C1—- Becoming A Cat

Xu Jian hadn’t eaten for almost two days.

To be exact, he woke up to find himself a cat and hadn’t gotten any water.

Looking at his reflection in the puddle on the ground, Xu Jian was at a loss. He didn’t know how  he had become a long haired cat.

Yes, he became a cat that meowed.

The cat in the reflection had a pair of big round ice blue eyes, it’s body was completely white except for a little patch of black fur on its front left leg.

Xu Jian didn’t have a cat when he was a man. He didn’t know anything about cats. He didn’t know what kind of cat he was now. He could only judge himself as a male cat according to his meager knowledge.

But from his appearance, he felt that even if he had become a cat, he was also a cat with super high value. Look at his long white hair.


Xu Jian stepped on the puddle, and the reflection in the water was instantly broken and scattered, his heart was annoying and chaotic-

Who wanted to be a cat?

Even a stray cat!

Looking at his right hand stained with water, no … Now it was precisely the right paw. Xu Jian swore at the puddle, but all that came out was a soft, “meow ~”

Xu Jian: “…”

Even after waking up two days ago, Xu Jian couldn’t accept the fact that he had changed from a man to a cat.

In a bad mood, he really wanted to find somewhere to calm down.

Leaving the puddle expressionlessly, Xu Jian walked back to the depths of the alley, and jumped into his temporary nest with strength-

A tattered cardboard box that had been flooded.

Xu Jian woke up in this broken carton two days ago, so even if he was hungry now, he couldn’t be too far away from the carton.

Because he thought he might find a way to change into a person on this carton.

But these two days, he just scratched the carton and got nothing.

Lying in a cardboard box that wouldn’t block the wind and rain, hunger struck in bursts, almost making Xu Jian dizzy and unable to see things around him.

He was now in a small alley where the environment was not very bad. There were two large garbage bins under the street light about ten meters away from the carton. Every day, the surrounding residents threw garbage into it. In the past two days, he had also seen several stray cats and dogs looking for food in the garbage bins.

There was even a civet cat digging out half of the cold steamed bread, meowing and sharing with Xu Jian. Since becoming a cat, Xu Jian found himself able to understand cat language.

Xu Jian was deeply moved by the behavior of civet cat, and then refused while meowing.

He had been a man for more than 20 years, and even if he was unlucky to become a stray cat, he couldn’t accept the food in the trash can.

Even when he passed the trash can, he subconsciously held his breath and pedaled fast on four legs.

The strong suffocating smell from around the trash can made him feel that it would be torture to stay one more second.

The effect was comparable to poison.

Apart from the food in the trash can, one or two mice occasionally slipped into the corner of the alley.

Especially in the middle of the night, rats and insects came out for food, and many stray dogs and cats chased the rats and jumped up and down in order to eat meat.

Unlike Xu Jian, he was now in a cat’s body with a human soul. He didn’t want to eat anything in the trash can, let alone a mouse.

Xu Jian met a fat mouse on the first night when he became a cat.

After becoming a cat, in addition to the ability of night vision comparable to an infrared, he also had a lot of sensitivity in hearing. After hearing the movement, he turned his head and looked at a pair of small green eyes not far away.

Xu Jian stared at that small black shadow and reacted for a few seconds before he realised that it was a mouse. Without exaggeration, he arched his back and almost jumped.

Finally, the cat and a mouse looked at each other for a few seconds. Xu Jian walked out of the paper box steadily. The mouse noticed his action and backed away cautiously. As long as Xu Jian pounced on him, he would immediately run away.

 Xu Jian just grabbed the carton and dragged it away from the wall. After leaving a distance, he jumped back and meowed twice to the mouse not far away—-

Brother mouse, I’ll let you out. Please.

There was a communication barrier between mice and cats. After all, squeaking and meowing were different, so Xu Jian just ‘meowed’ and the mouse brother ran away in the opposite direction.

Xu Jian was too slow to call out ‘ Brother Mouse, stay’ to retain him.

Xu Jian looked at the mouse brother who ran away instantly and disappeared. After two seconds, he silently took his nest back to the wall, and at the same time he was depressed in his heart-

Did he look like a rat eater?

 Regardless of the life or death of the rat brother, it was this food hygiene that he was not at ease with.

 If the mouse was carrying a bacteria virus or something, wouldn’t he lose out?

Taking 10,000 steps back, even if Brother Mouse was non toxic and harmless, he couldn’t get through this hurdle in his heart.

When he was a human being, he couldn’t accept the delicious rat meat on the dining table, let alone the lively and fresh rat brother.

Adhering to the habit of being a human being, Xu Jian didn’t eat from trash cans and food residues stained with ash on the ground, and he didn’t eat lively rats and insects, and he was also a stray cat, so he had to go hungry.

Xu Jian was lying in a cardboard box, and even felt powerless to shake his tail.

He missed his life as a human being very much now, although he didn’t live well when he was a human being.

Xu Jian was originally an actor.

However, as an actor, the roles he had played in the company since he signed the contract were all cannon fodders. As a result, he had been acting on TV for six years, and he still wasn’t known in the Entertainment Industry.

