While the atmosphere was tense, the scar-faced man suddenly laughed, and every inch of his laugh was made up of impishness.


He saw his hands flip and quickly form a hand seal, which was pushed outward, and Qiong Ren heard a little buzzing sound as the scar-faced man’s figure shifted.



“Please allow me to watch a good show here.” The scar-faced man said languidly, “Of course, I’ll be here to enjoy your grief-stricken face even if you don’t allow me.”



Qiong Ren frowned slightly, it was reasonable to say that the scar-faced man was the one who had victimized him, Zhou Mi, and Ai Yinyue with the Transit Array. However, judging from this person’s current behavior, it seemed that the scar-faced man did not know him.



Otherwise, according to the character this man had displayed, he wouldn’t deliberately cover up in front of his victims, because he was the kind of asshole Qiong Ren hated the most anyhow, not only taking pleasure in other people’s pain, but also taunting them with a condescending and disgusting look.



A man in black swaggered in, but he wore a big tall hat with four big words on it: peace in the world.



It was clearly a Black Impermanence.



This black impermanence was very dedicated, ignoring the scattered incense and ashes around him. He walked straight towards the wheelchair, grabbed a chain, and put it around the neck of the person inside the wheelchair. Chen Ruize’s soul was pulled out by him, and the person in the wheelchair immediately stopped breathing.



Chen Ruize was chained by Black Impermanence, he was shocked and scared, he didn’t know if he was affected by this body, he couldn’t even speak for a while, he could only look at Qiong Ren for help.



When the scar-faced man saw Chen Ruize’s soul being hooked away, his eyes flashed with pure malice. He smiled pleasantly and said, ”The person you want to save will soon be going to the underworld. Oh, there’s no need to feel weird about it, the Impermanence can’t see me, and if you say there’s another person here, he’ll just think you’re out of your mind.”



It turned out that the scar-faced man’s hand movements just now was to be invisible in the eyes of the impermanent, Qiong Ren glanced at the scar-faced man, not the slightest bit of panic was visible on his face as he turned his head, “This Comrade Black Impermanence, you’ve hooked the wrong soul.”



Scar-faced man looked on coldly, Qiong Ren’s reaction made him not too happy, he sneered, “How can the impermanent listen to you, a living person, ridiculous.”



To Scar-faced man’s surprise, Black Impermanence turned around to see who the person calling him was, and a look of surprise appeared on his face, “Qiong Ren? You are Qiong Ren? Gosh, I can actually see you in this place, I’m so lucky, right? Can you give me an autograph?”



Scar-faced man: “……”



As a man who didn’t have a Weibo account, didn’t care about entertainment, and had been working diligently as a villain, he didn’t know any idols at all, and couldn’t figure out at all where Black Impermanence’s exaggerated attitude came from.



His feelings condensed into that sentence: what the hell is wrong with this world, he can’t understand it anymore.



Qiong Ren: “Signature is fine, my friend’s living soul was stuffed into this body, he’s not this dead person, check the list.”



Hearing Qiong Ren’s words, Black Impermanence immediately checked his soul list carefully.



“Name: Chen Ruize, born in so-and-so year died in so-and-so month, the eight characters are also correct.”



The scar-faced man was now truly shocked.



Many, many years ago, he had also dealt with the Underworld, and deeply appreciated what it meant that the King of the underworld was hard to see and the little ghosts were difficult to deal with, could it be that the spring winds of reform had also blown to the underworld, how could the Impermanence’s attitude be so good?



But even if you check the list of souls, so what?



An evil and impetuous villainous smile appeared on the scar-faced man’s face.



He was serious about this business, and there were no physical features on the soul list, the name and eight places were all correct, so the impermanent couldn’t tell who was who.


Black Impermanence, however, continued, “I know for sure that you won’t cheat, I’ll ask my colleagues to send his details.”



The scar-faced man couldn’t listen anymore and couldn’t help but interject, “How do you know he won’t lie? Who is this person, is it so easy for you Impermanence to trust the living now? Is there any mistake, do you have any self-respect as a ghost official of the underworld, how can you listen to a living person?”



After saying that, the scar-faced man was a bit regretful, Black Impermanence couldn’t hear him, so why bother talking too much.



