Qiong Ren and King Yan walked over to the car and he looked at his crimson pointed horns, “Can you take on the appearance of the human incarnation?”


He turned his head to look at him, a faint, almost indistinguishable aggression added to his fierce eyes, “You don’t like this incarnation.”



Qiong Ren: “I’m just worried that your horns will damage my company’s property.”



He pointed to the obedient 2.0T five seater silver gray sedan next to him.


King Yan silently assessed the space inside the sedan and his own height, and realized that Qiong Ren was right; if he sat in it in this image, he was sure that his horns would cut two unbridgeable slits in the roof.


He shifted forms, crimson horns retracted, jewelry all gone, and an extra suit on him.



“Is this okay?”



Qiong Ren looked and couldn’t help but hold his breath.



The buttons of his shirt were spread out, revealing a solid honey-colored chest, and the length of his curly brown hair had shortened a bit, still casually loose.



He was obviously wearing clothes, but with his face, instead, there was a kind of forbidden feeling of putting a ferocious beast into a suit cage, it looked more ……





This was the only word that best matches what Qiong Ren was feeling right now.



Yan Mo kept all his emotions and desires on his face, but instead of saying them outright, he hid them in the slightly tense corners of his lips, and the eyes that would reside on Qiong Ren from time to time.



It made Qiong Ren feel as if something was going to happen right away, but nothing happened, like the moment before kissing before the lips even touched, already feeling each other’s breath, full of anticipation for the sweetness that would be obtained in the next second.



All this rushing lu.st was wrapped up under the fitted suit like a well-mannered beast putting away his sharp horns, claws, and fangs.



“Like it?” Yan Mo asked.



The knot in Qiong Ren’s throat rolled and his voice muffled a little, “Like it.”


Seduced by the sight of him, King Yan slowly approached Qiong Ren’s lips, and when the tips of their noses touched, he gently rubbed them together before pressing his own lips down.



However, he only kissed the corner of his lips.


Qiong Ren slightly moved backward: “My tongue is still numb.”



The words were soft but petty.



It was hard for King Yan not to feel that this was Qiong Ren’s punishment for him.


He looked at Qiong Ren’s pink lips, which seemed to be a little redder than usual, thinking that it must be because he kissed too hard yesterday.


It looked a little pitiful, yet like it was luring him to kiss it again.



He saw himself in Qiong Ren’s beautiful eyes, his Ah Ren, his gaze was always so clear and straightforward, like he didn’t know that he could make people go crazy for him.



Qiong Ren absently tugged on Yan Mo’s shirt collar, tilted his head to look into his eyes, and said softly and slowly, “Other places hurt too.”



His voice carried a bit of a petulant-like complaint, “Who let you kiss for so long.”



Yan Mo was again seized by a parched thirst, a thirst that could only be quenched by kissing his Ah Ren again for a long time.



Instead, Qiong Ren let go of his collar and sat in the back, peeking out of the window, “Drive on, my driver.”



Yan Mo was willingly stumped by him, and couldn’t afford not to be, because between the two of them, only he had a driver’s license.



Qiong Ren watched the scenery out the window move backward, his gaze skimming over patches of trees, then his eyes darted toward Yan Mo.



It was so close, but he hadn’t gotten caught up, or else he would have been held down and kissed for another ten minutes. Luckily, he controlled himself and even pulled back.



He covered his face.



He couldn’t let Yan Mo find out that his face was already red.


The car drove back to the filming location.


As soon as Qiong Ren and King Yan entered, they received everyone’s attention.


Chen Ruize had recovered a little bit of his spirit after continuously ingesting high energy food, he cried and ran over to hug Qiong Ren, Zhang Hao nervously followed behind, afraid that Chen Ruize would faint once more.



“You’re awesome!” Chen Ruize howled for a while and said in surprise, “I’ve heard of celestial masters, Taoist priests, and monks exorcising evil spirits, but I’ve never seen you in this way, you’ve saved my life by your business ability and personal charisma!”



Meng Qingxuan was pulling Wang Boduan, asking him to tell him properly what Qiong Ren did, whether he used talismans, or magic spells, and whether he recited the Thunder Part incantation all over again.



Wang Boduan looked at the man behind Qiong Ren and sighed with a vicissitude, “Teacher Qiong is too high, his realm is currently difficult for you and I to reach, I’ve decided, I’ll go find a boxing gym tomorrow to practice boxing.”



