C001—- Popularity King

  A white house stood in front of Shi Fei.

He pulled on his black shoulder bag, sneezed, touched his nose, and put his black mask on, he was here today to participate in the <<Strongest Idol>>, a national preliminary.

Following the signs to the waiting room and waiting for the makeup artist. When wearing a mask, Shi Fei did not attract much attention. He found a corner point and took out the phone to check the information on his phone.

Eagles: [Panda, someone paid a high price to ask for you.]

This message was sent half an hour ago, and Shi Fei’s fingers quickly replied: [Busy, no time.]

Eagle: [365 days a year, which day do you not say ‘busy’. This time the other party is offering three times the market price, it seems to be really urgent, for the sake of money, you are also not interested in making a move?]

Panda: [Not interested.]

Eagle: [Big Brother ah, this is so like you, you have not taken a single order for more than a year, forget about it, I knew I couldn’t persuade you.]

After ending the chat, Shi Fei picked up the headphones and plugged them into his ears, looking like he obviously didn’t want to chat with anyone, resulting in a fresh-looking, sunny and cute boy still coming over to greet him, “Hello, my name is Zhuang Xinran.”

Shi Fei’s slender fingers took off the earbuds, looking at the face in front of him that was so familiar that he often had midnight dreams about it and smiled faintly in response, “Yeah.”

Zhuang Xinran, we meet again.

Shi Fei, however, did not speak anymore, but Zhuang Xinran continued to ask, “You haven’t told me your name yet?”

Shi Fei didn’t answer him, the other persevered and asked, “I’m going to choose the beauty track later, how about you?” 

Shi Fei still didn’t say anything, took the headphones and plugged them back into his ears, and pulled his hat down slightly to the side, with a ‘leave me alone’ attitude.

Zhuang Xinran was a little embarrassed to continue the conversation.

Getting up and sitting elsewhere, a moment later, other contestants came over to take the initiative to talk to Zhuang Xinran and find out information, “How’s it going? Xinran, did he say which track he was joining?”

Shaking his head and sighing, Zhuang Xinran said, “He doesn’t seem to like talking to people.”

  Someone curled his lips, “A small sample, what’s the problem.”

  It was normal for contestants to spy on each others’ strength, and it was rare to meet someone as cold and deadly as Shi Fei.

  Soon everyone’s conversation turned elsewhere and began discussing who would be their strong competitors.

  ”That He Xiaobei seems to be pretty good, the song that he sang on the uploaded VCR is good.”

  ”Wu Yan’s dancing seems pretty strong too, I think he’s quite popular.”

 ”Wu Yan’s not as high as he is, but he is the sixth most popular.”

“I am more worried about the first place in the popular king. The popular king can have a buff vest [[/tn:]cover] and directly get the promotion quota for the qualifiers. The key is that he has not shown his singing and dancing talents. There is a video of him skateboarding in the VCR. I don’t know how strong it is.”

“His face must have entered the beauty track. I hate this kind of face-to-face position. What’s amazing? Without strength, he won’t go far.”

Everyone was talking one by one there. There was no camera installed in the dressing room. Many of the contestants came together, and they soon had formed a small group.

  Zhuang Xinran opened his mouth to persuade, “People shouldn’t say it like that, just because he didn’t show his talent on the VCR doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have strength, I think he should be quite strong.”

  Someone immediately retorted, “If he had talent he would have shown it earlier in order to gain fans earlier ah, this is an idol show, the netizens participation are very high.”

“Everyone wait and watch, no matter which track he chooses, I’m sure there will be people who are not convinced and want to challenge him.” The Popular King could have a direct promotion slot though, if someone was looking for him to BATTLE.

  Everyone was having a heated discussion, when the door pushed in, and a manager with a piece of paper in his hand shouted, “Shi Fei, Zhuang Xinran, Dai Liang, Qin Zhi… you ten get ready, the next round will be your make-up session.”

  Those who had just been discussing were surprised, “Shi Fei is here?”

