The slogan of “Chuangqing 303” was “Strive hard and never forget the original heart”, and compared with the slogan of previous talent shows, every word was simple.


Even the entire format of the program had returned to the original appearance of this type of talent show, the selection of the trainees were also good. This was also because Rong Zhen revealed that he didn’t want to do a regular talent show in the future, so all the major companies sent good seedlings to the talent show.


The mentor panel consisted of five people.



Qiong Ren and a female star named Yang Zhen served as dance mentors, movie star Zhong Cheng served as the male group promoter, and serving as singing mentors were veteran singer Zhong Siwei and previous generation idol girl group singer Chu Yun.


The trainees had been training for a long time and were just waiting to blossom in front of the audience, if at all.



The success of a talent show essentially depended on whether or not the program was interesting and whether or not the trainees sucked up to the audience, with the mentors being secondary instead.



Song Kang knew this, yet he couldn’t help but fix his gaze on Qiong Ren.



To be honest, he had invited Qiong Ren here with a bit of ill intent. He had heard that Li Kui called Qiong Ren his father, so if he could make Qiong Ren roll over in his own program, wouldn’t he be able to indirectly humiliate Li Kui.



If Qiong Ren didn’t roll over and performed very well, it would be beneficial and harmless to him as well.



After one of the trainees on stage finished performing, the mentors commented in turn, the overall quality of this trainee wasn’t bad, but the evaluations given were all okay.



Qiong Ren said, “Your dance doesn’t seem to be a problem, but it’s not pretty. This dance actually subtracted points from your performance.”



Song Kang’s eyes narrowed, it was easy for an idol to get himself in trouble for talking like that, but if he could speak with reason, he would also quickly suck up to the public.




Qiong Ren: “The following is all speculation. I think you’re the hard-working type, practicing long hours every day, coming to the practice room the earliest and going back the latest, right?”



As soon as he said this, the trainee on stage suddenly burst into tears, “Teacher, are you going to say that I have no talent? I’ve heard this kind of words too many times.”



Qiong Ren wasn’t frightened by his tears and said calmly, “Don’t cry yet.”



He took a tissue to the stage, “Press the tears off, don’t rub your makeup off, and listen to me.”



The trainee who was originally in the midst of a meltdown suddenly calmed down when he came into contact with his calm eyes, he cleaned his tears, sniffed, and obediently looked at him.



Song Jiang couldn’t help but tsk tsk tsk as he watched, the first phase of the talent show was often a phase where oddballs (in the positive sense) and oddballs (in the negative sense) gathered, and anything weird would appear, and he thought that this trainee was going to take advantage of the opportunity to put on a big show, but he didn’t realize that Qiong Ren had calmed down the scene so quickly.



Qiong Ren danced one of the trainee’s dance moves on stage, the trainee himself didn’t feel anything, Song Jiang’s discerning eye saw that Qiong Ren copied almost all of the trainee’s movement habits.


Although Song Jiang knew that Qiong Ren’s level was comparable to the top of the entertainment industry, he still felt shocked when he saw it with his own eyes.


Qiong Ren: “That’s how you just danced, now watch me demonstrate it again.”



He danced that movement once again, and the original mediocre body movements seemed to have new vitality, blossoming with a luster that made it difficult for people to away from him.



Not to mention the trainee stared blankly, everyone froze for a moment.


The trainees who hadn’t been rated yet could also see the studio from the big screen in the waiting room, and when Qiong Ren said that the trainee’s dance wasn’t good, they felt the same way.



That trainee’s moves were well done and looked strong at first glance, so their instincts leaned more towards the dance itself being poorly choreographed rather than the trainee being a bad dancer.


Seeing Qiong Ren dance the same moves with a completely different flavor, they all froze a little, feeling as if they had vaguely sensed something.



Qiong Ren finished dancing and said, “Know why it’s different?”



The trainee nodded dully and immediately shook his head. He felt that the difference was because the person dancing was different, but that certainly wasn’t the answer Qiong Ren wanted.



Qiong Ren patiently explained, “Although practicing is important, knowing what makes a good looking dance is more important. You can practice fewer sets of moves in the future and watch more good works. When you are watching, pay special attention to what is different from you when someone else does a move, what kind of rhythm his body has, what is the difference between his shoulders, his hands, the angle of his body and yours.”



“Look in the mirror and pick out more details of the basic movements, and consider setting up a cell phone to record them and compare and correct them over and over again. When the basic movements look good, the rest will follow and look good too.”



