Then they dispersed in a flurry.

Their eyes were controlled, not looking at Jiu Shu and the bandaged man standing behind him.

They behaved normally as if they were just some innocent people passing by.

Jiu Shu thoughtfully watched these guests who deliberately avoided his line of sight go away.

A few moments later, he lowered his eyebrows nonchalantly.

No one could tell his emotions at this moment, it wasn’t obvious whether or not he believed in the defense of those guests.

On the side, Li Qi, whose was still in a state of shock, watched in dismay as these strange people, who had been so eerie and frightening just a moment ago, returned to normal.

She almost thought that she was having another attack and was hallucinating, and that she misread the situation.

What happened, shouldn’t they have gone on a k*illing spree after their true colors were revealed?

Why did He suddenly act as if He was afraid of being mistaken for a monster and tried His best to hide His relationship with the god of doom?

Obviously, He didn’t hide it at all before.

Could it be that… he was that afraid of the Butcher?

Li Qi suddenly thought of something and looked at the butcher next to her.

This tall man was similar to the appearance she remembered in her previous life.

Tall, strong and silent.

Except for the absence of the bandages that covered his entire upper body and the pair of eyes that were always bleeding, everything was exactly the same as the butcher after the end of the world.

But unlike in her memories, the current Butcher didn’t have the same gloomy and cold aura that he had after the end of the world.

The Butcher at that time was like a cold machine that only knew how to hack and ki*ll, but now he seemed like a different person.

His aura seemed milder.


The Butcher who was being stared at lowered his eyes to look at Li Qi, looking at the woman with a human head.

Having the same human head as the young boss, she looked like a better match than he, a tall man with a bandaged face.


Lu Yuan’s gaze seemed to grow a bit more somber at the thought.

Too close.

She was too close to Jiu Shu.

That cold, empty stare scared Li Qi to death.

It was only then that she realized she had actually stood still for a long time looking at the Butcher.

The butcher, although better than before, still seemed to dislike humans and was disgusted by the way she looked at him for just a moment.

“Let’s go.”

Jiu Shu looked at the heroine, who was scared stiff by the object of discipline, and didn’t say anything, but simply took his hand and continued walking to the restaurant.


Lu Yuan felt the softness in his hand and his expression immediately became much more relaxed, obediently following behind Jiu Shu and entering the restaurant.

Leaving Li Qi behind, who was staring blankly at the back of the two.

To Li Qi, this scene brought her no less shock than the bartender’s creepy smile earlier.

The butcher would actually be so meek and show such intimacy to a human.

This was getting more and more out of sync with the Butcher in Li Qi’s memory.

The butcher in her memory should be hollow and numb, with a miserable fate.

Li Qi had heard about the butcher’s past in her memories of her previous life.

The miserable childhood and isolated adult experience, the ostracism of the people in the factory, the embarrassing life after the factory went bankrupt, the loneliness that no one cared about until his death.

All of this drove the pre-apocalyptic butcher crazy.

It also caused the Butcher to become inhuman after the end of the world.

Li Qi never thought she would see the Butcher like this.

In particular, the emotion in the eyes of the Butcher when he looked at the handsome-looking youth at his side could almost be called happiness.

Even though she had previously heard from Li Sheng that the butcher was a bit different from his previous life and had a beautiful lover.

Li Qi had never imagined that there would be such a big change.

So big that it almost made her think she was hallucinating.

“Hello, two guests, what would you like to eat?”

On the other side, Jiu Shu and Lu Yuan had already arrived in the restaurant, and they sat down at a table.

The waiter next to them immediately came over and attentively handed over the menu.

“Just order.”

Jiu Shu signaled the waiter to pass the menu to Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan’s pitch-black pupils looked at the waiter for a few seconds before he accepted the menu and began to carefully select it.

Having just finished the psychological counseling, it just so happened that the time was approaching noon, so they came to the restaurant to dine together.

He knew that it was because Jiu Shu was too lazy to pick for himself, so he ordered the food for him.

After this period of time together, Lu Yuan had already learned the tastes of his young boss and was comfortable with things like ordering food.

The waiter on the side saw this but still had a standardized smile on his face.

As if he couldn’t see the intimate atmosphere between the two, he praised Jiu Shu, “The two of you are here for a work gathering, right? The guest is so nice to your employee; what a good boss.”

In one fell swoop, the relationship between the two lovers became that of a boss and a subordinate.


Lu Yuan who was ordering food froze for a moment, and the pale fingers holding the menu clenched.

He seemed to be suppressing some kind of negative emotion.

The waiter, on the other hand, as if he couldn’t understand the atmosphere at all, continued to smile and said, “By the way, we often have employees and superiors from nearby companies come to gather here, and there are specially customized employee meals, may I ask if you’d like to take a look?”