He was a profound and inscrutable villain, a joyful person who was keen on watching others suffer, how could he easily show a shocked look.



The scar-faced man barely calmed down and revealed a faint smile.



Black Impermanence pulled out his cell phone to make a call, “City god, I’ve just applied to access the details of deceased 2332333 on the Life and Death Book App, please pass my application. Thank you, City god.”



The scar-faced man couldn’t keep his smile, his pupils quaked, the underworld could still use cell phones to check the life and death book now?



How could that be so? Even now, those righteous gods still relied on burning letters or having their subordinates send letters. If the gods were still like this, how could the underworld live an informationized life?



He thought that him using the peach treasure to place an order was already very remarkable, he didn’t expect the underworld to be so fashionable.



In less than a moment, Black Impermanence received all of the deceased’s information on his cell phone, Black Impermanence carefully compared the photo on it with Chen Ruize a few times, and confirmed: ”The deceased, Chen Ruize, was originally known as Cheng Ruize, he changed his name a year ago. You and the deceased are indeed not the same person.”



When Chen Ruize heard this, tears immediately flowed down his face, he was also known for his good and impressive crying scenes among the young juniors, but now he cried unimaginatively, his face wrinkled into a ball.



Qiong Ren warmly consoled, “Alright, it’s alright, nowadays the underworld is very reasonable, there won’t be any matter of arresting the wrong person, even if they arrest the wrong person, as long as you put forward a plea, they will seriously check the facts. It’s alright.”



Qiong Ren had ignored the scar-faced man from the beginning to the end, but he was still strong enough to sing a one-man show, “You’re just a tiny mortal, what do you know about the underworld?”



He didn’t notice that when he said this, Black Impermanence’s movements stuttered subtly.



Black Impermanence had just unlocked the chains. Chen Ruize then heard Zhang Hao calling his name, and the voice floated over from an extreme distance, and although it was faint, it kept reaching his ears.



A faint rope of light seemed to appear in the air, and he got the feeling that he was being pulled, only this time, he clearly knew that the source of the pull was his own body.



Black Impermanence knew at a glance that this was someone doing a soul invocation: “Go on, follow the sound all the way.”



Chen Ruize excitedly bowed several times to Black Impermanence, “When I go back, I will definitely burn paper money for you and write thank you letters.”



Black Impermanence scratched his head, “That’s not necessary.”



He walked over to Chen Ruize and said in a low voice, “If it’s convenient, can you help me get a little more around Qiong Ren, thanks. My name is Meng Shen, I’ll have Qiong Ren give you my phone number later.”



Chen Ruize naturally agreed in one breath.



His living soul was pulled by Zhang Hao’s voice, and the scenery around him quickly receded, and in no time, he returned to the filming site of Peach Blossom Fan. Zhang Hao had been calling his name, the surrounding area was painted with vermillion sand, and Qiong Ren’s assistant was burning incense and reciting a mantra:



“Protect the gods and tranquilize the town, guard my form. Cut off the source of evil, and open up the path of righteousness.”



Zhang Hao shouted again, “Chen Ruize return –”



The voice pulled his body, and the living soul returned to his body, Chen Ruize slowly opened his eyes, Zhang Hao was overjoyed, “Woke up, he woke up! His soul has returned.”



He shouted for half a day, his voice was hoarse, and now he saw Chen Ruize waking up, for a moment he couldn’t hold back his tears, which fell in large drops on Chen Ruize’s face.



Chen Ruize disgustedly wiped his face and said breathlessly, “Don’t howl, can you give some food first, I’m dizzy.”



The staff at the scene witnessed this soul invocation ceremony with their own eyes, and all of them were shaken to their core, only to realize that there were indeed divine and indistinguishable things existing in heaven and earth.



Meng Qingxuan saw him wake up, so anxious that he almost forgot to finish, he suppressed his temperament to finish, before grabbing Chen Ruize, who was drinking milk tea, and asked, “How is Mr. Qiong?”



That body was deaf and blind, Chen Ruize didn’t really know what exactly happened when he was trapped in his body, and after he was hooked by Black Impermanence, his Soul state couldn’t see the Scarface Man, he only remembered that Black Impermanence that wanted Qiong Ren’s peripherals.


