After 5 days of “Follow the National Champion to lose weight and get fit together!”, Su Zhe deeply felt that the aesthetics of all the colleagues of the sports channel were about to be hopeless.



The only thing Su Zhe couldn’t figure out was whether the writers and directors of the sports channel had done it on purpose, creating such a natural and earthy live broadcast aesthetic.



These days, the videos about the track and field team training was very stable in terms of the number of viewers in the daily phase, but every time the time progressed to the evening, and popular players such as Zhou Tianjue, Ye Jun, Zhang Minghao, and Su Zhe were about to be broadcasted… The live broadcast data would usher in a wave of climax!



Yes, the program that Su Zhe didn’t want to recall, “Let’s lose weight and exercise together with the national champion!”, became popular.



Due to the long live hours in this sports channel’s live broadcast room, a feature that could be on-demand in different time periods had been set up. If you pulled the peak line between the video on-demand volume and the number of live viewers throughout the day, you could find that the “weight loss and fitness” period was like a raised Mount Everest, that attracted more attention.



As early as the first day of the live broadcast of “Weight Loss and Fitness” on the internet, passersby were all amused. Some even edited the content of all the “Weight Loss and Fitness” episodes in the live broadcast rooms separately, creating a collection of Zhou Tianjue, Ye Jun, Su Zhe, Zhao Zhixuan, and others, providing rich after dinner entertainment for the general public.



#Follow the national champions to lose weight! # This topic, along with the live broadcast of the track and field team’s training, also steadily occupied the 20 or 30th position of the hot search, and was even able to be vaulted into the top ten in some periods of time.


Whether it was the Su Zhe family’s “philosophers” or the athletic circle’s straight male fans, all of them couldn’t help but burst into laughter when they saw the track and field generals who were forced to open for business.


[Sisters in front, where did your conscience go? XDDD But I think, I can watch another 200 episodes!]



[Has anyone watched the live broadcast of Zhou Tianjue? The cool teenager’s online business, every time he says “please train with the champion”, his cold eyes are going to pierce through the screen!]



[I’ve watched all the episodes, and the only one who tries not to be awkward is Ye Jun …… I feel like he has a face that’s especially suited for this kind of business!]



[Pfft, because Ye Jun looks especially like a trainer?]


In addition to the masses who simply laughed, there were also quite a few people who still notice the professionalism of the video content.



[Ahem, although it’s funny that yhe athletes are forced to operate, but the content isn’t less, there are some suitable for ordinary people exercise tips.]



[right, a lot of training tips are conducive to enhance cardiorespiratory function, muscular endurance, as well as explosive power, the current course content are relatively random, but it seems to have been sorted into a system, and it is estimated that the final set of training plans not only had some benefits in terms of cardiopulmonary endurance and core strength, but long-term practice should also give better results].


Although Su Zhe and others couldn’t bear to review their performance in the live broadcast, but the compilation of this group of videos was still gradually spread on the network, it became a source of joy for many passersby, and even made into all kinds of emoticon packs.



Nowadays, when you clicked on a piece of news in the sports industry, there may be Zhou Tianjue’s “death stare”, Su Zhe’s “forced to do business” and “Coach Ye is watching you!.


With the continued popularity of the live broadcast of the athletics national team training, the contact between Rampage Group and Su Zhe also reached the final stage.



After receiving a phone call from Chen Cheng one night, Su Zhe remembered that the Rampage Group that sponsored the World Championships Challenge was the same group that had previously planned to ask him and Shao Xingchen to take promotional photos together.



In the phone call, Chen Cheng seriously apologized for the previous incident, and also explained that the team member who had put information against Su Zhe had been snowed in by the company. At the same time, Chen Cheng blamed herself for not being able to discover it in time, and felt very guilty towards Su Zhe. She originally wanted to negotiate all the affairs of the Rampage brand for Su Zhe for free as a compensation for Su Zhe, but Lemon Entertainment, after hiding the third team member who had slandered Su Zhe, had also warned Chen Cheng, ordering her to shift her focus to the company’s affairs.



After apologizing to Su Zhe, Chen Cheng asked him if he had any candidates who could take over the next relevant matters.



Su Zhe didn’t know much about this matter, but he vaguely remembered that the Athletic Management Center had a marketing department.



Sure enough, after asking Father Su, after facing the blank stare of his father, Su Zhe received a copy of the phone number of the head of the marketing activities department of the Athletic Management Center.



