C57 —- [2.20 —- The Rose Manor]




It was a word that He had long been accustomed to.


Both in life and in death, He had experienced extreme pain.



When He died, the internal organs within His body shattered.


Not only because of the aging of the body caused by the inability to perform the ritual, but also because of the poison that was fed to him by the people sent by the Imperial Emperor.



The blood that had become extremely corrosive traveled down his broken stomach, through the fragile esophagus, throat, and out of his mouth, and his soft tongue was corroded by the poison and could only spill out crimson and black blood.



His abdomen was full of holes as if it had been pierced and stirred by millions of steel needles.



He could only curl up without dignity, bending his back, which was always straight in life, and hunching into a ball.



Like a lost dog, his skin were covered with rotting sores on his thin body, ugly and wretched.


At that time, he faced death with immense fear and cowardice, more fearful than he had ever imagined.



In the long, dreary corridor, no one cared if he lived or died.


He was left alone, as if abandoned by everyone.



It was as if, for the rest of his life, he had never escaped the shadow of his childhood.



No matter what he did, he never escaped the curse of his family line, and remained alone, unattended.



At that time, he just suddenly didn’t want to die in the darkness of loneliness.



The unprecedented desire to survive made him grip his neck painfully with his pale fingers, digging into the skin.



As if trying to dig out the poison that brought him pain.



But until each piece of nail turned over, revealing the bloody throat, he didn’t succeed.


Struggling, he collapsed in the corridor, bleeding out every drop of blood in his body.



And after death, He awoke in the claustrophobic underground of the mountains.


The absence of light in the underground made him feel as if he had returned to the worst nightmare of his childhood, and both his body and spirit became even more agonized.



He was afraid of the darkness, afraid of being alone, afraid of becoming an ugly monster.



But He was already in the nightmare.


In order to ease the pain and get through the endless years of pitch blackness, He had gnawed Himself down to mere scraps.


Only tattered consciousness existed in every shard.



And every inch of nerve spread throughout the shards communicated pain, every consciousness numbed to the point where it would only emit a shrill wailing sound, instinctively devouring each other.



And the pain of each devouring was layered on top of the other, and so on and so on through the long years.



Until even He himself was numb to the pain, unable to tell which fragment his consciousness belonged to, and went completely insane.



Only madness could get him through the endless gloomy darkness, through the lonely and dead underground time.



He was used to pain and madness, used to the self after losing his sanity.



So at the sight of His own self in that parallel world being embraced by the love of His life and filled with happiness and warmth in His emotions, He became cranky.



Madness and pain were the things that should appear in Him, not those strange emotions.


All selves should be like Him.


All of their brain should be filled with unorganized chaos and madness to the core.



Happiness and affection should not be possessed by Him.


If the other self possessed it, then devour Him and plunder it all away.



Until the essence of madness returned again.


It was right that He should have done so.



However, He didn’t seem to be able to follow such thoughts.



Looking at that alabaster palm, it was so fragile that it seemed as if the slightest touch would ooze out crystal beads of blood.



He didn’t know why, he didn’t devour this fragile and soft human in front of Him into His stomach.


He even gave a piece of his own tentacle to this human that he had obviously only met for the first time.


The black blood oozing from the tentacle stained his wrist.


He subconsciously wiped it carefully, unwilling to dirty him in the slightest.



Perhaps it was just to keep the food tidy.


His confused mind could only come up with this answer.


Otherwise, it simply couldn’t figure out why the sound of a pounding heart would come from within this heartless body.





The blonde-haired youth who had gotten the tentacle paused and raised his eyes to look at Him, his dark and ugly features reflected in his beautiful azure pupils.



He inexplicably cringed, but He held the tentacle.


“It’s too much, but thank you, Norman, for the hard work, next time don’t cut off so much, I’ll be heartbroken.”



The blonde-haired, blue-eyed youth spoke softly, his warm palm pressing against His cold, wet tentacle.