Meng Qingxuan: “…… Wake up, we are Taoist priests.”



“You don’t understand, I’m wide awake,” Wang Boduan pinched Meng Qingxuan’s shoulder and shook it, “You’re coming with me tomorrow as well.”



He looked at Qiong Ren, who was surrounded by the crowd, and muttered, “Times have changed …… Physical exorcism is the new trend.”



Zhang Hao said thank you for an unknown number of times, saying straight out that as long as Qiong Ren wanted to act, he could always be the male lead in any of his movies.


Qiong Ren’s eyes lit up, “Let’s forget about acting and all, but if we can talk about movie distribution ……”



He lowered his voice and said, “The Underworld is also a big market ah, is there any interest?”



A movie based on Emperor Song and Secretary Kim, wouldn’t that be an easy sell?



Qiong Ren’s eyes had turned into the shape of money.



Seeing that Chen Ruize was fine except for a little shock, Qiong Ren left with King Yan with the two little Taoist priests at ease.



It was once he and his assistants left that the crew really blew up.



“Ordinary idols go to the Joy Camp, real idols go to the Joy Camp in the underworld ……”



“Mr. Chen, what does a ghost look like? Is it scary? Does it have a long tongue?”



“Is Qiong Ren really an Underworld idol? Then all the hot searches he used to be on are real?”



A staff member weakly raised his hand, “Actually …… I’ve had that dream too ……”



Chen Ruize: “Tell me more about it.”



Staff: “At that time Qiong Ren was not yet popular, he was so unknown that no one knew him.”



“One night I suddenly dreamed of my cousin. My cousin went early, and her relationship with the family wasn’t good, this was the first time I saw her in a dream. At that time, it was especially hard for me, and when I saw her, I asked how she was doing in the underworld, whether she lacked food and clothing, and she said that she was doing quite well, but she was too busy at work.”



“She told me that she especially liked an idol called Qiong Ren, and made a point of telling me that Qiong is the Qiong of beautiful jade, and Ren is the Ren of benevolence and virtue. Qiong Ren was going to the underworld to have an album signing, she wanted to bring a hand banner to support him, but there was no place in the underworld to make hand banners, so she gave me a dream, wanting me to buy some Qiong Ren’s peripherals and burn them for her.”




Although Chen Ruize had known for a long time that the matter of dreaming was true, it was also his first time hearing a first-hand accounts, he didn’t blink as he listened: “Then what? Did you buy it?”



Staff: “I did. I woke up and thought it was because I thought too much of my cousin, so I had such a dream, but the details of the dream were still so real.”


“So thinking that it would be better to believe it, I went to search the name that my cousin wrote for me, and I found that there really is such a person, and he is particularly, particularly good-looking. I fell straight into the trap and bought his album.”



The staff couldn’t help feeling a little proud: “Fortunately, I started early. Later, a fanatic swept out all the inventory at once. Now these things are out of stock because no one is willing to sell them. They have a price but no market, and they are even more valuable.”



Chen Ruize was overjoyed to hear this, and immediately held her hand tightly, “You bought a few copies, share a little with me, I’ll pay a high price.”



The staff cautiously drew her hands back, “This ……”



The director was glaring at her! Mr. Chen I still want to work!



Chen Ruize: “Please, this time I could get out of it because the Underworld man is an avid fan of Qiong Ren’s, Qiong Ren said that the soul summoning list was wrong and asked him to compare the information again. He really went to compare it, and only then did he realize that I and that person looked different.”



“When I was leaving, I said I’d burn paper money for him, and he said no, that he wanted Qiong Ren’s peripherals.”



“It’s actually like this ……” the staff shook her fist, “I didn’t realize that there was a wise and righteous underworlder, how about this, since the periphery has to be burned to him anyway, how about I share some of the small cards, calendars, and posters with you? ”



Chen Ruize: “Thank you so much!”



Once Chen Ruize collapsed, those who should be cleared out were cleared out, and now those who stayed were Zhang Hao’s core team, with guaranteed reliability. Zhang Hao didn’t stop them from gossiping about how popular Qiong Ren really was in underworld, but just instructed them not to tell the story.



The people in this world who wanted to find the backdoor of the underworld were numerous, and it was too late to cover up today’s incident, but they still had to try not to spread it out, so as not to get Qiong Ren into trouble.