“In the future, when there is such a thing, don’t blindly approach yourself.” Su Yinsheng said with a fierce expression, “Since you’ve returned to the sports circle, follow the rules of our circle. The Athletic Management Center is still very supportive of athletes’ commercial activities, and with the center in place, it’s not so bad that you’ll be privately approached by people, or have conflict with the projects the center connects you to.”


“As long as you do your training well, I’m not against you taking on these activities. But I’ll warn you first, if you get your head stuck in the eye of money, or get blinded by that showbiz again, I’ll beat you up first!”



After receiving the cold-faced education from Father Su, Su Zhe scratched his head and talked to the head of the marketing activities department of the Management Center on the phone to explain the situation.



One thing Su Yinsheng said was right, in many centers, the Athletic Management Center’s support for athletes in commercial activities and things could be ranked in the top three.



Compared with other centers, the Athletic Management Center only took 5% for athletes’ commercial activities, in addition, the coach took 5%, and the athletes could take 90% of the income from commercial activities.



Just from this point alone, the Athletic Management Center could also be called good.


Right after Su Zhe finished communicating with the head of the Marketing Activities Department and was about to hang up the phone, the person in charge on the other end of the phone suddenly remembered something.



“Uh? A visit from the Broken Light crew?” When Su Zhe heard the other party’s words, he was slightly dazed, but in his heart, he was quite happy, after all, most of the members in the Broken Crew had a good relationship with him, and during this period of time, he had buried his head in training and competitions, and hadn’t met with these friends for a long time.



“Yeah.” Jiang He, the head of the marketing activities department, laughed: “The drama already had a foundation of cooperation with the Center. Didn’t you still shoot with your S provincial sports team before? The center still supports this excellent drama that can convey the spirit of athletics. This time, they proposed to visit you and visit the training center, which is also a good promotional point. The center agrees.”


After this greeting with Su Zhe, Jiang He said that he would additionally inform the subsequent drama group when they should visit, and then hung up the phone.



After the Rampage Group’s matters were resolved, it was already 8:30pm onwards and downwards, at this time, the day’s training tasks had long ended, and the live broadcasting tasks had also been completed, but Su Zhe still turned around and headed in the direction of the training grounds.



Since entering the set training, Su Zhe in addition to the daily completion of the system’s forced business tasks, didn’t forget the kilometers a day task.


The training space was important, but with Su Zhe’s understanding of the tone of this system, skill points were likewise an indispensable part of the system, and if he didn’t pay attention to accumulating them, then at any time there could be a lack of skill points again.



Su Yinsheng also knew about this habit of his, and had long communicated with Lu Fei, including his daily 10 kilometer run in his daily physical exertion and observing it.



And apart from the purpose based on completing daily tasks, the 10 kilometer cross-country run was at the same time a daily training requirement for fusing attribute points.



On the plane back home from Nibong, because of the lack of data storage space in the System, Su Zhe had to exchange his reputation value for free attribute points and, after consideration, added the attribute points to Agility, Explosive Strength, and Endurance respectively.



However, he still needed to complete a large amount of training specified by the system if he wanted to fully integrate these added attributes with his physical qualities.


After redeeming and using attribute points for the second time, Su Zhe gradually realized that this operation of adding attribute points was more like the system’s potential development for the human body, only that the appearance of these developments was covered by the addition of attribute points, and then through a series of training plans and implementation, the purpose of ‘enhancing the corresponding attributes’ was achieved.



This discovery made Su Zhe marvel, if this conjecture was true …… then after, if the system’s training program gets organized, handed over to other athletes in the daily training to complete, could it ultimately achieve the effect of potential development?


This idea made Su Zhe feel a bit hot in his heart, but currently he couldn’t verify this idea. He could only keep this conjecture in mind and plan to organize the system’s training plan into detailed documents in the future, in case he had the opportunity to try to verify it.


Step by step ……



In the empty outdoor training ground, at this time, Su Zhe was the only one who was still continuing his 10 kilometer cross-country running training.


The staff of the sports channel had already withdrawn for the second day of live broadcast preparations and material organization work, only tonight’s equipment inspection and maintenance time delayed for some reason. As a result, a technician discovered that Su Zhe was still practicing alone after complete all the training.



The technician immediately sent the small video of Su Zhe’s late-night training to the choreographer’s hands, who returned to the training ground with the cameraman without saying a word.



They didn’t bother Su Zhe, but turned on the special machine for documentary filming, and quietly recorded the person on the track who was running laps alone.


That night, this editor tweeted an emotional content on their page: [No one’s success is easy to obtain, behind the genius, hidden is the self-discipline and hard work unknown to man].



In the late night when the athletes had rested, the coaching team was likewise working endlessly on the athletes’ various data, training status, technical adjustment details and other issues.