“Don’t worry, Qiong Ren is super awesome, his idol career has developed to the underworld, that Impermanence even asked me for his peripherals.”



Chen Ruize was in an excited mood and forgot to lower his voice, so it was heard by quite a few people.



Meng Qingxuan’s tail immediately tilted up to the sky as he said proudly, “Of course, our teacher Qiong is just so powerful, not only that, but he and ……”



Meng Qingxuan dryly coughed twice, Teacher Qiong also knew Emperor Song and King of the underworld, this kind of thing couldn’t be talked about.



But then, on this side of the hillside villa.



The scar-faced man watched Chen Ruize float out of the window, and he was actually smiling as he slowly clapped, “Not bad, I didn’t expect you to actually be able to save him. I also have to thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known that the underworld is now like this. However, you are really composed, you actually haven’t mentioned me to the black Impermanence all this time. It’s a pity, I was looking forward to watching him treat you like a madman.”



Meng Shen wrapped the chains around his waist and turned his head to look at the scar-faced man with a look of impatience, “Enough, what have you been babbling about, it’s annoying.”



The scar-faced man’s smile froze on his face, “You’re a spirit, how can you see me?”



He had obviously made himself invisible to the soul’s eyes with the Fa Seal.


Meng Shen rolled his eyes and didn’t say a word, just looked at him with an expression that said, “Where the hell did this hick come from?”



The scar-faced man felt the impermanence’s deep contempt.



He was a bit devastated.



It shouldn’t be, he had been practicing the villain image for many years, and felt that he had already hatched a deep skill of pretending to be a villain, even though his face was covered with scars, he was able to convince others by his demeanor, and didn’t that little Taoist priest just look at him with fear today?



He seriously pretended for so many years, but in today’s crazy Waterloo, neither Qiong Ren nor this impermanence took him seriously.



Why was it like this?



Qiong Ren turned his head to look at him and casually pointed, ”This is the wanted scar-faced man. He’s the one who switched Ruize’s living soul into that dead man’s body.”



Meng Shen was astonished, “It’s him?”



Meng Shen’s surprise caused a hint of pleasure to grow in the scar-faced man’s heart, he took a deep breath and was about to say it’s me, however, Meng Shen immediately revealed an expression of disgust.



“I thought it was a very powerful figure, but I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even recognize you, so it’s obvious to what extent his information stopped. The Dragon City Xuan Sect losing to this kind of person is too much of a loss.”



Wasn’t this cause and effect relationship mistaken, the Dragon City Xuan Sect couldn’t find him, wasn’t that proof that he was very powerful? How could it be explained like this by this impermanence!



Besides, was this kinda good-looking little fair guy any important person? Why did he have to know him ah.


The scar-faced man, who was crumbling inside, re-squeezed a cold smile on his face, “Those losers spent so much time and failed to catch me, so what can you, a little impermanent, do to me? Haven’t you fools realized that the souls of the dead are missing?”



He gave a vicious smile, “But even if you know now ……”



Qiong Ren interrupted him with an expressionless face, “Are you trying to say that even if I know, it’s too late?


“Look at how many people are in this room?”


It was only then that the scar-faced man realized that the little Daoist who didn’t have much presence had disappeared at some point.


He vaguely felt bad in his heart when he heard a loud noise coming from upstairs.



Wang Boduan poked his head out of the upstairs window and shouted, “Teacher Qiong, the dead man’s soul was hidden in a soul bottle, I’ve found it.”



“Soul bottle?” Meng Shen frowned.



Generally speaking the soul vase referred to a barn jar, an artifact that the deceased was buried with, which would be filled with grains, meaning that the deceased would be able to take the grains to the underworld, keeping him fed.



But the Soul Bottle they said in the Xuan Sect was different, as the name implied, it was a bottle used to store the soul, and it was something that proper people wouldn’t use.



When Qiong Ren confirmed that Chen Ruize’s soul had entered the patient’s body, but Meng Qingxuan hadn’t sent any news of that Chen Ruize awakening over there, Qiong Ren realized that this wasn’t just a mere replacement.



