C31 – The Number One Suspect

Yu Rui and Feng Huai blended into the crowd and returned to the scene of the crime without anyone realizing it.



When they returned to the stage, all the audience had already left, and the police were questioning Mu Zi and the others one by one.



–Naturally, they didn’t get any information, it was just a symbolic process.



Mu Zi and Ji Jian had already turned white with fear, their eyes were a bit wooden, and when they saw Yu Rui and Feng Huai coming over, they only moved their eyes slightly.



Seeing this, Feng Huai raised his eyebrows slightly and inclined his head to indicate Yu Rui: “What’s wrong with them?”



“They saw something they shouldn’t have seen.”



“Then it seems to be something too extraordinary.”



Yu Rui slightly hooked up the corner of his mouth, and looked at Feng Huai with a smile, watching the man with both hands in his pockets, leaning on the piano bench with his knees slightly bent, casually.



After briefly questioning Mu Zi and the others, the police turned to Feng Huai and Yu Rui.



“It’s your turn, where were you at the time of the crime?” The police asked.



It was kind of a routine, usually any answer would be enough to complete this part.



But this time was a bit different.



After Yu Rui and Feng Huai finished answering the police officer’s questions, the police officer followed up with, “May I ask, what was your relationship with the deceased?”



Yu Rui frowned slightly.



The police officer who took the statement then said, “An eyewitness said that before the crime, he saw Mr. Yu and the deceased meeting in private and had a heated verbal argument, may I ask, what was the situation?”



Yu Rui’s express sank slightly as he heard the words, the unusual situation link meant that there must be clues here, or it was the trigger link for the side quest.



After a brief thought, he replied, “The deceased approached me to discuss the next cooperation matters, and was rejected by me, we just had a very normal conversation, and there was no verbal argument. However, at that time, he answered a phone call and was very emotional, he even dropped his cell phone and left in a hurry. I think the witnesses saw the scene, so there was a little misunderstanding.”



“Then please cooperate with us to find out the connection between the content of that phone call and the death of the deceased to clear your suspicion.” The police said.



With that, Yu Rui heard the system prompting him to accept the multiplayer side mission, other players who were present and heard it, could assist in accepting the side mission and receive the corresponding rewards.



[Players Feng Huai, Yu Ru, and Mu Zi …… have accepted the multiplayer side mission: Last Call, and will be rewarded 2 points for completing the mission. If the mission fails, player Yu Rui will be locked as the number one suspect and will suffer the consequences.]



Yu Rui: “……”



Feng Huai turned his head to look at Yu Rui, “The consequences are self inflicted. It sounds quite frightening, but I always feel that it will be the beginning of another side plot.”



“You look a little eager to try?” Yu Rui raised his eyebrows at him.



Feng Huai smiled faintly at Yu Rui, “Forget it, I can’t afford to let you take that big of a risk.”



After all, he was considered a grasshopper on a rope, Yu Rui’s risk was equal to his risk, if it was anyone else, he would be happy to try another ending.



Yu Rui helplessly shook his head, but couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth in a smile.



Even though he knew Feng Huai’s true thoughts, he still couldn’t stop his heart from beating faster for the other party’s verbalized phrase “can’t afford to bear that risk”.



“Shouldn’t we first take a look at the place where you two had a private conversation earlier?” Ji Jian had almost recovered, and came between Yu Rui and Feng Huai.



Feng Huai saw Yu Zhi’s eyes go cold and inclined his head to give a silent, light laugh.



Ji Jian swallowed his saliva, met Yu Rui’s eyes, quietly took a small step back, and asked with a smile, “Or do you mean to go somewhere else? I’ll go wherever the Great god tells me to go, I’ll listen to the Great god.”



Yu Rui coldly responded: “The lounge next door to the rehearsal hall.”



Ji Jian: “Okay, okay, okay.”


[Hahahahahahaha laughing to death, JiJian this child is really stupid.]



[I can smell a little ambiguous flavor.]





[Look at the kid, he’s scared, even swallowing half a day’s worth of saliva.]



When the group arrived at the destination, Yu Rui was talking to Luo Haonan in the lounge adjacent to the rehearsal hall.



“There’s not even a surveillance probe here, what clues can we find?” Ji Jian asked in wonder as he strolled around.



“When Luo Haonan was talking through, he took a slip of paper to record something, that’s the key.” Yu Rui said, “After the call, he was the first to leave and went to the old performance hall next door.”



“Maybe that note was left in that old performance hall?” Mu Zi opened her mouth.



It was just that when she spoke of the old performance hall, Mu Zi’s face was a bit unnatural, she felt that those parts that once belonged to the old Opera House were indescribably treacherous.



It seemed that whenever she went to a place like that, she would lose control and her memory would appear disconnected.



“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go and take a look first.” Ji Jian said.



After he finished speaking, he ran off to the next door in a huff, Mu Zi gritted her teeth, thinking of the only side quest and reward that was triggered out, so she could only follow Ji Jian with a stiff upper lip.



“You told them this clue, aren’t you afraid that they will find that door by mistake?” Feng Huai waited for them to leave and asked in a lowered voice.


“They can’t find it.” Yu Rui said.



He met Feng Huai’s gaze and smiled, “Before we left, I hid one of the candlesticks. Without one of them, the entire mechanism can’t be activated.”



Feng Huai raised his eyebrows at that, “Ha, what a coincidence. I also hid one, symmetrically.”



