The officer decisively covered the scar-faced man’s mouth, at least trying to save his life until he confessed the crime.



Qiong Ren struggled for a moment before calming down, “Get up.”



Xiong Miao silently moved away, cupping his chubby cheeks at him with a tilt of his head, revealing an adorable to the core smile.



Everyone in the room, even the scar-faced man, smiled a psychedelic fool’s smile.


Xiong Miao: “I just sat on you in the heat of the moment, so don’t be mad.”



Qiong Ren, being the human who couldn’t get at all what was so cute about the panda, seriously worried about the panda spirit’s cervical vertebrae, “Did you fall back? Or did you pull on your neck muscles while sitting on me? Do you need me to help you relax your fascia?”



He pinched his fingers.


Xiong Miao: “No need ……”



It hated it so much, QAQ.


Xiong Miao hid the hurt inside, and valiantly turned around, “I hope that you, the prisoner, will cooperate with our investigation, it’s okay if you don’t, we can feed you a confessor.”



Scar-faced man let out a low laugh: “Confessional agent? Oh, that kind of thing is useless to me, I am a god, those kind of small tactics can’t deal with me.”



Qiong Ren kicked him in the leg, “How dare you say you are a god after receiving a little incense and worship, by your standard, all dead people are gods.”



The scar-faced man stumbled as he was kicked, not daring to talk back and not willing to shut up, he could only continue to hold his awkward sneer.


Xiong Miao: “How are we going to interrogate if the confessional agent doesn’t work ……”



Yang Aiguo glared at it, “The confessional agent is originally a crooked way, our formal interrogation are …… what does Qiong Ren want to do?”


Qiong Ren was stuffing the headphones in the ears of the scar-faced man, who had now treated him as a poisonous snake and beast and backed away in fear, but he was pressed to death by the police officers, where could he retreat to?


Qiong Ren plugged in the headphones and smiled, “I hope you like this song.”



He didn’t play it loud enough for anyone but the scar faced man was able to hear what was playing in his headphones.


But it had to be the scariest song in the world!



He first looked like he was going to die, and then he started to wail and cry, begging Qiong Ren to take the headphones off, and trying to get rid of them by frantically shaking his head.



In the end, it was probably too painful, his body curled up into an inhuman shape and he began to gnaw on his knees.



Qiong Ren took one of the headphones off and thoughtfully squeezed it tight.



The scar-faced man wasn’t a ghost, but the headphones was the Secretary Nan’s version of “Light Chaser” that hadn’t been processed by Yan Mo, and all these people present could hear it, so he didn’t want them to lose sleep for three years as well.



Qiong Ren calmly asked, “Want to talk about it?”



The scar-faced man’s eyes were lax and had tears in them, “I’ll say anything as long as I never listen to this song again.”



Qiong Ren took the headphones off and smiled at Officer Yang, “He’s all yours.”



Officer Yang looked at the scar-faced man who was frozen and in tears, and then glanced at Qiong Ren who was smiling pretty as hell, and suddenly shivered.



Idols were truly scary creatures.



In theory, the culprit should be brought back to the Special Affairs Division for further interrogation, but today, when the suspect placed his order with Paper Tie Shop, he said that he had an urgent need for Meng Qingheng’s and Fu Jiaze’s paper ties, and Yang Aiguo was worried that a delay would lead to a change of heart, and seeing that Scar-faced Man had already gone soft, he immediately asked:



“What do you want Meng Qingheng and Fu Jiaze’s paper tie for?”



The scar-faced man answered honestly: “For a double.”



When Xiong Miao heard this, his anger rose: “Our Special Affairs Division wasn’t too competent in the past, but it’s not so bad that we can’t even tell if it’s a human or a paper person, who are you looking down on?”


The scar-faced man said vaguely, “I never thought of replacing a living person with a paper person.”



Xiong Miao: “Then what did you want those paperweights for?”



Qiong Ren thought to himself, the fact that Scar-faced Man was a sadistic criminal who was keen on watching others suffer, yet he didn’t remember the names of them, his victims, meant that they weren’t important to Scar-faced Man.



Meng Shen had said before that with this scar-faced man’s skills, he could honestly make a lot of money as a master, and there was no need to use such a crooked method as the Transit Array.



A lightning bolt crossed Qiong Ren’s mind, and he suddenly felt that everything was connected.



