C26 — Campus Gladiator (XXIV)

Xia Yihui took two steps back and stepped forward to peel the principal out of the pile of books.

The poor principal’s face was bruised and purple, he should have suffered a lot of abuse. His horrified eyes darted between Xia Yihui and Xin Zhu for a long time before he was able to calm down, and when he thought about it carefully, he realized that it was a misunderstanding.

Thinking about this, the principal immediately shouted, ”Help me! This white-haired man tied me up as soon as he entered the office, and I watched as the school uniform on him suddenly turned into a suit. He, he’s not human!”

Xia Yihui responded, “I’ll save you if you answer my question. Have you ever seen a man with glasses? Holding a baseball bat, his name is Li Bai.”


The principal grieved, “I’ve seen him! He’s as rude as the guy in the suit next to you! As soon as he entered the office, he carried a baseball bat and beat me, and the only way I could way I wouldn’t be beaten was to answer their questions.”

Xia Yihui was silent. So that was how the principal got the injury on his face…


According to the current situation, the timeline should be like this.

It first started with Li Bai surveying the principal’s office first.

He received news about the branch line here and immediately went to the power room. Not long after, Li Bai and others triggered the branch line over there and managed to get a chance to call Xia Yihui.

During the call, he revealed a message for Xia Yihui to go back to the principal’s office to develop the branch line related to it and walk the path he had traveled.

The plan couldn’t catch up with the change. He never thought that a Xin Zhu would come out halfway and mess things up.


Thinking of this, Xia Yihui lamented in his heart. Luckily, he was resourceful and saw through Xin Zhu at a glance, or else he might have been led astray.

“I answered your question, can you release me now?” The principal’s eyes were expectant, timidly moving his obese body moving a little further away from Xin Zhu.

When Xia Yihui saw him so scared, he was puzzled, “I just don’t understand. Why did you organize these mock exams? Do you think it’s fun for everyone to ki*ll each other?”

“How could it be fun? And I didn’t organize this game!” The principal, full of grievance, lowered his voice and said, “Don’t you players know about it? It was that mysterious electronic voice that made it.”


Xia Yihui was shocked. He had always thought that the content of the game was based on the environment of the copy, but now it seemed as if it wasn’t. More precisely, it should be this escape game that changed this campus.

He cautiously looked at Xin Zhu, “Why did you impersonate the principal? Some people will k*ill NPCs in order to cut others’ paths, so you’d have been in more danger.”

It wasn’t the first time Xia Yihui had seen this kind of thing.


There were quite a few NPCs inside the copy. Teachers, cafeteria aunts, hostel aunts, cleaning uncles, it must add up to two to three hundred people.


These people were terrified of the campus that had gone crazy overnight, and fled across the campus in a near-collapse. Although they were an eyesore, these types of NPCs didn’t infringe on people’s interests, so the players pretended as if they didn’t see them.

There was another class of NPC that was different. Similar to the director that Xia Yihui met before, the principal in front of him and so on.

They were all functional NPCs, i.e. NPCs that knew about the existence of the electronic sounds, and could also give advice about the main and branch lines.These types of NPCs were very sought-after, and a lot of people were looking for them, yet a lot of people wanted to ki*ll them as well.

Xin Zhu looked at Xia Yihui with unblinking eyes and said, “So what if it’s more dangerous? To me, you’re more important.”

A barrage of comments flooded, and everyone exclaimed that it looked like a plot from a TV drama. Many girls were so happy that their hearts trembled uncontrollably, they all wanted to scream and bang their heads against their tables.

“…” Xia Yihui didn’t know how to react, so he simply skipped the topic and turned to the principal, “What did you say to Li Bai before? Tell me everything word for word.”

The principal was still shocked by Xin Zhu’s words, he felt like he had been cheated. He was so angry that his eyes bulged out, he refused to say anything.

Xia Yihui spoke with him for a while, yet nothing came out.

Finally, feeling impatient, he took out his surgical knife and made a long cut on the principal’s arm with a “swoop”. He sneered, “Have you ever seen a chicken slaughtered during the Chinese New Year? If you delay any longer, I will cut your throat and let it bleed out like a slaughtered chicken!”

“Slaughtered chicken?” The principal’s neck itched and he immediately recalled.

Every New Year’s festival, chickens would be k*illed. With one slash, the broken neck of the chicken was cut into two sections. The chicken let out a mournful cry in pain, struggling to survive, even as it died.

The principal trembled and screamed in horror, “I’ll speak! Don’t k*ill me!”


Afraid that if he was a step too late, his throat would be cut, he shouted, “When the game first started, the electronic voice said that an oil painting was a clue. When the man with the glasses got wind of the news, he hid the painting behind a bookcase and asked me to give it to you. Other than that I really don’t know anything.”

Xia Yihui and Xin Zhu worked together to move the bookcase and pulled out an oil painting called ‘GET OUT OF HELL’ from the cracks of the cabinet. The oil painting was framed in a golden frame, looking solemn and rather extraordinary.

“Ah, the nail marks just now…” Xia Yihui suddenly understood. No wonder the people from Tiger’s Tooth didn’t take the nails when they took the painting. The painting was hidden by Li Bai, and those people didn’t even see the nails.

Re-hanging the painting on the wall, Xia Yihui carefully scrutinized the painting, and concluded, “The painting is really ugly.”


Principal: “…” This was a famous painting! Famous painting ah!


Even if Xia Yihui was really smart, he was destined to have things that he wasn’t good at. For example, in the area of art appreciation, he was purely a layman. He couldn’t tell the difference between famous paintings and stall goods, anyway, they all looked the same to him.


But he could always tell the ugly from the beautiful.