The movement was a gentleness He had never experienced before.



Whether in life or in death, no one had ever cared enough about Him to be heartbroken.


The heartache in the youth’s mouth gave Him an instant feeling of panic.



That warm and soft tone, as if He was His most beloved lover, as if he loved Him deeply and intimately.



Even if He was a bloated and horrible monster.





The color of the black mold stains that littered the hollow eyes on the damp, oozing walls seemed to lighten a bit, with a vague pinkish hue swirling through them.



“Norman must have been in a lot of pain before.”


The blonde-haired, blue-eyed lover spoke softly as he looked at His dark, lifeless body and the liquid eyes that littered the corridor.


He paused, not knowing how to answer.


He shouldn’t answer either.



After all, He had come to eat this Lover, and probably shouldn’t talk too much to His food.









The hallway.


As soon as Jiu Shu’s voice fell, slits grew on the slimy, wet, semi-solid liquid.



Fish-like, they opened and closed, answering his questions one after another.



The voices overlapped together as if countless humans were speaking in his ears, the inorganic voices could not be recognized as male or female, creating an echo-like reverberation effect in the corridor.


He was answering Jiu Shu’s question in earnest, and it was indeed from His heart.


Since going insane, He had never found those pains unbearable anymore, having gotten used to them.



It was only that He would still let out a wail of pain out of habit, just as He had done during those years of being trapped underground, and the sound of the wail would make Him feel like He still existed.



“Is it? But it seems to me that Norman is having a hard time ……”



The lover seemed to sigh, a complex emotion settling in his eyes, as if he could call it pity.



“Want a hug?”



Lover’s voice was soft as honey.



He reached out, tentatively, to His black, translucent body, those ever-expanding semi-solid liquids.



And He didn’t like humans near Him, either in life or in death.



So He should have refused.



Reject this strange lover.



Reject this overly intimate demeanor.





The black hulk that had poor control over its strength gently pressed against it, the semi-solid smooth surface making a soft sound in Jiu Shu’s arms.



Jiu Shu laughed softly, and his slender fingers stroked over the black semi-solid liquid in his arms, as if soothing a large stray dog that had been abandoned for a long time.



The dark, soft bulk seemed to move gently, literally like some kind of large canine, responding to its lover’s gentle touch.


“Good boy, don’t be afraid, it won’t be so hard later.”



Said Jiu Shu, gently looking at the big guy in his arms, then he dropped a tender kiss on the translucent skin where those horrible sharp teeth were faintly visible.






In an instant, the black liquid that filled the corridor went a little out of control.



The tentacles that had grown out aimlessly scrabbled up the walls like wall creepers, a growing pink, almost crimson color swam beneath the black surface.



He seemed quite overwhelmed.


He wasn’t sure how He heard the growing heartbeat.


He guessed perhaps it was because of the lover’s kiss.


His chaotic and frantic mind told Him that He should stay away from this human who was making him wrong.



That way those strange heartbeats would stop.


The idea made sense to Him.


The hallway.


The tentacles were still crawling around haphazardly.


Some had even circled around Jiu Shu, foolishly trying to get closer.


Jiu Shu lowered his eyes and with a gentle expression, he reached out his hand to pacify the nearby tentacles.



Those dark flowing semi-solid liquids formed a strong color difference with his snow-white palms.



And in his arms, the large, black, soft lumps remained glued to his arms, not moving at all.


It was as if those fidgeting tentacles were not His own, they were quiet and well-behaved.


If it wasn’t for the fact that there were still some unclosed eyes blinking on the huge body, it was almost as if it was asleep.



Seeing this, Jiu Shu curved his blue eyes as if he had read His mood, and there was a smile in his voice, “Come with me, Norman, there are still things left to be dealt with.”



Another object of discipline was yet to be found.



And at that moment, underground.


Reid and his group were walking behind the open gate.


