Filming the first episode took a total of three days.



When the first phase of filming was done, Qiong Ren was finally able to go home after doing the backstage interviews for the program.



He was really tired, he didn’t realize that filming a real variety show was actually more tiring than filming Psychic 101 and the Underworld Chronicles.



Yang Shi’s show was so outrageous.



Qiong Ren didn’t realize that he had automatically categorized Li Kui’s variety show as a underworld show.



When he arrived at the airport, there were no fans to pick him up, the ground crew was worried that he was sad and consoled him by saying, “Maybe it’s because the secrecy of your itinerary is too good, or maybe it’s because our airline insiders like you so much that none of them would be willing to sell your flight information, that’s why there’s no pickups, and it’s definitely not because no one likes you.”



Qiong Ren: “……”


A group of obedient and lovely fans who didn’t follow him during private schedules or pick him up or drop him off flights, why should he be comforted?


Qiong Ren walked out through the VIP channel and found that the person who came to pick him up was not Yan Mo or his agent, but Li Kui.



Li Kui opened the trunk for him to put his luggage, looking at his disappointed expression, a little sad: “Dad, do you not love me anymore, why didn’t you even show a little surprise when you saw him?”


Qiong Ren: “Oh.”



He pulled up the corner of his mouth and smiled, “I’m really surprised?”



Li Kui was silent for a moment, “You chose not to be an actor for the right reasons.”


Getting into the car, Li Kui couldn’t wait to ask, “Did you mess up?”



Meng Qingxuan had now turned into an iron fan of Qiong Ren and immediately blew up, “How could our Mr. Qiong mess up? He merely relied on his superior ghost-exorcism skills to exterminate hundreds of ghosts with a single lift of his hand. Those ghosts were all obedient to him later.”



Li Kui immediately found a flaw in the logic, “Didn’t he exterminate them? How did they obey him?”



Meng Qingxuan paused for a moment and waved his hand, “Don’t pay attention to small details.”



“Our teacher Qiong Ren is really hot-handed and kind-hearted, he recited the mantra of the afterlife hundreds of times and transcended all those dead souls. At that time, I had the feeling that the Three Clear Circle of Light was shining!”



Li Kui said as he drove, “The Mantra is Buddhist, so why would it have the feeling of the Three Clear Circle of Light shining through?”



Meng Qingxuan was momentarily speechless and became irritated, “Do you still want to hear it?”


Li Kui: “Yes, but you can focus on the part about whether Song Jiang made a fool of herself.”



Meng Qingxuan instantly lost interest and perfunctorily said, “He was so scared that he laid down under the table, and also, Teacher Qiong said that he didn’t think he was worthy of being your arch-enemy. Although you also like to pit people, you only pit popular stars, unlike Song Jiang who only dares to toss newcomers.”



Li Kui only felt physically and mentally relieved after hearing these words.



“Calling me an arch nemesis, that’s Song Jiang putting gold on himself. I’ve been dangling him in the ratings and he’s just sticking it to me for hype.”



Li Kui chatted with Meng Qingxuan for a few moments and realized that Qiong Ren hadn’t been answering and was a bit worried, “Are you too tired? Take a nap then, we won’t talk.”



Qiong Ren wilted and replied “hmm”, staring sullenly at his cell phone.



He and Yan Mo talked about when he would arrive at the airport, how come Yan Mo didn’t reply at all, didn’t respond, didn’t call, and didn’t come to pick him up.



Qiong Ren was a little aggravated.



But he also felt that he was aggrieved without reason. Yan Mo was his roommate, not his employee, and had no obligation to take care of him. He couldn’t take someone else’s goodness for granted just because Yan Mo was good to him.



Although the words were said and he silently condemned himself in his heart.



But after some self-criticism, the feeling of condemnation instead intensified.



It was so hard to bear.



As he sat in Li Kui’s car and drifted off to sleep, ‘Chuangqing 303’ released photos and short videos of self-introductions of the one hundred and one trainees.



The show fans immediately greeted each other, “The photos are out, sisters rush!”



The photos were beautifully shot, the trainee uniforms looked good, and the short video was the usual self-introduction with a little personal talent display.



Everything was no different from the previous auditions, but show fans soon realized something was wrong.



Clicking on each person’s photo reveals a detailed version of the trainee’s self-introduction. But no matter how detailed, the space was limited, yet a number of the trainees mentioned Qiong Ren.



Show fans were immediately confused, they only heard that Qiong Ren and Aikuxun had a very close relationship, what, even You Qiteng wanted to promote him? What kind of psychedelic operation was it to forcefully add a mentor to a trainee’s self-introduction?


Some of the more impatient ones were already cursing.



But after taking a closer look at what the trainee mentioned, the show fans were collectively speechless again.


Part of it was thanking Qiong Ren for his professional guidance in dancing and singing, which was normal, after all, Qiong Ren’s business ability had already been recognized.



But “kneeling to thank Mr. Qiong to save my dog’s life” and “since seeing Mr. Qiong, I’ve never had a nightmare,” what do you mean, Qiong Ren also came with the function of healing the sick and saving the lives of others?