“Some people naturally know how to do moves that will look better, some don’t, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the talent to make the dance look beautiful, you just have to use your brain a little more than others when you do it.”



“Earlier, I recorded basic movement explanations and demonstrations for some of the trainees, if you want it, I’ll have my assistant send it to you after today’s shooting.”


Qiong Ren’s voice was gentle and sincere, the trainee took in every word, not only that, he had a feeling of enlightenment.



He had always suffered from his mediocrity, but he had never thought about the matter of dancing with his brain.



He bowed excitedly to Qiong Ren, “Thank you, Mr. Qiong.”



Some of the trainees who were dissatisfied with their own performance suddenly realized that performance was not just about talent as they thought, and the words “constant correction” were a revelation to them.



The trainees subconsciously applauded, Tutor Qiong Ren, they also wanted the videos!


Song Jiang secretly nodded, this segment could probably be played as a teaser.



Patient, gentle, in control, and helpful, it looked like Qiong Ren wouldn’t roll over.


Tsk, what a pity.



In a flash, break time arrived.



Meng Qingxuan wasn’t doing too well, and ever since the recording began, he felt that the studio was getting colder and colder. He didn’t have yin and yang eyes, but after all, he was a Taoist priest, and this coldness reflected his perception of spirits.



However, no matter how he observed the terrain and feng shui, he didn’t find this place to be a murderous place, if it wasn’t feng shui gathering murderous evil, then it could only be a human disaster.



Qiong Ren saw that he looked tense and said, “Are you too tired? Let me ask for a stool for you.”



The professionalism of the variety artists was that regardless of gender, they automatically used themselves as mules, they were used to hard work and didn’t realize that human beings needed to sit on stools, naturally no one prepared for these assistants.


The assistants didn’t dare to leave the stars, so they could only stand strong at the side.



Meng Qingxuan was disappointed in Qiong Ren’s slowness, and he asked in an undying whisper, “Teacher Qiong, don’t you feel that something is wrong here?”



He lowered his voice even further, “The ghosts here are fierce!”



Meng Qingxuan was a bit shaky, he had never faced a ferocious ghost or evil spirit on his own, not to mention that he hadn’t brought any weapons with him today, so he really didn’t have much confidence in his heart.



Qiong Ren silently scanned the circle.



It wasn’t fierce, but it was true that it was many. In this studio, there were at least one or two dozen ghosts floating around.



They weren’t exactly noisy, but they liked to scurry all over the room, and it was very easy to block the line of sight.


Qiong Ren, with years of experience in Sincere Culture company, he knew at a glance what level of trainees were on stage, what problems they had, and spoke eloquently about their strengths and weaknesses.



No one even realized that he hadn’t actually taken in anyone’s entire performance from start to finish.



“Don’t think too much, it’s safe here.”



Qiong Ren thought he was comforting the young young Daoist, but he didn’t know that Meng Qingxuan’s heart was instantly colder than his body when he heard his words.



He was finished, it seemed that he had really projected wrongly, such a heavy Yin energy Qiong Ren didn’t even feel it, the person who performed the Five Thunders spell in the southern suburb of Dragon City that day was indeed not him.



As for Meng Qianshan that said Qiong Ren had used the Edictive Thunderbolt Charm, it may be that the blind cat met the dead rat, or the god of Thunder and the Mother of Lightning saw that he was good-looking, and didn’t care how well he recited the incantation, and descended the thunderbolt based on his face.


Meng Qingxuan was worried and scared.



If he was in Dragon City, he could still call his master or cousin if he couldn’t beat it. Here was more than a thousand kilometers away from Dragon City, it was absolutely too late.




The ten-minute break quickly passed, Qiong Ren returned to his mentor’s seat, and a staff member brought Meng Qingxuan a stool.



“Teacher Qiong asked us to give it to you, you’re quite delicate.”



Meng Qingxuan was in the middle of his anxiety, and was furious in his heart when he heard this, what kind of suffering hadn’t he suffered, where was he petulant? He was the nineteenth generation heir to the Qinglei Temple who was capable of lifting hams with his strength.



He wouldn’t sit on this stool!


But one look at the other assistants’ envious gazes, he immediately placed his butt firmly on the stool.


The stool, it felt so good.



That you guys don’t have it, makes it feel even better.



Meng Qingxuan was smug, “Teacher Qiong is just too considerate, I actually don’t want to sit at all.”