The further they walked, the more out of place they became, and it didn’t match up at all with what was in the butler’s journal.



“What’s going on! Mr. Jack-dare I ask if Your Excellency has really looked at the map carefully!” Reid held back his anger and tried to speak in a calm tone.



He had just stepped into a muddy puddle and splashed mud spots all over his face, and his expression could no longer be hidden and became extremely ugly.



He was full of trust in this messenger sent by His Majesty before, and had followed what he said without much thought, but now that he had already traveled for so long, even if it was a roundabout way, he should have long since traveled to the interior of the manor.



The result was that they were still in this dark and damp underground!


Reid, who was originally full of confidence, was really about to be exasperated by this messenger who wasn’t good enough to accomplish anything, to the point that he was about to vomit blood.



Listening to Reid’s sarcastic comments, Jack on the side also frowned.



He had been looking at the diary in his hands, and for a moment he was a bit puzzled.


One could only tell that this probably wasn’t the passage that the butler had mentioned.



“…… I, uh, might be going the wrong way.” Jack hung his head a little.


Once the crowd heard this, they stopped where they were and looked at each other.


None of them knew whether or not to continue walking down.



The road was all wrong, who knew where the front was leading to.



Jack also showed an apologetic expression, he didn’t know what was going on either, but like Reid said, it was indeed his failure to prepare beforehand that led to the mistake.



Jack was about to apologize when there was a sudden rush of footsteps in the fog not far away, and there seemed to be three of them.


“Hoo! Hoo!”



The heavy panting scared the crowd, and they hurriedly took out their prepared weapons and aimed them at the direction from which the sound came.



Just as they were about to fire, the three people in the thick fog finally revealed their appearance.


They were three men in ragged clothes.



All of them looked haggard and had panicked eyes.



Before Reid’s men could speak out and ask where these people came from, the three men first revealed shocked expressions, “Who are you?”



“How, how did you appear here?”



“Where did you guys come from! Is it the door there! How did you come from this direction?”



The barrage of questions was heard by the crowd in bewilderment.


And it seemed that one of the ragged trio had an extraordinarily nervous look, as he suddenly covered his head and yelled.



“Coming! He’s coming! Ahhhh–”



Who was coming?


Reid was so confused by what he heard that he was just about to ask who they really were, when the next moment he was startled by the trio who looked terrified to death.



“It’s coming, He’s coming!”



“Run, run! He must be right behind us!”



After the three finished speaking, they pulled their legs and ran, their fearful expressions sending shivers down the spine of the crowd, as if there was really some kind of monster hiding in the mists behind them.



People had a herd effect.



Reid’s few people originally didn’t want to run, but perhaps they were infected by the three, they also subconsciously followed.



Reid still didn’t believe it though, and glanced back as they ran, wondering what exactly it was that those three people were afraid of.






Only to see what appeared to be something jellyfish-like floating lightly in that thick mist, but it was bloated and grotesque, more like a large amorphous mass of semi-solid liquid.




It swelled and contracted, glowing with an increasingly pitch-black color.



There seemed to be invisible pain and despair spreading.



Peeping at this scene Reid’s brain went blank, he almost tripped over the stone under his feet, thankfully Jack tugged him before he could fall to the ground.



It was a good thing that the speed of the fog spreading wasn’t too fast, Reid and the others followed the three people, and finally arrived at the end of the tunnel unharmed.



They successfully found the secret door leading to the manor.



“Here we are …… We’re here ……”



The three people in the lead climbed up the ladder and drilled out from under the floor, looking at the dilapidated and unoccupied room, for some reason, they suddenly showed despair on their faces and cried and laughed as they knelt on the ground.



“We are back again ……,” one of the three spoke, their voice sad.



This unending tragedy was finally coming to an end.


Ever since they had escaped from this fog-shrouded place as the last survivors of the science team a few years ago, all three of them had been trapped in memories of this place.


Crazy and stupid.