The patient’s own soul had likely been taken by Scarface Man.


Scar-faced man at this time finally saw that this impermanent and Qiong Ren were old acquaintances, and those actions just now were all acting for him to see.



Since they acted, there must be some purpose.



He sneered, and was about to express that he had already seen through their intentions, a big round, fat and furry pile suddenly flew into the window.


Xiong Miao rolled on the ground, holding up his rubber bullet gu.n, “Don’t move, you’ve been surrounded by our Special Affairs Division.”



A man in his thirties appeared in the doorway, also holding a rubber bullet gu.n in his hand, “We suspect that you are involved in multiple cases related to the Transit Array, and we are now going to bring you back to the Special Affairs Division for interrogation, and you don’t have the right to remain silent.”



As the man read, a blank expression appeared on his face, but he continued, “If you don’t speak, we’ll feed you a confession agent.”



After he finished reading, Xiong Miao gently puffed up his fat, thick bear paws, “Master, every time you say this paragraph, I feel you look so handsome.”



This man was Police Constable Yang Aiguo who was transferred into the Special Affairs Division and was unilaterally recognized as Master by Xiong Miao.



Yang Aiguo’s face showed shame, he only hoped that the Special Affairs Division’s paragraph could be changed as soon as possible, or at least be a little more decent than this.



Qiong Ren had always insisted on going to the police when in trouble, and after Chen Ruize’s accident, he immediately called the Special Affairs Division.



It just so happened that at that time, the Special Affairs Division also traced the IP of the owner of the Paper Tie Shop and found that the person’s current address was also in the eastern suburbs.



Everyone thought that there couldn’t be so many coincidences in the world, so Qiong Ren turned on location sharing in the car, and seeing that Qiong Ren’s location was gradually getting closer to the location of the IP address that they had traced, the people from the Special Affairs Division realized that the person who had laid his hands on Chen Ruize was the scar-faced man that they had been searching for for a long time.



The matter was urgent, they were afraid that Chen Ruize would be in danger if they went late, and they were also afraid that the culprit would run away, so they could only simply lay out a plan of action.



Qiong Ren and Meng Shen would attract the attention of the scar-faced man and try their best to rescue Chen Ruize, while at the same time dragging out time for the Special Affairs Division.



Qiong Ren: “I didn’t expect you to be so cooperative ……”



A villain died from talking too much, why did so many people not understand.



The scar-faced man let out a loud laugh, his expression looking like it was copied from the face of a third-rate actor in a third-rate movie.



“You guys think you can catch me just like that?” He was filled with contempt, “The idiotic panda spirit of the Special Affairs Division, a Black Impermanence, a mortal policeman, and two latecomers of the Xuan Sect can’t do anything to me.”



He laughed out loud, “It seems that I can only let you all personally experience the price of being gullible.”



Meng Shen was furious at his words, “How dare you curse pandas? Even trash from nowhere can point to the national treasures?”


Xiong Miao, however, stiffened, judging from its past experiences, this scar-faced man was indeed very powerful, causing many Xuanmen seniors to return home in defeat.



They were worried about Qiong Ren and the victim named Chen Ruize, so the Panda Spirit flew over first with its master, Officer Yang Aiguo, on its back, while the others were still stuck in traffic on the road.



Blame it on Dragon City’s damned traffic.



The scar-faced man smiled at Meng Shen: ”So what if you’re an Impermanence? Can you move me?”



The weapons of the Impermanence only worked on souls and demons, and it was for this reason that the City god had organized the Xuanmen to capture Scarface Man instead of directly letting the Underworlders take action.


Meng Shen looked at Scarface Man, “It’s true that ordinary impermanence can’t move living people.”



Scar-faced Man smiled smugly.



Meng Shen: “But I’m a Living Impermanence, I came here in the flesh today, otherwise why did I just walk through the door?”



He pulled out a handful of talismans that he had accumulated over the course of the day and threw it towards the scar-faced man, the talismans stuck to the scar-faced man, Yang Aiguo held up his handcuffs and went up, trying to catch the scar-faced man on the spot.



