C75– Kill The Half-Blood 4

Yu Qing froze in place, somewhat at a loss for words, he turned to look at Xiang Wen.

He had always done menial work, and had never served Shen Jue up close, and yesterday the housekeeper had asked him to bring water up, and he had been thrown out like garbage.

Xiang Wen felt even more uncomfortable in his heart, since he had been serving at Shen Jue’s side, he had always been the one to apply his oil, a job that could never be done by such a lowly half-blood. But the Duke had spoken, and Xiang Wen couldn’t do anything about it, so he walked over to Yu Qing and gave him a dark look from an angle that Shen Jue couldn’t see, “Here, take it.”

He rudely shoved the bottle of essential oil into Yu Qing’s hand.

Xiang Wen only made sure that Shen Jue couldn’t see it, and didn’t care if Qiao Jiangyuan noticed.

Qiao Jiangyuan caught the scene in his eyes and frowned slightly, but he quickly loosened his frown and said with a smile, “Shen Jue, why don’t I help you with that?” He knew that Shen Jue wasn’t very good-tempered, and he was a little worried that if Yu Qing didn’t serve well, he would receive a punishment, he might as well do it.

But after he said that, no one paid any attention to him.

Shen Jue took off his bathrobe, laid back down on the sleeper, and turned his head, his eyes indifferently looking at Yu Qing’s face.

Yu Qing’s body shivered gently, he had never rubbed oils on anyone, he opened the cap of the bottle of oil, but his hands and feet felt unexpectedly clumsy. Especially standing next to the Xiang Wen who was eyeing him intently, as if, if he just relaxed a little, he would pounce on his neck.

He had had trouble opening the cap of the bottle of essential oil, after opening it, he was a little hesitant, should he pour it into his hand first, or directly onto Shen Jue’s body?

Yu Qing swept his eyes down at the man in the recliner.

The Duke’s skin, which hadn’t seen the sun for years, was almost whiter than snow, and he could hardly find anything that could match the color of the other’s skin, while green veins swam under the pale skin.

Most bloods were very interested in blood vessels, even if they were of the same race, except that Yu Qing wasn’t so bold to stare Shen Jue’s blood vessels.

He thought for a moment, then poured the oil into his hand first, before he could rub it on, Xiang Wen on the side sarcastically said, “What a lowly half-blood, not even washing your hands before rubbing the oil on the Duke? Do you want to pass the germs on your body to the Duke?”

The words made Yu Qing turn red, he could only put the bottle of essential oil on the table next to the recliner, then he turned away to go wash his hands first. Because of Xiang Wen’s words, he deliberately washed his hands a dozen times, soaping them a dozen times, almost to the point of turning them white, before he returned to the pool.

Shen Jue was still lying on the lounger, but he turned and laid on his front.

When Xiang Wen saw that Yu Qing had come back, he made another snide remark, causing Qiao Jiangyuan, who was next to him, to say, “Shen Jue, your servant is really a sharp-tongued one. I want to find one too.”

Xiang Wen looked at Shen Jue nervously.

Shen Jue turned his eyes and glanced at Qiao Jiangyuan, he laughed lightly and turned his head again, “That’s really embarrassing, he’s the only one, I can’t give him out, you know, I hate it when people touch my things, whether I like it or not, what’s mine is mine for the rest of my life, if someone wants to grab it, don’t blame me for being ungracious. ”

He meant what he said, but the reactions of the few people present weren’t quite the same.

Xiang Wen thought Shen Jue was referring to him, and almost turned into his original form, his hands happily moved around a few times.

Yu Qing also thought that Shen Jue was referring to Xiang Wen, and felt that his life would be even worse in the future, and he too wanted to turn into his original form and hang upside down from a tree to calm down.

Qiao Jiangyuan, the only one present who might have understood who Shen Jue was referring to, just smiled lightly and reached up to touch his nose, “You’re still exactly the same as before.”

He had grown up with Shen Jue and knew how domineering the playmate he had known since childhood had been, and how everyone had to yield to him whenever Shen Jue took a fancy to something, but after the unexpected death of Shen Jue’s father, this nature of Shen Jue had been curtailed quite a bit. Shen Jue inherited the title from his father, and although they were both dukes, Shen Jue was a first-class duke, while Qiao Jiangyuan was only a second-class duke.

But now the empire didn’t pay attention to dukes, they were hedonists, every day they only ate, drank and played, most only enlisted in the army for less than a month before coming back, the empire didn’t care about them.

They just needed to pay a large amount of money to the Empire on a regular basis.

Although the empire didn’t pay attention, but if two dukes really fought, the empire would definitely defend the one with a high title, or more wealth. It could be said that the empire would only defend the one who was helpful to the interests of the empire.

Shen Jue was the one with the highest title and the most wealth.

When Shen Jue’s father was still alive, Shen Jue was a central figure in the noble circle, and everyone was willing to support him.


He turned his eyes to the pretty half-blood with a sad face and said calmly, “How long are you going to stand there? Waiting for the sun to come up? I don’t mind turning you into a roasted bat.”

“Sorry, Lord Duke.” Yu Qing hurried over to Shen Jue’s side, and as he picked up the essential oil, he poured some into his hand, and froze when he was about to rub it in.

The man in the recliner was lying on his back, so how was he going to rub it in?