Yu Ru curled the corners of his mouth, “Then there’s even less worry that they’ll find it.”



[So awesome, these two have their hearts in one place]


[Worthy of being a newcomer brought out by boss Yu, their routines are all the same]



[So Ji Jian and Mu Zi went to do hard labor, right? Finding the note, cracking the mission, and in the end, it will be Yu Rui who benefited.]



[Don’t say Ji Jian and Mu Zi won’t benefit. No one’s stupid. It’s only right to protect your own side quests.]



[If the mission is really stolen, boss Yu will definitely be teased.]





“What are you going to do now?” Feng Huai asked.



“It’s not necessarily necessary to find the little note written by Luo Haonan himself to have the answer.” Yu Rui said, walking over to the rest table, which was strewn with a pen holder, a book of sticky notes, and a water pen with its cap pulled off.



The solid-colored sticky note was covered in scratches, so one could imagine how emotional Luo Haonan had been at the time when he wrote things down, and how heavy his grip on the pen had been.



Feng Huai realized.



Yu Rui pulled out a pen from the pen container, tore another piece of white paper, pasted it on the top layer of the sticky note, and gently swept out a layer of fuzzy pen marks.



“7pm, behind the door, 3.” Feng Huai recognized the blurry imprints on it, and could only make out a few of the clearer handwriting.



He gave a “hmm” and said, “When Luo Haonan fell down, it was just after the end of the second measure of the march, which was almost around 7:30 PM.”



“Behind the door, it should refer to the invisible door, as for the number three, perhaps it’s a marker, like we said, there are countless dark passages in all directions behind the door, and the number designates one of the dark passages.” Yu Rui analyzed.



“Or maybe it’s three o’clock.” Feng Huai nodded at the handwriting, “There’s something behind three, it’s just hard to see.”



Yu Rui nodded, “In any case, behind the door is a key, we must enter that door first.”


“But it won’t be easy to avoid both Ji Jian and Mu Zi.” Feng Huai frowned slightly.



No one was a generous person, and without the benefit of help, no one wanted to share their side quests with others and share the reward points equally.



However, just the next second after Feng Huai had finished speaking, Ji Jian’s panicked yell came from the old performance hall next door.


Yu Rui and Feng Huai exchanged a glance, but they didn’t rush out to see what was going on, instead they hid behind the door and observed the movement over there.



“Fuck fuck fuck what are you doing!?” Ji Jian yelled and ran out from the performance hall.


He had a bleeding scratch on his neck, and the sleeve of his shirt had been ripped open, he looked in a sorry state.



Through the doorway, Feng Huai saw Mu Zi running out right behind Ji Jian.



However, it was obvious that the person Ji Jian was hiding from was Mu Zi.



Mu Zi looked like a woman on stilts, it was weird.



That wasn’t the most appropriate way to put it, as she didn’t have anything under her feet to increase her height.



But she walked shakily, her two arms hanging at her side like boneless rubber, swinging back and forth irregularly like the long water sleeves of a stilt artist.



She hung her head low and didn’t look at Ji Jian, her two shoulders drooping as if they had been broken, moving with her toes crossed, she looked like she would fall at any moment.


But on the contrary, she was moving incredibly fast!



Ji Jian ran while looking back to see if Mu Zi was following behind him, and then there was another cry of surprise, he jerked his body and rolled away, just to see Mu Zi rushing up with both hands bent in a circular embrace, almost trying to hold Ji Jian in a full embrace.



“Don’t be so enthusiastic! We’re not the same gender!” Ji Jian exclaimed, staring in horror.



[Hahahahahaha enthusiastic ghost, quickly put a ghost repelling charm on her!]



[The young lady was probably desperate in her heart as well, and didn’t want to hug such a bearish and naive teammate]



Feng Huai looked at the man beside him, “Do you remember last time? She also suddenly became extremely aggressive, and seemed to become a different person once she stepped into the old site.”



“There was a change with the environment, probably because her character had a secret mission of her own. But it seems that she hasn’t been able to solve that problem so far.” Yu Rui narrowed his eyes, “If this continues, it will add a lot of trouble to our mission.”



Feng Huai nodded slightly, they couldn’t keep knocking people out whenever they encountered a situation, and Mu Zi’s situation was likely to be closely related to their main quest, perhaps they could start from that angle when the branch puzzles were solved.



Both of them were making calculations in their minds, and neither of them thought of lending a helping hand to Ji Jian.



Ji Jian ran two large laps around the long corridor, panting, looking back at Mu Zi, but the other party didn’t look tired at all.



Ji Jian frantically shouted, “If you come over again I won’t be polite ah!”



[Puffing, young lady: don’t be polite, if you are polite, you will lose your life]


Ji Jian grits his teeth, stopped and met Mu Zi head on.



He took a horse stance, set up a stance, and when Mu Zi rushed up, his hands firmly grabbed Mu Zi’s waist and violently pulled her up towards the ground in a heavy waist hug.



“Offended offended offended.” Ji Jian’s mouth flew into an apology before grabbing the unconscious Mu Zi and dragging her to the corner.






[I laughed when the young man just zigzagged, I was dumbfounded after the waist-hugging fall, that said, isn’t it not too good to just drag a young lady directly into the corner like this?]




I went back to the last chapter and corrected Ji Jian’s her to he, I also checked the previous chapters, it’s all he, sorry for the mistake 🤦

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