Early morning.


Filming had just ended, and most of the trainees had been picked up, leaving only Zhang Qingqing still in the large lounge shared by the trainees.



Qiong Ren suddenly appeared at the door and waved at him.



Zhang Qingqing ran over, a little confused, “You’re the one who asked me to stay behind?”



Qiong Ren nodded, “Follow me to the studio.”



The lights were on in the studio, which had been cleared by Song Jiang, leaving only Qiong Ren, Zhang Qingqing and Meng Qingxuan.



Qiong Ren said, “Stand on the stage.”


Zhang Qingqing stood up uncertainly, “And then what?”


Qiong Ren: “Don’t worry about it, just stand.”



Meng Qingxuan had never been so tired, his whole body wilted, he just wanted to hurry back to the hotel to sleep, but Qiong Ren said that there were still things left to be done, so he could only follow and stay, seeing that Qiong Ren had asked Zhang Qingqing to go on the stage again, it dawned on him in his heart that he wanted to let Zhang Qingqing be the bait.


He whispered, “Could it be that Zhang Qingqing has a ghost baiting physique and you want to lure the ghosts to come and kill them all in one go?”



Qiong Ren looked at him sideways, “Why would I want to wipe out the ghosts in one fell swoop? I’m just helping them eliminate their psychological shadows.”



After Zhang Qingqing stood on the stage, gradually more ghosts poured out, they all held their breath and tried to release as little Yin energy as possible. Quietly, they surrounded Zhang Qingqing, trying not to draw attention to themselves.






The voice was lowered.


“Make a Li Yanyan please.”



“Is it okay to arrange a paper man of Qiong Ren?”


It was like a spy’s secret code.



These ghosts floated with a different look than in the daytime, one moved stiffly, like they had seen Medusa’s eyes, their souls frozen into stone statues.



They spoke in a trance, and twitched a few times now and then, without a trace of gleam in their eyes, and seemed to act only by virtue of their obsession with the paper man.



Secretary Nan’s voice was terrible ……



Qiong Ren thought of Yan Mo who had been ravaged for as long as three years, and who had hardened himself without earplugs for the sake of his work, and who had carried through with superb perseverance.



He felt a little heartbroken.


Zhang Qingqing stood inexplicably on the stage: “How much longer do I have to stand?”



Qiong Ren: “Hold on a little longer.”



Meng Qingxuan took this opportunity to use his middle finger blood to draw himself a spiritual talisman that could temporarily open his heavenly eyes, he hadn’t even bothered to open his heavenly eyes during the day in order to save his middle finger blood.



Opening the eyes of heaven was very destructive to a person, and opening the eyes of heaven frequently would even depreciate one’s lifespan, so one couldn’t use this technique lightly. To recognize where the ghosts were, one had to rely on their senses, or use the rice and ash method.



When ghosts acted, they would leave traces on the glutinous rice and incense ash, and they would be able to take advantage of the opportunity to recognize the movements of the ghosts.



As soon as his Heavenly Eyes opened, Meng Qingxuan immediately drew in a breath of cold air. He thought that there was a vicious ghost haunting this place, but he didn’t realize that there were actually no less than a hundred ghosts standing densely packed together.



In the first nineteen years of his life combined, he had never encountered so many ghosts. Meng Qingxuan’s throat went dry, and Qiong Ren’s reputation value in his heart instantly went from respect to worship.



When the ghosts had almost arrived, Qiong Ren sent a message to Song Jiang, who then immediately had the sound engineer play Qiong Ren’s “Light Chaser”.



The ghosts were scared at the intro and immediately moaned in agony, yet it was obviously pretty much the same tune, but they inexplicably felt the pain in their heads being soothed.



One by one, they all quieted down and stopped pestering Zhang Qingqing, all standing properly and listening to the song.


By the time Qiong Ren’s version of “Light Chaser” finished playing, the human (dead) luster was back in their eyes, and their eyes became alive and spiritual.


“Don’t you guys ever haunt Zhang Qingqing again.”



The ghosts had been directly scared away by the song during the day, not even paying attention to who played that cursed song, and only now did they realize that the person who scared them away was Qiong Ren.


A ghost sophistically argued, “We just want Mr. to make a paper man, we don’t want to harm him.”



