Qiong Ren hadn’t blown his hair after the shower, and his curls rested on his forehead, with water running down his neck.



The place where their cheeks were pressed – together also became wet, baked by body heat as if they were sweating.



He was completely wrapped up, unable to move.



It couldn’t be helped, Yan Mo’s stature was bigger than him by a – circle, and with his arms – wrapped around him, he was able to get him right up against his chest.



It was a tight fit, as if the embrace had grown against his skeletal flesh.



“Ah Ren.”



Icy cold breath brushed past his ear, his neck, his cheek, making the skin on his neck tingle uncontrollably.


But the next-second, all the shivers were soothed by palms with distinct warmth, fingers-inch-by-inch rubbing along the back of his neck, sharp claws occasionally touching his hair, and he couldn’t help but be flooded with an annoying numbness at the back of his head.



It was hard and comforting.



It made him unsure of what to do.



Yan Mo’s appearance was obviously not normal, but Qiong Ren was firmly confined in his arms, so he couldn’t even move if he wanted to, let alone go find anyone to help.



What was more, who could he go to, did he really want to say to the people, the King of the Underworld is holding me and not letting go, what do I do?



His toes curled at the mere thought of that scene.



“I can’t see you this way.”


He wanted to know what was wrong with him, so he had to at least see him first.



Qiong Ren was tall, and though he looked thin and didn’t weigh much, in Yan Mo’s case he was like a -feather-, so he flipped him over gently and deftly.



Qiong Ren was lying on his back in the arms of King of the Underworld.



The only thing he could see was his chest.


He tried and tried, pulling away -a little gap- and tilted his head backward, which allowed him to see King Yan’s face now.



His eyes looked at him earnestly, his pupils compressing the golden-brown irises into narrow circles.


His eyes slowly moved down to stare at Qiong Ren’s lips, his gaze tracing along the lip line-dot-dot-dot.



Qiong Ren’s lips were naturally pink, no, more reddish than pink – a bit.



King Yan looked slightly mesmerized, the tip of his claws slowly scraping over the lips, and he couldn’t help but think in his heart, if he were to kiss him right now, and bite – down on the flesh of his full lips, what would it feel like?



The two were so close that he just felt the nice scent of Qiong Ren’s body everywhere.



But it wasn’t enough, he wanted more.



He sat up with Qiong Ren in his arms, letting Qiong Ren sit on his lap on his knees, then he buried his head at Qiong Ren’s chest.


Beneath the bouncy muscles was the sound of the best heartbeat in the world.


He leaned back with his arm around the man, and Qiong Ren was in the right position to lean against him.



It allowed him to bury his face just right in the side of Qiong Ren’s neck.



He took a deep -breath. Sniffing at Qiong Ren’s neck and collarbone, he called to him again in a low voice.



“Ah Ren ……”


The end of his words melted into a sigh, and Qiong Ren inexplicably heard what he hadn’t said.


[You smell good.]


King Yan lifted his head and looked at Qiong Ren with a smile, his pupils crushing the iris to a mere -circle.



No matter how slow Qiong Ren was, he realized what was really happening now.


King Yan re-emerged to hold him tightly again, gently rubbing against his cheek, and then his movement became a bit more eager and the cool icy lips seemed to brush against his earlobe.



Qiong Ren felt his entire body tingle.


He didn’t want something to happen inexplicably, but if said to be angry ……


It seemed that he wasn’t ……


In a hurry, Qiong Ren directly reached out and tugged on the horn on King Yan’s forehead.



It was smooth and hot, with floating lines on it, he subconsciously rubbed it – with his thumb.


“Do that again and I’ll get angry.”


The words came out softly.



Feeling that it was slightly less imposing, Qiong Ren gripped the horn a little tighter, revealing a more menacing look, “I’m, I’m angry!”



King Yan looked at him somewhat blankly, only to find that he was also incredibly cute when he acted mean.


Then he nodded his head very cooperatively, “Uh-huh.”



