C25 – Campus Gladiator (XXIII)

At the same time Xia Yihui spoke, the comments in the live broadcast room rolled fast.



Favorite Long Legs: this NPC is the principal, right? He’s good looking in a suit yoooooo



adobe family sinkhole: this school is really magic, students are forced to kill each other, but the principal is enjoying in such a luxurious place ……



Yellow Crockpot Crayfish: what #1? Does the anchor know him?



Flower: No way, this is an NPC, big brother your social circle has expanded to NPCs?



Although the crowd was still teasing, they couldn’t help but be curious in their words.



“Number 1?” The white-haired youth was similarly full of confusion, tilting his head to think, he seemed to realize, “You’re talking about this building? That’s right, this is the principal’s office in the No. 1 teaching building. I’m the principal, what is it that you’re looking for me for?”



Hearing these words, Xia Yihui’s disorganized brain lurched as he carefully observed the youth in front of him before realizing that something was wrong.


If this person was really No. 1, then he should have long ago pounced over, clinging to him like an octopus and begging for a hug.



This person in front of him had an idle and calm expression, really different from the soft and cute No. 1, the temperament difference was too big.


And the main point, the age wasn’t right.



Xia Yihui entered the institute at the age of 16, and met the 6-year-old experiment No. 1. At that time, No.1 was too young and his body was fragile. He could have died if he had just received some injection, making it difficult to take good care of him. Therefore, no one was willing to accept him.


Xia Yihui was a newcomer and was forced to take over this thankless task. The good thing was that No. 1 character was soft and sweet, it was quite worrying, but he was happy to raise such a child.


Ten years passed.


At the age of 26, Xia Yihui took over a new research project, and all the experimental subjects under his name were transferred, including the 16-year-old No. 1.


Within days after this, something happened to the research institute. Immediately after Xia Yihui entered this escape game.


His impression of No. 1 was still a 16-year-old pale teenager, with a bit of baby fat on his face.


This pale man in a suit in front of him, although his face was six or seven percent similar to No. 1, he was obviously one size larger, and looked twenty-five or twenty-six years old.


If one had to describe it, this man was more like an adult version of No. 1.


Either No.1 had suddenly grown ten years old overnight, or Xia Yihui’s own memories was missing ten years.


There was also the possibility that it was a case of mistaken identity.



There was nothing strange in the world, the population of China was so large, so having one or two look-alikes wasn’t too rare.


Thinking like this, Xia Yihui shook his head and explained, “You look a little bit like a kid I know, I made a mistake.”



The white-haired man curiously laughed, “Looks like me? Will there be a child who looks so anxious?”


“I’m not sure if the child looks anxious or not.” Xia Yihui glanced at the black hot-stamped nameplate with the word principal written on the desk, meaningfully saying, “But I’ve never seen a principal as young as you.”


“You’ve seen it now.” The white-haired man’s eyes were deep, and he said fervently, “In everyone’s impression, principals are balding, beer-bellied, middle-aged, greasy men. I can understand your surprise, but just because you haven’t seen one doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You have to know that there are always people who are young and talented.”



Xia Yihui didn’t comment, only twisting his head and squinting at his surroundings.



This room was very strange, one could tell that the overall décor was leaning towards the style of the immortal masters of nationalism, but the furniture in the room was all in the luxurious European mold. When the two were combined, it looked out of place.



In addition to this, Xia Yihui also saw two small nails on the wall facing south. These two small nails were hidden extremely deeply, if one did not look carefully, one might have directly skipped over them.


Before entering the institute, Xia Yihui had played with digital oil paintings and often came into contact with this kind of non-marking nails. This type of nail would have a layer of plastic covering its head, with a small groove on the plastic specifically designed to hold onto oil painting frames and other objects.



This also indicated that something had definitely been hung on this wall, such as medals, oil paintings, ink paintings, and so on. However, due to the hasty renovation and decoration by later generations, some inconspicuous places naturally slipped through.



At a rough glance, only this information could be obtained for the time being. Xia Yihui withdrew his sight, turning with a smile.