“He’s not trying to replace living people with paper ties, he’s trying to replace souls with paper bundles, his target isn’t the victims of the Transit Array at all, but the beneficiaries of the Transit Array.”



The scar-faced man laughed lowly: “Worthy of being the man who defeated me, you’re much smarter than these useless contraptions.”



Qiong Ren: “What kind of non-recyclable trash are you, you have the nerve to compare yourself with the police of the Yin and Yang worlds, don’t speak.”



Scar-faced man’s real name was Guo Yuan, a native of Lingzhou.


In ancient times, there was superstition that wherever there was a water source, there was a dragon king, and there was also a well dragon king.



Guo Yuan lived by a deep well called Qinglong Well before his birth. The water in this well used to be clear and continuous, but since Guo Yuan was born, the well has been drying up day by day.



Some people said it was because the Dragon King of the well moved away.



Guo Yuan, a jade carver, often heard the legend of the Well Dragon King and used it as inspiration to make a statue of the Well Dragon King.



Later on, when there was a drought in Lingzhou, the people in their area made sacrifices and prayed beside the jade Dragon Well, hoping that it would rain soon or that the Well Dragon King would make more water gush out of the well, so that they could get through this difficult time.



Guo Yuan saw so many people suffering from drought and praying by the Dragon Well every day, not only was he not moved by the hardship of the people’s livelihood, but instead, he got the idea of teasing the villagers.


He said that his statue of the Dragon King of the well was dreamed by the Dragon King, who asked him to carve it within three days for the people to worship, and they had to kowtow a thousand times each before it would rain in the sky.




The villagers, eager for rain, believed Guo Yuan’s nonsense.



So Guo Yuan put the statue on the edge of the well and let the villagers burn incense and kowtow to the jade statue.



Seeing the villagers kowtow till they had bloody marks on their heads, Guo Yuan was extremely happy.




At night, the villagers who worshiped the well Dragon King went back one after another, Guo Yuan wanted to put the jade carving away, but somehow his hand slipped, the jade carving fell into the well, he rushed down the well to get it, but drowned.



Coincidentally, as soon as he died, rain fell from the sky and the well gradually gushed out water.



When the villagers fished out his body, the jade carving was stuck on the wall of the well and could not be taken out, and for a while, they were all saying that Guo Yuan was the Dragon King of the well, and that the well dried up because he reincarnated and was not in the well, and that the water began to gush out again because he went back to be the Dragon King again.


Meng Shen understood and said, “On your tablet is written the Qinglong Spirit 48 Guo Zuzhen Jun. The Qinglong on it actually refers to the Dragon Well. 48 is because the Well hexagram ranks 48th among the 64 hexagrams. The other characters are imitations of Taoist honorific names.”


“You deceived the world and received some offerings, now you really think of yourself as a god, you are really shameless.”



The scar-faced man sneered and was about to speak, when he saw Qiong Ren holding headphones in his hand and looking at him kindly, he instantly adjusted his facial expression to be honest: “I originally only had a temple in that village, and then when my fame spread, there were more temples, and as soon as there were more offerings, then godly power came.”



As the words came out, his expression gradually turned grim.


“I blame human beings that invented running water! Originally my incense has always been very good, it’s all because those human governments, why care about those old people. Why did they have to connect water and electricity in villages? Deep wells were dug in places where it was inconvenient to pull pipes, and there were water pumps on those wells. Those villagers forgot about me as the well god, and they no longer worshipped me. If it weren’t for you humans forcing me, I wouldn’t have used these souls.”



These words made everyone clench their fists.



Saying the words you humans, it was as if he had already forgotten that he was originally a human being as well. Such a person could actually serve as a well god and got offered incense for a hundred years?



Whether it was the Three Pure Ones of Taoism or the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Buddhism, they actually didn’t need incense. Offering them wasn’t to allow them to enjoy the sacrifice, but to make believers feel their greatness, so that their hearts, wisdom , and morals could be close to theirs.



A wild god like Guo Yuan relied solely on earthly incense offerings to have divine power. Once people stopped worshipping him, his power would quickly disappear.



Qiong Ren asked, “Human souls can enhance your divine power?”



“Yes,” a pleasurable smile appeared on the scarred man’s face, “Those idiots were happy in their hearts when they victimized people, and the happier they are, the happier I am. But those idiots didn’t even know that their souls were already sacrificed to me when the Transit Array took effect. Once something like the Transit Array is destroyed, it will be reversed hundreds or thousands of times over, hahahaha, I’m happy as hell to see them go down.”