Now at last they were truly back here, meeting their fated end.


Or perhaps, they hadn’t escaped this place at all.


Everything before was just a dream before they died.



“What’s going on with the few of them? Have they all gone crazy?”


The bald man in Reid’s group whispered as he looked at the three kneeling on the ground.



Next to him, Jack also looked confused, wondering what was wrong with these people.



They suddenly appeared out of the mist and were behaving strangely.



And Reid, who had always liked to be in the limelight, was now in the same trance as those three, seemingly delirious.



Jack frowned as he watched the chaotic state of affairs.


He began to try to talk to the three, trying to figure out what was going on with these guys.



Were they in league with the old Count.



“…… Old Count?”



The three people originally all hung their heads and knelt in place, seemingly waiting to die, not wanting to talk to the others at all.



But the old count in Jack’s mouth caught their attention.



This title …… was very much like the old count named Norman Augustus in the information once collected.



That one – the evil god’s heir.



“Are you indeed the old Count’s men?”



Jack scowled, his hand already on the holster on his waist.



And one just approached Jack in a state of madness, stared him dead in the eyes, and repeated, “The person you’re talking about, is it Norman Augustus!”


“It’s him!”


Jack was so startled that his gu.n was half drawn, so he subconsciously responded, “That’s right!”




In an instant, all three men on the floor raised their heads and stared at Jack dead in the face, their eyes sweeping over his clothes and those of the group behind him.



And the half old, half new furniture decorations in the room.


In an instant, it was as if they realized something.



All of them showed shocked expressions.



“You, this, have we traveled back in time to the past, to the time when the Evil god’s heir was still alive!”



Clance blurted out, a spark of fire suddenly igniting in his original despairing expression.



It was as if he saw the hope of survival.


And beside him, his mentally insane teammate also let out a sharp murmur, “I saw it! Two! There are two!”



No one could understand what he was saying, and all they could see was him curling up in increasing fear, the fire that had risen in his eyes completely extinguished.



Clance and the other teammate kept asking their lunatic teammate what he had seen, all with expressions on the verge of insanity.


Jack’s brow furrowed as he watched the three maniacs in a frenzy.


He could tell that something wasn’t quite right in the manor.



These three people were especially strange, especially the phrase “heir of the evil god”, which sounded very wrong.



He was actually an occultist, specializing in the study of the occult, and still had some research on such strange things.



So after the trio’s emotions eased a little, Jack stepped forward wanting to ask for more details.


And Clance just gave him a cold look, “Do you really want to know?”


Jack nodded, learning a bizarre and illogical story from Clance.



Clance actually said that they had come here from eighty years later.



And after eighty years the manor had become the lair of an evil god, with a large fog enveloping the bountiful land.



The old count was that evil god’s heir.



“The Augustus family, a family with a sinful bloodline, everyone in their family carries sins-”


Clance muttered his findings, “Norman Augustus is the perfect bloodline heir to this family, an evil god heir who will eventually grow.”



“His body must be thrown far, far away from the altar under the mountain range so that He can be stopped from growing.”



It would stop Him from covering the entire world.



Jack listened with a frown on his face, hearing but not understanding.



The only thing he was sure of was that the old count was indeed a monster, and His Majesty was right.


He did make a deal with the devil.



With that in mind, Jack looked at Clance’s delirious look and eventually pulled a bound notebook out of his pocket.



It was full of articles he had taken from occult magazines


One of the masters, whose pen name was Jiu Shu, was the hottest author these days, and his articles seemed to mention the existence of god.



But after reading the notes for a while, Jack half-understood them and stood still in thought.


Eventually it was Clance who got impatient and took the lead, walking out of the room.



Wanting to go in search of the old count who was still alive.



As long as they found Him, they could put an end to this endless tragedy.



Whether they killed the old count or prayed for his forgiveness, they had to go and see the old count.



To meet this evil god’s heir who had not yet become a god.