Qiong Ren: “It’s not your first day as ghosts, don’t you all know in your hearts that even if you don’t want to harm anyone, as long as you haunt him, his luck will be low. Being haunted by a single ghost is bad luck enough, so many of you together, do you want your wives to turn into ghosts as well?”


The ghosts lowered their heads at his admonishment.



Zhang Qingqing squirmed uneasily, “Mr. Qiong, can you hint at what exactly you’re trying to say, I didn’t catch it.”



He had much more respect for Qiong Ren than he did for the director; after all, this was the exceptionally good-looking customer, and he was very ashamed to run to the casting while still owing the him five hundred headphones, and to be caught red-handed.


“And you,” Qiong Ren dropped the conversation, “Do you want to be an idol?”



Zhang Qingqing scratched his head, “I don’t want to, I’m just helping the program group to cover the quota, they said that if they can’t get all the trainees together on the first day of recording, it would feel quite unlucky.”


Contract veteran victim Qiong Ren couldn’t help but sigh.


“Have you read the contract you signed?”


Zhang Qingqing indeed didn’t read it, but out of respect, he made a show of trying to recall and said, “The director and I agreed to shoot only one episode, and it’s impossible for one of my quality to be popular, so there’s no need for them to screw me over.”


Qiong Ren: “……”



The ghosts immediately spoke up, some said he was too naive, some cursed Song Jiang as a black-hearted capitalist, and there were ghosts remembered that they also signed an unequal contract when they were alive, so sad that they whimpered and cried.



Qiong Ren’s brain ached from their noise and yelled, “Stop talking or I’ll play that song from the daytime!”



This threat was simple and effective, the ghosts immediately shut up, fearing that they hadn’t closed their mouths tight enough, they even covered their mouths with their hands.



“Play the song?” Zhang Qingqing looked around left and right, very confused, “What exactly am I here for?”


Qiong Ren: “You probably count as the mosquito lamp that has no mosquito killing function but only has a mosquito attracting effect.”



Mosquitoes are very dissatisfied with this statement, but they don’t dare to refute.


Zhang Qingqing became even more confused: “I attract who?”



“Ghosts.” Qiong Ren said, “Today, the studio wasn’t unstable, but haunted. These ghosts all came for you, they like the paper figures you made.”


Zhang Qingqing, as a staunch atheist, didn’t believe in Qiong Ren’s words, but he suddenly saw the mentor’s table in the studio fly straight up, flying around him in a circle before landing.



In an instant, a look of horror appeared on his face.



A ghost smiled shyly at Qiong Ren and let go of the hand covering his mouth, “To help you convince him.”


After saying that, he immediately covered his mouth again.



Meng Qingxuan watched in awe. One must know that although ghosts were transformed into humans, their thoughts were already completely different from humans. Especially the ghosts that stayed in the underworld, most of them were due to unresolved obsessions, and one was more difficult than the other.


He had seen master teachers subduing ghosts, but he had never seen such an obedient ghost.



Zhang Qingqing remembered what had happened during the day and was scared with hindsight, his legs were too weak to stand, he trembled and squatted down, and when he spoke again, he already had a crying voice: “Will I die?”



Meng Qingxuan was familiar with the treatment after hitting a ghost: “You have a very heavy yin energy on you right now, and your luck has changed for the worse. I suggest you fly back to Dragon City tomorrow, stuff a piece of brown sugar in your pocket, try to walk where there is sunlight, and when you get to Dragon City go to my senior brother and ask him to sing you to just deal with the yin energy on your body.”



“You are Mr. Qiong’s friend, my senior brother won’t charge you. Don’t worry, you won’t die.”


Zhang Qingqing promised with a thousand thanks.


Qiong Ren, out of love for Party B, decided to add another lesson to the mix, and he showed Zhang Qingqing the contract he’d gotten from Song Jiang.



“See, if you advance,” Qiong Ren said, pointing to the terms and conditions, “you’ll have to keep competing as long as the program doesn’t want to let you go.”



Zhang Qingqing was shocked, “But I can’t sing or dance, I’m just here to make up the headcount, why would the program group want to keep me ……”



Qiong Ren was also shocked, “You are participating in a talent show, whether you can advance or not depends on whether the audience likes you or not, you dare to sign a contract without even figuring this out?”



Zhang Qingqing realized his rashness, and couldn’t help but panic a bit, “What then?”



