Wen Run finished showering, came out with a towel, only to realize that he didn’t bring a change of clothes. Ye Hansheng said they were coming to play, he thought it was just a day outing, so he didn’t think to bring a change of clothes.

The clothes he changed out of just now were thrown in the dirty clothes basket and were already wet with water, so he couldn’t force himself to wear them again.

What should he do? With a red face, Wen Run thought about calling the receptionist, to ask them to buy a set of clothes, but here in the suburbs, there were no shopping malls, they wouldn’t be able to buy anything fast ……

Or should he find Ye Hansheng?

Wen Run’s face was slowly turning red as he thought about it, when the room door was suddenly knocked on.

He hurriedly rubbed his face to calm his emotions, and slipped on his slippers to open the door.

The person behind the door was Ye Hansheng, Ye Hansheng’s gaze lingered on his white chest for a moment, he didn’t look away and said: “I forgot to remind you to bring a change of clothes when we came. I had someone prepare two clothes for you, see if they fit.”

Wen Run looked at the clothes in his hand, his eyes lit up, the problem was solved. Then he was embarrassed, his white toes curled up shyly, his face also reddened, and his white chest flushed scarlet. He took the clothes handed over by Ye Hansheng, said thank you in a mosquito-like voice, and then slammed the door shut.

As he put the clothes on the side of the bed, Wen Run’s face was still red, today had really been embarrassing. He went back to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water, then he went back to the room to change clothes.

The clothes were folded neatly, placed at the top was a beige hooded sweatshirt, not thick or thin, just right for April. Wen Run picked up the sweatshirt and put it on, then a black underwear was exposed, the heat Wen Run just got rid of, rushed back to his face.

He actually forgot about this. His eyes wandered and his face turned red as he remembered that the clothes were sent by Ye Hansheng, so he knew that the clothes were pressed on top the underwear? Did he see it?

The more Wen Run thought about it, the more he felt like his head was about to smoke, he slowly hypnotized himself into thinking that he wouldn’t know. The clothes may have been prepared by the waiter, Mr. Ye just helped him bring it, he couldn’t have seen.

He pinched up the thin black underwear, put them on with a red face, and then put on the pants. However, the material and the size was obviously comfortable, but the thought that the other may have seen or even accidentally touched it, made him feel like a match that was about to be ignited.

He collapsed on the bed with the pillow and rolled twice, Wen Run’s heart felt like a small drum beating randomly, he felt as if he couldn’t face Ye Hansheng.

In the room, he stalled for half a day, then washed his face again, until it cooled down down, that strange feeling also gradually faded. Then finally, Wen Run went out.

Ye Hansheng had finished earlier, he sat in front of the wooden house, his body relaxed on the wheelchair, he looked far away at the landscape. Wen Run also stretched his neck to see, the distance was filled with lush woods and
vaguely visible wooden houses, it looked peaceful and quiet.

But the tall back sitting alone there, looked a little cold.

Wen Run didn’t resist calling out to him, “Mr. Ye.”

Ye Hansheng turned around, the cold aura after seeing him quickly dissolved, he revealed a light and gentle smile, “Done? Did the clothes fit?”

Wen Run had one hand behind his back, he secretly grabbed the corner of his clothes, and gave a low “hmm”.

The clothes naturally fit.

“There are two more sets, I’ll send them to your room at night.” Ye Hansheng looked at him casually. The delicate and beautiful young man, wore a beige hoodie and a pair of light blue jeans, he looked more youthful. He stood there with a tall and straight figure, young and tender.

He didn’t tell Wen Run, the clothes, from the inside to the outside, were his personal selection. Looking at the teenager wearing his personally selected clothes, he felt satisfied.

Because of the beige hooded sweatshirt that Wen Run wore today, he also deliberately picked a beige knit shirt with a colour close to it. The knitted shirt was V-neck, the collar revealed half of his raised collarbone, making it look casually sexy.

The two people wore the same color, but one looked young, the other mature, but together, they looked unexpectedly harmonious.

Ye Hansheng was very satisfied and said in a warm voice: “Let’s go, it should have started over there.”

Hearing this, Wen Run took the initiative to go forward and push him forward. In fact, Ye Hansheng’s wheelchair was custom-made, and the wheelchair was equipped with a power system that could be switched to automatic travel when he didn’t want to do it manually. Except for the occasional push, most of the time, Ye Hansheng used the automatic setting.

But now that Wen Run was actively pushing him, he was content to let him push him to the restaurant. Yu Biao, who was robbed of his job behind him, could only touch his nose. He walked further back, not far, but not to close.

In the restaurant, Guo Congfei and the others were already there.

Because Ye Hansheng had made the invitation, Guo Congfei booked the whole restaurant, the restaurant had an open field, the tables and chairs there were removed, leaving only four or five seats. A simple stage was set up in the empty place, the sound and lighting were added, and there was a pretty girl dancing on it.

The people present were drinking and playing cards at the same time. In addition to the few people playing games, there were also a few more girls.

When they saw Ye Hansheng coming, they eagerly greeted him. Ye Hansheng waved his hand and let Wen Run push him to the other side of the unoccupied seat. They knew that he never liked this kind of lively scenes. Seeing that he didn’t come over, they played their own.

But Yu Xin and Guo Congfei came over with glasses of wine, smiling and trying to persuade him to drink.

Ye Hansheng meaningfully drank a cup and stopped. Guo Congfei saw that he couldn’t persuade him, then went to persuade Wen Run, Wen Run was thin-skinned and couldn’t refuse, Guo Congfei with a few words coaxed him into drinking three glasses of wine. Guo Congfei wanted to continue, but seeing Ye Hansheng’s cold stare, he had to honestly retreat.