He casually sat down on the chair in front of the desk, legs crossed and a palm to his chin, it was quite a casual look, as if he came to his own home. It was because of this action that the distance between the two men instantly closed.



The idleness on the white-haired youth’s face shattered in a flash, his pupils dilated slightly, his breathing became rapid, even his eyes began to redden, his face full of uncontrollable excitement.



Seeing his reaction, Xia Yihui frowned and inexplicably stepped back a bit. He reached out and nodded to the ashtray on his desk, squinting with a half-supported face, “Mr. Principal, do you have a cigarette?”



“Cigarette?” The white-haired youth froze for a split second.



The crowd in the live broadcast room were also puzzled. There were so many people from Tiger’s Teeth outside, Xia Yihui didn’t seize the time to ask about things related to the copy, but actually had the leisure to ask for cigarettes? Did he really think he was playing a simulation?



Some viewers were even more anxious than Xia Yihui, cursing at the screen, urging Xia Yihui to hurry up and do his job without any nonsense.



Although the fans wanted to speak for Xia Yihui, they really couldn’t think of a reason. After holding back for a long time, they only managed to say: It doesn’t take much time to smoke a cigarette.


Obviously the fan’s explanation couldn’t appease the manic crowd, for a moment, the crowd’s cursing became more powerful.


The internet world was a battlefield for the weak to vent their tyrannical emotions.


Many people were eliminated and they weren’t convinced. Therefore, no matter what Xia Yihui did, there would always be people who would look for mistakes and hold on to them.


The two parties held their own views and argued endlessly, the live broadcast room was in chaos.



Xia Yihui glanced at the screen, he didn’t explain, but looked at the white-haired youth that had a burning gaze.


After the initial stagnation, the white-haired youth finally returned to his senses. His eyes jumped, with a “swish” sound, his eyes lit up with joy, and he opened the drawer with a “swoop”. He eagerly searched inside and happily said, “It’s truly an honor to serve you~”


Xia Yihui was still smiling, hiding what was in his heart.


Under the desk was a chest of drawers with three layers.



The white-haired youth opened the first layer first, rummaged inside for a few seconds, and quickly closed it. Immediately after, he opened the second layer, rummaged through it, papers and papers and whatnot flew everywhere, but there was still no cigarette.



Just as he was disappointed, a pack of strawberry pops was finally found inside the third layer.


“Ah!” The white-haired youth exclaimed in surprise, a smile blooming on his face. Like a child taking out his most precious thing, he held the packet of Strawberry Pop cigarette in both hands and carefully presented it to Xia Yihui.



Xia Yihui stared at the pack of cigarettes with downcast eyes, reached out for it and pulled back, but the cigarette didn’t move.


The young man with white hair was breathing rapidly, secretly observing Xia Yihui’s expression. His fingers climbed up the cigarette pack and slowly touched Xia Yihui’s hand.



Xia Yihui: “…… What are you doing?”


The white-haired youth didn’t answer, almost obsessively holding Xia Yihui’s hand. Tracing a little bit along the finger cracks, he finally forcefully stuffed his own fingers into the finger cracks. Their five fingers interlocked, then he tilted his head in satisfaction and let out a lingering sigh of relief.



“Have you touched enough?” Xia Yihui looked at him with cold eyes, “Mr. Principal, do you have a hand fetish?”


“…… “Realizing his outburst, the white-haired youth jerked his hand back. After a pause, he raised his eyes and explained, “Your hands are so pretty, I just wanted to take a look.”



Just wanted to take a look, how come you’re still touching it? Xia Yihui was speechless in his heart and slightly disgusted.


He originally wanted to talk for a while, but he completely lost interest.



Xia Yihui directly labeled the white-haired youth a ‘per-vert’ and coldly said: “You don’t seem to know where the cigarette is. You just came to this place and haven’t had time to survey the scene yet. ”



The white-haired youth froze, “The room was just renovated, I just don’t remember where I put the cigarettes.”



Xia Yihui lazily circled back and said bluntly, “Your skill should be camouflage clothing related. Although I don’t know why you redecorated the room, it’s these renovations that have revealed too many cracks in you. Do you need me to point them out one by one?”