After taking the college entrance examination at the age of 18, Xu Jian was ready to make his name known in the entertainment industry with great ambition.

 However, the fact was that he had not gotten popular yet.This year, he was 24 years old. He was getting older in the industry, but he still wasn’t popular.

The company’s better resources were given to artists who were more popular than him and could make more money than him. On the one hand, there were no good resources to support him.

After all, there were quite a few people who had become famous by one shot and one photo.

Xu Jian signed a five-year contract with the company. After the expiration of the five-year contract, the company did not immediately kick him out, but let him continue to live in the staff dormitory for another year.

  However, after six years, Xu Jian didn’t make waves at all, and lived with the basic salary given by the company every month. Their company was too small to keep idle people, so after the one-year humanitarian period expired, he was ordered to leave the dormitory.

After six years of chaos, Xu Jian himself was dispirited and discouraged. When the company told him to pack up, he began to pack his bags without saying anything.

The bed was the property of the company, he failed to take it away.

Xu Jian had a car accident on his way back to his hometown.

He remembered that the black car he was riding crashed into the big truck in front of him, and when he woke up after losing consciousness, he found himself lying in the wastepaper box and he had become a white cat.

Looking back on his life in the first 24 years, Xu Jian felt that no matter how long it took, he couldn’t get used to his cat life now.

With the hands of the past and the meat pads of the present, he resisted his crying stomach because of hunger. Xu Jian closed his eyes and hypnotized himself to believe that he would not be hungry if he fell asleep, while making up his mind-

If he didn’t turn back into a human being when he woke up tomorrow, he would walk away to find food, and leave his spot to see where he was.

The feeling of hunger was too hard. He couldn’t really starve himself, unless he would end his short cat life.

Live cats had a chance to be human again, but dead cats didn’t.

Before falling asleep completely, Xu Jian’s last thought in his heart was:

But if the civet cat still enthusiastically shared the edible kitchen waste it found tomorrow morning, he would rather starve to death.

Xu Jian’s last bottom line after changing from man to cat was not to pick up garbage to eat, which could be said to be a very humble request.


Xu Jian had planned to sleep through the night and get over the hunger that could kill a cat. As a result, his two furry ears moved in his sleep in the middle of the night, and he heard several heavy breathing in the wind.

And they were approaching him.

The powerlessness caused by hunger kept Xu Jian lying down, while the sense of crisis tore at his soul and supported him to stand up quickly.

After standing up to see the surrounding situation clearly, Xu Jian felt a shock in his heart, and his hair exploded instantly because of stress, and he bowed his back and froze his limbs into a state of high alert.

Less than five meters away from him in the dark, there were three pairs of bright eyes staring straight at him.

It was three wild dogs.

And they looked like wild dogs who were hungry like him.

Xu Jian’s spirit was tense because he realized that he was a delicious supper in the eyes of these three wild dogs.

This cognition made his hair stand on end.

After figuring out his situation and the intentions of the wild dogs, Xu Jian quickly planned the escape route in his mind:

The exit of the alley was blocked by the wild dogs. He was not clear about the fighting capacity of the wild dogs for the time being and was not sure whether he could escape, so he didn’t take the risk.

The walls on both sides were not low. He had been hungry for two days, and his chances of jumping over the walls were not high.

Only inside the alley, he was familiar with the surrounding environment, he remembered that there were abandoned sundries piled up at the end of the alley, a table that couldn’t be broken could be used as a support point for him.

But there was still a long way to go from his current position to the end of the alley. If the wild dogs caught up during this time …

Xu Jian made a decision, he immediately turned around and ran to the end of the alley and never looked back, almost at the same time he moved, the three wild dogs who were also very close to each other whimpered, and at the same time, the dogs chased him.

Xu Jian, whose ears were sharp, heard the fast footsteps of the wild dogs, and couldn’t help cursing, but what came out of his throat was a squeal and short-


At the critical moment of life and death, Xu Jian temporarily forgot the hunger in his belly, and ran hard on four legs. The distance between the wild dogs and him gradually narrowed, and he had already seen the pile of waste at the end.

Xu Jian’s eyes welled up in tears, and he was very grateful that he had four legs.

Just as Xu Jian had already felt the heavy and hot breath of the wild dogs, his eyes narrowed slightly, his hind legs kicked hard and he jumped up and set foot on the table.

One second after Xu Jian’s limbs left the table, the menacing wild dog jumped and crashed into the table, completely breaking up the already rickety table.

Xu Jian landed on the high wall with great agility, while the wild dog crashed into a ball and gave a low bark of pain and whimpered.

Soon Xu Jian smelled a faint scent in the air, and his ice-blue cat eyes swept toward the wild dogs under the fence, knowing that their strength was too strong, and they were pricked by the sundries.

Standing on the narrow wall, Xu Jian looked down at the wild dogs who were flustered but helpless, and made a threatening sound, he threw his weight around and gloated at the wild dogs:

“Meow ~ Meow!”

Who told you to treat me like a food taken late at night?


The author has something to say:

Xu Xu: I’m too miserable. Meow!

Emperor Qin Ying: You won’t be miserable when the next chapter comes out.

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