Just as Lu Yuan’s eyes under the bandage gradually grew gloomy, Jiu Shu suddenly laughed softly and curved those beautiful black eyes, “Thank you, there’s no need, since we’re a couple, can we take a look at the couple’s set meal?”

Saying that, Jiu Shu also put his arm intimately into the arm of Lu Yuan, and the two of them leaned in close together without separating.

“… I can.”

The waiter was silent for a moment before continuing and handing out another menu.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but it looked like the smile on the waiter’s face was barely hanging on.

“…” Jiu Shu lowered his eyes and the gloom instantly dissipated. He was a little dazed, and his heart was beating uncontrollably.

Looking at the boss who was snuggled in his side, he didn’t move his eyes away for a long time.

No matter how many times, it was so tempting to kiss him.

“… Guest, is that all? Please wait for a moment yet, the dishes will be up soon.”

The waiter looked at the couple in front of him who were so intensely in love with each other; he seemed to have become extraordinarily silent, and the ease and pleasure he had before was no longer there when he spoke, so he took the menu and left.

And after he left, Lu Yuan also finally kissed the lover by his side as he wished.

He lowered his head and kissed Jiu Shu’s cheek.

Jiu Shu laughed as if he was ticklish, and snuggled even closer to his side.

Just like a couple that couldn’t be more normal.


Not far away from the bar, it seemed that the bartender had accidentally broken a wine glass.

The other guests in the restaurant also cast their gazes over if at all, especially when they saw Lu Yuan kissing Jiu Shu, their gazes all became extraordinarily eerie.

“By the way Lu Yuan, did the psychiatrist prescribe you some medicine just now?”

Jiu Shu asked about the content of the psychological counseling just now, after all, the purpose of going to the doctor was for him to prescribe medication, but they didn’t spend much time there.

Lu Yuan shook his head.

“No, he’s incompetent.”

“A quack.”

“Is that so? I can’t listen too much to the online reviews next time, they said he was a highly skilled doctor.”

“Yes, don’t believe it.”




The bartender crushed another glass.

At this moment, the restaurant was quiet, except for the sound of car horns coming from outside the restaurant from time to time.

All the guests were eating quietly.

It seemed that they were satisfied with the food in the restaurant, and there was no noisy situation at all like other restaurants.

It was so quiet that it was almost eerie.

And as if Jiu Shu didn’t notice this weirdness, he leaned against Lu Yuan’s sturdy chest and played with his cell phone.

Lu Yuan, on the other hand, thoughtfully wrapped his arm around his young lover, moving gently.

His pitch-black eyes, however, would raise up every now and then meet those blood-colored eyeballs in the restaurant.

Soon enough, the food was served.

It was just the same two bowls of noodles, one with more and one with less.

“Guests, please eat.”

The waiter served the two bowls of noodles and small dishes with a smile, as if he didn’t notice the difference in the portion sizes of the two bowls.

Lu Yuan looked at him indifferently, and he smiled back.

“It seems a bit too much, let’s switch.”

Then Jiu Shu’s slightly troubled voice rang out, and he reached out his hand in preparation to swap the two bowls of noodles.


The waiter suddenly stopped Jiu Shu’s movement with some loss of composure.

Then, looking at Jiu Shu’s expression that seemed to be tinged with surprise, the waiter reluctantly resumed his smile.

Then he explained, “I mean, two guests, I’m very sorry, the difference in the portion of these two bowls of noodles is too big, I’ll replace it for you.”

“Actually, it’s fine if you don’t replace it.”

Jiu Shu arched his eyebrows and smiled gently.

“I can’t eat much, the small portion is just right.”

“… It must be changed, it’s a restaurant rule.”

The waiter’s smile stiffened.

“Alright then, then I’ll trouble you.” Jiu Shu didn’t push any further.

The waiter took back the food that had just been brought up.

And still leaning carelessly into Lu Yuan’s arms, Jiu Shu asked softly, “Are you hungry?”


Lu Yuan replied, his large pale hand couldn’t help but hold Jiu Shu’s palm that had finally stopped playing with the cell phone, rubbing it gently.

How could he let go of this warm and soft palm.

His lover couldn’t be snatched away because they loved each other?

Every time he thought of this, Lu Yuan would feel his heart beating out of control, like it was about to pop out, even the tip of his tongue had an unknown sweetness.

He obviously didn’t have a sweet tooth, but he was deeply fascinated by this sweetness.

“This restaurant is so slow.”

Jiu Shu got a little sleepy waiting.

“Yes, the staff sucks.”


The bartender behind the bar kept the smile on his face as he carefully wiped the glass in his hand.

Then the cracked glass was casually thrown into the trash can.

The other guests in the restaurant gradually lost some of the smiles on their faces, and could only lower their heads to hide the blank expression on their faces.