After all, he was an idol, not a celestial master.



The cast and crew chatted heartily, (probably until fifty years later, everything that happened today, would still be something the cast and crew would never tire of talking about.)



Screenwriter Hu Lanlan, known as Editor Hu, the industry’s biggest screenwriter, saw this scene and had a burst of inspiration in his head.



Perhaps a script based on Qiong Ren’s experience could be created, and the name would be “Super Unknown Star: I’m actually a Top Star of The Underworld”, no no, Editor Hu shook her head darkly, the word unknown was not allowed to appear in the name now.



Then let’s change the name to “I’m the Top Star of the Underworld”.



Wang Boduan drove the car, and after sending King Yan and Qiong Ren back, he said with perseverance in his eyes, “I have remembered all of your words and teachings in my heart today, and I will also tell Qingxuan about all of your spirit and your thoughts on how to break the enemy, and tomorrow the two of us will go to the boxing gym to practice, so can you please give us a little bit of encouragement?”



Qiong Ren: “……”


He didn’t really understand what he was talking about.



“Cheer?” Qiong Ren said tentatively.



Wang Boduan and Meng Qingxuan revealed a look of exhilaration and said in unison, “We will definitely cheer, and never let you down.”



Wang Boduan was very understanding, and after saying that, he drove off with his little friend and slipped away.



King Yan looked at the door of his home that was close at hand, “You go in, I’ll watch you go in before I go back to the underworld.”



Qiong Ren: “……”



Pretending to be pitiful, was it? This trap ……



Eh, he’d fall in.



Qiong Ren: “Come in.”



Yan Mo shook his head, “Half a month hasn’t come yet, I have to keep my promise.”



After saying that, he even took a step back.


It was all going to be retreat for advancement ……



Qiong Ren narrowed his eyes, smiled, walked down the steps, leaned forward, and nodded at Yan Mo’s chest, “Good, then you’ll keep your promise.”



After saying that, he turned around, entered and closed the door in one fell swoop.



Yan Mo stood still and touched the place he had just been touched by Qiong Ren.



The open-clawed Ah Ren was cute too, it would have been nice to hold his hand and kiss it.



In the evening, Qiong Ren took a shower and laid down on his bed and began to look at his work schedule.


The Underworld Chronicles went live on the same day as the recording of Chuangqing 303. The Underworld Chronicles would be released as a movie on Aikuxun, and there was no advance publicity for the documentary.



There was no way to publicize it in the underworld, after all, there were no living people in it except Qiong Ren.


There was no need to promote it in the underworld,, whether it was the lure of underworld culture promotional videos or Qiong Ren’s own appeal in the underworld, all of which made promotional expenses a waste.



Chuangqing 303 was going to record the theme song, and Qiong Ren, as the dance instructor, rightfully had to demonstrate how to dance to the theme song. The program team had already sent the breakdown moves, he had seen them, they weren’t difficult, so he had already learned them after watching it.



There was also the fact that “You Won’t Have a Good End” would be online as the theme song for “Underworld’s Chronicle”, and there was no need to publicize this, just post it on Weibo and be done with it.



After reading the work plan, Qiong Ren pressed the light and went to sleep.



While he slept in a daze, his body was hot and seemed to be wrapped up in an electric blanket again. He complained in his half-sleep, “It’s hot, I like thirty-six degrees.”



The electric blanket immediately cooled down.



Qiong Ren didn’t feel quite right, didn’t the electric blanket get cold so fast? When he woke up a little, he realized that the person holding him was a person, not an electric blanket.



As for who was holding him, there was no need to guess.


Didn’t he say that he would keep his promise, why did he still sneak up and hug him.



Want to expose King Yan?



Qiong Ren slowly thought about it and decided to forget about it.



After all, he would have to talk, he was already very tired today and couldn’t say a word.



It was definitely not that he didn’t want to expose Yan Mo!



After a few days, Xiong Miao said that the interrogation of the scar-faced man had preliminary results.



That jade puppet was called by Guo Yuan as Lord Yu, his original appearance was unknown, his name was unknown, and his looks were unknown.



He was the one who saved Guo Yuan’s life by finding him, who had almost disappeared because of the lack of offered incense by letting him steal the position of a minor god in a certain place.



