“Relay running ……” Su Zhe frowned, a little worried: “As long as the team has the need, I’m willing to join the training, but I have no experience in relay running, can I train in time?”



Relay running was after all a collective project, on the surface, it seemed that the team members only needed to hand over the baton to each other, and then run one after the other, but in reality, the timing of the baton passing between the team members, whether the team members could smoothly pass the baton between them, and whether the team members could anticipate the speed status of the previous team members, etc., all of them were the difficult points that needed to be integrated through training in order to achieve the maximum effect.



Su Yinsheng also wrinkled his brow, in fact, although it was his own choice, even as decisive as he was, he inevitably felt some hesitation.



After all, Su Zhe already had two competition projects on his shoulders, and this period of closed training was a good time for Su Zhe to improve his technical weaknesses and consolidate his improved skills.



But in the absence of a core, the relay team also faced unsolvable difficulties.


Was it possible to rely on Su Zhe to bring the relay team to life by allowing Su Zhe to join the training? Or would it not only not solve the problem of the relay team, but also waste Su Zhe’s valuable training time of three days?



Although his mind was full of thoughts, Su Yinsheng’s expression was still quite firm – as the head coach of the sprint team, if he also expressed a hesitant attitude, it would only make the members of the team feel uneasy.



Su Yinsheng said, “Yes, this is a very difficult challenge, you only have 3 days, for these 3 days your focus training program will be on relay running, sprinting and 110m hurdles so the training is only the lowest intensity maintenance training.”




“In 3 days, if it is determined that you can play the core position in the relay, then your next training schedule will be adjusted accordingly, if not, you will withdraw from the relay running training, focus on the 100-meter dash and 110-meter hurdles, the relay team will implement plan B.”


“Your position is positioned as the fourth best sprinter in the team. We only have two requirements for you: first, learn to take the baton, and second, sprint with all your strength.”



These two points, it was simple to say, but how hard was it to do?



Su Zhe naturally could also see the pressure in his father’s eyes, and didn’t say anything more, he only nodded with the same firmness.



For Su Zhe’s 3-day relay running training, the original two relay teams were temporarily split again.


Zhao Zhixuan, Wang Ming, Meng Hao and Su Zhe became the latest team.



Qiu Xinchu and Wang Qin were split from the existing relay team at the same time, with Jiang Zhongyan as the first baton, Qiu Xinchu as the second baton, Sun Weitong as the third baton, and Wang Qin as the fourth baton, and the four of them formed the second relay team for training.



The purpose of this team’s existence was to allow Qiu Xinchu and Wang Qin to continue to maintain the training status of the second and fourth batons, in addition to this, Qiu Xinchu and Wang Qin were still carrying out the training content customized by Su Yinsheng, striving to improve the stability of their own status, and obtaining the opportunity to become the core of the team.



The other members of the team were also a little surprised, and at the same time quite pleased, that Su Zhe had joined the relay team’s training.



The current members of the relay team actually had a good understanding of the team’s shortcomings – without a strong core team member, it would be difficult to drive a qualitative improvement in the team’s strength by only relying on the constant improvement of tacit understanding.



When the team was initially formed, a few of the team members had privately discussed whether or not Su Zhe would join the relay team, but after looking at Su Zhe’s daily training volume, the team members all felt that Su Zhe no longer had the spare capacity to participate in the relay team’s training.


Unexpectedly, in the middle stage of the current training set, Su Zhe joined the team.



Zhao Zhixuan patted Su Zhe’s shoulder after seeing him, “Can you handle adding another program?”



Su Zhe smiled, “I’ll give it a try, it’s not like no one has ever doubled up on a program like this, is it?”



During the live broadcast of the training on that day, some fans soon realized that something was wrong – why was Su Zhe’s training different from usual? Had his training program been adjusted?



Not only that, Su Zhe’s training was no longer done alone, but he seemed to be working with someone?


Sharp-eyed track and field fans quickly realized that Su Zhe was learning and training in baton passing and catching techniques.


Meng Hao, as the third relay member in this team, was cooperating with Su Zhe to practice the baton passing and receiving technique.



This discovery instantly caused the track and field fans to clamor a bit.


[This training …… is he temporarily joining the relay team?]



[Can’t be right …… This previous team has been practicing together for almost a week, and Boss Zhe himself still has 100 meters and 110 meter hurdles to run ……]



What was going on here? Su Zhe was already under a lot of pressure from training for the 100 meter and 110 meter hurdles on his own, what was with this relay running? Who was responsible for affecting the results of the other two events?