This was obviously one of Guo Yuan’s great triumphs in his life, and he was looking forward to it as he spoke.



“I originally wanted to burn a paper substitute to take away Fu Jiaze and Meng Qingheng’s souls, and by the time the underworld realized that there was something wrong with the souls I had already run away, I just didn’t expect that you guys would actually be able to catch me first.”



He laughed softly twice, “But even so, their souls are already mine, if you guys want to save them ……”



“Thanks.” Qiong Ren suddenly stepped forward and bowed to him.



The scar-faced man’s hairs stood up in sweat, how could Qiong Ren say thank you to him, was he going to be beaten again?



“You, what do you want to do?”



Qiong Ren blinked innocently, “Thank you.”



The people present didn’t understand what the words were for, only Meng Shen instantly understood what Qiong Ren meant as he too walked up to the scar-faced man and bowed, “Thank you so much.”



The people of the Special Affairs Division looked at each other in disbelief, Yang Aiguo inquired and looked at Xiong Miao, who shook its head, signaling that it didn’t understand either.



Qiong Ren smiled and said, “I’ve always felt that the workload in the underworld is too much, from the King of underworld to the ghost officials there isn’t a single one that doesn’t have a hard time, and the guards have even developed psychological problems in order to fulfill the task of torturing the sinners. I didn’t expect that there would be such a self-sacrificing garbage can like you, I don’t know how much workload you have save for the underworld by accepting garbage like them that will have to be tortured for a few thousand years at least. Thank you so much, I must give you another bow.”



Meng Shen waited for Qiong Ren to finish and folded his arms, “I hope that you will also handle more non-recyclable garbage in the future, thank you.”



The two of them bowed ninety degrees to Scarface Man together.



Scarface Man: “……”



This wasn’t the development Scarface Man expected, weren’t these the good guys? Shouldn’t the good guys say that a prisoner’s life is also a life, and then carry out a cat and mouse game with him for the lives of those three pieces of trash.



So he could take advantage of the situation and run away.



Why on earth? Why didn’t this group of people follow common sense.



He couldn’t figure it out!



After getting the most pressing information, Yang Aiguo decided to escort Guo Yuan back to the Special Affairs Division.



Qiong Ren, however, felt that things weren’t as simple as Scarface Man made them out to be.



Scar-faced man obviously had a kind of bad taste, he would use the jade sculpture to tease the villagers when they were anxiously begging for rain, and he also took pleasure in the fact that the perpetuator didn’t know that they were actually the victim.



Today, he had clearly accomplished his goal and could leave with the spirit of the deceased Cheng Ruize, but he had to stay and watch the drama of Qiong Ren’s painful loss of his friend.




The stakes were all indicative of this person’s bad nature, and he should go to the underworld to be reformed.



But this kind of joyful person’s emotions were different from the jealousy shown in all previous perpetuators.


Qiong Ren walked halfway up the hill and suddenly remembered a remark Wang Boduan had made as he walked uphill.



This place is suitable for a temple, not for people.



He went back to look and realized that the structure of this villa was actually very similar to a temple, except that it used a western style of decoration, if he replaced the red walls and flying tiles on this structure, it would be similar to a traditional temple.




The place where Guo Yuan enshrined his own tablet was on the second floor, if the villa was a temple, then the living room was the location of the main hall, and the statue of the god should be placed in that place as well.




“Wait a minute.” Qiong Ren said, “There might be something else enshrined in the villa. Or a hidden temple or something like that ……”



The moment the words were spoken, Guo Yuan’s expression immediately became very tense, although he was accustomed to playing the role of an elegant villain, Qiong Ren’s words suddenly touched what he cared about the most in his heart, so much so that he couldn’t control his expression at all.



Xiong Miao had already received the audio file of the Light Chaser Spiritual Pollution Edition, and holding the headphones, it threatened, “Are you going to say it or not?”



Beans of cold sweat welled up on Guo Yuan’s face, and his face, covered in blood and ash, looked even dirtier.



“I can’t say it.” He saw Xiong Miao approaching him and spoke quickly to explain, “It’s not that I don’t want to say it, it’s that I can’t say it.”



His body shivered slightly, “You guys better not go deeper into this matter, I’m not threatening you, I just don’t want to die with you guys.”