The other few assistants immediately rolled their eyes profusely, making Meng Qingxuan so happy.



In fact, Qiong Ren was really good, but unfortunately, he wasn’t the man of the world that he imagined, if he could successfully survive this recording, he would definitely send Qiong Ren two more hams before he dragged Wang Boduan to quit his job.



Song Kang took on the role of PD for the recording and was in charge of the Cue process, and when he saw all the people in place, he said, “Next.”



The trainee in white walked out with a brisk pace, unlike the ones who were in a pose from the moment they appeared on stage, it was almost as if he had come for a picnic, and that posture of total relaxation immediately drew the attention of the mentors.



Qiong Ren’s eyes widened, this person, he was familiar with him.



Wasn’t that Zhang Qingqing?



His five hundred headphones hadn’t even been shipped yet, so how come the boss came to the talent show ……



Zhang Qingqing said that he was going to deliver to a customer, what, there were still paper man contestants in Chuangqing 303?



Zhong Cheng: “Please introduce yourself.”


Zhang Qingqing was distracted, and he saw a familiar mentor sitting below. He took a few steps forward and upon closer inspection, he was suddenly shocked.


Wasn’t this the big customer who had placed an order for headphones with him? Although the customer wore a mask, those eyes were beautiful and unique, he also drew them several times from memory, he couldn’t be wrong.


Zhang Qingqing was instantly delighted and waved at Qiong Ren: “What a coincidence!”



Qiong Ren: “……”


Zhong Cheng revealed a gossipy look, “Oh? It seems that this player and our mentor know each other.”


Qiong Ren: “We sort of know each other.”



Zhong Cheng: “Are you guys friends?”



Qiong Ren felt it was better to give the trainee more footage, “Speak for yourself.”


Zhang Qingqing held up the microphone and tucked his hand in with a serious expression, “Hello everyone, tutors, my name is Zhang Qingqing. I am a papier-mâché artist.”



Zhong Cheng didn’t react for a moment, “Do you make lanterns or kites?”



Zhang Qingqing, “Neither, I make paper figures, air conditioners and that sort of thing.”



This answer was obviously outside the mentors’ expectations, and they were simultaneously muttering in their hearts, paper people, air conditioners, and people collected this?



Zhong Cheng, after all, was old enough to have attended a few funeral ceremonies, and a chill ran through him, “Is it that kind of paper man?”


Zhang Qingqing nodded, “Yes, for funerals or burning a double, ah, is this considered a feudal superstition, can it be talked about?”



Song Jiang raised the microphone, “Traditional folklore is not considered superstition, you can continue.”



This Zhang Qingqing was one of the contestants he was optimistic about, although he couldn’t sing or dance, he had a special identity that could spark internet discussions.



Zhang Qingqing thought that he was just on the last part of the program to help the show put together a headline. How could he know that Song Jiang had already figured out how to attract attention through him.



Zhong Cheng asked: “Then how did you come to our program?”



He replied honestly: “I was delivering goods to the construction site of the movie city next to me, and was seen by the director, who said that a trainee had temporarily withdrawn from the competition, and asked me to fill in for a period of time. I didn’t want to agree, but the director said that he could take the opportunity to publicize the art of papier-mâché, and he guaranteed that I’d participate in just one episode, so I agreed.”



Now, the mentors other than Qiong Ren all showed expressions of fear.



Why were you delivering to the movie city? Did something happen there?



Zhang Qingqing looked at the mentors’ faces full of fear, so he comforted, “Don’t be afraid, no one died, it’s just that they dug out human bones on the construction site and wanted to perform a ritual to send off the dead souls, so they ordered a truckload of cell phones and TVs, and other things with me. I’m afraid that the logistics wouldn’t be careful, so I personally went with the car.”


After all, the entertainment industry was a high-risk area for superstition. When starting up, incense should be burned, and when changing a name, a master should be consulted. Hearing what Zhang Qingqing said, not only did they not feel comfortable, they also trembled.


A cart full of paper, how many human bones had to be dug out?



Meng Qingxuan suddenly realized, no wonder this place was so cold, next door was the construction site that dug out the bones, was it that the ghosts were full of resentment by the disturbance and wanted to riot?



But why didn’t they go to find the person who dug up the bones to take revenge, but came to the studio to haunt it?


He didn’t bring his mahogany sword, and if he drew a talisman now, he didn’t have any yellow paper or vermilion sand, so if the ghosts were to rise up and hurt people, it seemed like the only thing left on his body was the blood of a child’s heart and the urine of a child.