Shi Fei was the first popular online qualifier this time.

They had thought that Shi Fei had not arrived yet. After all, with his face, who wouldn’t notice when he came in?

Then they saw the person who had been sitting in the corner with his ears stuffed, stand up, he adjusted his sleeves very indifferently, looked at the person who just gossiped about him, and said faintly: “I also think that popularity is nothing, but at least it can keep me alive for the second period. If you don’t work hard, you will go home by car today.”

Then he got up and started walking towards the door directly.

“What does he mean? This boy is too arrogant, I want to beat him up. “

“Sitting on the side and never talking, pretending to be busy?”

“He also deliberately wore a mask. He looks a lot different from the video. Who knows how many degrees the video was edited?”

Several other people turned green with envy, and Zhuang Xinran persuaded: “Don’t say so, I don’t think Shi Fei meant that.”

Then he trotted to catch up and said apologetically, “Shi Fei, don’t mind what they say, they are harmless.”

“Everyone is coming to participate in the competition. Don’t be too angry. Can I apologize for them?”

Zhuang Xinran’s small steps chased after him to speak a few sentences, Shi Fei stopped to look at him and asked, “I’m actually not really angry, you’re chasing after me like this to apologize rather it looks like I’m bullying someone.”

 Zhuang Xinran was a little embarrassed and whispered, “I didn’t mean that.”

Shi Fei smiled in response, “It’s good that you didn’t mean it, then it seems like I misunderstood, so can you stay out of the way?”

“Yes.” Embarrassed by Shi Fei’s rudeness, Zhuang Xinran’s face became red as he whispered.

A few people in the back stood there and saw this scene, the number of people looking at him unhappily became even more angry, those who had confidence in their strength were thinking that they would challenge the kid later and frustrate him.

During the make-up, many people were staring at Shi Fei’s face, wanting to see what the masked man looked like, and the moment they saw him take off his mask, the circle of people next to him revealed their surprise.

The young man’s fair jade-like cheeks, high nose, sharp and thin corners of his eyes, with a pair of Phoenix eyes, a thin silhouette at the bottom of his eyes, and a very good skin base.

People who had expected his appearance to be inconsistent with the video were disappointed, and his appearance was even more outstanding than that on VCR. Many people showed envious eyes, his face was really born to be in the entertainment industry.

The makeup was done by a makeup artist, but clothes and props would be prepared by themselves. The people in the makeup room had various styles.

Shi Fei sat in the corner with headphones and didn’t speak.

Until a man came in, Shi Fei finally lifted the corner of his eyes and looked at the man at the door, and his amazing face revealed a smile.

He Xiaobei was dressed in a simple light blue sweater, and his height of one meter seven didn’t stand out in the crowd.

Walking with his neck down slowly, until he saw Shi Fei, his eyes lit up, and he walked in with three steps: “Shi Fei, you’re here.”

“Well, if I don’t come, I’m afraid you will be bullied.” He Xiaobei was soft-tempered, and it was easy for people like him to be bullied when he came to the talent shows, which was one of the reasons why he came for the talent show now.

“Who will bully me? You think too much. But with you, I am happy. ” He Xiaobei smiled shyly, revealing a small tiger tooth.

Shi Fei smiled and asked, “Have you decided which track you’ll perform?”

He Xiaobei pinched his shirt nervously and said, “I, I …I want to follow you.”

He hadn’t finished speaking, when the radio rang, alerting the people to go to the hall to choose their course.

“Take it easy, no matter which course you go to, you will definitely pass the test at your level. Let’s go.” Shi Fei patted He Xiaobei on the shoulder and encouraged him.

“The Strongest Idol” was a amateur idol development program, and 204 amateurs were selected from the national applicants to participate in the idol development variety show.

The competition was divided into three contests: Beauty Course, Creativity Course and Magic Sound Course.

He also participated in the previous life. At that time, he participated in the audition show with musical dreams and ambitions, but he saw the dirtiest industry in the world.   