Wang Boduan looked towards the villa on the hillside and muttered, “If this is a temple, the statue of the enshrined god should be in the living room.”



They were all too busy going up to the second floor to save the people, and the stairs were on the side, so no one even bothered to take a closer look at the living room.



Only Officer Yang, a criminal police officer of many years, would habitually observe all the places he passed by, he recalled, “In the living room there was a jadeite carving, more than half a person high, I was thinking that this family was really rich, such a good jade was actually used to carve characters, but I don’t remember what was carved on it.”



Xiong Miao volunteered, “I’ll go back and take a look.”



“Don’t go, I don’t want to die!”



The scar-faced man was obviously terrified, he was shaking all over and cold sweat dripped down. It really didn’t look like a bluff.



Qiong Ren glanced at the villa at the top of the hill, what could make the scar-faced man so scared was of course what was in the villa.



If the living room was the main hall, the one carved on the jade would most likely be the master of this “temple”.



“We’ve been in the villa for a long time and we’re fine,” Qiong Ren stared into Scarface Man’s eyes, “Why are you suddenly so scared?”



Scar-faced man shook his head nervously, “I can’t say.”



Yang Aiguo’s character was calm, he pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s have people stand guard around the area first, the specifics of what to do can be discussed and decided after consulting the city god.”



The others also had no objections to this decision.



A look of panic suddenly appeared on the scar-faced man’s face, and his mouth was chanting something in a low voice, the officer was worried that he was chanting a spell, and only when he got closer did he hear the scar-faced man repeatedly saying a sentence.



“He’s awake.”



The officer was bewildered, “Who’s awake?”


The expression on his face froze, could it be ……



The villa exploded with a loud ground noise and cracked in half in response, releasing colored light.



Bricks erupted in all directions and everyone lay down together, they waited for the explosion to pass before climbing up, fortunately no one was injured.



Qiong Ren got up and subconsciously wanted to dust himself off, but he realized that he was clean, not a single speck of dust had fallen on him, very different from the others who were dusty.



Meng Shen looked at his clean curly hair, unbelievable eyes wide open: “No way, is it possible that people who look good can also repel dust ……”



Qiong Ren silently thought that being good-looking was probably not enough, but if he was good-looking and had a roommate like the King of the underworld, maybe one could.



Along the way, Yan Mo helped cut the lock core and blocked the dust for him. He didn’t even abide by the promise of returning to the underworld for half a month.


But his original intention was to let him return home in half a month, and this place wasn’t home, so the King of the underworld wasn’t considered to have broken the agreement.






That was it.



“What is that thing?” Xiong Miao pointed at the place where the villa was cracked open, where a jade puppet with spring colors unexpectedly walked out.



The jade puppet walked towards them with stretching steps, and with every step closer, he grew a little taller, the green and purple color of his body faded away, and he turned into the appearance of a human being, wearing the most common t-shirt and jeans.



“Guo Yuan, you’re really useless, you can mess up such a small thing.” The jade puppet’s line of sight drifted and it landed on Qiong Ren, then it was like it was glued, never looking at anyone else again, his voice was warm and soft, “Qiong Ren, right. You are so good looking.”



Qiong Ren was nonchalant, “You are rather revolting.”



The man that the jade puppet had turned into was not ugly, and could even be described as clean-cut, but it really couldn’t be compared to a face like Qiong Ren’s that could beat 99.9999999999% of carbon-based creatures.



The jade puppet was choked by him for a bit, but he didn’t see any anger, he said with a smile, “This punk is still a bit useful to me, why don’t we make a deal, I’ll let you guys go back alive, and you guys leave him behind for me, okay?”



When the scar-faced man heard this sentence, he got scared and embraced the police officer who escorted him, no longer having a proud look: “You are a police officer, you will definitely protect me, right, I don’t want to go back with him, I’ve already given you a statement, he will definitely not let me go, I don’t want to die yet.”



The Puppet looked at him lightly and sighed with a smile, “You’re not being good, haven’t we always gotten along well?”



Yang Aiguo protected Guo Yuan, the suspect hadn’t finished explaining the crime, who knew how many more lurking victims there were, for their sake, Guo Yuan couldn’t die either.



Meng Shen warned him, “This is a suspect in a major crime that the Special Affairs Division and Long Cheng City god are jointly investigating, you have to think about the consequences.”