Meng Qingxuan’s heart was filled with shameful determination, although in this kind of place surrounded by cameras and people that would definitely make him die socially, in case the ghosts rose up and hurt people, as long as he could protect the safety of these innocent people, he would be willing to die ten times more socially.



What Qiong Ren saw in his eyes was another scene ……



the ghosts poured into the studio from all directions, gradually crowding the studio out, one by one gathering around Zhang Qingqing, their mouths gibbering:



“Make a paper tie of a woman, I want a wife. Mr, can you hear me?”



“Mr, can you make me a husband? I like Li Yanyan from Love and Players.”



“The paper man made by Mr is really a masterpiece, if I hadn’t died, I would have ordered ten or eight of them.”



“I didn’t expect to see such a great artist as Mr Zhang in a small place like ours, so happy oooooooo.”



“Mr, look at me!”


“Can I have Qiong Ren? Mr, take a look at me!”


Qiong Ren: “……”



When he saw the ghosts surrounding Zhang Qingqing, he thought they wanted the paper man as a possession, but it turned out that it wasn’t ……


He wasn’t here to cause trouble, he was just here to admire the big shots in the industry.



But why was his name mixed in, begging Zhang Qingqing to be a paper figure without looking at him? What did this person mean?



Wow, what a per-vert, his hands clenched into fists.



With the sudden influx of ghosts into the studio, the air in the place became sticky and gloomy, the studio lights flickered, and the sound from the stereo emitted a zippy current sound.



If the door opened and closed automatically again, the ghost movie three-piece suit would be complete.



As he was thinking this, the heavy side door of the studio suddenly opened slowly and then creaked and shook.



“What’s happening?”


Yang Zhen turned his head from side to side uneasily, and everyone in the studio felt a thick coldness and panicked.


“Is it haunted?”


No one knew who said that, but the mentors and staff members were in chaos, Song Jiang directly drilled under the table and hid, only Zhang Qingqing was still saying, “The current is unstable, right, where in the world is there a ghost?”



Ghosts and monsters were inherently different from normal people, they realized that they hadn’t done anything yet, and they scared these people into running around and screaming, their hearts became more and more gloomy, the emotions of the ghosts affected the reality, and the atmosphere in the studio was really scary all of a sudden.


Ghostly shadows loomed, and all the doors were closed. Many people ran to the doors and found that they couldn’t get out, and they cried out in terror.



Meng Qingxuan’s mind was in turmoil, his hand on the waistband of his pants as he gritted his teeth and turned red.



Although he had made up his mind, when it came down to it, he really couldn’t take it off.



In addition to really cutting open the heart to get a child’s heart blood, it could only be taken from the middle finger. Even if the middle finger blood was squeezed desperately, there wouldn’t be more than a few drops, and it might not even be able to protect Qiong Ren.



As Meng Qingxuan despaired, he couldn’t help but cast his eyes towards Qiong Ren.



Qiong Ren’s expression was as calm as ever, but in that calmness, there seemed to be a slight hint of helplessness.



He turned his head to Meng Qingxuan, “Give me my cell phone.”



What a time to want to play with a cell phone! This mental quality was too good to be true, right? Meng Qingxuan was so anxious that he was frantic.



“What’s the point of freezing?” Qiong Ren frowned slightly and emphasized, “The phone! The Aurora Forest Green one.”



Meng Qingxuan was glared at by him, immediately finding Qiong Ren’s cell phone from his bag, he rushed over by rolling and crawling, but he wasn’t bold enough after all, as soon as he stepped on his legs, his feet were soft, barely running to Qiong Ren’s side his legs were so weak that he directly knelt down, and then he wanted to bite through his middle finger and smear the blood on Qiong Ren’s body.



His finger was just put on the lips, when Qiong Ren clamped the wrist, he roared out: “What are you doing? I’m doing this to save you!”


Meng Qingxuan wanted to break away from Qiong Ren’s hand, but realized that he couldn’t even break it at all.


His strength was already great, or else he wouldn’t have been able to personally carry the ham to pay homage to the master, and still maintain the position of kneeling with the ham held high for about ten minutes.



But Qiong Ren’s strength was simply unscientific, was this still human?


Meng Qingxuan’s heart vaguely grew expectations, although there was no connection between great strength and strong spells, he inexplicably regained confidence in Qiong Ren’s abilities.