Qiong Ren: “I made a deal with the director, you can just withdraw from the competition and won’t appear in the main parts.”



Zhang Qingqing could be used as a topic character to hype up the show with a hilarious feel, but he started to be haunted after he appeared on the show, and if these clips were aired, the topic could definitely rise, but this kind of psychic clip was a fatal blow to the hot-blooded atmosphere that “Chuangqing 3” wanted to create.


To ruin a variety show for a single topic, Song Kang wasn’t that stupid.



He now thought of Qiong Ren as a deep-seated Xuanmen expert, and when he heard Qiong Ren say that the ghosts were all attracted by Zhang Qingqing, he was even more afraid to leave this plague behind, and when Qiong Ren offered to let Zhang Qingqing break his contract with the program, Song Jiang went along with it and agreed to do so.



Zhang Qingqing looked at Qiong Ren gratefully, “You’re the best client I’ve ever seen, not only do you place a big order without interfering with my creativity, but you also helped me exorcise the ghosts, and helped me solve the contract problem. Dad, you are so nice.”


Qiong Ren: “You’re even older than me, why are you calling me dad?”



Had this bad trend of calling someone dad indiscriminately spread from the entertainment industry to the paper doll industry?



Zhang Qingqing: “It doesn’t matter, call me brother, I’ll call you dad.”



Qiong Ren was so tired that he hurriedly sent him away.



After solving Zhang Qingqing’s matter, it was time to solve these ghosts.


Qiong Ren looked at the ghosts who were still covering their mouths, “Those who want to be reincarnated but have a hang-up in their hearts so they can’t go stand over here.”



He took his left hand and gestured.



The ghosts all stood over.



“If you are willing, I can try to transcend you.”



The ghosts wanted to speak but didn’t dare to, revealing very torn expressions.


Qiong Ren casually pointed his finger at one of the ghosts, “You speak first.”



The female ghost who was pointed carefully lowered her hand, “My obsession is that I died before I could fall in love with Li Yanyan in Love and Players, can this kind of obsession also be transcended?”



The ghosts nodded.


Their obsession was very important to them, but if they told others, they would probably be laughed at.



Qiong Ren: “I’m not sure, but I can try.”



One of the ghosts put his hand up in the air.



“After being transcended, will my fondness for you also disappear?”



Qiong Ren fixed his eyes on the guy who had been particularly strong against Secretary Nan’s song and had insisted that Zhang Qingqing make him a Qiong Ren paper figure.



“I haven’t been to your concert yet.” The ghost lowered his head, “I don’t even dare to look at you, I’m afraid that if I look at you a few more times, I’ll be even more reluctant to go to reincarnation.”



Qiong Ren thought for a moment and said seriously, “Likes don’t go away.”



“Besides,” Qiong Ren smiled at him, “I’m a top star in the underworld, so if you go to the underworld to reincarnate, you might be able to see my concert soon.”



The ghost looked up in surprise, “Really?”



He was filled with excitement, “Please transcend me immediately, thank you.”



Qiong Ren didn’t let Song Jiang play the recording this time and softly sang the Mantra of the Past Life himself.



The sound of the song was so melodious that the ghosts didn’t understand the meaning of the pronunciation of “chee chee noi” in the mantra for the past life, but they only felt that their bodies were washed over and over again by the gentle and soothing Sanskrit sound, and the ropes that had held them in the living world gradually lost their strength.



When Qiong Ren finished singing twenty-one times, their bodies were lightened and they felt that they could finally leave the living world.



Qiong Ren enlisted Meng Shen’s help in contacting the two ghost workers who worked here, and they locked the ghosts into one long line and tugged and floated them away like a long-dragon kite.



“So tired.”



Qiong Ren collapsed to the ground.



Song Jiang saw that it was all over before he came in through the side door and applauded, “Teacher Qiong Ren’s transcending of the dead souls is truly a great deed.”



Qiong Ren laid on the ground thinking seriously that if it was Li Kui who was on the scene today, he would have been the first to salvage the camera and would definitely not hide under the table.



Although Li Kui liked to make things happen, his crew never deceived newcomers like Zhang Qingqing.



No matter how he looked at it, Song Jiang didn’t quite deserve to be Li Kui’s arch enemy.



Ah, was it the aftermath of being called dad too much, he couldn’t help but feel that the child from his own family was better.



Although this child was already more than forty ……




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