The painting in front of him was completely abstract, the lines were crooked and the color scheme was yellow with green, which was simply too eye-catching at first glance.

As for the content of the painting, Xia Yihui looked at it for half a day, then he turned his head and rushed at Xin Zhu, shocked, “What the hell is this painting, do you see it?”


Xin Zhu nodded and said, “On the left is a man in military uniform holding a machete, and under the machete is a skinny woman. The woman is kneeling on the ground reaching out to someone else for help, and this ‘someone else’ is outside the frame, not drawn.”


“…” Xia Yihui looked at the painting carefully. It seemed like there was a man and a woman or something, but when he blinked, the lines tangled together and turned back into a mass of inexplicable contraptions.


He gave up struggling and asked the principal directly, “What does this painting mean?”


The principal collapsed: “I don’t know either!”


Xia Yihui stepped forward to pick up the principal and made a motion of kil*ling a chicken and cutting its throat.


The principal was so scared that he made a blind guess with his eyes closed, “Isn’t the name of that painting ‘get out of hell’? Translated, it means escape from hell. Maybe the electronic voice is reminding you that the side quest is to ask for help from the outside world and find a way to escape.”


Xia Yihui thought back, it could really mean that.

A ‘thud’ sound came from the wall, a large European-style wall clock chimed, and midnight came.


The electronic voice sounded.

[Congratulations to the players who survived the fourth mode.]

[The list is canceled.]

[End of the fourth mode. The total number of players in this replica is 1945, after experiencing elimination from the fourth mode, the remaining number is 1,442, the elimination rate is 25.8%.]

[Congratulations to the players, the mock exam is officially over!]

Cheers emanated from all parts of the copy. The comments were scattered with flowers, they were all happy for their respective anchors.


If the official game ended here, it wasn’t like they would be eliminated due to their time, so they could finally not have to fight so hard.

A little girl’s cheerful song came from the No. 1 school building, “I’ll go to school, I won’t be late every day~”


The song spread throughout the No.1 teaching building.


The emotions of the people who survived the calamity were catalyzed and violently erupted, and all kinds of ghostly songs rang out.


“I’m going to ask the heavens to borrow another 500 years!!!”


“Sweet honey, the sweet honey of your smile~~”


“Grateful heart, thanks for having you hahaha ……”


Meanwhile, the electronic sound continued.

[072 Copy of the entrance exam begins.]


The songs came to an abrupt end. The cheers also completely disappeared, and the entire campus fell into a deathly silence.


[Please prepare yourselves psychologically. The college entrance exam is a one-wood bridge, and those who can pass are always in the minority.]


[The college entrance exam lasts for three days. The examiners are the school’s faculty and staff. During the college entrance exam, all faculty members’ combat power is infinitely increased, and they have the right to adjudicate and judge all players. Once caught by the faculty members, it is equivalent to cheating on the college entrance exams and player will be given the wipeout treatment.]


At the same time, electronic tones rang out one after another from the all-star network copies.


[231 copy of the college entrance exams begins, please prepare yourselves mentally…]

[428 copy of the college entrance exam begins, please prepare…]

[239 copy…]

[026 copy …]

After listening to the electronic voice, someone froze and looked down, looking at the cafeteria aunt who was talking to her.


The last second she had a kind face, smiling as she sliced cut cakes for the players to share. As soon as the electronic tone ended, the curves of her lips instantly widened in an unbelievable manner, the entirety of her yellowed tooth beds exposed as she laughed, ‘hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee’.


The crowd stepped back in chills and shakily asked her what was wrong.

The cafeteria aunt raised the knife in her hand, the furrows on her face lined even deeper by the reflection of the knife’s surface. Her eyes were greedy and dark, like a jackal that had found its prey, and her lips and teeth were dripping with saliva.


“Hee hee hee hee, you let the Judge find you guys yo~”

Other side.

Flower: big brother, are you okay? QAQ

Awaken by the comments, Xia Yihui suddenly regained his senses and turned his head inch by inch, looking at the principal lying on the ground.

The door was kicked open with a ‘bang’, and someone barged in, yelling, “Boss Xin Zhu, the college entrance exams has begun…”

Halfway through his words, the little yellow haired man who barged in shut his mouth. The atmosphere in the room was too dull, and he stiffly held back the words he was about to say. Behind him, a large group of people rushed in.


Seeing that there were a few familiar faces that had chased after him, Xia Yihui’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Nobody move!”

He quickly yanked over Xin Zhu and put a scalpel across Xin Zhu’s neck.


The crowd panicked and really stopped moving.

Xin Zhu was held back by Xia Yihui, almost or*gasming in place. He happily warned his men, “No one is allowed to come and save me!”

“……” Xia Yihui acted as if he didn’t hear, he held Xin Zhu with one hand and exited the room bit by bit. When he was completely out of the room, he shouted, “Everyone in the room is cheating during the college entrance exam! Sanction them!”

After saying that, he turned his head and ran, and in a moment’s time, he disappeared without a trace. With that speed, it was if there were fierce beasts chasing behind him.

The people in the room were confused and looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.

“Ah ah ah ah!!!” A scream came from behind. Everyone was startled and turned to look over.

At some point, the principal had already loosened the ropes binding him.

While the crowd was talking to Xia Yihui, he silently attacked a member of the Tiger’s Tooth, biting the player’s neck and breaking his neck to drink his bl*ood as if he were kil*ling a chicken on New Year’s Day.

The principal slowly raised his head and looked at the room of dazed people. He opened his bl*oody mouth, his greedy eyes swirling over the crowd, his salivating appearance was extremely terrifying.

“The Judge… found you guys yo~”




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