After Qiong Ren hung up on Zhang Qingqing, he immediately called Xiong Miao.



Xiong Miao said that they had also found out about this matter.



Zhang Qingqing opened an online store, and the suspected big customer and Zhang Qingqing both transacted through the online store. After receiving the last report from Qiong Ren, the special affairs department contacted the platform and monitored Zhang Qingqing’s online store transaction information . As soon as the person spoke with Zhang Qingqing, they received a reminder and were now making every effort to search for the information of that customer.



It was true that the police were still reliable, since the real police had entered the Special Affairs Division, the working status of this dragging and scattered department was instantly different.



Zhang Hao waited for Qiong Ren to hang up the phone, his brows locked into a lump, ”So what should we do now? Do we have to go and perform an exorcism to capture the ghost?”


Qiong Ren shook his head, “It’s not a ghost. Although we have some clues, it’s hard to say what exactly he’s doing.”


Zhang Hao furrowed his brows and subconsciously picked at his knuckles. Qiong Ren saw that his knuckles were all torn apart.



Some people were like this, as long as they were anxious, they couldn’t help tearing the skin of their hands, picking at their knuckles, or biting their hands. Looking at Zhang Hao’s hands, it felt like he had been anxious for a long time.



Feeling that Zhang Hao cared about Chen Ruize, Qiong Ren, as a single person, was conscious of the fact that he didn’t have much of a say in matters between couples, he spoke slightly more politely, “I’ll think of a way, go ahead and shoot the movie.”



Zhang Hao was worried and nodded with a forced movement.



“Teacher Qiong–”



Meng Qingxuan’s loud voice shook the sky, and Qiong Ren’s heart jumped violently as he ran.


Zhang Hao realized what might have happened, cold sweat instantly wet his front and back as he ran after Qiong Ren.



“Teacher Qiong, Mr. Chen fainted.” Meng Qingxuan said anxiously, “Should we send him to the hospital?”



Wang Boduan, however, shook his head, “It looks more like a soul leaving the body to me.”



Zhang Hao held Chen Ruize’s shoulders and anxiously looked at Qiong Ren, hoping to get an accurate information from Qiong Ren.



“It’s a living soul leaving the body,” in Qiong Ren’s eyes, Chen Ruize’s soul seemed to be bound and yanked away by unseen chains, so fast that running would definitely not be able to catch up.



Qiong Ren said anxiously, “Do you have a way to track the living soul?”



Wang Boduan hurriedly replied, “I doo!”



The more urgent the matter was, the calmer Qiong Ren became instead, and he commanded, “Qingxuan, you protect Ruize, Bo Duan, you and I will go after Ruize’s living soul.”



Qiong Ren handed over the heavy responsibility of calming the scene to Meng Qingxuan, and rushed out with Wang Boduan himself.



The staff present were in a trance, what was happening? Weren’t they filming “Peach Blossom Fan?”, why did they have the feeling that they were watching the Chinese version of “Evil Forces” ……



Wang Boduan sat on the driver’s seat and stuck a tiny compass in the air conditioning port, the small spoon on the compass was pointing to the northeast, which should be the thing used to track the traces of living souls.



Just as he was about to start the car, Zhang Hao pulled open the door and jumped in.



“I want to go too,” Zhang Hao, whose physical strength was not as good as Qiong Ren and Wang Boduan, said with a little gasp, “I don’t feel at ease.”



Qiong Ren directly crossed him to open the door and kicked him down, “Director Zhang, you can guard him well and call his name more often, understand? I will save him.”


The car followed the compass and drove for a distance, getting more and more off course. The filming location was originally on the edge of the city, but now they were heading towards the outside of the city.



Qiong Ren got into the car and called the police to the Special Affairs Division, but he couldn’t pin all his hopes on the Special Affairs Division. Although the Special Affairs Department was now more reliable than before, the Special Affairs Department wasn’t like the police station, it wasn’t in every community, so their speed was very limited.



If they came over to the eastern suburb from where the Special Affairs Division was located, it would take an hour and a half even if they took the bypass highway.



By the time they drove onto a very remote side road, the small arrow on the compass turned in place a few times, no longer pointing clearly at a certain place, and Wang Boduan said, “It should be around here.”