After a few moments, they also began to talk to each other like the other guests in the restaurant.
His tone of voice was relaxed and idle, as if he was really making small talk.

“Hey did you hear about it? Two days ago that second son of the Li family seemed to have been killed by his lover.”

“Heard heard heard, it is said that his death was very tragic, his skin and flesh were torn apart. Just because he wanted to break up with his lover, the lover immediately attacked him. After killing him, he opened his stomach and cooked his heart. After eating it, he stole his money and ran away!”

“Wow, that’s too ferocious, right? What’s the origin of that lover?”

“He was the subordinate of the second son; these days many people hate the rich, don’t look at a lover’s smile, in fact, they are more ruthless when it’s time!”

“After all, he was a poor man who climbed up the rich and powerful by any means, how could he really fall in love with the rich?”

“So ah, when looking for a lover you absolutely have to be careful!”


Lu Yuan’s pitch-black eyes stared unblinkingly at those talking guests, his bandage-wrapped face hid his expression, only his increasingly eerie pupils could be seen.

And those guests who spoke cast icy, mocking gazes at him from where Jiu Shu couldn’t see them, their eyes scarlet.

“Lu Yuan?”

The young boss’s voice called Lu Yuan’s gaze back, and he paused, no longer looking at those grim-faced animals, but instead staring earnestly at the man in his arms.

He seemed to be using this to suppress the negative emotions within his heart, lest he lose control and tear those disgusting livestock heads into pieces.

Jiu Shu looked at Lu Yuan and ran his fingers over the bandages on his face, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“What’s the matter? Are you afraid that I’ll be affected by what the others say?”

“……” Lu Yuan didn’t say anything, he just remained silent and tightened his grip on Jiu Shu’s palm on his cheek, unable to let go.

Of course he was afraid.

Even if he knew that they loved each other, how long could that love last if gossip lingered around them all the time?

“Actually, I don’t mind even if I’m killed by Lu Yuan, because it’s at the hands of the one I love, so it’s okay.”


Lu Yuan’s fingers tightened uncontrollably, the pitch-black eyes under the bandage also trembled out of control, as if he had never expected that he would hear such a reply.

Perhaps to normal people, such a blo*ody answer was a bit abnormal, but to Lu Yuan, it was an answer that was enough to dispel all of his uneasiness.

Because that was how he had always thought.

Because he loved Jiu Shu, so no matter what Jiu Shu did to him, even if it meant asking him to die, he would immediately do it.

Death at the hands of Jiu Shu would be a happy ending for him.

And likewise, if it was for the sake of Jiu Shu, even if he had to fight against the god of doom that he had believed in for most of his life, he would still do it.

As it was now.

He refused the god’s order to commit sui-cide, refused His order to try to snatch Jiu Shu away.

Even if he knew what the consequences of disobeying god would be; he would never be able to turn back into a normal person again.

That had been his lifelong wish, but compared to Jiu Shu, nothing mattered anymore.

“I won’t kill Jiu Shu, it doesn’t matter if I die at the hands of Jiu Shu.”

Lu Yuan’s voice was magnetic, his pitch-black pupils filled with Jiu Shu’s figure as he replied with incomparable seriousness.

It was absolutely impossible for him to kill Jiu Shu, but he had the same thoughts as him.

“How could I be willing to ki*ll you?”

Jiu Shu’s eyes softened a lot as he looked at the object of discipline in front of him.

He didn’t mince his sweet words, making Lu Yuan’s ears redden from the tips of his ears.

His mouth was stupid, so he could only hug the love of his life tightly in his arms and show him his feelings.

This scene looked incredibly cozy in the restaurant.


Though to some others, it didn’t look cozy at all.

“Guest, the meal is ready, I’m really sorry for the previous mistake, so today’s meal is free.”

The waiter suddenly appeared with the meal, interrupting the intimate embrace between the two.

If it wasn’t for the smile on his face, it would almost seem like he was interrupting on purpose.

“Okay, just put it on the table.”

Jiu Shu was held in Lu Yuan’s arms, and his beautiful eyes looked at the waiter, signaling that he could leave.

The waiter was silent for a moment before bowing and leaving.

For some reason, his back looked a bit forlorn.

And it was only after a while that Lu Yuan loosened his embrace at Jiu Shu’s gesture.

It was time to start eating, so they couldn’t keep hugging.

“We’ll go back and have a good hug again.” Jiu Shu smiled, his tone seeming to imply something.

“… Hmm.”

Originally feeling a bit lost because he couldn’t continue hugging, Lu Yuan froze at his words, then reacted.

The corners of his mouth under the bandage lifted subconsciously and he nodded.


The guest at the next table seemed to have accidentally broken a plate, but he remained quiet and didn’t make a sound, continuing to eat as if the person who broke the plate wasn’t him.