His scarred face was in fact the facial features of that minor god.



Guo Yuan was good at carving, and he also learned a lot of skills from the Jade Master, who made both the transit array and the jade carvings.



The beneficiaries of the Transit Array, their real hunting targets, were handpicked by Lord Yu before arranging for Guo Yuan to make contact and lure Fu Jiaze and the others into using the Transit Array.



They certainly didn’t do all this for money, but for the souls of these people.



Fu Jiaze, Wang Yaoqing, these people had good lives, and their luck was fine, it was just that their hearts were not in the right place, preventing their own qi from being utilized, they were often easily tempted, their ambitions were hard to fulfill, and their hearts were filled with cynicism towards others.



They were excellent candidates for sacrificial souls.



The flyer ghost in the subway wasn’t made by the Scar faced man, the person who teased the Dragon City’s masters was him instead.



In fact, it was the experts making the effort in the wrong place.



Scar-faced man had been subjected to so many years of incense offerings, and later stole someone else’s god position, and had divine power in his body, with a natural rank suppression of ordinary spells.



This time, the Special Affairs Division used earthly technical means to track down the IP address, not just one.



It was the same when fighting with the scar-faced man, the spells didn’t work on him, and Qiong Ren’s rough and direct beating instead directly shattered his divine power shield.



Stereotypical thinking wasn’t good.



That villa was a temple built by Cheng Ruizhe as a payment for exchanging souls, the reason why it wasn’t built to look like a temple was also because Dragon City had many gods and many temples, they wanted to develop their business but also didn’t want to draw attention to themselves, that was why they deliberately kept a low profile.



As for that Lord Yu, the scar-faced man didn’t know much about him. He was originally a local wild god in Lingzhou, but it was Lord Yu who forcibly stripped him from Lingzhou and pressed him onto this Scarface god statue.


The feeling of forcibly stripping a deity from the land that contained him was the same as skinning a person alive.



His soul was still engraved with that pain, which was why he was so afraid of Lord Yu.


Lord Yu often fell into a deep sleep, and every time he woke up, he would command the scar-faced man to do something.


Lord Yu was very fond of using jade carving to achieve his purpose, and seemed to have some special obsession or love for it. Guo Yuan’s carving skills were extremely excellent, which was probably why he wanted to save Guo Yuan.



Xiong Miao briefly told Qiong Ren about the results of the interrogation, and couldn’t help but complain, “This Guo Yuan is really disgusting. He doesn’t have any remorse at all but our Special Affairs Division is not allowed to torture prisoners, it would have been better if I had joined you in beating him up at that time.”



Qiong Ren: “Can we put a song for him?”



Panda Spirit: “As soon as he listens to the song he desperately gnaws on his knees, and when the song stops he complains about us torturing prisoners, we are at least a formal department and cannot torture prisoners, but I really want to torture him.”



Qiong Ren thought for a moment, and a light flashed in his head, “There.”


That afternoon, Guo Yuan was handcuffed and taken out of the Special Affairs Division.



In the absence of Qiong Ren, Lord Yu, King Yan, and Secretary Nan’s song, Guo Yuan resumed his elegantly villainous demeanor and asked with a smile, “Lovely Miss Panda, where is this taking me?”


Xiong Miao also smiled at him, “You’ll know soon enough, it’s a good place oh.”



After a while, Guo Yuan looked at the waterworks in front of him, his throat felt like it was stalked with a piece of broken emerald, he couldn’t spit it out and couldn’t swallow it, it hurt when he didn’t move, and it hurt even more when he did.


“The education and rehabilitation of prisoners is also one of the contents of our Special Affairs Division’s work, so I decided to take you to visit one of the representative products of mankind’s modern technological civilization, the tap water plant. Here, you can fully feel the light of civilization and the afterglow of the wild gods.”



Guo Yuan’s face was ugly as hell from the moment he stepped into the tap water plant.


Xiong Miao invited someone to explain to him, “This is a large-scale water purification equipment for a water supply plant, and over there is a gravity-type valve-less filter tank that can utilize siphoning for automatic backwashing.”



The narrator said in detail how the municipal water supply system worked when there was a drought, and how the daily water supply could be guaranteed even in a major drought.