Because relay running was suddenly added to Su Zhe’s training program, the live broadcast room, which originally had a relatively stable number of viewers, suddenly ushered in a group of new viewers after receiving the news.



The noisy and discordant voices inside the live broadcast room also suddenly increased.



[What is the coaching staff thinking? Letting an athlete who hasn’t mastered the baton passing technique into the relay team? Is the relay team’s performance that bad? Why don’t you give the previous team members a good workout in the time it takes to let Su Zhe train?]


[The previous part is right, Su Zhe’s results are good, but you can’t think of letting him have a hand in every program, right? Not to mention this kind of program he’s never trained in before?]



[Those two brothers, don’t speak so politely, of course the coaching team knows what they’re doing, if you are really so capable, why don’t you become the coach yourself?]



[Joke, I’m just fucking criticizing a person, if I say the food isn’t good and that there is a problem, do I have to be a chef to criticize it?]



The original harmonious live room, because of this matter, began to heat up.


Voices questioning Su Zhe’s participation in relay training soon appeared on the network, arguing that he was already very saturated with training for two events, so why should he be allowed to urgently join the relay team when he hadn’t mastered the baton passing and receiving techniques and hadn’t participated in relay training?



The sports channel staff who had been monitoring the network information quickly fed this news back to the director, asking if he wanted to limit the comments in the live broadcast room.



“Let them send it.” Director Wei Liang said decisively, “Those who will come to this live broadcast room and can speak out about this issue are all sports enthusiasts who care about the track and field program.”



“Everyone’s starting point is right, and the opposition points they raised are actually not wrong, if we didn’t know about the difficulties of the track and field team right now, we would also feel wrong about this decision of the coaching staff.”



After a pause, Wei Liang suddenly turned to the staff and said, “Hey, go call Big Head He, how can this clip be missing in the documentary? Let him come here quickly!”



On Weibo and in the track and field kingdom forum, track and field enthusiasts began to argue over the team’s choice – was it effective? Was it worth it?


Huang Wenye was a die-hard track and field fan, especially for the track events, it was engraved in his bones. He knew almost all the domestic and international athletes in track and field.



For the track and field national team, he had always maintained the greatest enthusiasm for support, and he wasn’t stingy when he could watch matches on site. He would also work hard on the field to cheer for the athletes.



Among all the competitions, the 4*100 meter race could be included in the top three of his watch list.



If the 100 meter race could be called the most shining gem on the track and field events, then it was said that the 4*100 meters, was the ornament made up of the most dazzling gems, and the whole field was dazzling because of them.



For this statement, Huang Wenye was also very supportive, he loved seeing this group of partners full of tacit understanding on the track, for the same belief of victory.



They used their fastest speed to sprint on the track, and the best tacit understanding to achieve each other’s results, and ultimately they collectively reached the best results.


Watching such a competition every time made Huang Wenye feel overwhelmed and unable to control himself.



In this World Championships, when the relay team qualified for the competition, Huang Wenye was very excited.



Although the veteran Liu Hanjiang had retired at that time, Wang Ming joined the competition as an alternate, replacing Liu Hanjiang’s position, under the full leadership of Chen Zhi, the team still successfully obtained the qualification for the World Championships.



But not long after that, the news of Chen Zhi’s injury came out.



At that time, Huang Wenye was worried about the situation of the relay team.



If the originally mature team only temporarily lacked one veteran Liu Hanjiang, and with the core figure Chen Zhi still present, it would not be difficult for Wang Ming, as a substitute, to temporarily hold onto Liu Hanjiang’s position and select a young player to cultivate.



But when the team’s core figure Chen Zhi was also out, the situation ……



[This session of the World Championships, can the relay team still run into the final?]



When his mood was low, Huang Wenye had once posted this thread in Athletics Kingdom, and at that time, quite a number of forum members had also expressed their relative pessimism under the thread.



Everyone knew that the 4*100 meter relay event at this year’s World Championships would be very difficult.


After Su Yinsheng took over the position of head coach of the track and field national team and recruited Qiu Xinchu, Wang Qin and others to join the relay team, many people also had some slight hopes. After all, Tiger Su’s reputation was really good, even including the 4 * 100 meters project, the S provincial sports team had always been stable.


But today Su Zhe suddenly joined the relay team, this matter made everyone’s heart jump.


It was obvious that Su Yinsheng was initially unwilling to let Su Zhe join the relay team, otherwise it would not have been delayed until after a week of training. Knowing that Su Zhe had no relevant experience and had two project pressures, Su Yinsheng still called him up to the team for training.



What did this mean?