“But would a god fall in love with a human?”



Reid, who was following at the end of the group, suddenly muttered out, still in a trance, as if he was still mentally damaged from the scene just now.



Clance sniffed and stumbled in his footsteps, not understanding what the man meant.



“The old Count has a beloved lover who he loved enough to go and make a deal with the devil in exchange for youthful looks.”



“But now he may have become ugly all over again.”



Reid’s voice took on a scoff.


He had learned everything from Julie.



Although the youth named Angus was incredibly beautiful from Julie’s mouth, Reid felt that it was probably just Julie exaggerating.

She was too emotional, any young man could charm her to death.



And the count, how could that dour, withdrawn old thing be a god’s heir?



Reid still didn’t quite believe them, after all, if it really was a sinful bloodline, then how could he be okay, he was also a member of the Augustus family bloodline, just a thinner one.



How could the old Count fall in love with a human if he really was an evil god’s heir.



The more Reid thought about it, the more he felt that the group of people in the room were crazy to imagine the old count as an incomparably terrible being.



He was just an old, undead guy.


“You, you’re telling the truth?”



“If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the butler’s diary, it’s written clearly!”



Saying that, Reid threw the diary in Jack’s hand to Clance.



He seemed a bit incredulous as he stared at Reid in a daze, half a moment before he looked down to check the diary, unable to believe the truth of these words.



That the heir of that horrible to the core evil god that had once been their nightmare would fall in love with a human?



This was simply out of this world, absurd to the extreme.



The others were also more or less stunned, not knowing that the famously sinister old count of the empire had actually fallen in love with a young man.



It seemed that he was greedy for young flesh, but he was dying and it was justifiable for him to enjoy himself before he died.



And just as the crowd was looking differently, the fog in the manor seemed to have become denser as well.





A rustling sound from somewhere spread throughout the entire manor, and it seemed that something had followed the route they had just taken up to the manor.



Meanwhile, in one of the corridors of the castle, the pitch-black behemoth that held its lover in its arms and refused to let go seemed to stall in its movements




He knew that he should go and devour his other self right now instead of staying with this lover that he had only met a short time ago.



After all, this lover wasn’t his own lover, it was the other Norman’s.



He might even think He was Norman.



The best way to deal with this situation was to eat this beautiful lover.



That way, he would be His and no one could take it away.



The taste of His flesh and blood must be as soft as His lips, that had the scent of roses.



It was also impeccably beautiful.



In the hallway, Jiu Shu looked up, if at all, in the direction from which the voice had come.



Knowing that that was were the missing object of discipline would be.


And behind him, densely packed tentacles were being raised high like hideous butcher’s knives, lunging towards him.



“Good boy.”



Jiu Shu was a little tickled by the tentacles rubbing against him, and smiled as He touched His pink-colored body, his attention shifting slightly.



Seeing this, the tentacles on His body wrapped around more thickly, as if they were pampering Him.



And behind Jiu Shu, His huge pitch-black body was stuck to his body, not moving.



It seemed to be a bit puzzled as to why these tentacles were not obeying.



It should have tied up its lover and eaten him, instead of surrounding him like this now.



“Isn’t Norman happy? Want a kiss?” The lover’s lips were warm and sweet.


He stopped thinking and subconsciously came closer for more kisses.








[Don’t leave me-]



This sudden weird and ear-piercing rustling sound made the crowd cover their ears with pale faces, not knowing what was going on.



Only the three people from the scientific research team showed panic on their faces.



They were once again in confusion and panic.



“That’s not right, isn’t this the past? Why is there already an Evil god’s heir now!”



Clance suddenly realized a point that he had been ignoring.


Yes, they had just fled all the way up to the manor from the ground pressurized by fear, and if there wasn’t already an Evil god’s heir in the ground, then what was it that had been following them all this time?



“Two, two!”



Clance suddenly understood the meaning of what his crazy teammate had mouthed earlier.