The Puppet hooked up the corner of his mouth, “Mantis.”



The surroundings suddenly became extremely silent, no matter if it was Meng Shen, Xiong Miao or those police officers, they couldn’t move, the Puppet stepped forward and wanted to take Guo Yuan away.



Qiong Ren silently stood in front of Guo Yuan, Guo Yuan couldn’t have imagined that the person who had just beaten him up would now come to his rescue, what was even more unexpected was that Qiong Ren could actually move freely.




“My fixing technique really didn’t work on you, so get out of the way, will you?” When the Jade Puppet spoke to him, his voice was as gentle as a lover’s mumble, “I don’t want to hurt you.”



Meng Shen was so anxious that he was sweating, he tried to leave his soul, in the past he was able to do so casually when he was working, but now he couldn’t do it in any way.


The jade puppet sighed softly, “Why waste your efforts.”



He held out his hand towards Qiong Ren, “I’m a big fan of you, don’t make it difficult for me.”


The air at the scene suddenly became scorching hot, and everyone felt the scene in front of them blur and shake at the same time.



What stepped out of the void first was a foot with red lotus-like flames underneath it, and with this step, a breathtakingly handsome man appeared on this hillside.



His brown hair was cascading, his upper body was na-ked, his hands, feet, and neck were adorned with jewelry of the utmost magnificence, and two crimson horns protruded from his forehead. The golden brown eyes were full of ferociousness and hostility, as if all the evils in the world had coalesced there, making people not dare to look at it more.



The Jade Puppet’s face instantly became ugly, but he only lost his composure for a moment before controlling his expression.



Xiong Miao was already screaming in his heart, this must be an evil spirit that ran out of the underworld!



The instant he saw him, the fear in Xiong Miao’s heart had already climbed to the highest point, if it hadn’t been controlled by the jade puppet and unable to move, it would have definitely run as fast as it could by now.



The police officers were also scared out of their wits, even though this man had done nothing and was perfect looking, just by looking at him, they had already experienced a deep fear.



The Jade Puppet revealed a smile like a spring breeze, ”Why did you come up here. Could it be that you are also interested in Guo Yuan? If that’s the case, I can let you have him.”



The man shaped like an evil spirit looked at him calmly and said in a deep voice, “Break.”



The words were like the law.



The jade puppet’s body suddenly cracked, continuous cracks appeared on its skin, and the flesh on its hands and legs fell down piece by piece, turning back into jadeite shards when it fell to the ground.




The jade puppet’s face was still smiling, “Where did I offend you?”



Ruptured vocal cords could be heard against his throat with every word he uttered.



It was the sound of friction from the cracked jade.



Qiong Ren silently walked over to the evil ghost-like man and poked his arm.



Xiong Miao’s eyes widened in horror and its liver trembled in fear that it would see Qiong Ren’s corpse in the next moment.



Instead, the evil ghost softened his demeanor and bent down slightly, as if waiting for Qiong Ren to speak. His change in attitude surprised everyone, and a ten-stage typhoon blew up in Guo Yuan’s heart, and it was only then that he realized what His foot that stepped out and retracted back in really meant.



“He just reached out towards me, I feel like He wants to hit me, I’m so scared oh.”



Qiong Ren tilted his head back to the evil spirit, his tone was pleading, every word sounding like the truth.



The evil ghost like man inclined his head and looked at the jade puppet, “You wanted to hit him? And you scared him?”



Jade Puppet: “……”


One couldn’t read it, but the Jade puppet was greatly shocked.



He didn’t expect someone like Qiong Ren, who seemed like he had strong morals, to act soft, and he hadn’t even touched a hair on Qiong Ren’s head yet.




He lied so clearly, yet King Yan was actually willing to accompany Qiong Ren to act ……



It seemed that the one who made King Yan appear here was also Qiong Ren undoubtedly.



The Jade Puppet’s gentle smile became a little colder, “Your luck is still so good, Qiong Ren.”



His body suddenly burst apart, the jadeite shards striking towards Guo Yuan in unison, King Yan brought his sharp index and middle fingers close to his lips and whispered, “Extinguish.”



The shattered bodies of the jade puppets stalled in the air and noiselessly turned into pieces, falling in front of Guo Yuan and piling up into a pile.



Qiong Ren: “Dead?”


King Yan: “It’s just a distraction, there are other forms.”