“Uh-huh.” Qiong Ren nodded gently, he saw that there seemed to be a door at the end of the road, “Park the car on the side, let’s walk over.”



The two of them got out of the car, and as they approached, there was actually a single villa here, inside the iron gate was a small hill, the villa was not big, and it was built right on top of the slope.



Qiong Ren vaguely heard Chen Ruize’s cries for help.


He was energized, “Sure enough, it’s here!”


The fence of the villa was very high, and there was also a very dense anti-theft barbed wire on top, so there was no place to start.



Qiong Ren was struggling to figure out how to get in, when his hand unintentionally touched it and the door opened.



Wang Boduan revealed a look of surprise and said with a smile, “So the door was left open.”



Qiong Ren pushed the door open and touched the lock core part with his hand. It was slightly hot there and was neatly cut off.



The corners of his mouth curved slightly and he greeted Wang Boduan, “Go in.”



Walking from the doorway, which was hidden by the path from the trees, to the front of the hill, Qiong Ren looked over toward the house at the top of the slope and nodded, “There’re no cameras, just punch it.”



Wang Boduan was greatly impressed, “You can even tell where cameras are?”



Qiong Ren: “Idol instinct.”



Finding the camera was a very important ability for idols, if one couldn’t find the right camera in a stage performance, the audience in front of the screen would have a worse view of the performance.



As the top of the idol industry, Qiong Ren’s ability to find the right camera was of course also the top.



Wang Boduan followed him halfway up the mountain and suddenly said, “The feng shui here is more suitable for building a temple, not for living.”



Qiong Ren didn’t understand feng shui and couldn’t see anything.



He ran extremely fast and softly, like a light deer, and took the lead in rushing to the entrance of the villa, and by the time he arrived, Chen Ruize’s cries for help didn’t become more obvious, but rather inaudible.



This wasn’t a good phenomenon.



The door opened at the push of a button, as if the owner of this villa had no sense of precaution at all, and doors everywhere could be pushed open at will.



Qiong Ren touched the slightly hot lock cylinder, the corner of his mouth slightly upturned.



The first floor was quiet and unpopular.



Qiong Ren remembered Chen Ruize’s description of the dream and felt that the room in the dream should be upstairs, so he gave up searching the first floor and directly looked for the stairs to the second floor.



After finding the stairs, Qiong Ren became more and more certain that this was the place in Chen Ruize’s dream, because the stairs here were made with a lifting device, which he had seen in a movie before, and this kind of device was specially used for wheelchairs to go up and down the stairs.



His footsteps were light and silent, like a cat, padding up the stairs. Wang Baoduan followed, and Qiong Ren made a “shh” gesture to him.


On the second floor, he heard muffled voices coming from the room on his right, and Qiong Ren immediately walked over there.


He discerned the room where the voices were coming from, so he gently pushed the door.


Purple smoke filled the room, and a person was sitting in a wheelchair with his back to the door, facing the window, exactly the scene Chen Ruize had mentioned.


The strong smell of incense came out.



There was a small shrine on the left side of the room, on which a tablet was enshrined, and the incense burner in front of the tablet was filled with incense and had already burned halfway through.


A man dressed in black was worshipping.


Qiong Ren immediately said, “Don’t move, you are surrounded by me!”


The man turned his head at the words, and the moment he saw his face, Qiong Ren immediately got goosebumps.



The black-clothed man’s face was full of scars, like he had been cut halfway across his face with a flower knife.



Qiong Ren had seen this face in portraits and photos, but it was the first time he had seen the real person.


This wanted criminal who had been searched for a long time by the Dragon City Xuan Sect, the Special Affairs Department, and the City god together, was actually living in a big way on the outskirts of the Dragon City ……


He was also taken aback when he saw Qiong Ren, but he didn’t look like he recognized Qiong Ren and frowned, “This is a private villa, who are you?”



As soon as the scar-faced man turned around, he revealed something in front of the tablet, and Qiong Ren vaguely saw that it was a piece of yellowish cloth, and there seemed to be a word written on it.



Could it be the word “substitute”!?



Qiong Ren rushed over without saying a word, the man in black wanted to block, but his movements were not as fast as Qiong Ren’s, just a moment slower, Qiong Ren snatched the piece of cloth into his hands.