In the coaching office of the sprint group, several coaches led by Su Yinsheng were analyzing the data of the athletes in front of them one by one. For these athletes whose skills and condition had already reached a certain level, even though they already had a basic training program, the content of their next day’s training may need to be temporarily fine-tuned due to the previous day’s training status, performance problems, etc. The current work of the coaching team was to analyze the data of the athletes and to make technical adjustments.



In the sprint group, only Su Zhe was actually going to compete in the solo event at the World Championships.



Zhao Zhixuan and Meng Hao failed to open the 10:10 mark at the Grand Final of the National Athletics Grand Prix.



Among them, although Zhao Zhixuan refreshed his personal pb in the semifinals and ran into 10 seconds 13, he had ups and downs in the finals, and finally lost to Meng Hao with a time of 10 seconds 21, and won the second place.



Therefore, the training focus of the remaining members of the group, except for Su Zhe, was focused on the 4*100 meter relay run.



At this time, Zhang Ye, the coordinated coach of the sprint group, was constantly looking back at the relay team’s combined training, his brows locked, obviously the training effect of the team members had not been able to meet expectations.



The 4*100 meters was the only collective event in the current track and field team that could step into the world-class event, and in the past few years, the national team of 4*100 meters had also gained better results in Asia by virtue of Chen Zhi’s leadership, and even ranked among the top five in the last Olympics.



But with the team’s original veteran Liu Hanjiang retired and Chen Zhi injured, the current 4 * 100 meters track and field team could be said to be in the weakest period in recent years.



At this year’s World Championships, the Center had considered the impact of veteran Liu Hanjiang’s retirement and Chen Zhi’s injury on his failure to participate. The goal of participating in this World Championships had been lowered to reaching the finals and competing for the top seven .



But if they wanted to steadily enter the final of the World Championships, the current team needed to run at least 38-50 seconds to have a guarantee in the competition.



Among the tentative four members of the team, Zhao Zhixuan had a personal pb/sb (season’s best) of 10:13, Meng Hao pb/sb 10:16 and 10:17, Wang Qin has a personal pb/sb of 10:18, and Qiu Xinchu has a personal pb/sb of 10:19.



Theoretically, the best flat running time of the four could already reach 40’67, but in actual training, the current best time was still hovering around 38’70 for the time being.


Among the four, Zhao Zhixuan and Meng Hao were the only two who had relatively stable results and speed. They were also veteran members of the 4 * 100 sprint team. In their regular state, they could basically stabilize their level running results at around 10:20 seconds, and their baton handover skills were also relatively mature.


However, Wang Qin and Qiu Xinchu, who were temporarily selected for the team, had a very erratic performance in flat running. When they were in good form, they could run continuously for 10:20 seconds, but it was also possible that in the next second, their performance would slip to around 10:35 seconds.



In order to stabilize the two flat running performance, Su Yinsheng had prepared a series of plans.


Wang Ming, Jiang Zhongyan and Sun Weitong, who were also training in the team, were in a more stable condition.


Among them, Wang Ming and Jiang Zhongyan’s flat running performance in training could basically be maintained at 10:30, while Sun Weitong was within 10:40, occasionally crossing the 10:35 barrier.



After observing 5 training days, Su Yinsheng, Zhang Ye and others reorganized the existing team, with all members divided into 2 different combinations.





Group 1: Zhao Zhixuan, Qiu Xinchu, Meng Hao, Wang Qin;


Group 2: Zhao Zhixuan, Wang Ming, Jiang Zhongyan, Meng Hao;


The reason for splitting up the two different combinations was also due to the pressure on the coaching staff brought about by Qiu Xinchu and Wang Qin’s drift in their individual form.


Currently, these two combinations had their own strengths and weaknesses.



For the first group’s performance, when Qiu Xinchu and Wang Qin were in better shape, it could be pointed to 38 seconds, but if the two weren’t stable, then it’d fall to 39 seconds on the results.



The second group’s performance was the opposite, always stable at 38-90 seconds, and with the increase of training and tacit understanding, the performance slightly increased.


In both combinations, it could be said that there was a lack of a pivotal player like Chen Zhi.



In the past races, Zhao Zhixuan could guarantee a good first pole, Chen Zhi could quickly distance himself from the rest of the team in the second pole, meanwhile, the experienced veteran Liu Hanjiang was in the third pole, with his excellent cornering skills and stable condition, he could usually keep the advantage without falling behind, and finally, Meng Hao was running at full speed to sprint for the fourth pole.