As soon as the jade puppet was extinguished, Xiong Miao and their bodies finally regained their freedom, and the intense feeling of fear made them just want to turn around and run. Even though they rationally understood that this evil-looking ghost was mostly a friendly force, human reason often failed to overcome instinct.



Meng Shen’s body had gone rigid as he slowly saluted towards King Yan, “Greetings, King Yan.”


This was the King of the underworld?



This was the fu.cking King of the underworld?



He clearly looked more like an evil spirit than all the evil spirits they had ever seen.



Xiong Miao and the others showed expressions of not having seen the world before, scared and surprised, wanting to run, but not daring to do so.



King Yan didn’t say anything, just looked at them faintly.



His gaze was like a thousand pounds of weight, weighing heavily on everyone’s head, and their hearts beat hard and fast. Only now did Xiong Miao realize that a heart beating fast out of one’s throat wasn’t a description, and that there was a possibility that it was the truth. Qiong Ren said, “Aren’t you going to escort Guo Yuan back for interrogation? Don’t just stand there.”




Qiong Ren’s voice seemed to have some kind of magic power, instantly lifting the terrifying atmosphere of the scene, and the police officers wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads and ran away with Guo Yuan.



Wang Boduan still wanted to sneakily pull Qiong Ren away, but was forcibly dragged away by Meng Shen.



Meng Shen: “Mind your own business.”



Wang Boduan struggled desperately, “He looks dangerous, I can’t let Teacher Qiong be alone.”



Meng Shen was speechless, “People are together as a couple, what are you doing being a light bulb. You didn’t see that Xiong Miao and the others were relieved to escape as soon as they realized who this one was, you’re the only one who cares about Qiong Ren ah, he’s long been with King Yan.”



Wang Boduan stopped his struggling movements, his feet were still in mid-air, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.



“But doesn’t Mr. Qiong already have a boyfriend? Hecalled Yan Mo.”‘s



Meng Shen: “Yan Mo, King Yan, get it?”



Wang Boduan instantly fell into a state of stagnation and was dragged away like a dead dog by Meng Shen.



King Yan looked at these people rolling and crawling as they fled, no emotion visible in his eyes as he said, “They’re afraid of me.”



Qiong Ren’s heart tightened a bit.



He could certainly take comfort in saying that it was only because of the Evil spirit incarnation . But he instinctively felt that this wouldn’t comfort him.



When he hadn’t even known King Yan yet, he had heard a lot of comments about him from the ghost officials in the underworld, most of which said that he was a cold-hearted workaholic, very scary and difficult to approach.



It was clearly not like that at all.



Qiong Ren: “Do you remember, when the two of us met for the first time, you said that you had insomnia because you listened to Qiong Ren’s songs, and I suggested at the time that you scold the singer a few times to get rid of your anger. Instead, you told me that there are people in this world who are allergic to sunlight, but that’s not the sun’s fault.”




King Yan nodded quietly, “Uh-huh.”



Qiong Ren continued, “Just because someone is afraid of the sun, just because they are afraid of getting sunburned, doesn’t mean they hate the sun. Some people love the sun so much that even if the sun is hot, they still want to hug it.”


Qiong Ren wrapped his arms around him and pressed his face against his hot skin.



King Yan finally realized that Qiong Ren was comforting him.



He rubbed his chin against Qiong Ren’s soft hair, “I wouldn’t have gotten bothered over something like this a long time ago.”



He was so used to people being afraid of him that he didn’t even realize that it was something to be comforted about.



“Although this ……”



But he liked being held by Qiong Ren.



Qiong Ren smothered him in his arms and said, “Doesn’t a hug make it better?”



“Uh-huh.” King Yan locked his arms around him a little tighter and whispered in his ear, “I didn’t think you’d remember.”



Qiong Ren was secretly pleased, “I have a good memory, I can basically remember everything you said to me.”



“Really?” King Yan hugged him tighter, “That …… day when I kissed you, every time I bit and sucked on your tongue, you would hold me especially tight. I asked you if you liked it, and you whimpered and didn’t say anything.”



“Since you still remember, can you tell me whether you thought it was good or not.”


“I’d love to know.”


Qiong Ren: “……”



He pushes Yan Mo away with force and roared with a blush, “Put on some clothes!”



Bring back the atmosphere that moved him, you ba.stard!



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See ya tomorrow ✌️

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