The current relay team, even after the training and bonding phase, it was difficult to meet Su Yinsheng’s expectations……. Forced to do so, he could only consider letting Su Zhe try to enter the relay team to form a new team combination.



After thinking about this point, many relay fans felt very sad and desperate.



Huang Wenye was one of the people who opened their mouths to vent their anger in the live broadcast room, his love for the relay running program made it hard for him to calm down, even though he understood in his heart that the coaching team must have their considerations, he still had a hard time.



From time to time, people were still paying attention to the live broadcast room. At first, they were startled by the sudden topic on the internet and wondered why such a harmonious live broadcast could still be torn apart.


After reading the comments, the onlookers understood the two sides of sports fans.



As a loyal fan of Su Zhe, Teacher Tao Sheng naturally paid attention to this incident at the first time. However, even as a fan of Su Zhe, he still had the identity of a sports commentator.


In terms of his professional ethics, Tao Sheng also has doubts about Su Yinsheng’s decision this time.



After a few hesitations and thoughts, in the afternoon, Tao Sheng released a commentary titled “This is a shocking gamble”.



This article detailed his blind guess as to Su Yinsheng’s, or rather the coaching staff’s, mindset.



The conclusion was that allowing Su Zhe to enter the relay team was considered a shocking gamble by the sprint coaching staff under multiple pressures.



As for whether this big gamble could win? It was difficult to comment.



It had to be said, Mr. Tao Sheng, as a sports critic, the sharpness of his eyes was quite amazing.



In the training base of the track and field national team, Su Zhe’s first day of relay training was still in progress.



For Su Zhe, who had never had relay experience before, passing the baton was a difficult task. In addition to mastering the skill of being able to hold the baton steadily without dropping it, he also needed to master the timing of his start from the pre-runner’s area.



He needed to keep an eye on Meng Hao’s running speed, and after Meng Hao reached a certain distance, he would start from his own pre-runner’s area, and try to complete the baton passing and catching maneuver when both of them were at the same maximum speed, and then sprint forward with all his might.



In addition to this, in a professional race, it was of course impossible for the baton catcher to turn back and check the movements of his baton passing teammates, and the baton handover between the two sides relied on the tacit understanding between the baton passing teammates, as well as the baton passing command that both sides had already agreed upon.


Meng Hao had agreed with him that as long as his name was called out, he would have to have his arm back and be ready to receive the baton.


Just for this baton catching articulation alone, Su Zhe had already spent an entire day.



“Su Zhe! Reach out!”



“Su Zhe! Catch the baton!”


On the field, Meng Hao’s shouts barely stopped.



Su Yinsheng was naturally on the sidelines as well, keeping an eye on Su Zhe’s other things that needed attention –



“The start was too fast! Meng Hao is still so far away from you, can you catch the baton if you start now?!”



“The start is too slow! At your speed, the third baton is going to run in front of you!”



“Show me the starting line behind you!!!”



“Don’t flinch, give me a big run forward! What’s the use of passing the baton if you can’t get up to speed?”



“Don’t reach out too early to make a baton catch when Meng Hao isn’t yelling at you! It affects your speed!”



“Watch your feet! Don’t run into someone else’s track!”



Due to this unexpected event today, the number of people in Su Zhe’s live broadcasting room today had skyrocketed, and many curious onlookers and sports enthusiasts had come to stop and watch the live broadcast, wanting to find out whether or not Su Zhe could actually quickly master so many technical difficulties in a short period of training.



Everyone found that Su Yinsheng’s roar in the initial period of this day almost didn’t stop, but with the gradual progress of the training time, Su Yinsheng gradually stopped shouting.



Because all the problems that Su Yinsheng growled out, Su Zhe was able to adjust himself in less than 5 times, or even shorter times.



In just one day’s time, Su Zhe and Meng Hao were able to have a more fluid baton passing and receiving partnership while maintaining 80% of their highest speed.



This speed of Su Zhe’s progress made all the sports fans who were following the live broadcast a little jaw-dropped.



After a day of training, the sprint team’s coaching staff was also slightly relieved in their hearts. Su Zhe’s ability to learn the program and quickly adapt to it in the relay run had surprised them from the bottom of their hearts.



Su Yinsheng was also slightly relieved as he turned his head and called out to Co-coach Zhang Ye: “Old Ye, organize the data and prepare to adjust the starting markers on the track……. Tomorrow, try to let them run at full strength and see.”



In relay running, in order to make the baton athlete more clearly define their starting timing, a starting marking line would be drawn on the track, and when the baton passer ran to the starting marking line, the baton athlete could start in the pre-running area.