And both Lu Yuan and Jiu Shu ignored the commotion in the restaurant and had already begun to dine.

This time, the portions of noodles and dishes served were very generous, and there was finally no more fuss.

The two of them ate without saying a word.

Other than the fact that occasionally, Jiu Shu would feed Lu Yuan some of his food, and Lu Yuan would also give Jiu Shu his favorite dishes, everything was very peaceful.

It was just that from time to time, there would be the sound of dinner plates constantly breaking coming from the dining room.

He didn’t know how long it had been, but just when Jiu Shu was almost finished with his meal, a familiar voice suddenly came from outside the restaurant.

The shrill voice of the heroine, Li Qi.
She seemed to have finally snapped out of her daze and remembered the business she had to attend to.

“Let me in – let me in! Lu Yuan! Lu Yuan! Run, don’t stay here, you’ll die, you’ll all die!”

“The god of doom will ki*ll you all!”

“Trust me! I’m not lying to you! I’m not lying to you all!”

Li Qi was stopped by the restaurant’s security guards, yelling at the top of her lungs.

She knew she must have just been ignored as a lunatic.
But she really wasn’t lying, it was the men who were lying.

Those people with eerie smiles on their faces and reddened eyes must have been possessed by the god of doom, she could feel the aura of madness coming from them.

Although they had disguised themselves as normal people in front of her just now, even fooling the butcher, Li Qi could feel the insanity hidden underneath their skins.

The god of doom had gone mad.

But by borrowing a human body, he was able to think with a human brain, which gave the god a chance to briefly get rid of his madness and return to sanity.

But in reality, the god of Doom was always crazy, and no matter how shrewd and intelligent He looked on the outside, or how good He was at disguising Himself, He couldn’t hide His crazy nature.

It was also because of this essence that even if He restored reason, His thoughts would still be filled with k*illing the butcher and all humanity.

Li Qi had already seen through the god of doom’s mind.

He must have wanted to temporarily confuse the butcher and his lover, then take advantage of their lowered defenses to k*ill them together, before abandoning the human skin and returning to the madness.

In that case, no one would be able to save the world.

“Please, run away! The god of doom, He’s everywhere-unh-unh!” Before she could finish her sentence, Li Qi was dragged out by the security guards covering her mouth.

One could only watch in disbelief as they were getting farther and farther away from the butcher and the beautiful-looking youth in the restaurant.

It was over, they were going to be completely left behind in this restaurant full of the god of doom.

The whole world was going to end!

The guests in the restaurant watched Li Qi walk away and all seemed to breathe a sigh of relief in unison.

Finally, they had dragged her out before she could tell the truth.

He hoped that this wouldn’t attract Jiu Shu’s attention.

However, it wasn’t to be, and Jiu Shu still raised his head to look in the direction Li Qi had left.

His eyes didn’t move away for a long time, seemingly pondering something.

In an instant, the restaurant became almost dead silent.

All gazes converged on this snow-white complexioned youth, seemingly waiting nervously for what he was going to say next.

“Lu Yuan, speaking of which, she knew your name since we first met, do you know her?”

Happily, he didn’t find out the truth, and only questioned Lu Yuan beside him.

“Don’t know.” Lu Yuan didn’t recognize her, nor did he know why she knew his name.

He just found the woman who kept approaching Jiu Shu annoying.

“Well, that’s that.”

“Then she’s really kind of strange, maybe her words are true and the god of doom wants to k*ill us.”

“… Hmm.” Lu Yuan silently voiced out, many pairs of red eyes lifted up in the restaurant, staring unblinkingly at them.

Those faces that had been wearing smiles now only had uneasiness and panic.

“Lu Yuan aren’t you a follower of the god of doom? You don’t mind her saying that?”

“I don’t mind.” It was a fake god of doom anyway.

The young boss looked at Lu Yuan and seemed to lose his smile a little, and only after a long time did he smile and reply, “Well then, then I guess the god of doom really wants to k*ill us.”

“The god of doom who wants to k*ill people, ah. He seems like a very unpleasant god.”

“Stay away from the god of doom.” Lu Yuan added seriously.

Jiu Shu couldn’t help but laugh, “You hate the god of doom so much? Okay then, then I hate the god of doom as well.”


Behind the bar, the bartender with a straight back crushed the last glass, and then kept his head down without raising it again.

The restaurant also became extremely quiet after Jiu Shu’s “I hate the god of doom” comment.

But on the road outside the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows, a few cars crashed into each other by mistake.

While black smoke filled the hoods of the vehicles, none of the drivers opened their doors and stepped out, as if they were in some kind of extremely low mood.

They almost seemed a little less eager to live.



The second personality is so funny this time; still crazy but funny (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)


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