Next to them, Yu Xin seemed to be talking to Ye Hansheng about business, Guo Congfei had no ambition, so he didn’t bother listening, but seeing that Wen Run was a little drunk, he got closer to him, “You look a little familiar, aren’t you that popular new star ah?”

At first he didn’t know Wen Run’s name, he only thought his face was a little familiar. But he didn’t take it seriously, and then he found out his name during the game, the more he thought about it, the more it became, then he ran to ask the others and found out that Wen Run was popular star.

He already felt that Wen Run was good-looking and good-natured, but he was afraid to have other ideas because of the power of “Father Ye”. He felt a little sour at the moment and he had drank a little too much wine. He leaned in and asked in a low voice, “You’re still in the entertainment business. What can you do if you make it public?”

Wen Run propped up his head, he didn’t understand what he meant, so he looked at him with a bewildered face.

But Guo Congfei muttered in a low voice: “But it shouldn’t be much of a problem, my father will definitely give you support,”

Wen Run had countless question marks, he became more confused, and he was getting dizzy, in the end what was this person talking about?

Yu Xin saw his dumbfounded look, his drunkenness faded, he narrowed his eyes and took a sip of wine, he felt a little sympathy for his cheap dad. Wen Run was good-looking and good-natured, but he was also dumb!

He probably had to wait until the year before he could have a mother!

Guo Congfei rubbed his chin, envy of other people’s objects wasn’t a long-term solution after all, it was better to find one himself. And with his means, he would be more efficient than his father.

After thinking about it, he looked at Ye Hansheng, who was still discussing things with him. He lowered his voice and asked Wen Run, “Do you have any friends who look as good as you?”

He thought, Wen Run was so good-looking and he was in the entertainment industry, his friends couldn’t be bad, right?

Wen Run, who couldn’t guess his fancy thoughts, plus his drunk brain wasn’t flexible, he opened his dazed eyes and asked, “Why do you ask?”

Guo Congfei rolled his eyes, he naturally couldn’t say ‘I want to find a good-looking person’, so he made up a lie, “I recently invested in a drama, I haven’t decided on the actors, if you have a suitable friend, give me a recommendation.”

He finished and added a sentence, “They have to look good.”

Wen Run slowly nodded, usually he may have doubted a little, but he drank today, after drinking wine, his brain was confused, so he believed him, “I have two roommates.”

Guo Congfei’s eyebrows raised high, “Who are they?”

Wen Run honestly said the names of Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun.

Guo Congfei didn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry, so he naturally didn’t recognize them. But he would check online ah. The two names in pinyin came out, and the Baidu gallery was full of photos.

Guo Congfei clicked on the photos with great interest. Wen Run’s roommates were really good-looking.

Lu Zhan was a little younger, he had a hip-hop style, his hair colour never remained the same, his clothing was also very hip, his jeans had rips all over, he looked even worse than him. Guo Congfei smacked his lips, it would be meaningless to find someone that was the same as him.

Then he checked Shen Muxun, Shen Muxun was slightly older, he had handsome features, his eyes looked especially good, dark and heavy, he looked like a serious person, and he wore shirts buttoned to the top.

Guo Congfei smiled and flipped through the photos for a while, it was good that he was serious, he liked making serious people look improper.

“This Shen Muxun is very good.” Guo Congfei hid thoughts, and seriously said to Wen Run: “I want him, when we go back, introduce him to me.”

Wen Run nodded dumbly.

Next to them, Ye Hansheng and Yu Xin were talking about business matters, Yu Xin in addition to this resort, recently got a new real estate company, he was ready to pull others into the partnership, he didn’t expect to accidentally bump into Ye Hansheng, so he wanted to pull him in too.

Ye Corporation was a real estate company, but they didn’t do civilian residents, they were into developing commercial real estate. Ye Hansheng had participated in the management, and was very familiar with it. Yu Xin had long known that he wasn’t involved in the management of Ye Corporation anymore, today he had an opportunity to try to pull him into a partnership.

Ye Hansheng was very optimistic about the project, Yu Xin thought he would be interested, but he didn’t expect him to drop it, then say that he would introduce him to a friend who also did real estate.

Yu Xin didn’t get affected by his refusal and asked him to help pull strings for him with a smile.

Ye Hansheng naturally agreed. The two people finished talking about business, and clinked their glasses. Ye Hansheng drank the wine, turned his head to Wen Run, and saw him sitting nicely, holding an empty glass with both hands, his eyes were misty, he looked a little dull.

Ye Hansheng called out to him, he took two seconds before turning his head, “Huh?”

Ye Hansheng’s eyebrows jumped, he was drunk.

He glanced coldly at Guo Congfei, who was sitting with an innocent expression and warmly coaxed him, “You haven’t eaten, are you hungry?”

Wen Run touched his stomach, slowly frowned and said he was hungry.

Ye Hansheng then called over the waiter, ordered seafood porridge and good digestive snacks. The kitchen was very efficient because it was only serving their group of people, so it didn’t take long to bring the seafood congee and snacks over.

The seafood congee was hot, and Ye Hansheng was afraid that he was too drunk to know how hot it was, so he put the snacks in front of him and let him eat them first. Then he took the bowl of congee and gently stirred it with a spoon to cool it.

Guo Congfei’s eyes almost fell out, he elbowed Yu Xin and said, “Look at my father’s strength in coaxing children, whoever says he has a bad temper in the future, I will fight them!”

Yu Xin squinted at him, “Shut up and drink your wine.”

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