Shen Jue saw that Yu Qing was still dazed, and his gaze was simply locked on Yu Qing’s face.

Yu Qing saw Shen Jue staring at him, he gritted his teeth, and bent over, after deliberating, he finally moved his hand to his shoulder.

As soon as his hand touched his skin, an odd feeling rose up from his heart.

This was the body of a nobleman? It seemed really different from his.

This body of Shen Jue could be said to have been raised with countless amounts of money, and it felt different from ordinary people when touched.

As Shen Jue’s personal manservant, Xiang Wen felt he could say with great pride that he cared for the Duke’s skin as if it were a heavily glassed-in exhibit in the most luxurious museum downtown.

And now his expensive exhibit had been touched by a dirty thing.

He stared at him with gritted teeth.

Yu Qing had rubbed his shoulder for five minutes, making the skin red, Shen Jue couldn’t remain calm anymore, he wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and lowered his voice, “How long are you going to rub this one?”

Today, he wanted to show off to Qiao Jiangyuan, but Yu Qing’s reaction was really not strong.

He became speechless, and moved and acted clumsy, now he rubbed oil on his shoulder for almost half a day.

“Sorry, Duke.” Yu Qing busily walked over to Shen Jue’s other side and rubbed on the other shoulder.

Shen Jue: “……”

Shen Jue: “Rub down.”

Yu Qing: “…… Yes, Duke.”

Yu Qing felt that this was a torture, he would rather go back to the stable and continue feeding Xue Nai food, even if Xue Nai kicked him in the stomach a few more times, he promised not to get angry. When he finally got to his feet, Yu Qing breathed a sigh of relief and got more and more serious as he rubbed them.

The back of his foot was probably the most obvious place on Shen Jue’s entire body for blood vessels, and as Yuk Ching rubbed, his fangs got a little out of control.

Half-bloods, compared to pure-bloods, had shorter self control.

It was said that some nobles could still be graceful even in front of bleeding humans, but the half-bloods couldn’t do it, they would even be interested in the blood of their own kind, and this was one of the reasons the pure-bloods rejected the half-bloods.

Especially on the battlefield, when they were wounded, they also had to prevent the half-blood companions around them from sucking their blood dry.

Yu Qing’s fangs had just been bared when the foot in his hand moved.

Shen Jue kicked Yu Qing directly to the ground and sat up.

The quick-eyed Xiang Wen rushed up and lifted Yu Qing off the ground again, and when he saw the other party’s fangs, he let out a low grunt and immediately scolded him, “What a lowly half-blood, how dare you show your fangs to the noble Duke, what? Do you still want to suck the Duke’s blood?”

Qiao Jiangyuan almost got up when he saw Yu Ching being kicked, but luckily he grabbed the armrest of the chair in time and barely controlled himself.

He glanced at the seated Shen Jue, who didn’t say anything this time.

“Xiang Wen, let go of him.” Shen Jue spoke lightly.

Xiang Wen obediently let go and picked up the spilled bottle of essential oil.
He wanted to get his fangs back quickly, but the more anxious he was, the more he couldn’t get them back, even as his mind flashed to the veins he’d just seen, which had to be delicious.

No, how could he have such a thought?

But his fangs just couldn’t be retracted. Yu Qing sneaked a glance at Shen Jue’s face, he immediately froze, not even daring to move even when the other said he should come over, he didn’t dare think of resistance, he immediately walked towards him.

Shen Jue looked at Yu Qing’s exposed fangs calmly.

The fangs of the half-bloods were not as thick as those of the pure-bloods. Their fangs were small and delicate, and even looked a little cute, but no blood would be happy to see others show their fangs to them.

Except that technically speaking, Shen Jue wasn’t considered a true blood. He didn’t react too much to the fact that Yu Qing was showing his fangs, except that the less he reacted, the more frightening he looked in Yu Qing’s eyes.

“Hungry?” Shen Jue asked.

Yu Qing shook his head in a hurry.

“Then what’s with your fangs?” Shen Jue continued.

How could Yu Ching dare answer that he had developed an insatiable appetite for Shen Jue’s veins, he just continued to shake his head and then pretended to be innocent and said, “I …… I don’t know …… either.”

It was just a lame means of lying, and the words even sounded pathetic.

Shen Jue frowned, seemingly finding Yu Qing’s words interesting, he directly exposed Yu Qing’s thoughts, “Want to drink my blood?”

“No.” Yu Qing shook his head even harder this time.

“You don’t want to drink? What? Is my blood not worth drinking?” Shen Jue’s face sank slightly, a storm of displeasure coalescing in his eyes.

Yu Qing’s pretty little face was full of panic, he didn’t know how to answer, as if no answer was right. He finally had no choice but to say with red eyes, “No, it’s because I’m too lowly, not worthy to drink the Duke’s blood.”

With such a pitiful look, several people present had different reactions in their hearts.

This shameless thing, here we go again.

Qiao Jiangyuan’s heart trembled as he watched, wanting to take the person into his arms, bite his slender neck and suck a mouthful of blood, but he wasn’t his, so he could only sigh in disbelief, sitting aside and silently licking his lips.

As for Shen Jue, he just calmly dropped a bombshell.

“I’m giving you a chance to drink my blood today.”

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