Someone else wrote, “Thank you, Ms. Qiong. Everyone understands.”



The fans were very anxious.


We don’t understand ah, speak and make it clear, or just don’t mention it, it really made people curious.



In the eyes of Qiong Ren’s fans, there was a different meaning.



[Although I don’t understand, I think it’s normal.]



[My cub goes on every variety show and becomes popular because of something inexplicable, so I guess something that can’t be told happened during filming.]



[Everyone sit down, Cub Qiong is just a mediocre fan sucking genius.]


Everyone had a thirst for knowledge, and with a curious heart, fans of the show took care of the behind the scenes posted by the program team these past two days. One of the fans discovered something wrong.


[You guys, quickly go see the live photo sent by the director three days ago. The handsome guy with long hair on the side is a Taoist from Qinglei Temple. Is the scene haunted?]


[Isn’t this my son’s assistant? Last week when my cub was filming, we found out he had an assistant, and I was particularly happy about it.]



[So …… why would a Taoist priest go and be an assistant to Qiong Ren? He wants to enter the entertainment industry to make money?]



Many people immediately found the official page of Qinglei Temple, after asking what was going on, the official page quickly responded, “Currently, there are two young Taoist masters from the temple who have entered the world and are by Teacher Qiong’s side. They will not become celebrities, and will return to the Taoist temple after their practice is completed.”


When this statement came out, the fans had question marks, Taoist priests went to the side of an idol to practice, what was the operation?



What was even more amazing was that under Qinglei Temple’s official page, there were soon quite a number of Xuanmen people commenting, all of them saying that they were so envious of Meng and Wang, the two young Taoist masters who were blessed to have the honor of practicing beside Qiong Ren, and so on and so forth.



For a while, both show fans and Qiong Ren fans were confused.



What, Qiong Ren was a walking enlightenment machine, being by his side helped cultivation right?



They were speechless ah ……



All things related to Qiong Ren, the final direction became so mysterious that it was hard to evaluate. Even if one wanted to insult him, it was impossible to find a proper entry point.


What in the world was this about?



While the netizens were collectively speechless, Qiong Ren arrived home.



It was empty.



Yan Mo was probably still busy, after all, his roommate was a workaholic.



Qiong Ren tried to ignore the disappointment in his heart and carried his suitcase through the door. Meng Qingxuan and Li Kui helped him deliver his luggage and then left.



Tired and hungry, Qiong Ren went to take a shower first, then searched the refrigerator and found a wrapped sandwich sitting in the cooler.


There was a Post-it note taped to it: eat this if you’re hungry.



There was milk on the side of the door, and the date on it was today.


That was strange, since Yan Mo bought the milk and also made him a sandwich, it meant that he must know that he came back today ah, why couldn’t he send him a message back?



Couldn’t something have happened in hell?



Qiong Ren went to the living room to get his cell phone, ready to make a call to ask.



He just walked to the sofa, when he was noiselessly hugged from behind.



The touch to his ears felt cold, and someone called him, “Ah Ren.”



Icy cold breath poured into his ear, it was a timbre that he was very familiar with yet it felt somewhat strange.



Qiong Ren turned with difficulty and broke free from the embrace.


The one standing in front of him could obviously only be King Yan, but he had never seen this lookalike King Yan before.



Dressed close to the statue of King Yan he kept in his bedroom, his upper body was naked, with elaborate styles of jewelry hanging from his neck and hands.



The lower half of his body wore almost nothing, covering only the areas that shouldn’t be exposed, and two golden ankle rings were clasped around his ankles.



His skin was a honey color, slightly darker than Qiong Ren’s.



Curly brown hair cascaded down, and two crimson horns protruded from his forehead, not shaped like dragon horns, but more like the sharp horns of a devil or an evil spirit, and behind them flickered a circle of burning flames shaped like lotus petals.



His features were more shadowy compared to the other incarnations of King Yan, his eyes were slightly elongated, and the look was darkly violent, making people feel that this was not a god but an evil spirit.



“Which incarnation of yours is this?”


Qiong Ren asked, a little confused.


The King of the Underworld, however, did not answer. He walked towards him barefoot, step by step, holding onto his waist and placing him on the sofa. He then laid down and rubbed his fingertips against his plump, rosy lips, brushing his cheeks and then he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked on them a little.



And Qiong Ren was bewildered, only hearing Yan Mo calling him softly.


“Ah Ren.”


King Yan’s breath was so cold, but his body was hot, and Qiong Ren, held from behind by him, saw that the hands he pressed on his arms, more appropriately called, were actually claws.



Extending sharply from the very last knuckle, the sharp tips of the claws were slightly sunk into the bare skin, as if they would slice through his skin at the slightest touch.



It was dangerous to look at, but Qiong Ren felt no fear, at best he was just a little bit bitter that his roommate, who was always calm and self-possessed, seemed to be drunk.


His lips were icy, as if he had forgotten about them when he heated his body, or maybe that was just the way this incarnation was characterized.



It touched coolly on Qiong Ren’s ear.


“Ah Ren, I can’t sleep without you.”



The voice was cold, but the words that came out were coquettish.





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