Scar-faced man moved his two hands, index finger and thumb opposite each other, the latter three fingers crossed, and then flipped his wrist, thumb, index finger, ring finger together, the rest of the fingers directly against each other, like the pagoda shape.



Meng Shen’s pupils tightened, “It’s the Great Golden Light Decree!”



Golden light was hidden on the scar-faced man’s body, and it wasn’t a pure golden color like the Golden Light of Merit on Qiong Ren’s body, but rather, it was a faint white color. The golden light swept away layer by layer, and Meng Shen’s talismans ignited without fire, turning into ashes.



Xiong Miao’s face changed.



Wasn’t this the divine light that only gods had? Could it be that this scar-faced man who had done evil in Dragon City many times was actually a deity?



Feeling that it had a responsibility to protect the only ordinary person at the scene, it tugged on Qiong Ren and said, “This one might be a god, you run first.”



Wang Boduan came down from upstairs and rushed up with his peach wood sword, yelling, “Eat my sword!”



The mahogany sword touched the golden light on the scarred man’s body as if it was swallowed by the golden light and burned to ashes inch by inch. Xiong Miao held up his rubber bullet gu.n and fired, but the bullets that were engraved with the spell formation were swallowed up and couldn’t hurt Scarface Man in the slightest.



Xiong Miao was a little timid: “How can …… it be. Is it really ……”



They, as spirits, were naturally three times smaller when they saw the word god.



Officer Yang Aiguo, however, didn’t have so many concerns, as long as it was a danger to social security, regardless of whether it was a human being or a god or a ghost, they had to be caught.



He saw that the rubber bullet gu.n used to deal with ghosts was useless against this prisoner, so he drew out his accompanying baton and hit towards the scar-faced man’s body, Officer Yang wasn’t only good at solving cases, his hands were also very good.



But the scar-faced man had a divine light protection on his body, Officer Yang’s baton hit on his shoulder immediately bounced away, the recoil was particularly strong, Officer Yang’s wrist felt a burst of numbness, he almost couldn’t hold the baton.



The golden light that swung away touched Xiong Miao, it hastily retreated, but the fur on its body was still burned off a little.



At this point, the scar-faced man finally felt that he had let out a breath of pent-up air.



The total length of the battle from the beginning to now was no more than a minute, and by standing still, he had already made everyone lose their fighting power.



Only that Qiong Ren, who was blocked at the back, was left. It was just a mortal, even if it made him suffer a bit, but in the end, it was still just a mortal.


He flashed a faint smile and walked towards Qiong Ren.



While he was in the midst of his complacency, the smile of hidden triumph froze on his face.



He saw the scene behind Qiong Ren suddenly blur and sway, as if the air in that place had been suddenly heated, causing a refraction to occur.



A bare foot covered with magnificent footwear stepped out from the void, the flame underneath his foot shaped like the petals of a red lotus.



The scar-faced man’s complexion changed, how could that person suddenly appear in this place, using His most terrifying incarnation, it couldn’t be that he had come to capture him.



He had a habit, the more panicked and scared he was, the more he would show a smile that didn’t care as a cover up, and in the past, he had really fooled a lot of people.




“What’s the big deal about using a few Transit Formations? It’s worth it for you guys to get excited like this, I see that the Xuan Sect has indeed declined, and no one uses the spells and talismans and talismanic diagrams and incantations anymore.”



With the standard villainous lines on his lips, he was actually already calculating how to escape.



Qiong Ren pushed aside Xiong Miao, who was blocking him, and said peacefully, “To confirm, you didn’t know who I was until today, right?”



The scarred man smiled bashfully, “Why would I ……”



Before he could finish his sentence, Qiong Ren swung his carved chair and smashed it against the wall.



Scar-faced man held the wall and stood firmly and shook his head, then he saw that the incarnation’s foot that stepped out retracted again, he thought that that person didn’t want to care about his business, then he was born with guts again, he roared viciously, “Why should I know you?”



Qiong Ren smiled slightly and said softly, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, you’ll know now.”



He grabbed the scar-faced man’s hair with such force that the scar-faced man was unable to break free.



“Be careful of the golden light burning on him!”



Everyone warned in quick succession, but upon fixing their eyes, the golden light that burned their weapons had little effect on Qiong Ren.