The cloth was silky smooth to the touch, and the word “substitute” was written on it exactly as it was on Chen Ruize’s back. Wang Boduan had said on the way that he had heard that all one needed to do to break the writing technique was to burn the piece of silk. Qiong Ren then threw the silk directly onto the incense, and the incense quickly burned the silk characters.



The thought that the piece of silk was cut from a dead person made Qiong Ren so uncomfortable that he wanted to wash his hands twenty times.


Wang Boduan rushed into the room right after Qiong Ren.



The scar-faced man let out a conspiratorial laugh, unhurriedly sat down on a carved chair, leaned against the back of the chair, set up one leg, and said in a leisurely tone, “Yo, there’s still help.”



Wang Boduan inexplicably felt that this person looked quite dignified.



Even sitting down, one could tell that he was tall, the black silk clothes he wore were beautifully styled, and his hair was meticulously combed.



Even with all the scars on his face, he didn’t feel that he was ugly. If one were to look at him more, he would rather have a strange charm.



Around the time he noticed his gaze, the scar-faced man smiled at him, frightening Wang Boduan to turn away his eyes, not daring to look again.



“Where’s Chen Ruize?” Wang Boduan asked in a low voice.



Qiong Ren turned the wheelchair in front of the window, the man sitting in the wheelchair’s eyes welled up with tears as soon as he saw him, but there was no way to speak, a muffled ho hee sound came from his throat.



Qiong Ren: “Ruize?”



The man in the wheelchair made a whimpering sound, his eyes agitated.



Wang Boduan’s eyes were rounded, catching a substitute was no longer a rare thing in the eyes of people like them. But replacing a living soul into another person’s body through literal magic, this kind of thing was simply unimaginable.



The scar-faced man stroked his palm and laughed, “Quite clever, but unfortunately you came too late.
Chen Ruize didn’t react much for a month in a row, and I was thinking that this person was really slow. Fortunately, he still found me some fun before he died. Bringing the two of you here. I wonder which family the two young heroes are from, and which Taoist temple they are practicing in?”


Qiong Ren, both before and now, especially hated villains who harmed people like this and still showed off.



He looked at the more handy things in the house and pushed the wheelchair to Wang Boduan, “Run away.”


He himself took a few steps to the tablet, grabbed the foot of the incense burner and swung it towards the scar-faced man’s face.



Wang Boduan pushed the wheelchair to run to the corner, turned his head and was stunned, his heart was filled with thoughts that Teacher Qiong was going to become a murderer.


The Scar-faced man’s face suddenly changed, he lifted his legs and stomped on the table, the chair fell back, so he was able to avoid the incense burner attack, but was immediately hit by the incense burner.



The hot ashes and burning incense burned the scar-faced man’s head and face, and he couldn’t help but let out a miserable scream. His neat hair and clean black silk clothes were all completely ruined by the hot ashes and incense.



What had just seemed to be a rather poised villainous character was now a hilarious character covered in ash with streaks of red marks and prairie blisters burned on his face.


The scar-faced man forced himself to calm down and tried to sneer twice, but he only laughed the first time before his cheeks became hot and painful, and he inhaled a mouthful of soot in his mouth, almost choking to the point of passing away on the spot.



Qiong Ren sneered, “I hate bad guys like you who love to pretend to be cool.”



The scar-faced man coughed his lungs out, he broke off and recited a mantra to himself, his coughing stopped, and the way he looked at Qiong Ren had changed from looking at a toy to looking at an enemy.



Upon seeing his appearance, Qiong Ren felt that it wasn’t enough to relieve his anger. He saw the plaque enshrined in the room, which read “Worshiping the 48th Qi of the Qinglong Spirit, Guo Zuzhen.” He remembered that Xiong Miao had told him that the original surname of the Scarface Man was Guo.


Yan Mo also said that his name couldn’t be found in the book of life and death, perhaps it was because, the other party wasn’t in the book of life and death …….



Qiong Ren’s mind felt hot, he threw the incense burner in his hand with force, the incense burner smashed into the tablets and bounced out, the wooden tablets broke.



The scar-faced man bowed and covered his belly, roaring, “How dare you smash this deity’s tablet?”



Qiong Ren patted the incense ash on his hand, “Smashing is smashing, do I still need to pick a day?”



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