Such a golden combination had brought China’s 4*100 meter relay a peak performance in the past few years, but in this relay, the coaching staff could almost be described as tearing down the east wall to make up for the west wall.


Wang Qin and Qiu Xinchu were two contestants that although they already possessed certain skills in curve running, they still had some technical deficiencies. Therefore, the coaching team ultimately adjusted Meng Hao, who had been running the fourth bar, to the third bar and entrusted the sprint task to Wang Qin.



However, Wang Qin’s sprinting ability wasn’t very outstanding, especially when he was in poor condition under high pressure, which was quite a headache for the coaching team.



The second combination, although maintaining the initial positions of Zhao Zhixuan and Meng Hao, couldn’t replace the positions of Chen Zhi and Liu Hanjiang by Wang Ming and Jiang Zhongyan. Although the overall understanding and stability were still good, the explosive power was severely lacking, and the final results were even mediocre.



Regardless of any one of these two combinations, could they really guarantee that the team could enter the men’s 4*100 relay final of the World Championships?



After hesitating for a long time, Zhang Ye still finished organizing the information in his hands once again and handed it over to Su Yinsheng’s hands.



“Old Su, it’s better to consider letting Su Zhe join the relay training……. In our team, we are now lacking an absolute core, and with just the current two combinations, it’s difficult for us to run into the finals of the World Championships.”



This time, Su Yinsheng didn’t directly refuse.



As a matter of fact, in the past few days of observation, he had also felt that the situation of the relay team was more serious, in the two teams split up, both lacked players with core dominance, so in the team’s training program, the coaching team had been repeating, it was difficult to come up with a finalized plan.



In this kind of collective project training, only after clarifying the core personnel, could the overall training program be based on the core personnel as the benchmark, making the most suitable and perfect program content.



Not only Zhang Ye, even Su Yinsheng had also considered allowing Su Zhe to join the relay team’s training to see how well the integration would work.



After rubbing his head with a headache, Su Yinsheng sighed, “But Su Zhe’s baton handover and bending skills are almost zero, if he spends any more time on these technical training, then the time to cultivate a tacit understanding with his teammates is far from enough ……”



Hearing this problem from Su Yinsheng, Zhang Ye also had a headache, but it was the silent physical fitness coach Wang Jingsheng who interjected, “With Su Zhe’s sprinting skills, if we were to arrange it, it would definitely be to line him up in the fourth baton …… so that you guys would have nothing to worry about?”



This sentence could be described as a word that woke up the dreamer.



Su Yinsheng had always thought that Su Zhe hadn’t trained in bending techniques, but had blinded himself with this idea, completely forgetting that apart from the first and third batons which required bending techniques, the second and fourth batons were all sprinting on straight roads.



On weekdays, he always taught others not to be blinded by inherent ideas, but when it was his turn, he didn’t realize that he had also fallen into such a blind spot of thinking.



After breathlessly covering his face, Su Yinsheng sighed, “F*ck, Old Wang you’re right, dammit just let Su Zhe run the fourth stick, he doesn’t to consider a bending technique.”



After a pause, Su Yinsheng added: “And for the fourth baton, you don’t need to teach him the baton technique, you just need to let that kid learn how to take over… So it seems that this time may be enough!”



After slightly completing the idea in his brain, Su Yinsheng gritted his teeth, “Tomorrow notify Su Zhe, there’ll be a trial training for 3 days, if the effect of integration is good, start to adjust the relay running team with him as the core, if the effect is not good, withdraw in time to avoid affecting the training of his other two projects.”


At this point, Su Yinsheng immediately began discussing with Wang Jingsheng and Zhang Ye a team plan centered around Su Zhe, and also flipped out Su Zhe’s training schedule to consider how to rearrange Su Zhe’s training time and plan.



At the same time, Su Yinsheng also urgently called Lu Fei to communicate with him about the readjustment of Su Zhe’s training time, in order to reach an optimal balance between the training of the 3 programs.



In the coaching team’s overnight communication, Su Zhe’s 3-day training program quickly came out, this was a 3-day valuable training time as a bet schedule, if successful, the chance of the national team entering the finals of the World Championships may be much more hopeful.



If it failed,……, the coaching team had to immediately implement the B program, quickly screen out a person between Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu as the weak core of the team, using it as a reference point, according to his state of play in the tournament, use it to adjust the other members’ reaction. It was just that the difficulty of implementing this plan was too high, and other personnel in the team needed to maintain a high level of stability. The current situation would also require Wang Qin or Qiu Xinchu to be screened out of the team ……



The next day, in the morning.


When Su Zhe arrived at the sprint group point, he received the news that he would join the relay training.




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