He was finally framed and forced to leave the program group with a stigma, and became the target of the whole network crusade. He Xiaobei was also forced to leave the program group because he was spoke for him.  

 It had been five years since he returned to this world. He had returned to this talent show. One was to protect He Xiaobei from not getting the glory that should belong to him, and to prevent the tragedies of his previous life from happening. To investigate the truth and find the murderer behind the scenes.   

What course they wanted to enter was the free choice of the players. Each track had 12 promotion places, 9 were directly decided by the star promoters, and 3 would be pushed back by the fans after being determined.     

 Shi Fei chose the beauty course, and a few people behind showed their disdain.   

The instructor of the Beauty course was a popular little flower, He Lulu, who only debuted from the C position of another talent show last year. His popularity and strength were good, and he was handsome.

  This was his first time being a mentor after her debut.

  When he saw Shi Fei going in, He Lulu joked, “Just now I was guessing with the other two mentors which course the popularity king would go to, and sure enough you came to our beauty track, the popularity king is here, and I feel like our beauty course won in terms of momentum.”

  Shi Fei said, “Everyone thought I’ll go to the beauty course, I’m sorry you guessed wrong.”

  He Lulu sat on a chair with a pen and paper in his hand and said, “According to the program’s rules, the Popularity King can be directly guaranteed a promotion spot, you can now sit on one of the twelve promotion spot.”

  After saying thank you, Shi Fei sat on the twelve promotion seat and turned around only to find that He Xiaobei had also come to the beauty course.

In his previous life, Shi Fei had chosen the Creativity course, and He Xiaobei had chosen the magic sound course.

  Both of them could be considered as the king of each track, but unfortunately, neither of them could make it to the end, but this time they were together in one track.

Looking at Zhuang Xinran next to him, he still chose the beauty track like before.

With 204 contestants, a total of 70 contestants had chosen the beauty course.

The time to sit on top of the twelve chairs and watch the people underneath perform one by one, and he watched as the empty seats around him filled up.

  It was Zhuang Xinran’s turn, his looks weren’t very impressive, but he was considered to be above average.The most important thing was that he had his own characteristics, a clean and sunny temperament, when he smiled, there were two shallow pear curls at the corners of his mouth, very popular with the audience, such looks could absorb sister fans and mother fans.

He sang well, plus a smile with extra points. He Lulu was conquered by a love song, which also gave him the promotion quota.

Probably because of the cold medicine, Shi Fei was a bit sleepy and held his eyelids to keep from falling asleep.  

When He Xiaobei came to play, He Lulu was attracted by his Southern-style song. His voice was very distinctive and discerning, with spirituality in his voice, and he was successfully promoted to one of the top twelve with his strength.

The program list was over 8 o’clock in the evening, and everyone had finished listening to their songs.

Of the 70 players, He Lulu had selected 8 candidates for direct promotion and 12 players to be decided. After a week’s fans playing the list, the 3 most TBD[to be decided] popular players could become one of the top 12.

Players who were eliminated directly could leave, and those who were TBD[to be decided] could challenge those who were promoted if they refused to accept it.

If they won, they could be promoted directly, but if they lost, they would still be TBD[To Be Decided].

There were 12 players to be decided, all of whom were in blazing with ambition. No matter what, this was an opportunity for them. Of course, they wouldn’t miss the challenge.

Several contestants had their eyes fixed on Shi Fei, who was sleepy and yawning. Others had performed talents and had shown their strength. Only Shi Fei was directly promoted, and most people didn’t believe that he had strength.

Among these people, Dai Liang and Qin Zhi were the most obvious ones. They had conflicts in the dressing room lounge before, and they just happened to be on the pending list.

Especially when they saw his lazy appearance, they felt that he didn’t deserve to sit in that position. The strongest idol not only needed a beautiful face, but also strength.

As soon as the host announced that he could start the challenge, Qin Zhi didn’t hold back and jumped out. He pointed to Shi Fei, who tilted his head, and said, “I want to challenge. The person I want to challenge is Shi Fei.”

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