The more Guo Yuan listened, the more he crumbled, he felt that the narrator was rubbing salt into his wounds with every word, the pain was throbbing all over his body, “I don’t want to see it anymore, I hate tap water. You’re a panda, how can you abuse prisoners? It’s not like you’re Qiong Ren.”



“What’s abusive about inviting you to visit the water plant? You can complain if you’re not happy about it, but unfortunately, even if you complained through the roof, no one would rule my behavior as prisoner abuse.” Xiong Miao smiled, “By the way, this idea was Qiong Ren’s, happy or not?”



Guo Yuan: “……”



His tears, spewed out.



Guo Yuan completely abandoned his villainous image and bawled his eyes out in full view of everyone, he tried to escape from the water plant several times but was caught back.



Looking at Guo Yuan who had cried so much that he was about to pass out, Xiong Miao slowly let out a breath.


It was cool!



In the blink of an eye, the second recording of Chuangqing 303 began.



The one recording the dance was of course Qiong Ren.



The trainees sat in the studio according to the rows of the first grading, vaguely worried that after Qiong Ren danced the theme song, no one else would be interested in seeing how they danced.



Someone was sure to put him and the trainees together for a side by side comparison, with the conclusion that he was better.



Though it was true ……


As a result, the atmosphere of the scene was slightly subdued.



A clean and cute trainee said, “Everyone doesn’t need to be afraid, historically, no matter how great the mentor of the talent show is, in the end the audience cares only about the trainees because we have wins and losses and stories on us, even if Qiong Ren dances well, other people’s eyes will still only be looking at us in the end.”



“Even if you are made to do a comparison video, that means others see you, it’s better than no one cares. When we’re idols, it doesn’t matter how strong we are, it’s how many people are willing to pay attention to us that’s most important. Being a good dancer is nothing, the number of people who vote for us is what counts.”



The moment this was said, the trainees at the scene all felt a bit subtle.



This trainee who spoke was called Rong Hao, a very famous internet celebrity who often flaunted his wealth online, and was the one who had the most fans amongst them.


Those first few words did sound comforting, but it became strange afterward.



Although what he said was somehow the reality of the idol industry, even those who usually loved to be lazy didn’t want to be a loser per se, it was just that their will couldn’t overcome inertia.



Hearing such a blatant theory about the futility of hard work and the supremacy of popularity made everyone feel a little less comfortable.



“Shhh, the mentors are here.”



Several mentors took their seats in turn, only Qiong Ren was missing, and the lights suddenly dimmed.





The song suddenly started and the lights came on.


Wearing a crisp white suit, Qiong Ren danced with a dance troupe behind him.



Both the melody of the song and the movements of the dance were full of energy, so that people watching couldn’t help but want to dance along with them, and the trainees, who had just been in a tense atmosphere, cheered and called out to Qiong Ren together!


Qiong Ren’s movements were light and playful, yet full of strength, with a crisp landing point that made people’s hearts happy.



The four instructors also stood up and clapped to the rhythm of the music.



In the last movement, Qiong Ren turned his head to the stage and smiled at the audience, the trainees were killed by his smile and became a group of little toads with their mouths open, only saying “wow”.



Qiong Ren finished his performance, bowed out of habit, and waved his hand as he stepped off the stage.




The trainees applauded enthusiastically, Rong Hao smiled and clapped.



For the next twenty-four hours, the trainees needed to learn the song, then group up for a second rating and shoot the theme song music video.



The program group, in order to make as much of a mess as possible, added a small segment that allowed the trainees to choose the assessment teacher for the second rating.



The result was, unsurprisingly, a long line in front of Qiong Ren, and all the later trainees spontaneously chose other instructors, saying they wanted to take some pressure off of Mr. Qiong.



After the trainees went to practice the theme song, the tutors were given a temporary break, and Qiong Ren took out his cell phone to swipe the website of Aikuxun, at twelve o’clock noon today, “Underworld’s Chronicle” went live.




As the video site that did the best job with its own content in the country, Aikuxun had a considerable volume of loyal users.



They had already gotten used to going on Aikuxun in their spare time, and what occupied the top position in the headlines of Aikuxun today was the promotional image of a movie.



The movie was called “Underworld’s Chronicles”, and the promotional image showed an inverted deep blue sea, steaming fog, and a ground burning with flames.



Although no one had ever seen the underworld, once they saw this promotional picture, the audience instinctively felt that this should be it.



In the center of the picture was a very small man who was looking into the distance with his head raised.