The scar-faced man also didn’t expect Qiong Ren to be unafraid of his divine light, and for a moment, he couldn’t help but panic even more, once again revealing a disdainful smile.



Qiong Ren watched him smile and revealed a kind smile himself, pulling the scar-faced man’s hair tightly, and flinging him to the ground as he pressed his head against the ground.



Bang! Bang! Bang!



The sound was so loud that the kind onlookers were shaking.



“My name is Qiong Ren, if you don’t remember, I’ll remind you that a fool named Fu Jiaze approached you to do a transit array, and it was my luck that was targeted.”


He said as he knocked.



Just like when he performed, he was able to maintain studio caliber singing even while doing difficult dances, at this moment, while vigorously knocking the scar-faced man’s head, his speech was surprisingly unaffected at all.



Smooth to the extreme.



“Thought of it?”



Qiong Ren’s voice was gentle, smoothly pulling Scarface Man’s hair and slamming his face against the wall.



Bang! He was smashed through the wall with a crack.



“Hiss-” They all simultaneously drew in a breath of cold air, and the Taoist priest, the police officer, the Underworlder, and the Panda Spirit all backed away in unison.



“It’s fine if you don’t remember me, let me remind you again, do you remember Zhou Mi and Ai Yinyue? They were all your victims, you look quite young, you shouldn’t have such a bad memory that you don’t remember any of them.”



Scar-faced man: “I ……”



He only said one word before Qiong Ren lifted him up and used his head as a nail hammer towards the table.






The table was knocked off a corner.



Qiong Ren’s voice took on a bit of aggression, “Do you look down on me? Why don’t you say anything?”



The scar-faced man had a golden light protecting his body, no matter where it was, it didn’t hurt, not even a single hair fell out of Qiong Ren’s tightly tugged hair, but anyone who was smashed by such a horrible press would have a hard time maintaining normal speech functions.



Everyone could see that the scar-faced man wasn’t trying to speak now, but simply couldn’t.



Xiong Miao gulped in fear: “Is Qiong Ren really a human being?”



Meng Shen: “Of course ……”



He was going to say of course he was, but thinking about it, he wasn’t too sure. Could it be that Qiong Ren and King Yan had already done that, and changed his mortal physique through dual cultivation?



Meng Shen: “It could be ……”



Qiong Ren lifted the scar-faced man up with a single hand, dragged and pulled him to the edge of the table, and pressed the scar-faced man’s face onto the suspected tablet of himself and rubbed it frantically.



Scar-faced man was a regular mage, he looked tall, but his body was actually petite and weak, he also wanted to take the opportunity to recite some incantations and make a hand seal, but Qiong Ren dragged him around and smashed him violently for a while, and his hands were also folded back behind him by Qiong Ren, so he couldn’t find a chance to resist at all.



Although he hadn’t been substantially harmed yet, the scar-faced man already felt like this was the biggest hurdle of his life, and he was already beginning to suspect that he might not make it through.



His brain was shaking evenly. How could there be this kind of Xuan Sect’s child who relied purely on force to win.



The scar-faced man’s current mood was nothing but fear.



What made him feel even more fearful was that the golden light on Qiong Ren’s body had slightly faded after this flurry of smashing.



Meng Shen looked speechless, “This thing can still be physically consumed ……”




Qiong Ren squatted down and roughly yanked the scarred man’s head, leaning down, his large eyes fixedly looked at him, an innocent and gentle smile still hanging on his face, but right now his smile only sent chills to the bottom of the scarred man’s heart.



“Rats in the gutter, cockroaches in the sewers, you and Fu Jiaze, Wang Yaoqing are such things. The only place you belong is in a septic tank, the underworld doesn’t even want to take stinking scum like you. Iron-toothed dogs and vultures don’t want to eat garbage like you either, they will only have one reaction when they see your soul bodies.”




Qiong Ren thought of himself for three years. In those three years, he didn’t know how much his agent and dean worried about him and sighed for him.



But the hardships he endured were not worth mentioning compared to Ai Yinyue.