It turned out to mean that there were two heirs, only one was alive and the other was already dead in the future.



Thinking like this, Clance suddenly flipped through the diary in his hand and saw a line of text recorded on it.



[The old count fell in love with Angus, so deeply that he was like a different person.

What about Angus? Does he know the true nature of the old count?
I saw them again today, holding hands intimately, and the old Count’s face was smiling as it had never smiled before, that rejuvenated face, was handsome as when he was twenty.
But he is much more cheerful than then.
And more terrifying.]



[The manor is getting scarier and scarier, the old count and Angus, are getting scarier and scarier.]



The diary came to an abrupt end here, and Clance’s pupils trembled a little as he looked at the word love that appeared so many times throughout it.



He suddenly had a thought that could be called absurd.



“If, if the old count really loved Angus, then could it be that the future old count became an evil god’s heir just because he lost Angus?”



“If we return Angus to the future Evil god’s Heir, then will the Evil god’s Heir turn into a good god?”



This fairytale-like idea was simply more exaggerated than what a three-year-old would think.



But it was really the only thought Clance had at this point.



He knew he might have been crazy, but the idea seemed damn solid to him right now!



He could see that the manor was now in a state of superposition between the past and the present.



Which meant that Angus, whom the old count had loved dearly, was probably still alive and in the manor, only to die in the future for one reason or another.



They could totally save Angus and send him to the future to stop the end of the world!



“What about the old count now?”



Jack beside him joined in the discussion with interest, finding the idea whimsical but not stopping him from discussing it.



Clance’s voice was composed, “The old earl who is still alive is not enough to be feared, besides, staying in the past Angus might die, sending him to the future would save him instead!”



Clance, who was speaking, didn’t notice that behind them, the Unnameable Thing that had followed in their footsteps had also heard him.



The swollen, bloated form grew even larger in the mist, seeming to grow angry, and also seeming to emit a soft grunt of disdain and indifference.






But He ignored the humans before Him and continued to drift forward, searching for His beloved.



Just now, Norman had suddenly gone to another place just as the mist rose, and could only feel the constantly fluctuating space-time.



He knew that if he didn’t go out, the space-time was going to stop fluctuating.


By then He would really be trapped here, never able to return to His beloved.



The pain of losing Jiu Shu caused Him to despair for a while, searching for an exit in a near frenzy, and He was only able to escape when those three people appeared and opened the gate.




There were also many more broken memories in His mind, he remembered those dreams that had been forgotten.



He realized what was going on.


It was His own self from another world that coveted His beloved, coveted the happiness He possessed.



And perhaps affected by the madness in these fragments of memory, the only thing that remained unaltered in Norman’s now chaotic and insane thoughts was his love for his beloved.



What past or future those humans spoke of, He didn’t care.

For He knew that His Beloved’s love for Himself would not change, and that His other self was not to be feared at all.



“Norman, very good.”


The soft voice of His Beloved came, and Norman instantly became agitated, and his gray-black skin began to reflect a seven-colored glow.



He moved his bloated form and saw his lover around the corner of the hallway.



He was tenderly caressing another self.



Another dark and ugly self, a future self.



In the blue eyes was a smile that was once reserved for only himself.






The huge translucent body stopped in place, and the constantly shrinking and expanding semi-solid substance became incredibly dark at this point.



If one had to describe it, it was very much like a large canine that saw its master abandon it to find a new love.


Frozen in place, he looked incredulously at the palm of his lover’s hand.






The bloated, massive body oozed more and more liquid, reeking of a sea odor unique to deep sea water, and the fog grew heavier and heavier, the walls practically clattered with damp water marks.



It was as if someone was crying uncontrollably.


Jiu Shu looked at his drenched sleeves and raised his eyebrows slightly.



Twisting his head, he saw an object of discipline that seemed to be trembling with anger.



Round 2.

Norman Vs Norman


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