Many people were attracted by the impactful promotional image and directly clicked into the video page and discovered that it was a movie, but the label was a bit strange.


It was labeled Magic, Documentary, and Horror.


Magic and horror were understandable, but how on earth did documentary fit in with these two labels ……



While the general audience was filled with curiosity as they opened the Underworld Chronicle to watch it, Li Kui also invited his circle of friends and held a small viewing party at his home.



“The movie that’s going to be shown today stars my father, so I hope that after watching it, everyone will publicize this movie for my father.”



His best friend Ming Daoyan was puzzled, “Hasn’t your father been dead for thirty years, and you still said that he deserved to die for cheating and abandoning your mom, where did you get a father from?”


Li Kui looked serious: “It’s my biological father who is not related by blood.”



“But that’s not the point, today you will see the best special effects, best acting, best picture and best music documentary movie of the year. I guarantee that the special effects in this movie are so good that you won’t be able to tell they’re fake.”



Ming Daoyan laughed out loud, “How can that be, if the special effects are that good it’s definitely a big production, don’t big productions go to the theaters, yet it debuted in Aikuxun, don’t make me laugh, okay?”


Their relationship was particularly strong, and they have no qualms about talking.



Li Kui looked at him mockingly, “Otherwise, let’s bet.”



Ming Daoyan: “A bet is a bet, if it’s really that bullish, I’ll pull my head off and give it to your father as a night pot.”



“Forget it then,” Li Kui looked at Ming Daoyan’s bald head critically, “It’ll be too ugly.”



“You two stop arguing, can we watch the movie first?”



The others pressed impatiently.


Li Kui sneered and pressed the play button.


The name of the producer appeared on the black screen at the beginning of the movie, and there was actually only one producer, Fudekai Media Culture Limited, this name full of rustic flavor made all the bigwigs in the circle laugh out loud.



After the producer’s name faded out, a voice appeared, saying the lines.



“In that hellish place, the iron and earth are burning with fire. Ten thousand years have passed, and the surroundings are inflamed.”




“This is the description of the place of the fearful vulture in the Sutra of the Righteousness of the Dharma Recitation, and the amazing thing is that this place is called the place of the fearful vulture, but there is not a single vulture to be seen in the sky.”



The voice was very nice, reciting the words without haste, the small screening room in Li Kui’s house was immediately quiet.



A picture of shocking splendor appeared on the light screen in front of them.



The camera was rapidly advancing in a sea, and when it was pushed closer, it was realized that this blue and clear was actually not seawater, but burning blue flames, and the ground was littered with thistles.



The thistles suddenly began to vibrate, and shouts and cries came from the distance. The camera pushed past the ground into the distance, and a group of variously dressed people ran towards the scene like prey being chased by hounds.



Behind them were hundreds of soldiers with bows, arrows, and shackles.



The ground was covered with flames and thistles that must have been painful to step on, but they had to step on it with bare feet in order to escape.



One man suddenly stumbled to the ground, his head raised in despair, his hands stretched out helplessly for help that was destined to never come.




Only a minute had passed in the progress bar at this point, but the movie had already seized all the attention of the moviegoers, who didn’t even dare to take a breath.



A chain dangled down, hooked around the neck of the fallen man, and forcibly yanked him up.



The camera didn’t go up, still focusing on the ground, but just by looking at how the man’s feet were struggling, one could tell what kind of pain the man was going through.


As a renowned director, Akito Hikari had made many films, including scenes of execution.


The actor endured countless hardships in order to film that scene well, and the final result was also very satisfying. That minute was the highlight of the actor’s career and also the most thrilling scene in his movie.



But he suddenly realized that there were even better performances in the world, this actor had told all the audience what he was experiencing even with just his feet.



The blue flames and fire thistles were of course synthesized by computer special effects, but the subtlety and realism of the effects were like nothing Ming Doyen had ever seen before.



The soil particles under those flames, the blood scattered on the fire thistles, all looked like the real thing.



Not the slightest trace of special effects could be seen.



Ming Doyen was shocked, what kind of strength did Fudekai Media possess to be able to do all this.



Even if such excellent footage only existed for these few minutes, it was already enough to make him lose the bet.



But, this was just the beginning.



There were no actors harmed in the making of the documentary 😪

See ya tomorrow ✌️

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