Originally, he thought that after saying those words, the white-haired youth would continue to defend himself or be chagrined. As a result, not only did he not have the embarrassment of being recognized for his trickery, instead he said with some excitement, “Worthy of being the no.7 Xia Yihui, your insight is too frightening.”



“Overpraise.” Xia Yihui shrugged his shoulders, “Can you answer my question now?”


The screen in the live broadcast room exploded all of a sudden, and everyone was dumbfounded at this unfolding.


Countless people exclaimed out in front of the screen. This principal was a fake? Was a player disguising an NPC?



Those who had just cursed Xia Yihui for wasting time also shut up, deeply feeling that their faces had been slapped.



Inside the copy, the school uniform couldn’t be taken off, nor could a jacket be added. Under this premise, if they were to face the situation in front of them, they would not question the identity of this man in a suit.


Simply put, the rules of the copy were like a shackle on the thinking of the crowd, not everyone could jump out of this inherent pattern, they could only follow the rules of the game. But Xia Yihui was different, he jumped out of the rules and used a third-party perspective to see the problem.



Thinking about this point, those who scolded Xia Yihui felt their faces turn red, they were itching to eat the words that had just been sent, it was simply too humiliating.


While the crowd in the live broadcast room was thinking a hundred times, things continued in the copy.



“Get acquainted, I’m no.3 Xin Zhu.” Xin Zhu’s arms revved up, he rummaged through a drawer and pulled out a headband, tying his shoulder-length white hair in a small ponytail, and his entire temperament became vastly different.



Before draping his hair, Xin Zhu just had a somewhat per-verted personality, but his looks were mild and docile. Now with his hair tied up, his cheekbones were all exposed, and with his eyes, he looked like a different person, looking very well-behaved.



“I guessed that you are Xin Zhu.” Xia Yi shrugged his shoulders back, “All the way here are Tiger Teeth’s people, only this place has been redecorated with great vigor, and there’s no one around to watch yet. I can’t think of any other reason other than the Tiger’s Teeth boss lives here.”



“So you asked me for cigarettes as soon as you came in, just to test if I’m familiar with this environment.” Xin Zhu realized, “If I had known, I would have put a few barriers at the door to confuse people, maybe you wouldn’t have found my cracks.”



Xia Yihui shook his head disapprovingly, “The cigarette was just the last step of the test. As soon as I came in I realized that this room is weird.”



“The whole layout is very disorganized, I can imagine a group of people messing around moving furniture in to make up the numbers. On top of that, I just touched your hand and felt the calluses on your hand.”



“Calluses on the fingertips, not the sides. Those are thick calluses that only people who use computers a lot get.”


Xia Yihui didn’t try to guess Xin Zhu’s occupation, he just stated what he observed. Even so, the crowd in the live broadcast room was still frightened by him.



There was the Tiger’s Teeth crowd outside, the white-haired man in front of him, and a branch quest hanging over his head. With all the crises coming together, Xia Yihui was actually able to observe so meticulously.



Who could still have the heart to identify where the calluses on the other person’s hands were when they were in such a situation? Thinking about this, the crowd lamented that Xia Yihui was truly a strange person.



“I specifically had someone change the room décor so that the coordinates would become garbled, I didn’t think that being smart would be a mistake, instead I let you recognize it.” The corners of Xin Zhu’s eyes curved up, not the least bit embarrassed at being poked and prodded.



He held Xia Yihui’s collar, closing the distance between the two. Xia Yihui didn’t stop him, only thinking that Xin Zhu had some news to say about the copy.



Who knew that Xin Zhu just smiled, “You look really good like this now.”



Xia Yihui froze, frowned tightly, and was about to push him away.



The bookcase on the side made a loud “snap” sound, and a middle-aged man who was tied up struggled and rolled out. Many books were thrown out around him, padding around him.



He spat out the smelly sock stuffed in his mouth with a ‘yuck’ and shouted, “Don’t believe him! I’m the real principal!”



Only after shouting this did he squarely look up. At a glance, he saw the two people in an extremely ambiguous posture.



From his perspective, it looked like these two people were kissing.



Principal: “……”




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