What are you nodding for ah ……



Qiong Ren looked at King Yan with this look, and for the first time in his life, the feeling of not knowing what to do arose.



“Horns can’t be touched,” King Yan whispered, he let go of his hand around his waist and moved it along his arm, standing up, he held Qiong Ren before he slipped, and whispered -something- in his ear.


Qiong Ren’s face instantly turned red, and he quickly let go of his hand.



He was a little broken, unable to fight, unable to talk.



After Yan Mo pulled away from him – a bit, he just held him for a few seconds, then his face gradually turned red, and with stiff movements, he put the man down, slowly backing up, and backing up again.



Qiong Ren jumped off the couch and ran to the door as if he were on guard.



Yan Mo reddened and said stiffly and slowly, “I’m sorry.”



Qiong Ren’s eyes widened a bit, “You’re back to normal?”



Yan Mo nodded, not daring to raise his eyes.



Finally relieved, Qiong Ren covered his chest, “What’s wrong with you, you scared me to death!”



He almost thought, ah, that, so scary ……



King Yan forced himself to look squarely at Qiong Ren, “This is …… my …… evil spirit incarnation. This incarnation is slightly ……”



“Out of control?” Qiong Ren immediately picked up.


He nodded.



He explained in a low voice, “I had a feeling that the beings in the underworld were unrepentant and full of desire, so I purposely separated the evil spirit phase when separating the incarnations. The intention was to be similar to the wrathful phase of a Buddha or Bodhisattva – outwardly wrathful, inwardly compassionate and calm – and to use the incarnation to experience the feelings of the evil spirits in order to better make them serve their sentences and reform.”



But after all, the King of the underworld wasn’t a Buddha or Bodhisattva, and couldn’t do all four things.



On weekdays the Evil Spirit Incarnation was placed at work in the Underworld Temple, it was easy to prevent him from coming out to see people.



Qiong Ren: “Then, today is ……”


King Yan: “I have to sink my avatars into the depths of the Underworld every few hundred years to enhance the connection with the underworld itself, and I only put two out there to preside over the big picture. Recently, I patrolled the underworld to ensure that it wouldn’t have any problems when my other avatars were not around. This time it’s the turn of the evil spirit and human avatars to be on duty, but the human avatar was more suitable than the evil spirit to sit in the Hall. So this avatar came to the mortal world.”


Yan Mo smoothly heated the sandwiches and milk to the right temperature.



“Eat first, you should be hungry.”



Qiong Ren was still standing by the door.


King Yan assured him, full of guilt, “I won’t offend you again. If you’re not comfortable with that, I can move out.”


That wasn’t so ……



Qiong Ren – step – by – step moved over to the door and saw that the sense of guilt on his face was even more intense, and his heart became more and more subtle.



The reason why he didn’t want to get close to King Yan wasn’t because he was angry, let alone scared.



Rather, it was because he really wasn’t angry.



Nor was he afraid.



If he had to be more serious, his mood was even better than before entering the house – a little bit.



This in the end – what kind of psychology ……



He was happy to be taken advantage of, wasn’t he sick in the head?



Maybe he should also find that psychiatrist to take a good look ……



Damn it, he should have known that he should have taken a picture and saved it before giving the note to King Qinguang.



“If you don’t want to eat the sandwich, I can make you something else.”



King Yan’s words were spoken in a very virtuous manner.



But he was, after all, the best looking – out of all the people that Qiong Ren had ever seen, this incarnation just looked so fierce and cold that it seemed unusually attractive instead.


Qiong Ren didn’t quite want to get close.


It wasn’t that the human body of King Yan wasn’t good-looking.



It could only be said that each had its own characteristics.



Qiong Ren was fair enough to give all the incarnations he had seen in his heart a -percentage, and then realized that the “but” in his own thoughts was very unreasonable.



Why did he think that Yan Mo was very virtuous and that he was very good-looking, with a twist of “but” in the middle?


Would his elementary school teacher blame him?



He didn’t think so.



Anyone who saw such a King Yan and was treated in such a way by such a King Yan would have a brain freeze. His teacher would definitely understand his vulnerability.