The distance between the marking line and the baton receiving athlete needed to be set according to the speed difference between the baton passing and receiving athletes, the tacit understanding and proficiency of both parties in baton passing and receiving, and other factors, and then a relatively accurate distance was calculated through the corresponding formula.


In today’s training session, the coaching staff had made multiple adjustments to the starting markers between Su Zhe and the other. Now, Su Yinsheng had asked Zhang Ye to calculate the final data, which would be the first time that it was relatively clear.



On the internet, sports enthusiasts who were originally debating each other, after seeing Su Zhe’s training results for a day, suddenly stopped and the barrage in the live broadcast room gradually became harmonious.



[Crap, although I as a veteran, has always supported Boss Zhe …… but this progress is ….?]



[Faint and confused… I’ve heard before that Boss Zhe is a genius, but today I feel like my eyes have been opened…]



[What’s this? What kind of god-like learning speed is this? It’s the first time I’ve seen a baton pass and catch technique mastered to this level in a single day]



[So relay running is this easy?]



[The dog head in front of me, if I didn’t see your dog head, I’d almost want to swing a hammer over to greet you ……]



After completing the whole day’s training, Su Zhe, who was originally a little nervous in his heart, barely let go of his heart.



The baton passing technique was indeed not easy to master, but it wasn’t as tough as he had originally imagined.



As a matter of fact, he felt that this was the benefit of his improved reaction speed – in the nearly one week of training, every day in addition to the daytime training tasks, at night, after he went to sleep, he would choose to enter the training space to continue completing the series of attribute point fusion tasks.



In regards to the training of the attribute point of agility, in addition to needing to improve his agility, he also needed to complete a large number of exercises related to reaction training.



It seemed that the system’s definition of the attribute point of agility wasn’t only limited to physical flexibility and agility, but even included the agility of thinking and reaction.



With the deepening of the exercises, he seemed to have improved to a certain extent in his own thinking reaction speed.


And in the relay running baton passing training, the athlete’s agile reaction speed was essential, this aspect had been improved, so he was able to have such rapid progress in today’s training.


Not only the sports enthusiasts on the internet, even the current members of the relay team were incredulous that Su Zhe was able to adapt to relay running so quickly.



As a member of the relay team, all of the members who joined the team had some experience in relay running, and of course, they knew what it was like when they first learned the baton passing technique.



Wang Qin stared at Su Zhe for a long time with a trance-like look on his face after Su Zhe finished the training related to the relay team.



When facing Wang Qin and Qiu Xinchu, Su Zhe was slightly hesitant, not knowing whether they would have any opinions about his sudden entry into the team to occupy the starting position.



Wang Qin saw Su Zhe’s thoughts at a glance, he patted Su Zhe’s shoulder and laughed brightly, “Do your best tomorrow, or else Ah Chu and I will still have a chance to kick you down again!”



Although Qiu Xinchu was his usual quiet self, after Wang Qin’s words, he nodded equally seriously, his eyes equally filled with firm will.




Not only the two of them, for every member of the relay team who had been called up this time, being able to join the national team was of course an honor, but what was on everyone’s mind was how to maximize this honor – only by possessing the strength that could truly support this honor could the results of everyone’s struggles be even more brilliant and dazzling.



If their strength wasn’t enough, then just they’d keep fighting!



Although they may step down from the main position of the relay team this time, they were still young. In the future, there wae still a chance to put on the national team’s jersey again and fight for the relay running event!


“Go for it tomorrow!” Wang Ming and Jiang Zhongyan, as the old men in the team, also patted Su Zhe’s shoulder and cheered him on.



If Su Zhe’s appearance in the morning had still caused a slight hesitation in their hearts, after a day of training, the strength and progress that Su Zhe had shown had already regathered a force in their hearts.



The trust they had developed in Su Zhe was the very root of this strength.



This was also the team confidence that could be gathered after a team had a core figure that was trustworthy enough.



On the side of the coaching team, several people in Zhang Ye watched the interaction between the players, and the original pressure and anxiety in their hearts gradually diminished.



Zhang Ye looked at Su Yinsheng and revealed a smiling expression, “Cough, ah ah ah, old Su ah, previously I remember you strongly opposing your family’s Su Zhe joining the relay team?”


In response to Zhang Ye’s teasing remark, Su Yinsheng indifferently asked Zhang Ye to recalculate all of today’s data, successfully reaping Zhang Ye’s cry of dismay.



On the internet, track and field fans like Huang Wenye gradually had new expectations rising in their hearts – what kind of results would the whole team have after Su Zhe’s 3 days of special training in relay running?




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