It wasn’t easy for Ai Yinyue to have hopes of making a name for himself, but he died in an accident because of the transit array. Qiong Ren paid his mother money on a monthly basis in the name of BGM royalties, and every time he saw that account number, Qiong Ren felt sad.



The Transit Array devoured Ai Yinyue’s life, causing Ai Yinyue’s mother to suffer from the pain of a white haired person sending a black haired child away first.



Yu Wei and Zhou Mi originally had a happy family, Zhou Mi was quite a promising director and Yu Wei was a hardworking office worker.



It was because of this scar-faced man and Wang Yaoqing, that Zhou Mi’s career stagnated, not to mention it almost caused Yu Wei a loss of two lives, if not for the fact that that day he just happened to take the subway, Yu Wei was likely to die because of her soul being away from her body for too long.



Doing so many bad things, ruining other people’s happiness and hope, yet the scar-faced man who was the culprit couldn’t even remember the names of his victims.



He couldn’t remember a single one.



What the hell was someone else’s life in his eyes?



Qiong Ren lifted his hair and inclined his head, his clear eyes did not have a trace of malice in them, but it made the scar-faced man shudder: “Don’t think that you’re a true god if you’ve set up a tablet for yourself.”



Qiong Ren looked at him and smiled: “You once crushed someone’s life. Now, I’m going to crush yours.”



He smashed the scar-faced man’s head hard against the wall, the wall dust fell crazily, the wall had a dent in the shape of a man’s head, and the golden light on the scar-faced man’s body was like a thin sugar shell that had been hit.



It shattered.



The scar-faced man’s face inevitably smashed into the wall.



The first blow, smashed his nose bone.



The second blow, he felt his teeth fly out.



The third blow, Qiong Ren hit him with his own fist, right in the temple.


Just one punch made his brain buzz and vibrate, and he even suspected that the hardest cranium on the human body had been whacked and cracked.



“I surrender!”


The scar-faced man shouted vaguely, his tone so full of despair that Meng Shen and the others, who hated him with a deep hatred, subconsciously mourned for him for two seconds.



Qiong Ren said viciously, “You’re not allowed.”



All of a sudden, people couldn’t tell who was the villain.



He kicked the side of Scarface Man’s neck, and Scarface Man’s tall body was kicked straight up, smashing into the wall before falling down.



The scar faced man let out a groan of pain, his face was already swollen to the point that they couldn’t even see the scars, pasted with blo.od, he could only helplessly reach out to the others present, “Save …… save me.”



At this time, the Special Affairs Division police officers who were blocking the traffic finally rushed to the second floor, they entered the door and were stunned, and for a while they were a little hesitant, not knowing who they should arrest.



Qiong Ren wanted to fight again, but was firmly dragged by Xiong Miao and Yang Aiguo, and the officers immediately pounced and handcuffed the scar-faced man.



Xiong Miao pressed Qiong Ren down with his own body: ”Calm down! If you keep fighting you’ll become a murderer.”



Qiong Ren: “He’s not a human being, what kind of murde.rer am I?”



Officer Yang Aiguo said bitterly, “It feels bad to kill someone, it’s not worth it to carry a psychological shadow for this kind of person. Not to mention that you are a popular idol, look at you, your hands are red from the fight, won’t your fans be heartbroken when they see it?”



The scar-faced man’s mouth was covered in blood, his face was swollen like a pig’s head, and he had lost many teeth, making it extremely difficult for him to speak. But because he was really too shocked, he was still holding on to the severe pain, vaguely opening his eyes wide to ask, “What was he again?”



“Idol.” Qiong Ren struggled to poke his head out from under Xiong Miao’s weight, “Idol, which word can’t you understand, do you need me to shove it in your head?



“Oh, I forgot, cockroaches like you don’t have brains.”



The scar-faced man had thought that the most bitter part of his life would be the ten minutes he had just been beaten by Qiong Ren, but he was wrong, the more bitter moment came soon after, at this very moment when he suddenly realized that Qiong Ren was an idol.



“Why?” The scar-faced man’s eyes gurgled with tears and he cried solidly, “Shouldn’t an idol sing and dance inside the TV, do some really bad dramas, and then go on Joy Camp?”




I know a lot of people that need this kind of beating 👏

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