Some temptations really were too much for Qiong Ren to bear.



Seeing him dilly-dallying and not daring to come over, King Yan’s eyes darkened slightly, “I’ll leave now.”



“No need.”


The moment Qiong Ren said it, he couldn’t wait to hit himself in the mouth.



Why did he need to stay, he wasn’t too sure if King Yan needed to calm down, but he badly needed to calm down.


But King Yan was here, how else could he be calm?



His touch still seemed to remain in his palm.


His brain ah!



With – a kind of unspeakable grief and anger, Qiong Ren strode over and picked up the sandwich, and was about to stuff it into his mouth when he notices the unusual heat of the sight beside him.



He turned his head slowly, his throat swallowing – and asked cautiously, “What are you looking at?”


Yan Mo’s throat swallowed – following his movements, “Looking at you.”


Qiong Ren said dryly, “I can’t eat if you’re watching.”


Yan Mo nodded, “Okay, no more watching.”


Qiong Ren waited patiently-for a while, and his eyes didn’t turn back.



“You’re still looking!”



Qiong Ren immediately accused.


Instead, King Yan took the sandwich out of his hand.



Qiong Ren had been starving to the extreme today, there was a sandwich at home, and he hadn’t – yet – eaten it, and was very aggravated in his heart.



If you don’t let me see it, you won’t eat it? It’s too much!


His eyes reddened.



Not being able to eat when you’re hungry was simply the cruelest thing in the world, how could Yan Mo be like this!



King Yan looked at him silently and suddenly said, “I want to kiss you.”



Qiong Ren: “……”


Qiong Ren: “?”


Qiong Ren: “!!!”


But King Yan, who had said this, didn’t act on it, but put the sandwich back in Qiong Ren’s hand.



“Sorry, I lost my temper again. The evil spirit incarnation is probably only suitable for work. Normally, when he’s in the Underworld Hall, he’s very efficient.”



It was rare for him to speak at a particularly fast pace, “It hasn’t affected me too much before, I don’t know why today is like this.”


Qiong Ren silently looked at the sandwich in his hand and tried to put it to his mouth.



This time King Yan didn’t stop it again, but amazingly enough, Qiong Ren didn’t feel happy ……



He expressionlessly finished the sandwich, which had no flavor at all, and gulped down the milk, which was at just the right temperature – in one gulp.



Then wiped his mouth.


“I’m going to bed.”



Qiong Ren said – and ran off without looking back.



He rushed to the bathroom and brushed his teeth and washed his face and blow dried his hair as fast as he could, then sent himself to bed.



Only just laying down, he felt that there was something -something- not quite right.



The smell! Minty strawberry flavor!


He immediately got up from the bed and realized that this was indeed Yan Mo’s bed.



There were two pieces of clothing neatly folded by the bed.


His clothes.


Qiong Ren even forgot to put on his shoes, red-faced and stifled, he rushed out, and was held by Yan Mo’s hand.



“The floor is cold,” Yan Mo said softly, “I’ll carry you over.”



No need, no need, no permission.



He wanted to say that, but it was like his mouth was sealed shut.


The two men’s bedrooms were to the left and right of the living room, like the two heads of a spindle, and Qiong Ren had just been in too much of a trance to go into the wrong place, starting with the bathroom.



His whole being was bad.


Yan Mo thought for a moment and reassured him, “The toothbrush is new, I haven’t used it yet.”


Qiong Ren came slightly to life – just a little.



Yan Mo carried him to the bedroom and put him on the bed, it wasn’t easy to grasp the balance of the soft bed, so Qiong Ren immediately fell back.



His curly hair was strewn across the bed, his white T-shirt rolled up to reveal a delicate, tight -section of his waist and stomach, his honey-colored skin still glowing noticeably in the dimly lit room.



Yan Mo swallowed heavily.


“I want to kiss you.”


He said this for the second time, then leaned down.



I have a new role model y’all.

A master seducer at work 🌝

See ya tomorrow ✌️

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