Qiong Ren jerked the cell phone away from his other hand and said calmly amidst the chaos, “Expelling ghosts is actually quite simple, and there’s no need to learn the Five Thunders spell.”



Saying so, Qiong Ren unlocked his phone and opened a player interface that Meng Qingxuan hadn’t seen before, then clicked to play a song.



Meng Qingxuan fixed his eyes on it, and the name of the song playing was “Light Chaser – Spiritual Pollution Edition”, Singer: Secretary Nan.



In order to avoid accidentally injuring innocent people, this song had been specially processed by King of the underworld so that only ghosts and demons could hear it.


The ghosts that were pestering the oblivious Zhang Qingqing for the paper man suddenly quieted down.



They heard a sinful song.


No, it wasn’t a song.


It was a vicious curse, a demonic whisper.



With just one sentence, the ghosts couldn’t bear it and couldn’t care about getting their beloved wives, they immediately scattered and fled.


Among them, there were also a few stronger ones, who were strong enough to yell out amidst the devastation of Secretary Nan’s song, “Mr, make a Qiong Ren paper man for me, please.”



Meng Qingxuan was in a trance, “Is there a ghost calling your name?”



Qiong Ren’s eyes narrowed, and with an expressionless face, he turned up the volume to the maximum.



Secretary Nan’s terrifying singing voice filled the entire studio, and the screams of the living that should have drowned out her voice didn’t even cut down its lethality by the slightest bit.


The song was pervasive, like a demon possessing a bone.



The few ghosts who had said they wanted Qiong Ren couldn’t survive the pain of a blunt razor blade to the brain, and ran away, wailing.



The studio suddenly returned to normal, the lights didn’t flash, the door didn’t shake, it was as if everything that just happened was just an illusion.



Song Jiang poked his head under the table to see clearly, the studio returned to normal because Qiong Ren suddenly did something.


It turned out that Li Kui called him father not to get investments from his boyfriend, but because he figured out Qiong Ren’s ability to exorcise ghosts.



Meng Qingxuan was even more horrified.



Although he couldn’t see it, he felt that the Yin energy in the studio suddenly disappeared, and vaguely, it seemed that he could also hear the ghosts’ mournful cries, begging for a Qiong Ren paper figure.



Qiong Ren clearly didn’t do anything, he just used his cell phone, and the severe ghosts scattered and fled.



This ability to exorcise ghosts with a light touch made Meng Qingxuan completely bow down.



Mr. Qiong was truly terrifying.



His projections that day were correct, and Mr. Qiong was the supreme genius who had practiced the Five Thunder Laws.



Meng Qingxuan was thrilled in his heart and bowed his head, “Master, accept me.”


After the shooting scene returned to normal, Meng Qingxuan’s shocking kneeling was particularly conspicuous, Song Jiang originally didn’t recognize who this was, for an assistant, he never needed to look at them, and only then did he realize with horror: “Isn’t that little Meng Taoist master?”



The son of the Meng family of Dragon City, worshipped under the Qinglei Temple, a highly regarded young Taoist Master in the Xuan Sect, why on earth would he kneel down to Qiong Ren?


Associating everything that had just happened, Song Jiang felt that he understood something.



He crawled out from under the table, dusted off his body, and was all smiles, “Teacher Qiong is indeed a high ranking person, today I was able to successfully pass the test, all thanks to Teacher Qiong’s divine means.”



With these words, the mentors’ eyes changed as they looked at Qiong Ren.



So Qiong Ren had such a background? It was truly shocking.



Their attitude towards Qiong Ren immediately became respectful and polite.


“Many thanks to Teacher Qiong for rescuing me.”



“Teacher Qiong is truly a contemporary Zhong Kui, every move of his hand and every throw of his foot exudes might.”



“I wonder if Teacher Qiong can read feng shui? I’ve always had trouble sleeping lately, and I feel like there are little ghosts tugging at my heels.”



Qiong Ren coughed softly, “It was just an unstable current just now, now since the current is back to normal, let’s continue recording.”



He glanced at Meng Qingxuan, “I told you, our company doesn’t accept trainees. Get up and sit down.”


Meng Qingxuan was now like a well-behaved little sheep, doing whatever Qiong Ren said, he happily ran to the side to sit down.


Song Jiang cautiously asked, “Can we continue recording? There won’t be any more problems, right?”



Qiong Ren: “Not for a while, the ghosts all came for Zhang Qingqing, he must be eliminated quickly.”



His five hundred headphones hadn’t been delivered yet, speedily send him back to work!



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